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WPIX: Dangerous Hole at Playground


4 comments to WPIX: Dangerous Hole at Playground

  • Donna

    Thank you Danny, I know you get alot of slack, but what alot of people dont realize, if you didnt bring certain issues to light and to the right agency’s attention, they wouldnt be resolved. people would just continue to complain about the issues and it would continue to get worse. I am glad you brought this to the news, because it is the only way to embarrass the city to do their job, before it becomes a sinkhole.

  • Duck

    Maybe next time PIX is around they can go to the front of 277 in the morning or at dismissal and report on the illegal parked cars, the illegal U turns and the safety of the children

  • Anonymous


  • patricia regan

    good news video – passed by 3/23 parks dept there digging out hole. Keep an eye on this get pics when done lets see if it done right. Our kids need to have a safe area