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Breaking: Fire at 71 & 73 Bartlett Place

Fire on Bartlett Ave 1-31-2011 006_1

Fire at 71 Bartlett Basement - Photo by Helene T.

A fire broke out in the basement of 71 Bartlett Place and quickly spread to 73 Bartlett place.


ENGINES: 309, 323, 246, 321(4TH), 246 (WATER RESOURCE UNIT)
LADDERS: 159, 169, 172 (FAST)

ENGINES: 284, 276, 255, 245, 253
LADDERS: 153, 156

@ 16:06 BATTALION 43 10-84

Box time 49 minutes

Fire on Bartlett Ave 1-31-2011 012

73 Bartlett Place on Fire - Photo by Helene T.

Fire on Bartlett Ave 1-31-2011 003

Engulfed - Photo by Helene T.


Vollies at the Ready.






Vollies stretched a full block of hose.


87 comments to Breaking: Fire at 71 & 73 Bartlett Place

  • Jenny

    I really hope the family is okay as well as the fireman that are working it. This is a huge reason why people need to remember to dig out their Johnny pumps. FDNY was hooking up by the library for an extra line cause they didn’t have enough water.

  • kayla

    The fire was unexpected as most fires are.my boyfriends mothers house is 69 bartlett and she also owned one of the house that burnt down while her siding was melting due to the fire next door.the fires out now and everyones ok.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god everyone is ok.

  • GBgirl

    All I want to say is thank god for The GBFD they did a great job. They were the 1st ones in and kept it under control. And to all the GB neighbors stepped in and and gave a hand they were all a great help. we all live side by side, that’s what i like to see.

    • Buff

      Nothing against the Vollies, but with all do respect they not the first ones there. The Vollies pulled in after FDNY engines and ladder trucks including 309, 323, 321, 246, 153, & 159. The vollies hooked up to the hydrant all the way down frank court about 60 feet from cyrus avenue, and streched a line all the way up frank to the fire witch was already being put out by the first responders. Where do you people get your information from?

      THANK YOU FDNY, because it looks like no one else likes to give credit where its due.

  • ?

    Very unfortunate. At least everyone is safe. Good work GBFD!

  • Anonymous

    Wow 5 comments in and no one blamed Danny for the fire, even tho the pictures are on his site. You guys are getting soft.

  • proud2serve

    Thank you to all the neighbors who came to the scene and assisted, especially Buddy DeWitt and Billy Mac and his son who cleared paths through the ice so we could get our truck in and work in the tight area. Whenever our vehicles were stuck in the ice/snow this winter, our neighbors always came out and without hesitation and start helping. We are extremely grateful for your support.

  • Lola

    I think this fire was a disaster. Thank god there was no big injuries. I was definitly surprised that the fire had spread.Luckily no one had gotten hurt

  • Anonymous

    it was a disaster and thank god no one was Hurt.

  • Me

    Anyone figure out who the people were that were hangin out in the basement at 71 bartlett when the fire started???

  • Anonymous

    Why does it have to be a competition? FDNY or Vollies?! Who cares who got there first?! Just be thankful we have the Vollies and thank the people who donate their time to help our neighborhood.

  • Hey Hey

    Thank God everyone is ok and there were no injuries.. I agree it shouldnt be a competition about who got there first.. All the people that reacted to this fire should be thanked and blessed that they are ok and that everyone involved is ok.. what a tragedy for those families that lived in those houses…

  • Anonymous

    50ft, 100ft of line stretched, they were there helping a neighbor on there own time. they deserve credit and a lot of it. i dont want this to turn into a debate but everyone who was there deserves credit FDNY & GBVFD and neighbors.

  • Anonymous


    Your info is wrong. Even if vollies were not first in (they didn’t claim to be) 321 was delayed because of another call and the vollies were second or third in (from what I saw). Not as you portray it. Also they took a line further away because they were aware of frozen hydrants and wanted to leave room for other trucks. So they secured a water source(something that was a known issue) And stretched down from there. Ever since the last house that burned because of frozen pumps they have made it a priority to secure a water source esp when fdny already has a line on it. Great job for all involved and thank god nobody was hurt. It’s not about who did what its about making as much resources as possible available to protect people and property. Is you don’t feel they are a viable resource go ask the brush fire unit how many times the vollies and their hundreds of gallons of water made a difference for them. Thank you to FDNY for what you do everyday and thank you to the vollies for helping out in your free time. Let’s hope we don’t have another fire period

    • Anonymous

      Im not looking to trash anyone or do a debate BUT if they (the Vollies) were aware, as you say of frozen hydrants, shouldn’t they have been addressing this problem before any fires occur.

  • Jim

    I think I will volunteer my carpenter skills for free……….Doing someone’s job for nothing……….people don’t see a problem with that?

    • Anonymous

      When I read the first line of your post, I thought that you were someone who was actually volunteering to help with the repairs to these houses, Then I realized it was sarcasim. Lot’s of people volunteer to do lots of things that they have the skills to do. Not just here in GB, but worldwide. Life isn’t all about money. It would suck if that’s all there was. Sometimes it’s about acts of kindness and giving of yourself to help your fellow man. How sad for you to not be able to see the beauty in that! There are carpenters in the Beach who have helped out those in need. I guess your one that wouldn’t pick up a hammer to help anyone, how wretched! And I am grateful for the Vollies being here, these old wood frame houses, close together, we need all the help we can get. While I am against the firehouse closures and reductions in manpower for FDNY, I think blaming the Vollies is ridiculous.


      “IDIOT” award

      • Anonymous

        Mr. Kick in the Butt, who gets the Idiot Award? “Jim” or “Anonymous”? You have to be clear or the podium will be too crowded when awards are accepted.

        • KICK IN THE BUTT

          Answering Anonymous 12:52. Your right,it was ment for “Jim”. I get the “IDIOT AWARD'” for this one. But notice, I realized what was lacking here and performed better a little later on (thanks)

  • anonymous

    Great Job, Wait until our Fathead Midget Mayor figures out that he can place a water meter on an FDNY pumper. That way he can bill you for the water usage to extingush fires !!! Glad everyone is safe..

  • Anonymous

    Lol, Fathead Midget Mayor! That’s one of the best names I’ve ever heard for him! Don’t give the little shit any ideas! BTW, aren’t the new FDNY cutbacks starting tomorrow? Less guys on the trucks, etc? Does someone, a resident or a Firefighter have to be killed before they realize this is a bad idea? Some things just shouldn’t be cut! Give them what they need- equipment/personnel to fight fires safely!

    • Anonymous

      someone had a bad time as a vollie. but as a vollie i am having a great time with the training and equipment and no matter what name people call our chief and member’s we will be there no matter what.1st 2nd 3rd it doesn’t matter cause when people rush thats when problems happen. seriously what is your problem!

  • anonymous

    Oh please. If anyone seriously thinks Czap and his dwarfs who have no formal training and sub standard equipment make a difference performing fire suppression, your sadly mistaken. I’ll give it to them for EMS, but they are a joke when it comes to fire suppression. Open your eyes. The 1st 3rd and 4th due engine companies and 2nd and 3rd due trucks unavailable due to being on another call and these jokers still. Couldn’t get in 1st. Not to mention, where are their SCBA. If my house was on fire and these misfits pulled up, I’d be calling my insurance company. Sorry folks. The truth hurts.

    • Poppajoe


      • Anonymous

        LOL, I think he is one of those psychos that have slipped through the cracks of the reduced standards of the fire dept. Or maybe it was a head injury. Something is definitly missing……..

    • Linda

      My only response to this nonsense is that I pray that you, or anyone that you care about never needs them..


      Anonymous@3:21AM—You not only get the second “IDIOT” award of the day, but you also get the grand title of “ASS HOLE” And that’s too good for you!

    • really

      one thing you fail to realize NO VOLLIE LIVES AT THE FIRE HOUSE LIKE THE NYFD DO!!!!

  • proud2serve

    I need to respond to your misinformation, not to change your mind, because you clearly have a problem with the Vollies, (calling us, “dwarfs” and “misfits” was really immature), however I want to let the others who read this know that the Vollies do have formal training in many facets of emergency response including structural fires, brush fires, OSHA standards, SCBA, line stretching and many other techniqus needed to be a firefighter or an EMT. Regarding your statement that while FDNY was on other jobs, we could not get in first, you are correct. We came in on Frank Court, as to not block FDNY from responding from other streets. A car left on the corner by a concerned neighbor prevented our truck from making the turn on to Frank Court. Mr. DeWitt assisted us in digging out the ice pile across from the parked car to clear the way for us to gain access to Frank Court. We immediately grabbed a line and stretched it down the court and brought it up to the scene and waited to assist FDNY, if necessary. As far SCBA, one of our firefighters was wearing his pack, it was not necessary for all of us to gear up. Sorry you didn’t see the pack on him… he was right in front of 71 Bartlett, where were you? The Vollies are a still a necessary department in Gerrittsen Beach, whether we are first due in or supporting FDNY, we have a professional and friendly relationship with 321 and other FDNY houses. We are not buffs or wannabe’s. We just want do something to help our community. What have YOU done? It’s easy to sit at your computer and write lies, misinformation and hatred. It’s a little more difficult to gear up, grab a line or a medical bag and be willing to risk injury to help your fellow neighbor. We have the necessary training and run drills on a regular basis to keep our skill level high. We do this on OUR time, because we want to. That, Anonymous, is the truth and the the only one the truth hurts is you.

    • Poppajoe

      Well put…….it may also help the neighborhhood to know what the cost is to attend the State Academy or the Nassau Suffolk Academy for ” Hot Box Training” these are the only available ones to the Vollies and it is EXPENSIVE for the individual, Department and ultimatly the neigborhood to attend these classes 2x week for 4 to 6 weeks.

    • the-truth-hurts

      Having your chief train you is not “Formal” training. Secondly, if your so well versed on training, why was only ONE member ready to go. What happened to 2 in 2 out? Where was the “boss” to lead the members? Right there, should be at the very minimum 2, but in reality all 3 members with proper PPE and SCBA donned and ready to go.


      The Vollies have FDID numbers, which allow them to go to state fire academies for FREE! And as for Nassau, there are 5 volunteer departments in Queens that go their for FREE! Essential classroom training 1x a week, for 10 weeks, and Primary outdoor training 1x a week for 12 weeks.. not to mention burn nights can be scheduled 1x a week for 4 weeks. If they wanted to be properly trained, then there are more than enough ways for it to happen. Lets not make excuses for a poorly run fire suppression operation.

  • Anonymous

    What do you do? What if I provided your service for free and affected your job? Don’t think the city looks at the vollies and think we can shut down a firehouse in that area because they will do it for free. Therefor taking jobs away from people. This is why vollies are scabs. The negative comments that go toward the vollies I feel comes from this thinking, which I agree with.

    • proud2serve

      The Vollies do not attempt to do the FDNY’s job, we supplement their response to a neighborhood, that is from a logistics point of view, difficult to navigate with their large vehicles, that is why the neighborhood’s firetruck is shorter than most firetrucks. The Vollies do not have career firefighters on premises, waiting for a call. We are approximately 30 men and women who lead full-time lives and when available, we respond to emergencies in our area of response. Should the FDNY reach the scene first, our Chief communicates with his FDNY counterpart and if we are needed to assist, then we are there. Sometimes, we get to a scene first…it doesn’t matter. We know what our role is when responding to emergencies, so does the FDNY personnel we work with. The haters will hate, misinformation is just wrong.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry that you guys feel the need to get on here and defend yourselves. Thank You for all you do and being the pride of this community. Your right, the haters will hate. And as you can see, some have a twisted way of looking at things, all about them, all about $$$. Some will just never get it. Thank God they are the minority.

    • whatever

      You’re an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    @anon. Re scabs

    Please show me one report or one closed firehouse that was a direct result of the vollies. I dont recall any cuts from 321, 159 or 309 that had anything to do with how the vollies respond. You won’t find a single situation where FDNY scaled back operations in the GB area. Before you go blasting anyone as scabs or job stealer’s please check your facts. All city works face the axe due to the fat that resides in the city workforce. You want to go after the job stealer go find the people who make a ton off our tax money and do nothing but deepen their own pockets or all the people who lie and steal from “the system” because they choose not to make their own way! Don’t blast the people who try to help out the community on our their own time. They are not stealing anyone’s job

  • travel2692

    People on this site amaze me. How does this get into bashing our Vollies who have been around almost as long as this neighborhood and have saved many homes and lives becuase they are right here? Volunteers are in every walk of life and are such an important part of our existence. How does what the vollies do affect someone else’s job????
    There are people in this neighborhhod that just love to ate..no matter what or who it is! and it is a shame..the ollies have saved my husband’s life as well as that of my brother’s becuase they were close and first on scene..many other people can say the same thing…My father in law was a dedicated member for many years…the ambulance service in his organization is top notch..and all the people who give their time should always be thanked and congratulated not attacked. They have been a integral part of this community forever and are well recognizedby the FDNY and the city for their service…



  • Kelly

    The Vollies do the Best than can with what they have.It is sad to hear that a Neighbors house burned.

  • Linda

    I honestly am in awe about the bologna that is fought about on these articles…first defending children that need reprimanding in the worst way, and blaming that on Danny. Then parking due to snow…now, who responded first to a fire…I know that what makes the world go round is the fact that everyone has different opinions, but for goodness sake, when does this bickering stop…I truly hope the answer to that is soon!!!

    • peggy

      I was wondering the relationship of the vollie bashers to those delinquent kids. The vollie ambulance crew helped save and transport my baby back in 79. God bless them.

      • Linda

        Peggy, I do not know if what you wrote was addressed to me or not, but if so, I am not bashing the vollies, and I was just saying that the things that are argued about (in General) on the Gerritsen Beach site are things that are really not worth arguing about…
        I have lived in the beach all of my long life, and I am very grateful to say the least for the Vollies!!!

  • Brenda Ferrarin

    As the owner of 71 Bartlett pl, I just want to thank all of the firefighters who responded and helped me in my time of need and quickly had the fire under control. They are all hero’s to me.I would also like to thank the neighbors who were bucketing the water from the canal onto the fire before firedept arrived.
    For those of you bad mouthing the vollies, you should be ashamed of yourself if your house goes on fire they will respond and help you. even if you post comments and hide behide your computer and you think nobody knows who you are, Karma knows everybody!!!

    • Kelly

      I am sorry to hear about your home.I hope all of you are alright. I wish you the best.

    • proud2serve


      First of all, on behalf of the Vollies, we are sorry for your loss, I realize somethings are not replaceable, thank god no one was hurt. Thank you for kind words. You are correct, this was truly a respone only Gerrittsen Beach could offer. Neighbors helping each other. I saw off-duty firefighters and officers and civilians getting involved and helping a neighbor in their time of need. We have seen this kind of response before in the Beach, that’s just the way we are. No questions asked, just drop what you’re doing and help. Most of the people in the Beach are like that. The few who are not, don’t matter.

    • Lisa Ciolino

      Brenda, if there is anything that I can do for you, please just ask. I am so sorry for your loss and glad that no one was hurt. Things can and will be replaced, people can not be. I thank God you and your family are safe. I am here if there is anything I can do.

    • john

      Karma, does know all! we feel that u/husband/hawaii, did it. You sound soo fake. Just in time for ur debt huh?

      • Anonymous

        What a terrible accusation to make! And WRONG! The tenant who caused the blaze by leaving a space heater on and going out was interviewed on the news that night. How dare you make a public accusation like that about someone, hiding behind your keyboard! Why not go and say that to their faces?

  • travel2692

    Thanks to all who do this tough job..firefighter…my Dad was the chauffer for L159 for many years (drove the hook and ladder)..gave 35 yrs to FDNY…so I know what being a firefighter means….My father in law was a Captain in GBFD and gave many many hours to his community in that role…at a time when there were many many more members…and many homes and lives are owed to GBFD through the years…..support our organizations..be thankful for them..and just STOP the bashing when you know so little…as said here..there are no full time personnel sitting the firehouse waiting for a call here..or staff that can do fire hydrant inspections..even if they were allowed to by the city. people should be responsible enough to make sure the snow is cleared from the fire hydrant near your home and a path 1s clear..instead of dumping the snow all around them…this can help with the freezing issue…take responsibility instead of waiting for people to do it for you! and then complaining….

  • anonymous

    st james thrify shop is opened to the fire victomes we will give them any clothing they need . our prayers are with them st james.

  • sorry for you all

    I think that any criticism of the “Vollies” is totally unwarrented and unnecessary..Firefighting is a tough job and any help in stretching lines,clearing areas by anyone is always helpful..I did this job for over 23 years and only a Firefighter can tell you. Getting water on the fire as fast as possible is most critical to saving lives and property.Unless you have seen how fast a fire can spread you should not be so critical.
    To “Jim” the carpenter as far as stealing jobs..How many Union Carpenters are you putting out of work ? And do you really care about them and their family ? I don’t think so…

  • anonymous 1

    I think everyone should be thankful to the FDNY AND the Volunteers in time of emergency I would be very happy to see them both , of course the fdny is better trained and equiped but the volunteers are a wonderful edition and sometimes are first responders when help is needed quickly. Thank you to both of them.

  • Flyer


    I am sorry for your lost, were you in the house when the fire started?
    Or did some one break into the house?

  • John Doe

    As a pass Vollie there was a by-law in the corporation that a member was not permitted to make public announcements or statements, for that is the job of the president or chief of department. I don’t know if that by-law is still on the books, but it makes the Vollie look ridiculous when all the members come on this forum and argue back and forth stating they are representing the Vollies. Just think before you come on here and represent an organization.

    For all the GB residents that believe the Vollies are scabs and believe they should not exist then just find out when the next Vollie corporate meeting is and all should attend. If you respect them they will give you all a chance to speak. If enough of you believe the organization should not exist then they should listen to the residents and have a huge public meeting with a community vote of to close the Vollies or maybe switch to just an ambulance service.

    • Sosorryforu

      How sad that a past Vollie writes this. I wonder, John Doe if you were one of the problems for the Vollies a few years ago. Were you asked to leave? Is that why you are angry at them?

      Any member that I ever spoke to absolutely is so proud of their team mates. It sounds as if Mr. Doe should seek therapy. He is angry and should go and talk to them about his problem.

  • John Doe

    Before anyone corrects my spelling I know it suppose to be past not pass

  • Public Relations

    There is so much that most people don’t know about the Vollies. For instance; Did you know that there were many Instructors hired from FDNY to teach at the academy for the first 3 years of the first responder program because of their teaching experience? On 9/11 GBFD was asked by FDNY to man Eng 321’s quarters to respond to Southern Brooklyn?
    You can make an appointment to speak to the Public Relations officer to find out more. The business phone # is 718-332-9292. Leave your name, address and phone # and I will get back to you. Thanks for your support.
    In case of Emergency call 718-332-3333

  • Mike

    One thing that aggavates me about the Vollies is that they very rarely put a name on any official statement or letter. Did you guys ever notice they sign the fund drive letter “fund drive committee.” Before I donate I want to know who is responsible for accepting my check… What is the name of the fund drive committee chairperson. They need to start to have a name and signature on official letters. Can you guys do that Mr. Public relations?

  • Annon

    For those of you who are asking, I don’t believe Brenda or her family lived in that house. She owned it but she and her family are safe and sound. I have witnessed countless acts of kindness during all of these tradgedies. Why can’t we continue that on a day to day basis during our everyday lives? Wouldn’t life be so much better then? The FDNY, outstanding job, The Vollies, outstanding job, neighbors, strangers, outstanding job. Nobody dead or injured, outstanding.

  • Tommy

    The problem with living in a small tight community like GB is all the guys who work for FDNY like the commute but don’t like the small town spirit. Remember 90% of firefighter in America are volunteers.

  • Anonymous

    what caused the fire ? Maybe we can all learn from someone elses mishabs

  • travel2692

    enough with the Vollie bashing How does a personal tragedy like a home burned out become a forum for this nonsense.

    Luckily no one was hurt..many local residents, our Vollies, AND the wonderful FDNY helped in this situation.

    Why is is that those that DONT help have so much to say and why is it that this great site becomes a forum for negativity about our neighborhood whenever ANYTHING happens. If the neighborhood offends you, please move…If you are not from the neighborhodd, and like to pretend you are so you can expound…or bloviate…please desist. If you have a problem with an organization, attend a meeting and learn more about the org.

    If volunteerism bothers you..I am truly sorry for you..and again I thank all the volunteers in all the beach organizations..often the same people..who do so much for our neighborhood..Vollies, GBCares, GBPO, ST James, KOFC, VFW, PS277, Resurrection, Cort Club, AOH….Little league, GBSports, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts..etc. If I left anyone out,you are meant to be here.

  • me

    @john doe

    You are correct regarding statements by members in an official capacity, they do come from the designated public relations officer. However what appears to be taking place are members and non members posing as members voicing a personal opinion about a situation and not responding as the “voice” of the vollies. To my knowledge the department has not issued any statement on any issues discussed in this forum. It is also my opinion that they need not issue a statement, they responded in a manner consistent with supplying additional resources to FDNY. I don’t see how that warrants any type of needed response. In this electronic age you can no longer restrict people from voicing an opinion especially when the option of anonymity exists. They vollies have always had an open door policy and the opportunity for someone to attend a general meeting and ask questions has always been an option and has often been stated on this site numerous times. In all my time with the vollies I have yet to see a single member of the public show up. To those of you who support us I thank you for being there as we try to be there for you. To those on the fence please stop in, call or grab a member and ask them what we are about. We will be more then happy to explain what we do. For those of you who dislike us I will not try to sway you to the other side, I would like to point out that we have a great deal of new members looking to serve the community and we do not discriminate who we help. If you love us or hate us when we come thru your door all we are concerned with is your well-being.nobody ever wants to be in the situation where you have to make that phone call, but I know a lot of people myself included are happy to know we can. Just my two “anonymous” cents

  • John doe

    To sosorryforu…….
    I actually left the Vollies on great terms and would love to return to serve the community if I had the time. I have no hatred toward the organization or the service they perform but I feel that if a MAJORITY of the neighborhood no longer wants the Vollies then close the doors or maybe if the neighborhood no longer wants to support the fire suppression side of the organization than maybe switch to an ambulance service only.

    I am not saying a majority of the neighborhood does not want the Vollies, but with all the hatred on this site about the Vollies it sure looks like a majority. So all i was saying is maybe if many of these persons that have this hatred toward the Vollies come forward at the Vollies next corporate meeting or the property owners meeting and give reason to why the Vollies should be disbanded. If the reasons are legit then have a big town hall meeting and allow the residents to vote on the future existence of the Vollies. I know the only official voted that count anyway are those of the members of the corporation but why keep running an organization if the community does not seem to want it.

    If the majority votes to disband the organization then they’ll learn quickly during the next blizzard or major emergency when it takes 4 hours to get an FDNY ambulance to respond to their emergency or take 20 mins for an FDNY truck to reach the neighborhood and nit being able to get down the tiny courts because they have much larger trucks than our Vollies.

    Again… I don’t know how much of the neighborhood donates/supports the Vollies but I’m sure it’s a majority over those that wish the Vollies were disbanded. But if it takes a big neighborhood vote to shut the people up and show that the community truly wants the Vollies so be it.

  • robert

    what was it an illegal basement apartment?

  • Tommy

    I would bet, all the badgers on this blog are career firemen who live in the area, work in the boro or happen to get jumped to this blog off another web-site. get off your high horse and suck it up, anyone can do the job if necessary.

  • Tommy

    I would bet, all the bashers on this blog are career firemen who live in the area, work in the boro or happen to get jumped to this blog off another web-site. get off your high horse and suck it up, anyone can do the job if necessary.

  • Laura

    Can GB.net do an article on our unpaved, unsalted streets and the complications it is causing for residents and emergency vehicles. I have called and gone online to 311 but to no avail. On Dare & Eaton between Cyrus and Bartlett it is so dangerous to drive and/or walk. The ice is so deep and the groves cut into the ice are making the cars fishtail. Its so hard to park because the ice is so deep and u just get stuck. I’m not talking about the mountains of snow – they are all over the city. I’m talking about how the streets in the old section have been like ice skating rinks since December 26th and Sanitation is doing nothing about it. My neighbor had to go to the hospital and it took a very long time for the ambulance to get off the block – that was after the ambulance driver had to be helped into the truck as she was falling all over the street due to the ice. Perhaps if u write a story, we can get some help for all the ice encrusted streets in the old section. Thank you. Keep up the good work GB.net!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beacon and Canton between Cyrus and Barlett are no better. I have also called 311 number of times and nothing has been done. Especially on Canton – the ice is so thi8ck that it scrapes the bottom of the car.

    • Anonymous

      Thumbs down to this????? What’s your problem? It’s a matter of safety – for once not ragging on any citizens.

  • Frank

    For those that do not know we are a unique neighborhood with the only Active VOLUNTEER fire department left in brooklyn, this is because we do not get any funding from the city and our neighbors care enough to have kept GBFD around by their donations and their support for many years. GBFD has qualified member and equipment by OSHA and has worked very well with 321 and other FDNY houses for years. They in their own time take care of our neighborhood. Please do not ever disrespect a Vollie or former member for their intentions are Only to help our neighborhood. Thank You