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Bus Shelter Destruction Burrr It’s Cold Out there.


Just in time for the windy cold days. Don’t you just love waiting in a shattered glass bus shelter with no protection from the wind?


21 comments to Bus Shelter Destruction Burrr It’s Cold Out there.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, it was some from park slope that it

  • GB Long Timer

    So many folks freaking out about the graffiti and trying to prove it was an outsider. This is done all the time by residents. Thanks to the idiots for making us stand in the cold waiting for the bus. This neighborhood has gone down the tubes.

  • UnknownN

    savages! And yes, it’s the people in the neighborhood. Blame anyone you want, but you are just fooling yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I now remember why we moved out of the neighborhood. From what I’ve read so far, things aren’t getting any better in the Beach.

    • Shea Holmes

      Same here pal.The locals however still think its a Utopia Maybe its all the Toxiins from White Island,TGIs,The Theatres etc.

  • Anonymous

    these shelters suck anyway

  • ?

    Just more of our tax money wasted on repairing things unnecessarily. Sad.

  • ernie blundell

    oh comeon now it cant be our little sweet kids down here it has to be kids from outside the neighborhood lol

    • Anonymous

      Ernie,If no one knows who did it,why do the kids automaticly get the blame ? I’ve seen many drunken adults get stupid too !

  • Halo

    Enough already I say have these little sweeties arrested. Maybe they will learn the hard way. So will there parents.
    You know life does not get easier as you get older. And these kids have a long way to go in a hard world. Once there parents arent there to protect them any more and that young age isn’t there…..oh well then its def a dif. story.

  • so easy to catch

    this has been going on a long time,just put a camera in someones house or business across the street,,,,case closed

  • kerrin o'neill

    ugh!!! when will the city just use plexiglass!!!!! its such a waste of friggin money to replace these

  • bob

    kerrin when will people take their children to task and stop them from wrecking their neighborhood and quite possibly their lives.How can you blame the city?

    • kerrin o'neill

      i dont disagree with the fundamental solution but in the meanwhile its a friggin waste of money to keep replacing glass

      • Anonymous

        Kerrin, Just FYI, Not defending the little beasts who think this is fun and bring all this negativity to us, but it doesn’t cost anything in taxpayer money or the MTA a dime to repair the vandalism. The shelters are owned and maintained by an international company called CERMUSA. They PAY the city for the right to install and maintain the bus shelters and make MILLIONS selling the advertising space on them. Again, not defending anyone or saying that it isn’t the kids or that it isn’t crimminal, just stating the facts.

        • kerrin o'neill

          ohhhhh…so the city makes money off the bus shelters if they break or not for the advertisements…got it.

  • bob

    That still does not make it right to destroy them right?

    • Anonymous

      No, BOB, Like I said TWICE in my post, it isn’t right, of course not, just pointing out that it comes out of the bottom line of the French company that owns them and has nothing to do with taxpayer or MTA fare money. Wonder what happens tthe MILLIONS that the city gets for the sale of the rights to the company to install and maintain the shelters. BTW, Cermusa also owns all the newpaper kiosks throughout the city. Too bad there was no American company that could have provided these 2 services. They rake in tons of money from them, they do a good job cleaning, repairing, and yes, replacing broken glass quickly.

  • Patty O'furniture

    I busted the bus shelter. Problem, Gerritsen Beach?

  • FORMER beach rat

    My friend just called me to let me know her little nephew was taken to the hospital because of shattered glass found quite a few feet away from a bus shelter in the grass. The more these things get fixed, the more the beach rats destroy them.

    It’s a felony to attack bus drivers, isn’t it? Why not install cameras on rooftops or telephone poles around where these shelters are, and start cracking down on these a$#holes that are destroying these shelters…shouldn’t it at least be a high misdemeanor for destroying city property?