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Parks Upgrades Hole to Sinkhole – Broken Pipe to Blame


Parks was on site the other day at the Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground site and has determine that this is not a hole but a sinkhole caused by a broken pipe.

According to a parks spokesperson they have gone in with the camera probe and found a broken pipe, possibly a sewer pipe, that will need to be repaired before the hole can be filled.

“It is not a simple case of filling a pot hole, and will take some time”. They will have to open up the street and repair if that is the cause which will take time. Therefore, in response to the community’s concerns, they will put a temporary plywood cover on the hole itself in addition to the barricades currently around it.

Updated with better pictures.


9 comments to Parks Upgrades Hole to Sinkhole – Broken Pipe to Blame

  • gene

    parks dept went in with a probe or dep did? didnt know parks dept had that equiptment.

    • Beachwalker

      No, like the DOE, Parks subcontracts to private companies. They will probably have to dig up the whole park to repair all the broken pipes. The spot where the hole is is the opposite side from where the water pools in summer from the sprinklers. They should use the money that they were going to use to expand the park on Seba/Lois Aves.and completely renovate 277 park. 277 also has all that already paved space in the back where they used to have equipment for older kids.

  • Jim

    So, a sinkhole is not a hole, it is an upgraded hole. No wonder nothing ever gets done. Maybe Bloomberg should look at the thing.

  • UnknownN

    Not a big deal. It will be fixed.

  • anon

    This park is filled with “broken pipes”. As I have commented before: once the sprinklers are on the water bubbles up in the entrance to the park on Ave X and Gerritsen. It floods the entire area up to the bus stop. The mosquitoes nesting in it is disgusting. I know I called 311 several times last year with no luck!!! They will fix it when someone gets hurt.

  • Maureen

    That’s exactly when they’ll fix it, just like they’ll put a traffic light on Channel Avenue when someone, God forbid, gets killed up there. About 8-9 years ago my son slipped and cracked his head open while playing in the sprinklers – he had to get ten stitches. I don’t know how they were informed about it, but two days later someone from the city was up there painting the entire ground area of the sprinklers with non-skid paint – which wore off soon enough anyway.

    • gbgirl

      I remember when that happened, I was in the park with my daughter. She was only about 3 at the time. That sprinkler system is so nasty and grimmy, I never let my kids go in it.

  • Anonymous


  • annonymous

    The park is a disgrace and needs to be upgraded, if they can raise our taxes they can surely replace the park we have to lobby in numbers. Too bad we couldnt just refuse to pay taxes until something got done. My daughter has been severly hurt at that park and they still have done nothing