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Bay People to Protest Mosque

Demonstration March 2011

Dear Bay People supporters,

Please join Sheepshead Bay residents to show your opposition to the illegal Mosque/community center construction on Sunday March 13, 2011 from 1-3PM on Voorhies Avenue (Between East 28th and East 29th Street)

Do you want loud calls to prayer every day?
Do you want pedestrian and car traffic?
Do you want blocked sidewalks and driveways, no parking, constant police presence?

Department of Buildings “DOB” Continues to appease the mosque builders despite obvious violations of the NYC Building Code and NYC Zoning Regulations.

Most politicians and bureaucrats ignore community’s please for help!
Come out! Let your neighbors know! Our voices must be heard!

Bay People-We Stand United for Our Quality of Life!

13 comments to Bay People to Protest Mosque

  • UnknownN

    The loud speakers for prayer are out of control. About 6am it starts like an alarm clock. Enjoy diversity! It’s time to move out of the boroughs.
    Ps, no one will listen to how groups have radical ties, because no one cares anymore. Polical correctness and the label of a racist have people Affraid to speak up.

  • Bugg

    We do not have to accept all the huddled masses. We especially should not accept those who do not share our values about respecting others, and instead wish to institute sharia law as supreme above us all. And have repeatedly tried to kill Americans across the globe. get yourself to JFK and get a one way ticket back to the land of sharia that you love so.

    Might want to read the news about the wonders of diversity. Western Europe is no longer playing these games. And we had but last week another “religion of peace’ adherent MURDER to unarmed USAF Airmen in germany while scraming “Alahu Akbar!”, like Nidal Hassan(I will nto call that POS an Army major) did at Fort Hood.Or the numerous honor killings like the Buffalo TV executive convicted of beheading his wife. Or the beheaders of Daniel Pearl.Or the Times Square bomber. Or either set of WTC bombers. Or the Atlantic Acvenue bombers.

    Need I go on? If you want to set up your Mini-Iran here, go back form whence thee came.

    I have sons. I can no longer pretend a stranger with hate in his heart for all the country stands for is a long-awaited friend.

    • anonymous1

      What rock did you crawl out from under? All of a sudden you take an interest in GB.net, bet you don’t even live here could it be you are off your medication r and once they force you to take it at your mental health hearing, we probably won’t hear from you again

  • Anonymous

    loud noise several times a day is not necessary. they can tell time..and ALL churches should pay taxes

  • Anonymous

    I wish more Muslims and Islamic institutions would be more vocal and publically visible in denouncing the Islamtic fanatics. This is not a time to take a defensive stance in this country – go on the Offense against the tyrants taking over your religion and threatening your new home. Do you consider America home? Then be proud of her and fight the thugs with us. Tell your religious leaders to speak up, March in masses to tell the world you’re fed up with the terrorist.

  • Niko

    As much as I hate to say this… but the reasons to oppose this are pretty legitimate. This is not an oppostition to Islam, but the concerns of the community. I for one would love to see a Muslim based community center that adheres and meets the needs of the community, but this is not the case.

    – Some communities are simply not designed to handle the increase in traffic in the already limited parking space.

    – The additional noise of “daily prayer” is not nearly as disruptive as let’s say “church bells”. (And note that a church usually takes up a whole city block providing distance between itself and the community).

    – Unsightly building can in fact hurt the surrounding property value of the homes. The community has a right to protest buildings that are not up to code.

    I feel for Muslims who live nearby and would have benifitted from this, but it’s in their own best intrest to find an area that’s capable of truly meeting their needs..

    • Niko

      I meant to say that Church bells are not as nearly as disruptive as daily prayers on a loud speaker…

  • Bugg

    They did march in Times Square Sunday-to complain about Congressman King’s hearings about radicalized domestic radlicalized Islam like Nidal Hassan and John Mohammed and too many others. Not a word was spoken about the 2 Airmen killed last week, nor the Catholic convert executed in Pakistan thw week before.If Muslims expressed half the outrage they do at such real atrocities (which are daily occurrences) as they do every and any imagined slight, may be we would have the beginning of an honest conversation. Alas it is not to be. So better than that-go back to your land of sharia. You cannot handle America.

  • Rabonsen

    I was passign by and DOB gave the OK to work,, good for you Muslims,,,

    We have, In Sheepshead Bay , some Good , Russians,to be moved to Brighton.beach..as Peter King said and he will follow them too,like Muslims,,,

    I think it was about traffic and parking,, why you are including Building deparmtnet go adn protest there in the front of their house,,,jejejeje

    Politicians too go to their offices adn house and protest,,, jejejeje

    Architects and lawers jejejej ,, why you are trying to make personal,, We are not going for personal thing,, we used to come when it was for parking and traffic now it is getting personal,,,

    I like Police presence why you scare of Police,,, anything is going wrong there then we should be aware of you ,, guys,,,

    give us a break in our Block and let us live our live please

    Now you are making Voorhies Ave very noisy and an icon of hate,, we are not,, bringing people to our block to protest to you ,, I think Muslims are quiter than you guys.. every other month, i see strangers from S.I and Boston come to support you,
    we dont support you,, from now on…

  • UnknownN

    why am i under moderation?

  • UnknownN

    that thing that you call a brain is just so diseased. you cant see yet how it will get worse.

  • eugene reed

    just came home from the rally against the mosque on voorhies ave and i wonder what the mosque supporters have on their minds. yes, like us ,they support freedom of religion. unlike us,however, they do not realize or choose to ignore the fact that in these places of “worship” something far more insidious is taking place; muslim radicalization.i do not see or hear or read of christians,jews,seikhs,buhddists,or any other religion coming out of services with the intention to do murder in the name of their god. when the backers of these mosques openly denounce islamic jihad,cair, the muslim brotherhood and openly declare allegiance to the us constitution and denounce shariah law and embrace our way of life then maybe they will have earned respect. until then,the backers of these projects deserve to be repelled by the communities they wish to set up shop. we are not europe though some of our elected representatives wish it to be so. not us!

  • Chris

    Did people come out for the rally? Although I’m sure in the end it doesn’t matter, just like everything else in this city the Liberal politicians do whatever they want anyway.