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Letter to the Editor: Low Low Prices

We received this letter to the editor about Walmart:

To All,

First off, I want to express my gratitude to Dan for allowing me this opportunity to announce my grassroots campaign to bring Walmart to Gerritsen Beach/Sheepshead Bay area.  He does a lot of great things for the community I hope he keeps up the good work for years to come.  First off let me start by saying that we were all saddened by the announcement of the closing of Pathmark located on 3785 Nostrand Avenue, this closing will have a deep affect on the community with the loss of jobs and a place to shop.  I have read that officials from Representative Anthony Weiner’s office have sent out letters to Stop & Shop, White Rose, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Key Food, and Whole Foods to open another supermarket in this location.  However in these tough times, most of these stores listed probably do not have the capital to open a new store.  As you probably know already, Walmart is currently looking to open up in locations in New York City, I believe this location on Nostrand Avenue will be a perfect location for Walmart.  Walmart is the only company I believe has the capital to open up a new store in these tough times.  I believe Sheepshead/Gerritsen and the surrounding area needs Walmart, and Walmart needs Sheepshead/Gerritsen.

The obvious reason to bring Walmart into the community is jobs and low prices that Walmart provides.  Walmart transforms communities into better places then they were before, I ask you to watch the Chicago Walmart video that I have embedded below, it will show you how Walmart has transformed the community and has made it a way better place, a true success story.  Walmart stores do not put small stores out of business, they are in fact magnets for growth and development.  Businesses that can diversify themselves can take advantage of the customer activity that comes with a Walmart in the community.  One stat from the video is that when Walmart entered the community it created 726 jobs in the area, through 320 Walmart jobs and 406 jobs created by competitors that entered in the area.  However 298 jobs were lost but 726 jobs were created.   My goal would be to have Walmart set aside a certain amount of jobs to the people in the neighboring ZIP codes of 11235, 11229 and others. Also I would like to see Walmart employ neighborhood youth with the location’s close proximity to local high schools such as Sheepshead Bay High School, James Madison High School, and St. Edmund Preparatory High School just to name a few.  Walmart would create great after school jobs for students from these schools.  Not only will students benefit from after-school jobs, the school themselves will benefit when Walmart gives back to the community.

If these kids went to work at the local supermarket they would be making minimum wage, far less than what Walmart pays.  The average salary for the part-time retail cashier at Walmart is $8.88 an hour (The average salary for a fulltime retail associate in New York State is a $13.09 an hour), which is $1.63 higher than $7.25, minimum wage.  Not only will people be making a higher salary, they will also have a chance to advance in the company, I ask you to watch “William’s Story”, one of the videos embedded below, it is about how an hourly retail associate was promoted to department manager in several months, a stat from the video is: Last year Walmart promoted more than 138,000 of their hourly associates in its U.S. stores.  This goes to show if you work hard you can advance in the company, Walmart then promoted William again, and later gave him a grant to pay for his college education.  Now ask yourself this, if your children worked at Stop & Shop, and really worked hard, would Stop & Shop pay for their college education? I don’t think so.

Walmart not only offers career advancement to employees who work hard, but they offer great benefits too.  I ask you to watch the video “Janet’s Story” which I have embedded below.  On their medical coverage they offer a copay of only $4 on more than 2,000 generic drugs.  You can find more information on benefits Walmart provides its employees on this website, http://walmartstores.com/careers/7750.aspx.  I ask you to watch “Noemi’s Story”, which I have embedded below, through working at Walmart she was able to get off food stamps and buy her own home, her son has followed in her footsteps and now works at Walmart.

Prices at Walmart are low, and who doesn’t like low prices? One example was when I was upstate at Walmart, I bought Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice at a price of $2.78, if I went into Pathmark right now, that same size bottle would cost me around $4.79.  They also provide fresh fruits and vegetables in their stores at affordable prices.  Yes, Whole Foods will bring fresh fruit and vegetables but the area will not be able to afford the prices that Whole Foods will offer.  But the area will be able to afford Walmarts prices.  New York City needs more non-union stores like Walmart who provide wages and great benefits to their employees while still providing the customer with low prices that they want.  In this situation everyone wins.

Walmart will bring the two things that are needed most in these tough times, jobs and they will also bring low prices.  Walmart will also offer a pharmacy to provide prescription medication for low costs to its consumers, it is truly a one stop shop.  I am sure the Gerritsen and Sheepshead will welcome Walmart with open arms.  If you aren’t sold already on bringing Walmart to the Pathmark location please visithttp://www.walmartnyc.com/ this site will provide you with information I may not have answered for you.  You can also visit their Facebook page athttp://www.facebook.com/walmartNYC.  I will start a Facebook page with the campaign very soon.  I hope you will join with me in this grassroots campaign to bring Walmart to the Pathmark location.

Best regards,
Michael Gregory





81 comments to Letter to the Editor: Low Low Prices

  • AnonDev

    You outline some good points, but is Wal-Mart really that good overall? Their ability to undercut smaller, local stores that are not corporate owned usually results in smaller businesses having to close, meaning less competition. Basic economics will tell you that less competition means that you, the consumer, don’t really get the best price. In fact, Wal-Mart doesn’t seem to be in favor of competition at all:
    “Wal-Mart has been accused of selling merchandise at such low costs that competitors have tried to sue it for predatory pricing (intentionally selling a product at low cost in order to drive competitors out of the market). In 1995, in the case of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. American Drugs, Inc., pharmacy retailer American Drugs accused Wal-Mart of selling items at too low a cost for the purpose of injuring competitors and destroying competition” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Wal-Mart

    Also, Wal-Mart seems to enjoy using their employees’ deaths to finance their corporation (unusually distressing when you consider how many retirees they employ)with “dead peasant” policies: http://www.law.com/jsp/nlj/PubArticleNLJ.jsp?id=1202427898741&slreturn=1&hbxlogin=1

    Lastly, does Wal-Mart really mean more jobs? Maybe in the local store but…
    “In the mid-1990s, Wal-Mart had a “Buy American” campaign. Yet by 2005, about 60% of Wal-Mart’s merchandise was imported, compared to 6% in 1995. In 2004, Wal-Mart spent $18 billion on Chinese products alone, and if it were an individual economy, the company would rank as China’s eighth largest trading partner, ahead of Russia, Australia, and Canada. One group estimates that the growing US trade deficit with China, heavily influenced by Wal-Mart imports, is estimated to have moved over 1.5 million jobs that might otherwise be in America to China between 1989 and 2003.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Wal-Mart

  • bagels

    Regarding the 3rd paragraph:

    “The average salary for the part-time retail cashier at Walmart is $8.88 an hour (The average salary for a fulltime retail associate in New York State is a $13.09 an hour), which is $1.63 higher than $7.25, minimum wage.”

    That’s a very clever statment. Part time employees make $8.88. That seems like a good deal if you’re one of those teens but how much do full time employees make? You stated the New york State average for a retail associate but neglected to tell us what the full time salary is.

    • mike

      yes i did tell you what the average salary is directly from the paragraph “(The average salary for a fulltime retail associate in New York State is a $13.09 an hour)”

      • Kelly D

        So the average full time Salary of a Walmart employee is ??? A few more facts..During the last 20 years, Wal-Mart has moved into communities and destroyed them, wiping out stores, slashing the tax base, and turning downtown areas into ghost-towns. This is accomplished through Wal-Mart’s policy of paying workers below subsistence wages, and importing goods that have been produced under slave-labor conditions overseas.(CHINA) Often, communities will even give Wal-Mart tax incentives, for the right to be destroyed….Mike it seems to me you only answer what might benefit your cause…

      • The Other Guy At The Bar

        That’s a wage, not a salary.

        • Kelly D

          I stand Corrected.

        • mike

          walmart pays by the hour, it all depends on the amount of hours you work, there is no set salary for full time employment. the only positions that have salaries are managers

          all the best,

  • The Other Guy At The Bar

    First of all, I’m disappointed that Dan would allow such an obvious WalmartNYC hack to use space on his site without at least paying for the ad space (since this most certainly is an ad).

    Second, you’re full of BS. From personal experience, I can tell you that Stop & Shop (which is a union shop) pays higher than the numbers you gave. I worked there in high school and was NOT paid minimum wage as you said. I was paid about $2+ above it. They also offered college scholarships not only to employees, but to their families. Had I become more than a part time worker, I also would’ve had health insurance and many more benefits.

    In regards to the effects on businesses around Walmart, your “video” – paid for and produced by Walmart itself – defies facts. Studies of that very same Walmart found that it was actually devastating to the businesses around it. They traced several hundred businesses in the area before, during and after (long term) the Walmart opened. 27% closed during the study period, a significantly higher rate than before the Walmart opened, and they concluded that the probability of closure increased as you got closer to the walmart. They also found that Walmart’s opening caused a direct loss of 300 full-time jobs. (One of the many INDEPENDENT studies can be downloaded here: http://www.luc.edu/curl/pdfs/Projects/WalMartReport2009122.doc)

    Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach do NOT need that. At all. Ever.

    I really hope Dan was paid well for this. Truly a disappointment.

  • kerrin o'neill

    what a phoney letter to the editor to stir up drama and rouse the public…NY does not welcome walmart for a myriad of reasons

  • Retrofresh

    A 2-second web search turned up this tidbit:

    According to “Wal-Mart’s Economic Footprint: A literature review prepared by Hunter College Center forCommunity Planning & Development and New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 1/10/2010″ (http://pubadvocate.nyc.gov/files/Walmart.pdf):
    Wal-Mart’s average annual pay of $20,774 is below the Federal Poverty Level for
    a family of four. The calculation assumes that a full-time Wal-Mart worker works an average of 34 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. The average of 34 hours a week is obtained from an internal Wal-Mart memo

  • BrooklynQ


    Publishing this “letter” is a major disappointment and a real setback to your creditability. You should clearly label advertising as such.

    Study after study have shown how Walmart destroys communities and is destroying the middle class and the economy of the United States. Just try to find one item in Walmart that is made in the US.

    Who is this Mike? Who does he represent?

    Major failure here Dan.

    • Beachwalker

      Mike is a paid blogger for Walmart. Either works for a subcontractor or for Walmart itself. They are trying as hard as they can to drum up support to open in NYC but hopefully we are all on to them and know how devastating it would be for them to open ANYWHERE in NYC. I’d bet “mike” is blogging on all the NY sites, posting his Walmart made video propaganda.

      • snoreasaurusrex

        You folks are right. For years companies have been paying people to invade chat rooms and try to sell products. You will know when one shows up. This is one example. Also, this is nothing new. Just VERY annoying. Even the reviews of products you see online can be suspect. You need to ask “Who wrote it and why?

  • Retrofresh

    Hmm, my comment was “awaiting moderation”, so I’ll try posting it again without external links.

    According to “Wal-Mart’s Economic Footprint: A literature review prepared by Hunter College Center forCommunity Planning & Development and New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 1/10/2010″:

    Wal-Mart’s average annual pay of $20,774 is below the Federal Poverty Level for a family of four. The calculation assumes that a full-time Wal-Mart worker works an average of 34 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. The average of 34 hours a week is obtained from an internal Wal-Mart memo.

    • mike

      In 2009, Walmart stores, Sam’s Club locations and the Walmart Foundation gave more than $9.6 million in cash and in-kind donations to local organizations in the communities they serve in the state of New York. Through additional funds donated by customers, and Walmart and Sam’s Club associates throughout the state, the retailer’s contributions in New York totaled more than $12.0 million.

  • Kelly D

    Dan, I am disappointed that a letter of solicitation of this type is on this site.This person either has some ties to Walmart or just only cares about the savings to himself. Walmart does more harm than good to most communities which has been very well documented all over the internet.As noted in above postings. Just take a survey from small store owners in the area. That would be a more honest and factual indicator than a letter of this sort by one self serving individual. I know all my comments await moderation I truly hope you publish this one.

  • rich


  • beach bum

    walmart shows up in your area and like a bad virus everything dies, be careful what you wish for.

  • Kelly D

    So Mike refute this !! Wal-Mart has also faced accusations involving poor working conditions of its employees. For example, a 2005 class action lawsuit in Missouri asserted approximately 160,000 to 200,000 people who were forced to work off-the-clock, were denied overtime pay, or were not allowed to take rest and lunch breaks. In 2000, Wal-Mart paid $50 million to settle a class-action suit that asserted that 69,000 current and former Wal-Mart employees in Colorado had been forced to work off-the-clock. The company has also faced similar lawsuits in other states, including Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Minnesota (just to name a few). Class-action suits were also filed in 1995 on behalf of full-time Wal-Mart pharmacists whose base salaries and working hours were reduced as sales declined, resulting in the pharmacists being treated like hourly employees. The Fact is if all the Accusations by employees and civil rights groups as well as lawsuits both pending and settled were posted on this site there would be no room left to post anything else.

  • Cathy

    Maybe WalMart should take the money they are paying for paid bloggers and give a better wage to their employees? I have a friend who works for Wal-Mart in NC, and they treated him and his co-workers poorly. For example, they constantly kept them half-hour below qualifying for medical benefits. Sorry Mike, but all your promotional videos mean NOTHING since they are corporate BS and not true.

    • The Other Guy At The Bar

      Actually, there’s an argument to be made that letting this battle draw out as long as possible is better than anything else! Walmart has to hire all these PR flacks, bloggers, community managers – they take out ads in all the local media, keeping reporters employed – they spark academic studies that allow professors to keep publishing – the protests mean police detail getting overtime. All of these jobs pay better and get better benefits than a Walmart associate.

      Fighting about whether Walmart should come or go brings higher paying jobs than if Walmart actually comes or goes!

  • ed walsh

    We can all stand in line with a cart full of shit made in China asking why can’t people find a job? Shop local independent shops. Thats what makes a strong local economy. Wal-Mart will just suck money out of the local economy.

  • Anonymous

    Walmart is continuing to bombard New Yorkers’ mailboxes this week with slick mail promising union-built stores and above-average wages. To secure City Council zoning approval, Walmart made the exact same promises in Chicago.

    Fact #1: In June 2010, Walmart promised Chicago union-built stores and above-average wages

    Fact #2: Once Walmart secured zoning approval, it reneged on its wage promise (June 2010), and lobbied to kill its labor agreement (Feb 2011)

    Why this matters:      Walmart is promising a lot in its glitzy PR blitz- New Yorkers need to know its history of hypocrisy before allowing the big-box retailer into the five boroughs.

  • Whatever

    It’s not big enough for a Wal-Mart. It would have to be a Wal-mart drive through.

  • ed walsh

    why is my comment waiting for moderation.


    Mr. Gregory sounds like a shill for the likes of the racist Manhattan Institute, labor- hating N.Y. Post & a certain Mayor No Lips

  • anon

    Dan, I can’t believe you printed it. You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you now a paid shill for Walmart? Please respond.

  • trainman

    Click here: YouTube – Union Maid – Old Crow Medicine Show (Organized STEREO Remix !!) AKA
    “I’m Sticking to The Union”


    • trainman

      It’s interesting that this debate over Wal-Mart, and all nonunion companies for that matter, should be reaching this intense furor during this particular month.

      This March 25th is the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire here in New York City. That fire was the worst tragedy to affect our city until 9/11. The song “Union Maid” was one of a number of compositions written to pay tribute to the 146 people who perished in that fire. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided if it were not for the greed and paranoia of the owners of that company. The atrocities perpetrated on the workers are too long to list here.

      I would strongly suggest everyone watch the upcoming HBO documentary honoring the victim’s of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire on or about the 21st of this month. I saw the preview at a special viewing this week and it will give a better understanding of what big business is capable of doing to their workers and the sacrifices the workers made to create unions that still benefit people today.

      Of the 146 people that perished in the fire, there were 17 males and 129 females; more than half were teenagers some as young as 13 years old.
      The victims also included Josie, age 21, my great Aunt.

  • brian

    this is a very well written piece on walmart, i applaud dan for posting it, and also mr gregory because he did not do this anonymously as he could of and others do to get their message out

    • Kelly D

      Who are you Kidding ? Brian or should I say Mike.This letter is nothing more than a push by certain people to lobby for Wal-Mart to get into NYC.May I add Paid Bloggers.Once one gets in the Gates are open, say so long to decent paying Jobs in Retail as well as many smaller stores.

  • brian

    this is a very well written piece on walmart, i applaud dan for posting it, and also mr gregory because he did not do this anonymously as he could of done and others often post anonymously to get their message out to the community cause they can’t take the heat

  • anon

    We have know way of knowing if Mike or Brian are real names. What kind of heat can you get with just a first name?

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about how terrible Wal-Mart is. While they did have issues years ago with employees, they have paid out millions over the years for those indiscretions and rightfully suffered in the court of public opinion, that is old news. Barbs being leveled now that their wages are inferior and they will force local businesses to go under if they open at Gateway is ridiculous. For the record, they pay the same or more than their fellow non union competitor Target, and their other benefits are comparable as well. Yet I saw no one protesting Taget when it was built, nor did I see all of the local businesses forced to close. As for those in the surrounding community that rage on about how they need better paying jobs than Wal-Mart, I say get on a bus or train like the rest of us and go to where the better paying jobs are. Are you that lazy that you need the jobs to come to you? To further prove that Wal-Mart is not the “Evil Empire”, I happen to have a relative who works for the company who suffered near fatal medical problems some time ago, and contrary to what you read in the liberal media, her job was protected, and all of the costs of her medical care were covered in full by the company benefits. So to all the detractors out there I say, stop dwelling on past history and examine the facts before passing judgement on Wal-Mart.

    • mike

      Another voice showing that Walmart isn’t bad and how they covered the full costs of her medical care. Ask yourself this, would the benefits now currently available to the Pathmark employees cover the entire cost of one of their employees medical issues and would their job be protected? As for Target, the average salary for a cashier at Target is $7.96, Walmarts is $8.88 for part time. Also there have been stories of Target employees putting in overtime work and not getting compensated for it, but it was not blown to proportion as Walmart issues are so often done.

  • Anonysloth

    Wouldn’t it be too little of a space that pathmark currently occupies for there to be a wal mart? That and parking

  • Render

    Walmart is only good for the first year or two, anyway. Then they peter out as they’re unable to stock properly and keep up the store. Look at all the Long-Island Walmarts. They carry nothing now that you can’t also get in a regular supermarket. The specialty items ( furniture, lighting, curtains, etc,)are never re-stocked.

    • mike

      Grocery prices on national brand goods at conventional supermarkets decrease six and seven percent when competing located within a five-mile radius of a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

      • Beachwalker

        Yes, I’m sure that’s true. The other retailers desperately trying to cpmpete. I’m also sure that as their profits dry up they are laying off workers/cutting hours. Then they close, and Walmart raises it’s prices. Glad your starting to come around, Mike. That’s exactly what we DON’T want to happen.

  • GBMom


    In regards to someone commenting about putting a Walmart in Gateway & how it will not effect small businesses here…well your right-that specific one will compete with Target however, once it is approved that WalMart can be built in NYC then you will see them pop up everywhere- they even have smaller pharmacy-like ones.

    Although low prices may be guaranteed think of what kind of business Marine Pharmacy will lose because they will not have a chance to compete. Even the delis- if there is a grocery section their business will likely plummet due to pricing.

    WalMart continues to destroy small businesses throughout the US. It moves in, takes out the small businesses, and gives lower wages than originally promised.

    Don’t believe me?? Read some of the studies:

    “This study presents the most sophisticated analysis to date of Wal-Mart’s impact on retail employment and wages. Analyzing national data, the study found that the opening of a Wal-Mart store reduces county-level retail employment by 150 jobs. Because Wal-Mart stores employ an average of 360 workers, this suggests that for every new retail job created by Wal-Mart, 1.4 jobs are lost as existing businesses downsize or close. The study also found that the arrival of a Wal-Mart store reduces total county-wide retail payroll by an average of about $1.2 million. This study improves substantially on previous studies by convincingly accounting for the endogeneity of the location and timing of Wal-Mart’s entry into a particular local market. That is, Wal-Mart presumably does not locate stores randomly…..”

    “…It finds that Wal-Mart’s arrival boosts retail employment by 100 jobs in the first year—far less than the 200-400 jobs the company says its stores create, because its arrival causes existing retailers to downsize and lay-off employees. Over the next four years, there is a loss of 40-60 additional retail jobs as more competing retailers downsize and close. The study also finds that Wal-Mart’s arrival leads to a decline of approximately 20 local wholesale jobs in the first five years, and an additional 10 wholesale jobs over the long run (six or more years after Wal-Mart’s arrival). (Wal-Mart handles its own distribution and does not rely on wholesalers)….”

  • Irish Kevin

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Wal-Mart’s slogan may be “Save Money. Live Better,” but rival Target is challenging it by offering even lower prices on everyday products.

    Two recent price comparisons of grocery and household goods revealed that Target’s prices are lower than at No. 1 retailer Wal-Mart.

  • Irish Kevin

    Hey Mike! What happened to you,where did you go..Did Wal-Mart let you go ?

  • mike

    as you can tell by the stats it was about a $2 difference. Walmart continues to make prices more affordable every day. A great example is Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry juice which $2.78 compared to the normal $4.69 charged at a Key Food

  • trainman

    Just for the sake of argument let’s assume you’re correct that Wal-Mart will pay New York state average for full-time employees $13 an hour. That’s approximately $520 a week and then deduct approximately 33% for city, state, federal, Social Security and Medicare which will give them about $365 a week take-home pay. And that does not include contributions to their medical coverage which could be another $50. That leaves this full-time employee with a yearly salary of $17,280.

    You compare the price of cranberry juice at Wal-Mart with Key Food which is usually a union shop whose employees, for the same 40 hours will bring home approximately $500 a week

    My question to you sir:
    Are we better off as a society with its citizens earning $500 a week
    or are we better off with its citizens earning $315 a week?

    • mike

      I know a cashier, that works fulltime at Key Food for three years now, she recently was tapped to join the union by the manager, her salary is 8.05 an hour, if she works 40 hours a week she is making $322 before taxes. If she could work at Walmart she would make $43 more a week.

      • mike

        She would make $43 more a week based on your calculations

        • Irish Kevin

          Mike one more time.! WHAT IS IN THIS FOR YOU ??? I have asked you this same question several times,NO REPLY…HOW ABOUT IT ? Please Speak now or forever hold your Wal-Mart posts, PLEASE.

      • trainman

        Mike, I am not sure if you are that misinformed or your deliberately skewing the facts. You give me the impression that you don’t know the difference between a union and a gum ball machine.
        When you, or anyone else for that matter, sign-up with a union your pay scale is about the same as you were making at the time of sign-up. Once you finish your apprenticeship, usually three years, you reach journeyman pay which is substantially more than your salary as a entry level employee. Then you add on the fringe benefits you receive as a union member. In this case: local 1500 will also include employer pay medical and prescription coverage, dental and eyeglass coverage and employer paid pension. At 66 years of age that person’s pension along with Social Security should easily exceed half that persons income at the time of retirement. To prove my statement all you need to do is ask that cashier you know to show you her local 1500 union/employer agreement book.

        After you do that you could respond with Wal-Mart’s employee agreement book and what that employee should expect at retirement.
        Good luck :-)

        • Irish Kevin

          This Mike or whatever his name is, is a paid blogger for Wal-Mart.No matter how many times I ask him what is in it for him etc.No answer,Wal-Marts Employee book benefits Wal-Mart and thats it.I think this mike should take his horse and Wal-Mart show somewhere else.I really hope no one is buying his line of lies.

          • mike

            The Walmart Teacher Rewards Program helps offset the estimated $500 a year teachers spend out of their own pockets for classroom supplies. This program provided more than $4 million to 40,000 deserving teachers across the United States during the 2009 backto-
            school season

        • mike

          Walmart offers many affordable options for associates to secure health care coverage for themselves and their families. Our plans continue to provide quality, affordable coverage for as low as $9 for eligible associates or $27 for eligible associates and
          their families per pay

  • Chris

    I’m shocked so many people give a shit about who takes over for Pathmark…its not like we live in some small town where Walmart is going to crush all the local businesses and Uncle Ben’s family are going to starve. This is NYC, Walmart will just blend right in with everything else. Not that I’m for non Union places, but I have a feeling if the store had any other name no one would give a shit if they had Union workers or not, or how much they paid. At this point we’ll be lucky if the city doesn’t outlaw Unions like half the country is trying to do.

    All this over Walmart, really? You’d think they were building a mosque or something…oh wait wrong neighborhood for that one.

    • Beachwalker

      What you say doesn’t really make much sense. If your really not in favor of non union places, why would your attitude be “whatever”. If you are worried about the state of Unions now or the attacks on them by the Tea Party and the rich, take a stand! Walmart is a company that cares for NOTHING but profit. They care nothing about people, the environment or anything else. For example, although other major retailers like Trader Joe’s, Target and Costco have stopped selling endangered species of fish Walmart refuses to stop. 90% of the worlds predator fish are gone. 90%!!!! And yet Walmart continues to buy and sell Bluefin Tuna, Shark and other species of endangered fish. More money to the Chinese, who will take anything they catch, with no regard to the destruction of the oceans, more profit to Walmart. They just don’t care.

      • Irish Kevin

        Beachwalker,You are 100% correct,Wal-Mart is an organization that sells Chinese products and has only one Goal Profit-Profit-Profit.They don’t care about the American Workers,if they had their way they would have everyone on minimum wage with no benefits.

        • trainman

          To all Wal-Mart supporters!

          Isn’t it interesting that Wal-Mart boasts that 70% of New York City is in favor of their stores opening up here.

          I guess the other 30% contribute to this site.

  • Chris

    Walmart also caused the Earth quake and Tsunami in Japan, they must be stopped at all cost…

    • Irish Kevin

      Chris, That is about the Stupidest and insensitive remark yet.Please try to keep your comments civil as well.Maybe people do give a S Pal.!

    • Anonymous

      half of that statement is true

      • trainman

        Which half?

        • 1/2IrishChris

          My point is that a lot of you guys are blaming a lot of shit on Walmart here, they are a company, all companies, no matter what you may thing exist to make money, thats it. Now its within your right as it is with all of us to not buy from these companies that we disagree with but in the end its up to the government to put laws down to keep companies on the up and up.

          Walmart is no better or worse then any other supermarket super stores. Maybe the gov should stop buisness with China, or put restrictions on it (such as eliminating the ability to sell endangered animals products.) Demonizing Walmart doesn’t do anything to solve the larger problem, the real problem.

          Just as a side note Japan also hunts endangered marine animals big time, I also am curious which half of my earlier statement was true…

          • Irish Kevin

            First of all your earlier statement was just ill timed and insensitive,Second I have lived in areas where Wal-Marts were everywhere. Don’t buy this BS that Mike (the Wal-Mart plant) is saying. China Mart sells as much Chinese Toxic junk as they can bring into this country.They are responsible for Low Wages,Hiring 75% Part time Employees (no benefits) Look it up on the internet.

          • Beachwalker

            Oh 1/2 Irish Chris, you are so cynical! Walmart is worse than most other retailers. And I, for one, still expect a company to be run with some integrity, we all know that most owners are only interested in the bottom line, but there are many, many businesses that still are run with honesty and consideration for their employees. And that’s one thing that Labor Unions bring in to any organization without the need for MORE laws and Gov’t intervention. They even the playing field and prevent abuse by employers. And BTW, Japan had called off their annual Whale hunt (for alleged scientific purposes, that everyone has known for years was a farce) a few weeks ago. Shame about the earthquake, I was just beginning to respect them again.

          • Irish Kevin

            Chris or should I say Mike !!! Additional FYI..Wal-Mart is the company people love to hate. It plows up farmland and sets up enormous and featureless stores surrounded by acres of parking lots. It contributes to urban blight by charging prices so low established downtown merchants can’t compete and ultimately go out of business. It viciously fights any attempt to unionize its employees. It pays low wages and offers few, if any, benefits. It is sending U.S. jobs overseas.

        • Anonymous

          they must be stopped at all cost…

  • Anonymous

    “they must be stopped at all cost…”

    • Irish Kevin

      FYI Pal..China’s industry in large part depends on successfully keeping wages low. The aspect fueling China’s success is that there are greedy importers like WalMart (I call it WongMart) that have enriched themselves at the expense of the working American middle class. WalMart is the largest single importer of Chinese goods into this country.


    The likes of Wal- Mart, The Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch & The N.Y. Post, FOX News ( Evil Mr. Murdoch again) & Mayor No Lips are trying to send workers back to the dark ages while they still rake in their billion dollar bonuses with their Wall st. buddies who caused the economy to tank.It’s time to boycott any business that advertises in the N Y Post & tell them why. No teachers , close down firehouses………………… OH LOOK !!!!! I found 700 million to build a beach on the Hudson River!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris

      I do agree with you on that, I just was shocked at the level of animosity towards WalMart. I do seriously dislike the Mayor and just about everything he does and I do believe in Unions but its up to politicians to fix the things that makes you and partially me so pissed at Walmart. Your putting the blame in the wrong place.

      Corporate America never had integrity…def can’t expect them to start now.

      • ed walsh

        up to politicians to fix? We have a corporate controlled government, who do you think paid for the politicians, today the republicans voted to cut all funding to NPR, but continue to fund Nascar.

        • trainman

          Wasn’t it the politicians we voted for that allowed the outsourcing of American jobs by American companies?

          Wasn’t it the politicians who allowed the same American companies to import those same products to sell to the American people at a greater profit?

          Wasn’t it our politicians who also allowed these American companies to create a huge deficit to the American taxpayer?

          Wasn’t it our politicians that stood idly by while we lost our middle class in this country?

          The last person I would look for to help us get out of this financial mess we found ourselves in…. is an incumbent politician.


    Google The Manhattan Institute / The Bell Curve if you want to see what their about………… show me your friends Mayor Bloomberg and I’ll tell you what you are !!!