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PS 277 Get New Speed Limit Signs


Over the weekend the Department of Transportation placed new speeding signs in front of P.S. 277. The new signs explicitly spell out the new speed limit of 20MPH during arrival and dismissal times of 7-9am and 2-4pm.

Gerritsen and Channel is still scheduled to receive a flashing yellow traffic signal. There is no estimated date on installation.

26 comments to PS 277 Get New Speed Limit Signs

  • Anonymous

    While they were there it would have been nice to get a no double parking and no u turn sign too.

  • Anonymous

    they were installed on friday night

  • Anonymous

    And they also posted new NO U Turn signs on both sides of the avenue before and after the school. So all the cry babies can’t complain when they get summoned for making U Turns. Let the enforcement begin
    NEXT, a red light camera at Bijou

  • Whatever

    They should install a road around the back of the school from Gerritsen to Ave X with a lot for pick up and drop off of the children. It would be a lot safer.


      Whatever 1:54 First smart idea on this site that I can remember. Hope someone picks up on it. The land is there.

    • anonymous

      Whatever : Lights and all the signs in the world will not keep the children safe..I agree with you strongly that the most sensible solution would be a road around the School..It solves the most basic of the problem. Keeping the children out of traffic and the second problem of School Buses and cars in the street..The parents who want to pick-up children should also be made to pick-up on the Ave X side. Your idea would solve everything that is now wrong.Congratulations on a wonderful proposal if only the Politicians would listen.

      • Anonymous

        How is putting a road around the school keeping the children safe from children??? Isn’t the light bulb idea of the road for the lazy ass parents to drive thru the rear and out to Ave X ?? Hence cars on a road in the back of the school, kids are back in traffic. How about, here we go again, parking the car and the in shape healthy parents or guardians walk to the back of the school OR how about the school have dismissal out onto Ave X instrad of Gerritsen.
        On an added note I saw the school safety officer out on the street today at dismissal, thats GREAT !!! Did they get a worker finally.

        • anonymous

          I was not aware children on children crime was such a problem ? This is an idea that makes sense,Sure it will not solve every little thing .Only the major ones….Or come up with a better idea..

    • kerrin o'neill

      it would be excellent for dropoff but not for pick up…

    • Whatever

      It wouldn’t be a through fare, it would be a road for the lot. One way from Gerritsen and two way at Ave. X. Maybe a light at Gerritsen and X interwired with the light at W.

    • Gerritsen Beach Dares

      If you install a road around the back of the school the cost will be the precious wood chip preserve. What will people in the beach do for mulch 200 years from now if you pave over it ?

  • anon

    I hope the new speed limit is enforced.

  • anonymous

    more signs and lights for people to ignore. they do no good unless enforced and I am sure they will not be.

  • gbproud

    enforcement is the key now, lets take the wait and see approach.

  • Arthur Borko

    Que the residents of Devon Court complaining because of all the extra traffic on their block so the speeders can avoid tickets.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the double parking and no standing fines are also doubled

  • Maureen

    If the cars blow by a crossing guard that’s already there now, what difference will signs make? I watched a Wise Potato Chip box truck make a U-turn right in the crosswalk yesterday morning after making a delivery to Derek’s Deli…oh, sorry, he couldn’t make the complete turn, so he had to back up and make it a K-turn. Even better.

  • Anonymous

    anyone else notice the two Traffic Enforcement Agent (meter maids) cars hiding at opposite ends of the school at dismissal today. Did they get anyone?

  • Mr. Potatohead

    the kids should bring potatoes to school & throw them at any cars that make U-turns or double park.

  • All talk.....

    Perhaps some speed bumps placed near the school would control the speed. Just a thought…..

    I still think the school needs to assist in solving this problem….I’ve said it before, assembly line drop off which would solve the problem with double parking. One drop off point between the front & middle door and one drop off before the Channel crosswalk…..

  • Annon

    Whatever- Youre idea was great however it has been thought of before as well as knocked down. The Parks Department would not approve it. The school also wanted to develop that whole back as a parking lot. Parks Dept sucks and say not. This has been talked about several years. Hopefully these signs will help. They are the start of something. To the person who talked about the people blowing by the Crossing Guard, one lady in particular does it every morning. She ignores the lady and goes around her. You know who you are with your big hair and big rear to match dropping your son off. You think you dont have to play by the rules but then again, look at your family life. I see more and more parents calling each other out. Good. Hope it continues.

  • Mike24611

    But have the cops been around to enforce the speed limit? In Nassau and Suffolk you will that, so no ones going to abide by it until some tickets start getting issued

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