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Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground


There is a giant hole right in the main pathway of Dr. Johns (PS 277) playground next to PS 277. The hole became evident weeks ago after the snow melted. A simple barricade was erected around it to keep the toddlers away. It’s been weeks since the barricade and now the hole seems to be growing and everyone is wondering when this will be repaired.


13 comments to Giant Hole Inside PS 277 Playground

  • Anonymous

    If you use the park, call 311. A lot of snow, rain, and trees (roots) and this is likely to happen. They’ll fix it if they know about it. Call.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it alone. At this rate we will have an inground pool by the end of June. :-)

  • peggy

    Was that caused by the broken underground pipes you reported months ago?

  • almost april 1

    Here we go again,Dan you have to stop tell our business to the world. Holes will be holes. I bet when the Grand Canyon was a little hole it did thing just like this.Did you ask permission to take its picture? Before posting its picture on this site?Did you try to talk to it? What about all the other holes in the world do they get away with being holes?

    • Kelly D

      What are you ranting about ? This is a site that reports news, community conditions and affairs.Are you afraid that someone or ones will think less of our area ? BTW who in their right mind would talk to a hole ?

      • Anonymous

        apparently there is some kind of feedback block in effect. Maybe that should be affect. Who knows, who cares, just danny boy & his lost minions. Danny, there is no grey gardens here, just the less than mundane & our follies.

    • Anonymous

      You’re just an asshole, and something tells me that if Dan didn’t report on this your stupid ass would have fallen in it.

      • Kelly D

        Whats the matter Pal did I hit the nail on the head ?? Coming from someone that talks to holes I consider your profane comment typical and expected. Holes will be holes and the Grand Canyon come on what have you been smoking ?

    • Eric

      That’s funny.

  • Treena

    The only way to improve our community is to ensure someone has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it when it comes to our neighbors safety and wellbeing. Keep reporting Danny, all responses are proof that your voice is being heard, whether positive or negative. I for one am glad to have you reporting. Although controversial at times, it does take a squeaky wheel to get the grease!

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  • Anonymous

    Saw a back ho and crew there before maybe it will get done before summer

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