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Letter to the Editor: Not the Average Comment

We received this letter to the editor and we feel as though it should be posted for all to read and discuss.

Earnest Lee Saddened
Wouldn’t you like to know the Court I live on,
Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

Cute name huh? Not as clever as Maury Povich or anonymous1, but like most sane people, I want my nights filled with calm serenity, not antagonized by a band of minor malignancies tearing at the outer shell of my hard earned life for the ego boost they must desperately need. I hope I can rouse some real concern in my neighbors that will bring more attention to the “I’m a GB lifer” parental failures and their loser spawn. Yet the spawn are committing only misdemeanor crime so they can stay the angels of GB since Mom and Dad may not bail them out, on the rare chance they are arrested. Tough to raise a scofflaw renegade snotnose, might miss a Jerry Jerry Jerry thrill! A few may pump gas or even work civil service to keep a roof for mom. That’s a “good” boy, just misunderstood and frustrated, but “brave and self-reliant”. Lesser evils to cover the basics with a justification icing on top.
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Golden Gate Comes Down Piece by Piece

The Golden Gate Lettering came down this week to make room for the new Brooklyn Amity School.

Bus Shelter Destruction Burrr It’s Cold Out there.

Just in time for the windy cold days. Don’t you just love waiting in a shattered glass bus shelter with no protection from the wind?

WPIX: Brooklyn Neighborhood Taking On Graffiti Vandals


Channel 11 WPIX picked up on the graffiti story. Although their headline suggests that the neighborhood is taking on graffiti vandals, there are no current plans for any official neighborhood watch program.

Pathmark News Conference

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Brooklyn & Queens), Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, State Senator Carl Kruger, and Councilmembers Lew Fidler and Michael Nelson announced their plans to help bring a new supermarket to the area.

Weiner’s office has already written letters to Stop & Shop, White Rose, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Key Food, and […]

More on the Water Main Break

The water main break that happened in front of 3 Canton did a bit of damage. The flood of damage went 3 & 7 canton also flooding basements and crawl spaces of 4 and 10 Canton. 7 may of had the most damage as the boiler and water heater were below street level […]

Disgraceful Graffiti Attack on Gerritsen Beach

Overnight graffiti appeared up on homes and businesses all over New Section’s Bevy Court, Everrett and Devon Avenue’s. Graffiti has been popping up on Bus Shelters over the course of the last few weeks as well as smaller unnoticeable places. Now it seems like the perpetrator(s) went all out and cause a decent […]

Breaking: Water Main Break 3 Canton

This morning a water main broke in front of 3 Canton Court.


Theft at Laundromat

Check out this guy (above) he stole quarters and a wallet of an employee. He quickly spent almost $500.

Makes his own cigarettes. Wanted for larceny, credit card theft. He used the card at rite aid on Nostrand Avenue twice.

Anyone with information call 800-577-tips or fill out their online […]

Events: Kiddie Beach Beef and Beer Fundrasier at Cort Club

There will be a Beef and Beer Fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 19 7-10pm for Kiddie Beach from 7-10pm.

Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased at the door.

Nostrand Pathmark to Close

Troubled supermarket giant A&P, which filed for bankruptcy protection late last year, will close 32 stores, including four in the New York City area, union officials have been told.

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Brouogh President Marty Markowitz sent us this letter:

The loss of a supermarket in Brooklyn, particularly when so many of our neighborhoods […]

Golden Gate Begins Demolition

The Golden Gate has begun it’s transition into the Brooklyn Amity K-8 School.

PS 277 Get New Speed Limit Signs

Over the weekend the Department of Transportation placed new speeding signs in front of P.S. 277. The new signs explicitly spell out the new speed limit of 20MPH during arrival and dismissal times of 7-9am and 2-4pm.

Gerritsen and Channel is still scheduled to receive a flashing yellow traffic signal. There is […]

Fire in Marine Park on Avenue R

Read more at the Flatbush Scoop

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Parents Gearing up to Fight New American Academy Move into IS 278

Parents are preparing to fight the DOE’s decision to place the New American Academy inside Marine Park IS 278, instead of a NEST program.

The New American Academy is an experiment in class sizes, which hopes will change how students learn and how teachers are trained.  Four teachers are assigned to sixty students […]