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Memories: The Blizzard of ’47


11 Noel Avenue, blizzard of '47.

5 comments to Memories: The Blizzard of ’47

  • Maureen LaPorte

    That’s my grandparents’ house.

  • whatever

    One picture? Not a lot of memory to go on there.

  • Anne

    I wasn’t born yet – but I’ve heard stories! My family lived on Knapp St. at the time. My Mother was pregnant with my older sister. Dad was located at a Firehouse in Manhattan & got stuck there during the emergency. The family had no phone back then (imagine?) so he called a neighbor to let my Mom know he wouldn’t be home. That neighbor SHOVELED his way across Knapp St. to give my Mom the message !!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!
    Shortly thereafter – my Dad transferred to 321 & they got a phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Hmmm did global warming start in 1947 then just stop or could it be that history just repeats itself…

  • george

    i remember the snow I was 8 years old, lived on garland court. I recall the men with shovels clearing gerrittsen ave. We moved north a year and a half later, less snow.