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Vollies Bill Gets Paid by Elected Officials

Vollies Bill

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is going to have that $520 bill, paid by our elected officials.

The bill is going to be split three ways amongst Councilman Lew Fidler, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, and State Senator Marty Golden. However, at this time this same bill will come up next year if the city council does not exempt the Vollies from this tax. Paying this bill now is a short time fix.

As a long term fix, Councilman Fidler has introduced legislation to exempt the Vollies and similar organizations from this fee.

8 comments to Vollies Bill Gets Paid by Elected Officials

  • Retrofresh

    Awesome! Wouldn’t it be nice if Billionaire Bloombug would step up and throw a few bucks at something worthwhile too?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if everyone donated the price of a brew it would help out. First by giving the Vollies money and second you all could use a break from the bottle.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to the representatives, perhaps you can also help to apply pressure to have an exemption put into place. Thanks again.

  • VacationPlease

    It’s only right. I was really set back when I read The Vollies had to foot the bill. The afore mentioned exemption sound great also. Hey Maarrty, can you help?

  • travel2692

    why does there always have to be someonewith a negative and insulting comment on here? and always anonoymous???

  • Anonymous

    City Council Meeting tonite, Wed. Feb. 9th at Marine Park JHS. I haven’t seen this advertised anywhere (??????) but the re scheduled meeting in regard to the snowtastrophie is tonite (the original meeting was postponed due to what else…more snow)Christine Quinn, Lew Fidler, Reccia, and a bunch of other councilmembers will be there along with Sanitation reps., Police, Fire Dept., etc. I THINK it’s at 7, but you should call and check if your interested.