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March GBPOA Meeting Roundup

Just like the last few meetings (except November) The meeting on March 2nd 2011 Nothing happened. No speakers. No guests. No substantial news. Seriously.

7 comments to March GBPOA Meeting Roundup

  • Anonymous

    the barrels are full

  • Anonymous

    So that’s it then? No representatives or police to answer to or speak to our community? Sad

    • UnknownN

      lets get this straight! i understand that your mother is dead and wouldnt say anything to disrespect her. im done with this, because all this nonsense is messing up the site. so enjoy life!

  • Earnest Lee Saddened

    Nice playacting think its helping Dans position? Oh well, Hes revamping the system, and its not because of me Hey Dan, gonna thank UnknownN or spank him? He is your biggest psycho and The New York Times has been informed, better flush a lot of garbage fast. this one seems to want to make you his long time buddy all of a sudden,, talking about me like you back his 2 weeks of psycho yammering at me.

  • who is she? if someone is doing something wrong for this church please let us know.a letter is being delived to help keep st james a loveing &happy place. if you can help we need your comments//thank you for your help///

  • trainman

    What is your status with The GB Property Owners Association?
    Did they invite you back along with your camera and microphone yet?

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    I am a B class member of the GBPOA they cannot disallow me entry yet. The group has not officialized anything with media being present. Basically now I take notes. If and when politicians or 61,63 show up again I will be recording.