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Innovative Office Products Closed


Innovative Office Products on Knapp Street has closed. Will anyone miss it?

37 comments to Innovative Office Products Closed

  • Bitchita

    Not me.

  • mike

    hopefully if we get a walmart, it will carry the same products, I’m just waiting for dan to post my letter.

    • Kelly D

      Mike,If we get a Walmart look forward for many more stores to close.Walmart is not as good for the Neighborhood as people might think.They call it China Mart for a reason.

      • mike

        as you will see that is not the case, it is a magnet for business walmart

        • Kelly D

          How long have you been working for Walmart. BTW Trainman has an interesting post on Walmart statistics in the Pathmark Article.I suggest you read it.Here is one example of articles from all over the country..Whenever a new Wal-Mart opens, small businesses—from dress shops and pharmacies to hardware, auto supply and music stores—close their doors and good jobs disappear.A case in point is Charles Fishman’s The Wal-Mart Effect, which describes the … threatened small-town retailers with extinction in the nineteenth century.

          • mike

            Kelly, your simply confused, I ask you to watch this video, when Walmart opened its first store in Chicago, 22 businesses and stores opened up around it,

            I asked you to watch this video, it will help put to end alot of the myths about Walmart and the miss reporting of statistics about jobs being lost


        • Halo

          dont care about walmart this was about another store

    • avail

      What is your connection to Walmart? I hope you don’t plan to spam every post with this Walmart nonsense.

      • mike

        I have wrote an open letter toe community on walmart that dan is going to post very soon, it will help refute some of the false statistics people have against walmart, on issues of healthcare and wages.

        • Kelly D

          Mike your statistics are “OLD” ,I do suggest you look and see what is happening in 2010 and 2011 and the effect Wal-Mart is having on Small and large business. In Florida and Georgia Wal-Mart when they entered the food business almost put the chain Winn Dixie out of Business along with actually putting many smaller food stores,meat markets,fruit dealers not to mention all the hardware stores out. I was wondering if you read Trainmans Posts which seem to be a lot more accurate and honest than yours.BTW How long have you worked for Wal-Mart ?

          • mike

            Walmart creates a fair game, it forces other supermarkets in the area to compete for efficiently overall better for all consumers whether they will shop at Walmart or not.

          • anonymous

            Walmart is a monopoly that has been bigger than Microsoft was before it was broken up both times. Instead of forcing other “businesses” in the area to compete, it really just forces them out of business, and leaves only business giants!! All you are referring to in competitive efficiency, is lower consumer pricing. . .are you not smart enough to realize, that the competition for cheaper consumer products has forced several companies (including WalMart) to outsource the largest majority of its merchandise?? This KILLS jobs (local and nationwide), and ultimately drags down our economy (while boosting Southeast Asia’s). The U.S. became a super power by supplying the rest of the world–do your homework, the planet’s wealth shifts toward the regions that manufacture and produce, and that’s why China’s economy will surpass ours. . .it’s because of retail giants like Walmart!!!

  • Anonymous

    The store looked open to me this morning

  • robert

    im more pissed that nostrand sports closed

  • terry

    The people in this store were always very helpful and nice. I feel bad that they couldnt make it and wish them well. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to keep a small business viable in this economy

  • Pete

    The best thing about Inovative Office Products is that there is a Liquor store next door

  • kerrin o'neill

    that space never does good business over there, i think its bc of parking…it should be a food place that delivers. My husband thinks it should be a chicken wing place…lol

  • I wish

    panera bread. I know it would never happen, but one can dream!

    • I would love to see an Au Bon Pain, A Zaro’s, or a Hot ‘N Crusty, but alas, they seem to be staying away. They are not even in the mall. They are staying in Manhattan.

  • No one seems to remember that one of their stores tried to unionize, I’m not sure if it was in Mass. or Canada. They closed it down completely and left them dry. Does this tell you anything about their practices? I’m surprised no one did this kind of research.

    • anonymous

      I remember. . .it was it Canada, they fired all the employees, shut down the store, bought the land across the street, and opened another store!! How’s that for “ethical business practices”??

  • Kelly D

    This is also a company that put in Self Checkouts to save on Labor costs and get rid of employees .After more customers were using the Self checkouts and figured out how to take products without paying for them.Wal-Mart closed most of the Self Checkouts. Looks like the real crooks got beat at their own game.

  • No Walmart Please

    Here is a little History on the practices of Wal-Mart.
    Wal-Mart typically does not pursue a fair competitive process. In the past, Wal-Mart has sought public subsidies despite promises to the contrary and by pursuing race-to-the-bottom wage policies.
    Wal-Mart, by its own admission, has a dizzying percentage of associates and children of associates who are unable to afford the company insurance policy and must either live uninsured or rely on public assistance such as Medicaid.

    • mike

      walmart offers a great health insurance plan to its employees i ask you to watch “janet’s story”


      also walmart will generate more tax revenue for the city

      • anonymous

        dude, really?? Deductibles raised three years in a row. . .premiums almost doubled, and coverage dropped considerably each year. Best part about WalMart insurance was $4.00 prescriptions, but oh yeah, they give that to the general public anyway?? Walmart will do you dirty–If you work in a store, they will work you >32 hrs weekly for 5 straight weeks, and then on the 6th week they’ll cut you down under 32 hrs. so they don’t have to pay for your full time benefits!!

      • Halo

        don;t care about walmart this segment was about another store

      • mike is a walmart schill

        This is so pathetic. You make Amway seem respectable.
        Mike, are you a human or some kind of droid? I am starting to think your posts are a software program at work….an evil software program!

  • Jim

    Staples did them in. But they hung in there much longer than I had expected. Hate to see locally owned businesses shut down by the big box guys.

    • snoreasaurusrex

      Right! I’m sorry I left that one out. I should have mentioned that one. You caught me there.

  • snoreasaurusrex

    I meant that one about the use of medicaid and the other public assistance.

  • mike

    Since its launch in 2006, Walmart’s $4 generic prescription drug program has saved U.S. customers more than $3 billion.

    • Kelly D

      I have asked you more than once How Long have you worked for Walmart.No Answer…How about it,what are you getting out of this ? Free publicity for Walmart or what ? I can’t understand why a private citizen would spend so much time and effort to push for a Multi Billion Dollar Corporation without some type of pay back.

  • Beachwalker

    So Mike, I’ve never met one of you paid bloggers before. Do you just work for Walmart or do you prostitute your opinions for other companies too? How did you get the job? Did you already work for Walmart and they gave you this assighnment or did you answer one of those ‘get paid to work at home’ emails?

  • anonymous

    Agreed, walmart is a great marketing tool for prospective and established businesses. Unfortunately however, they are a monopoly, and should have been dismantled a long time ago. As a former employee, I can vouch for rising health care premiums, higher deductibles, and less coverage. As they transfer U.S. wealth to southeast Asia, it continues to kill American Jobs. Walmart is devastating our economy in so many ways it’s really not funny. Mike, you are delusional, because Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, and CVS had similar generic Rx plans prior to WM’s “great idea”. . .and to answer your question, Kelly, when you’re employed through Wal-Mart stores, inc. you aren’t allowed to say anything that may hurt the company’s image, period!! We received handouts at general meetings disclaiming not to comment on Facebook, Myspace, research papers, blogs, letters to the editor, etc. Can’t even speak out in public without the guaranteed possibility of termination. Their open-door policy sucks–it’ll get you fired, and try not to use the sundown rule, Mike. Wish you the best of luck in your venture w/the company ran by the Minions of Satan himself!!

  • Halo

    not me will not miss it. Would like a little news shop or bodaga sounds good.

  • anonymous1

    This wasn’t about Walmart it was about a business that closed on Knapp street !!!