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You’re In My Spot – Neighbors Leaving Notes Everywhere


A reader sent this in who received the above note on their car over the weekend.

“I don’t know who you are but I shoveled out this spot and Park here in Front of my house everyday. It’s not very nice that every times I move you park here. I am 7 months pregnant and have to walk two blocks in the Ice because your are in my spot.”

Miss you do not own a spot, you do not own the street. Just like I don’t own a spot in front of my house. That being said I feel for you, I also had to walk two block from my house. Just like everyone else in the city. My block has a lot of snow and a lot of “reserved parking” with cones. Then, when I went to park on Seba avenue I forgot that it is filled with mostly DIRTBAGS who are leaving chairs and garbage cans to protect “their spots”. Never-mind that they own multiple cars, never-mind that they are drunk a-holes, never-mind that would damage your car or my car in a second on a normal day for parking our cars there. Nevertheless I was forced to venture out and I parked on the street, which was kind enough to not have cones, which turned out to be in front of your house. I won’t get into the fact that we all have health problems and the fact that ice is dangerous no matter what age or status. However, if you were able to dig out, and you are comfortable enough to drive, I am sure you are healthy enough to walk two blocks.

Also it’s you’re not your.

This is one of many reports GerritsenBeach.net is getting about notes being left being left on cars.

According to NYC Traffic Law, Section 4-08 (7), it is unlawful for anyone to reserve a parking space. The law goes on to list every which way you can reserve a space – we will spare you – but it does say cones.

You can call 311 or fill out the online complaint form if you were so inclined.

74 comments to You’re In My Spot – Neighbors Leaving Notes Everywhere

  • Me

    I think that letter is totally uncalled for…if you dislike your neighbors so much Move!!!

  • bagels

    The sickness has spread – it’s now happening in Marine Park!

  • gb girl

    Bulls**t…If u bust your butt with the shot you cant park in it again..u habve to be considerate of someone who didnt waste their time or energy doing anyt of the work. I dotn think so. The same thing happens on my block an it is usually the man who hasnt shoevled anything including his sidewalk that jumps in everyones shoveled spots…The ones who shoveled themselves I have never seen try to get in a apot that was recEntly cleared by a neighbor. I should shovel a spot run to the store an then come home with aching arms from shoveling a blizzard only to have nowhere to park. give me a break!

  • Thems the breaks. No one owns a parking spot on the street.

    BTW- is everyone in GB pregnant? People throwing ice at pregnant women. Pregnant women walking 2 blocks to their cars. WTF?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a FAMILY neighborhood. That’s how you get a family. You get pregnant and have children. People like to have their children here because it is a safe neighborhood with one of the best Elementary schools in the WHOLE STATE OF NY. Now, could that be true, WOULD that be true if everyone was the “trash” that is claimed? Obviously, our children aren’t as stupid as some of you would have anyone believe. And with the streets so icy, wouldn’t it be the considerate thing for her to have a parking spot as close to home as possible to lessen the chance of her falling and hurting an unborn child?

  • whatever

    It’s called common courtesy for someone to not park in a spot that another person has had to dig out. Apparently most of the people on this site wait for someone else to dig out a spot and then swoop in and take. Also, who cares if it’s your or you’re? It’s a web blog, not War and Peace.

    • Jef

      then where the hell are you supposed to park. everyone is in the same boat, you dig out and go……then have to look for a spot like everyone else. its called tough.

      oh iagree about the punctuation, who cares

  • not pregnant

    WOW! I cant believe how this “lady” is using her pregnancy like she is disabled or very ill!!!!! Walking is good for you!!!!! Pregnant or not!!!! And Im sure the person who parked in “YOUR” spot had to dig out her car aswell!!! Get a life and stop leaving letters!

    • Anonymous

      WOW! Your so ignorant! A slip on ice can kill an unborn child! Have some compassion you ignorant twit. People like you are the problem here (and in the world today). Have some consideration, compassion and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!

      • ?

        With my first pregnancy, I worked up until I was due and it was in the winter/snow. I walked to and from the bus stop which was far more than 2 blocks. You are correct that a slip and fall can be dangerous. This is why it’s important for residents to shovel the sidewalks.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with that, but this is a particularly bad winter and even shoveled walkways get icy with all the melting and re freezing. I think that it’s best to be extra cautious when dealing with this weather. A small patch of ice can mean the end for an elderly person or an unborn child. You took a risk working all the way to the end of a pregnancy, glad it all worked out for you. Some aren’t so lucky.

          • Anon

            I’m pregnant, I’m walking more than a mile daily, and I feel for this lady.

            When you’re 7 mos pregnant, you can’t see your feet so you don’t know where you’re stepping, your balance is completely off and your lower back is a total mess, you can’t effectively move your torso to help regain your balance when you make a mis-step, you pull muscles incredibly easily, you can’t close your dang coat, and every once in a while you get kicked in a very painful place or suddenly hit with a braxton-hicks contraction with no warning so you have to stop, blocking everybody if the sidewalk hasn’t been shoveled wide enough. Oh, and you’re generally tired because you don’t sleep as well and you’re frustrated because putting on your shoes is suddenly this 10 minute ordeal. And you’re tired because the way the system works is the baby gets his oxygen before your muscles get their oxygen, so walking around the block feels more like jogging around the block and you’re all winded by the time you get to the car. And yes, it is a big deal to fall when you’re pregnant.

            I’m not saying this justifies saving a spot–I think that’s ridiculous. Public spaces aren’t owned by anyone.

            But it’s completely ridiculous to act like being pregnant is no big deal. It’s a big deal, and it can be really debilitating for some women. Even if you have an easy pregnancy, it’s not really easy.

            Just have some perspective. And if you’re on the subway, please give up your seat–swollen ankles are SO painful, and it’s really hard when you’re a preggo to keep your balance on the train when people inevitably bump you. Seriously, I am so grateful to the fantastic people who give up their seats.

          • Retrofresh

            Well said!

        • really

          and the corners by the drains however as you can see more and more people are of the f@#$% you type than of the I don’t want anyone to get hurt type.

      • Anonymous

        @the original comment: Exactly!! It’s a common courtesy to LOVE and CARE for a pregnant woman.

  • concerned resident

    Fuck that, if I shovel a spot for 2 hrs, nobody is parking there but me!! I love the lazy pieces of shit that run and move their car into a spot that that they didn’t even touch…how about we complain about how many lazy sons of bitches don’t even shovel the front of their houses! I’m beginning to think this neighborhood is full of low life inconsiderate scum that complain about everything and do nothing! Nobody can own up when kids attack people during halloween, the people complaining about spots probably don’t shovel shit!! I love my new section block, but basically could give a shit about most of u

  • Anonymous

    I think there are two similar issues being confused here. Under normal circumstances I detest the idea of “saving a spot” on a public street. If there is a storm and you spend time shoveling your car out I can understand “saving it” for some rational period of time. The problem we have is some feel entitled to that period of time being the entire period they reside there or the winter. Neighbors should be neighborly, if some one wants to “save” a spot for a delivery or because they are running to the store and just dug out there car that is reasonable. Some of these people have cones, chairs, or garbage cans out for days after a storm or for no reason at all which is just wrong. I have had to dig my car out just like everyone else and have yet to save a spot being that most other people that are driving had to do the same. It is getting ridiculous and will eventually result in problems for anyone that needs to save a spot for legitimate reasons like deliveries and moving trucks. Some of the houses putting out chairs and the like have plenty of property for off the street parking but the choice was made to make that living space with the assumption that they will just reserve the public spot, that is like setting up a room in the street. The sanitation to be instructed to take anything in the street away as if it was trash and ticket anyone who’s cans are in the street when pickup is not on the schedule.

  • Notta GeeBee

    You DON’T OWN a spot. Even if you shovel it out. You only shoveled it out so you could get out. Well, you move your car, the spot is no longer yours.

    If this pregnant woman was smart, she’d get the hell out of GB instead of raising her kid there. Her kid will be throwing ice balls at pregnant women in 11 or 12 years.

    • Anonymous

      Think of what you just typed, people with your outlook are the reason we have issues. “If this pregnant woman was smart, she’d get the hell out of GB instead of raising her kid there. Her kid will be throwing ice balls at pregnant women in 11 or 12 years.” If she raises and teaches her child there is no reason one should expect the child to be a punk. You assume the very small number of kids doing stupid things will have an overwhelming influence over any child raised in one of the better neighborhoods in BKLYN. We need to start holding individuals responsible for their actions instead of blaming the environment for the bad choices of a few. The latter simply provides them a defense for their poor choices. Plenty of people from GB were taught right from wrong and conduct themselves with that in mind.

  • ME

    I don’t live in GB any more, but it used to be a courtesy thing that you “Saved” the spot that you dug out! But I guess like everything else in this world, its time to move on. Children grow up, get their license and buy cars! Some move away, some stay. There are too many cars to park during normal weather down there, let alone during bad weather. If you have considerate neighbors, great, but this new generation is the “ALL ABOUT ME” generation!!!!

    One just needs to live in a different neighborhood to quickly learn that there is almost no courtesy left when it comes to parking on a NYC street. I wish that weren;’t so, but welcome to reality!!

    I don’t shovel out a parking spot anymore, I tried that and was disapointed that there was a car parked in it every time. Now I own a 4 wheel drive vehicle and park on top of the snow, where most other ppl can’t park!!! Good Luck with the parking situation in GB, I’ll be the vehicle parked on top of those mounds of snow that came from all of those cleared spots :o)

  • not pregnant

    LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, REALLY!!!!!!! I’m all for love and RESPECT!!! And as it happens I get along very well with my neighbors!! Can’t say that however to the pregnant lady who is leaving letters to her neighbors!!!! THAT seems ignorant to me!!!!!
    P.S. Calling names, real mature!!!!! But if it made you feel better about yourself for a second, go for it!!!! :))

  • Anonymous

    just wondering:
    is it lawful for police, firemen and sanitation workers to park their vehicles on the sidewalk in front of the police station/firehouse/dump? can we get a story on that topic too?

    • Anonymous

      god forbid an emergency worker should be able to get in and out of a location set in place to serve none other than YOU! and you want to give them a hard time?

  • Anon

    Did anyone else see something wrong with this note? “I had to shovel out this spot” AND “I’m 7 months pregnant” So walking 2 blocks is a strain on you but shoveling a mountain of snow was fine.

  • Mother of 3

    I’m so sick of these women who use their pregnancy’s to get a free pass. You’re pregnant, not sick!! Women have been trudging through the snow while pregnant for “Centuries”. If you’re so delicate then perhaps you should stay at home

  • Jul

    um I have a question. There are a lot of comments about lazy people who wait for someone to shovel the spot and then they jump in it – how do these people get out the spot they were in before. They had to shovel out the car. No one is just sitting in the car in the middle of the street waiting for someone else to shovel a spot so they can steal it. I also highly doubt that she shoveled out her car at 7 months pregnant – that could be almost as dangerous and falling while she walked the 2 blocks.

  • Anonymous

    I went to work during the first holiday blizzard. When I came home there were multiple spots open on my block in the new section. However, I parked on Gerritsen Ave. I don’t know about a “hot debate” but this seems like common sense. You didn’t shovel the spot, find somewhere else to park. Had the person not shoveled the spot it would be buried in snow and wouldn’t be there in the first place. On the flip side, parking is limited these days in our neighborhood and it is absurd for a homeowner to think they can expect this courtesy to extend to 3, 4 cars.

    • Anonymous

      I mistakenly posted this under this ignorant comment. This was not my intention. I reposted my comment below.

  • be glad it was'nt my car

    I did’nt reserve my spot and it was taken every day. When I look for another spot there are garbage pails in all of them. I end up parking on the avenue 6 blocks from home. My point is if a few reserve spots than all are forced to do it or you can’t park.

  • Anonymous

    I went to work during the first holiday blizzard. When I came home there were multiple spots open on my block in the new section. However, I parked on Gerritsen Ave. I don’t know about a “hot debate” but this seems like common sense. You didn’t shovel the spot, find somewhere else to park. Had the person not shoveled the spot it would be buried in snow and wouldn’t be there in the first place. On the flip side, parking is limited these days in our neighborhood and it is absurd for a homeowner to think they can expect this courtesy to extend to 3, 4 cars.

  • Maury Povich

    Whyis the pregnant woman digging out her spot and not the guy that got her pregnant ? Maybe she should get on his case and not on a innocent taxpayer parking in a “PUBLIC” parking spot.

  • Anon

    If you leave a spot you are presumably going to go somewhere else and need to park. Someone shoveled that spot out. Everyone in the city that owns a car had to shovel a spot. Any on street parking is public property not private. It is just downright rude to reserve spots. I wish the sanitation or police would crack down on this but I’m sure it won’t happen.

    I had mt car spat on and the air let out of my tires bec I dared to park in a private spot. They can kiss their koi and dogs goodbye – revenge is sweet.

    • Anonymous

      You would harm defenseless animals to get revenge on a person? Be a man and take it out on the people who you think let the air out of your tires, don’t be a coward. Sicko.

    • Tony Montana

      Tell jou what Mang,jou need to kill fish and threaten Dogs jou sound to me like a Coward with no balls.The only thing in this world that gives orders… is balls.

  • A Nonny Mouse

    If we had some adequate means of snow removal, this wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve reserved my spot but I realize that it’s illegal to do so and that if someone wants to do so they are entitled. I’d be upset, but them’s the breaks. But I’d probably have to park on Coyle Street behind the sewers and either walk a mile or take a car service from where I parked to my home if I didn’t reserve my spot and I’m a bit on the disabled side myself.

  • Kelly

    As long as you all don’t park in my Driveway I don’t care.!!!

    • kerrin o'neill

      so its ok to reserve valuable streetspace for a driveway? which by the way takes up a spot but its not ok to park in front of your house which in theory could be a driveway? hmmm-ok i get it now, time to open up a double driveway in my yard-then block it with my own cars…lol

      see how dumb that sounds, just leave your neighbors spot alone and all is good. :)

  • kerrin o'neill

    maybe its me and i am crazy, i dont know…if i shovel out a spot i feel like its mine,that is an unwritten law in gb and i would never dare to park in someone elses shoveled spot. Im glad that woman left a note, its a better way than being passive aggressive and snubbing your neighbor when you see them in the street.

    isnt that the right thing? since when is it ok to park in a spot someone else broke their back shoveling? its not Ave U or 18th avenue-there are no meters, these are residential parking spots of homeowners.

    and you know what? if i dont “own the street” for a spot. then i shouldnt own the sidewalk either-but guess what? i shovel that too, bc its part of the package of owning a home.

    I get to have a spot in front of my house, and so do you. get over it.

    • Jul

      what about houses that have multiple cars? There isn’t enough room for everyone to be able to park in front of their home

      • kerrin o'neill

        ehhh, someday we will all have driveways taking up a lot of spots on the public street anyway…(eyeroll)

  • landlord

    this is public parking–NOT private! what does shoveling have to do with it?! when you drive away from a spot–you eventually ‘lose’ it to someone else. you shovel in order to get your car OUT. and this business of ‘ooh, i’m pregnant’ wtf does that mean. it’s not MY baby you’re carrying so stfu!!!!

  • tr

    What I want to know is why the Dept of Sanitation doesn’t remove all of the snow on one side of the street during alternate parking days. There’s far fewer spots than normal now because there’s a few feet of snow between every car. If they would only remove the snow completely, none of these arguements would occur.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the thing you don’t own the spot. You dug it out to get out. And like the other person said I doubt someone is sitting in the middle of the street just wighting for you to leave. They dug themselfs out too. I have no pitty for all those who THINK they own the street, there wrong.
    I shovled out a spot all by myself while men stood there and watched me I’m a female & yes it took forever!!!
    But I needed to use my car. If I didn’t have to it would still be buried. But someone jumped in by grave by the time I came back so I needed to find another spot.
    It’s not the Jetson’s people cars do not fold up into suitcases.

  • really

    stupid comment just to rile more people up

  • UnknownN

    Wow people in this area are nuts! You didn’t do anything special by shoveling lmao. Grow up, you people and the “I own this spot, because I was to lazy to walk to the store so I drove” attitude kill me. I just shoveled my spot and I don’t expect to have it tomorrow morning. You know what? I don’t care! I hope someone who couldn’t shovel finds it. I will go dig another one, because I don’t give a crap about digging another one. How Does it take 2 hours + to dig a spot? Lol this is just plain nuts. I hate this city.

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible how everyone is judging this lady for being pregant. Next time, how about you think about the new life that she is going to be bringing into this world? Please have some sort of respect for everyone around you and stop judging others…..

  • Tony Montana

    This whole parking spot thing is hilarious. Mang!!

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    What is wrong with you people? If you ever got out of your neighborhood and joined the rest of the world you’d know a public street is for public use, even if it’s in front of your shabby house. If you want a parking spot just for you park if your drive way. Do the math smarty… Everyone is digging out and no one is just waiting for it to thaw to move there cars. Your sense of ownership of a public street must be comical even to those in the midwest!

  • […] is an issue everywhere a quick search for parking on GerritsenBeach.net found notes being left on cars,  illegal driveways, lots of cones, and the retaliation you get for moving […]

  • Anonymous

    I totally believe this woman is justified in leaving a note and saving “HER” parking space.
    I have a similar situation in which I put cones out to save “MY” spot in front of “MY” house.
    And some ass hole everyday will park in front of my cones and today he just ran over my cones. Not cool!!!! He is definitely getting a note on his car today. I am thankful that he is not a neighbor, but just works in the area and parks and leaves at the same time M-F.
    Someone should be able to park in front of their own house. Everyone else seems to pay attention to my cones except for this asshole. If you are pregnant and/or have young children with much stuff that needs to be carried around every day there should be a right to be able to park in front of your house especially if you are paying taxes on it and own it.

    • Young Boozer

      Your Cones ? Where do you get off putting cones on a public street ? The streets are Public that’s right that means they are for the Public to use not only you. BTW where do you live ? I would run the cones over just for Laughs.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. I have to sau that there is enough out therein world to try to.fix, change, or lobby for… Live in city … You live with the parking hassle. It is what it is wheter prego, old, chemo, angry, happy, spy, lethargic.

  • It is what it is

    Spell check this… Bite me.

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  • ANON

    Sorry to get off the subject but I was looking at the NYS DCJS

    website and saw that we have a registered sex offender with an

    address listed on Aster Court. Just thought I would make people