Seba Avenue Comfort Station: Path to Success


Interesting….Parks has laid out a new path from the main walkway to the Seba Avenue Comfort Station. It looks like the comfort station is almost done.

10 comments to Seba Avenue Comfort Station: Path to Success

  • kerrin o'neill

    is that path going to go the length of the ave? it would be nice to have a walking/jogging/bike trail to marine park

  • gene

    path to the new shooting gallery. terrible.

  • Morrowynd

    Great! Now the neighborhood nightmares won’t chafe their thighs when they ride up to it and set it on fire. And they can scootch away quickly afterwards. Not that they need a quick escape since the cops are 100% useless to Gerritsen Beach

  • Irish Kevin

    Path to Success ? Now we consider going to a Public Rest Room Success. What am I missing here ?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest it won’t be long before it’s attacked by the youth. Look at the bus shelters.

  • GB GUY

    why did they have to tare up half the GBLL path ? anyone know ?

  • Frank

    Can we at least try to have a positive attitude here, Please. The path may have been ripped up to install the gas so there may be heat and hot water in there. Maybe even lights. And there should be a fence or something that will close the doors at night, even so we should help to keep it nice by watching and reporting what goes on.

  • old beach bum

    Reguarding bus shelters: saw one vandalized in Manhattan Beach yesterday; we are not alone.

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