Comfort Station: Men vs Women


As of today it seems like all construction at the Seba Avenue Park Comfort Station has stalled. At least we can see the what side the restrooms will be on.

4 comments to Comfort Station: Men vs Women

  • Beach resident

    I volunteer to be the proofreader for the original postings. Sometimes the grammar/spelling are atrocious.

  • ?

    Br, who is going to be the proofreader for “Big Robs Hero’s”? (:

  • trainman

    From that picture at lest I know which side I stand on :-)

  • annonymous

    The whole project is a joke!! drive around the city and watch other projects going on they are started and completed without haste. We fought and lobbied for this park which they have done nothing that we asked for. If they gave use the money the park would have been completed already. Problem is we all work and have families and houses. If we were unemployed and had all the time in the world to Protest it would be done!! Believe me I work in the ghetto and everything gets done cause very few work

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