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Brooklyn Teen Busted on Assault Charges After Snowball Barrage.

Snowball Ready!

Thinking about throwing a snow ball this weekend? Look at what the consequences could be.

23 comments to Brooklyn Teen Busted on Assault Charges After Snowball Barrage.





    • Anonymous

      Shame on you! “these kids” “show his picture” Salivating for a new round of bashing, before I guess you realized that this has nothing to do with this neighborhood. Just Danny trying to rile people up. This story is about not one, but 3 teens who began by throwing ice balls and then proceeded to viciously beat this mailman in FLATLANDS. Stop bashing every kid/teen in GB for the actions of a few. And stop looking forward to being able to use this forum to rip them and their families apart.

  • trainman

    To GB.net. While this story may be very interesting to someone living in that community, why was it reported on this site?

    Is Walter Ward or the postal worker, Russell Bumpers a resident of GB

    • sorry for you all

      I agree what does this have to do with GB ? Also what does the Amity School have to do with GB ? I will point out that assault on a Federal Employee is considered a Federal crime as well as local..

    • Jim

      Where it happened is unimportant. It just shows that there is negative news outside of GB.

      Get used to it.

    • Enough already

      Of course it was posted on this site… one would have to stop and think about why and the answer is quite clear. This particular story was posted to show that prosecution for “kids stuff” does actually happen. Perhaps the parents of children who think this sort of thing is “entertaining” should pay attention to this story as it develops.

      • trainman

        Wow, there must be a whole new group of people out there.

        For months now I’ve heard many people complain on this site that GB.net was trying to antagonize the situation by continuing to post negative stories about Gerritsen Beach. Here we got a story that takes place miles from our community, I ask why and now I’m being challenged about my inquiry.

        I always thought GB.net was here to present news about our community, good and bad, just like our adjacent community’s post on their website.
        If the majority or Daniel Cavanagh for that matter, want to post citywide news, that’s fine with me.

        P.S. I just heard there was a break-in over at Crown Heights.

        • Enough already

          I believe your query was already answered… It shows that a child can be prosecuted for hitting someone with snowballs (one would think that would also mean rocks, potatoes or any other object that can be thrown)
          It is relevant because GB has issues of this sort, and just because no one in GB has been prosecuted at this point, does not mean it can not happen.
          I would not wish jail time on anyone’s child, but I also would not wish violence on any person. So when do people take responsibility for the things their children have done and try to rectify the situation?

    • whatever

      It has to do with hitting somebody that hits another person with a snowball can be charged with assault. It’s what’s known as an example.

      • whatever

        It has to do with when you hit somebody with a snowball, you can be charged with assault. It’s what’s known as an example.

      • anonymous1

        Please read the article ! The kid was arrested NOT because he threw snowballs , but because he BEAT the mailman up !!!!

        • whatever

          You read the article, he was arrested for both because he used snowballs as a weapon. How hard is that to see in the article?

          • anonymous1

            He used his fists as weapons!!!

          • trainman

            Save your energy anonymous1.

            Anyone who read past the headlines would surely understand that the only similarity with this story and the incident in GB is that the snowballs were made from the same winter snowstorm.

            I wish GB.net would spend it’s time trying to get back into the GBPOA meetings.

  • disgusted

    Hopefully the rest of the rotten kids in the neighborhood get the message. Doubt it though.

  • Anonymous

    the most important people / occuption in this country is the mailman, don’t screw with them or the mail, you will be hunted own…

  • whatever

    In this case, it’s also a Federal charge.

  • peggy

    it’s a wakeup call.

  • BklynGAL

    It’s not the kids that need to get the message it’s the parents like Renee who keeps minimizing their kid’s behavior and blaming people who out the bad behavior…..

  • Maury Povich

    If his mom came on my show & found out who his daddy was maybe he would’nt have so much anger.

  • rich

    hey why not just call it as it is . the kid is a punk and he should get what is coming to him. wait i bet next week him mom will be on tv or writing saying her son is a good kid and is being picked on . send the punk to jail

  • Bus shelter repairman

    Just like in the beach they should send these little punks to jail.Once there they will poop their little pants.Get their ass kicked a few times and will not want to go back.They will also come home and tell there friends about how fun it was and how they have a new uncle.