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Op Ed: “No one cares about the lives of the children of PS 277″

A concerned parent writes in:

A child will be killed or maimed before a traffic light is installed at the corner of Gerritsen Avenue and Channel Avenue. This corner is the morning entrance to our elementary school. We started the school year without a crossing guard assigned to the corner. When a crossing guard shows up for work, the motorists disregard her commands to stop. The mothers and children cross at great peril. The community has tried for years at no avail to protect the children. A child had to die at the hands of a motorist before a traffic light was installed at the main entrance of the school. Help save our children.

State Senator Marty Golden received approval for a flashing light at the location in the summer of 2010. Surprising amounts of traffic lights have been installed around our community but we cannot get this desperately needed one up and working. October 13, 2010 Representative Anthony Weiner wrote Brooklyn Borough Commissioner of Transportation, Commissioner Palmeiri that he secured funding (through SAFETEA-LU) for such a light in 2005 and urged him to use the money to make the neighborhood and school safe for the residents. Although a flashing light is insufficient, no work is being done to install the light.

Gerritsen Avenue is the main thoroughfare of this peninsula community. It is heavily trafficked when the children are arriving at school. The motorists are in a hurry to get to work and will not slow down for our precious little ones crossing the street. Save our children please!

49 comments to Op Ed: “No one cares about the lives of the children of PS 277″

  • Anonymous

    Valid points, but… “No one cares about the lives of the children of PS 277″? Stop with the sensationalist crap.

  • Anon

    And here we go again. I’m so sick of listening to the whining parents of 277 bitching about where there IS NOT a light. Walk your lazy fucking asses to the next corner where THERE IS a light (which lo and behold is at the the entrance to the school). Instead of teaching your children how to whine because they don’t have every convenience, teach them how to cross the street responsibly!!! AT THE LIGHT!!!

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU i could not have said it better myself. if there is to be any light it should be down the ave somewhere not ONE BLOCK away from THE ONLY LIGHT on the ave

    • Anonymous

      isn’t it illegal to jay walk Oh right we teach those things to children

    • Anonymous

      Your saying teaching them to cross on a corner a corner with a crossing guard is not being responible?

  • Anonymous

    Tell the parents stop double and triple parking and making u turns to drop the precious children off. Then maybe someone can see the crossing guard .

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU! these people put their children in danger by
      double and triple parking and then WHIPPING out of their illeagal
      spot to cut other people who are driving

  • Kathy

    I’ll bet that not one the the four people above have any children or grandchildren attending PS 277. Furthermore they are most likely the ones that are speeding and ignoring the crossing guard. I would also like to see speed bumps along the avenue and watch as the speeders bottom out and wreck their cars that would be sweet justice

    • Anonymous

      and whats your answer to the double and triple parking? you
      know when the parents are parked one second and almost casuing an
      accident the next whipping out of their doulbe or triple sopts?
      that isnt dangerous?

      • Anonymous

        I am a parent of a student at 277 and think the PTA & school should come up w/ a plan for a “drop off zone”….it could eliminate the double parking or at least decrease it significantly. Kind of an assembly line, a parent or school official stand outside & ensure the children get into the school safely w/o the parents having to get out of their car to walk them to the door.

        So picture it…..where the school bus zone is would be the line to drop off your kids, pull into that lane, drop off your child & re-enter traffic on the Avenue – no double parking.

        As a working parent, it really does take alot of time to find a legal spot and then walk your child to the school. Unfortunately, I must be at work on time. And I can only drop off my child after the doors open at what? 8am?

        That all being said…..it is the LAW in NYC to stop at a crosswalk once a pedestrian steps into it. So with or without a crossing guard, traffic should be stopping. Maybe the cure is having a cop sit there for a week & give out tickets.

        • Anonymous

          Here’s the drop off plan, been said NUMEROUS times before, Ave X through the park’s walk way into and out of the school. Plenty of LEGAL parking on Ave X

    • Anonymous

      and im sure you are one of the people that double and triple park. what is ur argument to those people that double and triple park and then whip their cars out to cut people off or make an ILLEGAL u turn while these children r crossing the street and why excalty should we have a light ONE block away from another light?

      • Anonymous

        there is suppose to be a light at the beginning and end of a school and this fight for a light has been going on since the 70’s

    • Anon

      You have just cemented my prior comment…..whine whine whine. We all took our kids to 277 without a light there. Move your ass an extra block and teach your kids something constructive. As far as the speeding down the avenue….look at the car thats doing it and report it. You’re only enabling those drivers by seeing it and doing nothing…except whining.

  • JD

    “When a crossing guard shows up for work, the motorists disregard her commands to stop.”

    Would these be the same people that don’t care there kids throw rocks and snowballs at people and take air out of tires of cars that dare to park on there block? I would bet most of the traffic on Gerritsen Ave are residents so there is no one to blame for this then your own people.

  • old beach bum

    To anon 5:58, do you have any kids or grand kids at 277? Have you any experience crossing with kids at 8:00AM? Potty mouth remarks, no knowledge……nice.

    • Anon

      Assumptions only make you look like a fool. I raised 3 children in this neighborhood….took all 3 of them to school at 277 and walked them every morning to the LIGHT!!! No I didn’t like it, but what is responsible isn’t always easy. And yes, I do have a bit of a potty mouth because I’m sick of you lazy ass crybabies bitching about what should be a no-brainer….you don’t cross your children in the middle of Gerritsen Ave. at rush hour when there is a light on the next corner in front of the school!!!!!!

      • kerrin o'neill

        i agree walk another block its not rocket science

      • Anonymous

        Im assuming your children are older and perhaps when they went the front entrance at the light was the way in but the middle doors and back entrance are the entrances used in the morning that is why there is a crossing guard on that corner and your saying you raised them in this neighborhood then you know how long they have been fighting for a light and yet it seems that you don’t wanna have one there. The issue is that the cars are not stopping for the children in the crosswalk not crossing in the middle of the Ave. The issue is the children safety and everyone else around. You are all calling the parents lazy whining and everything but what is everyone else doing whining and complaining that they are being stopped (whne they actually stop) for what 10 seconds so the children can cross the street safely. It doesn’t make sense to me why this is such an issue for everyone it shouldn’t be.

  • back weeds

    no 1 no 1 wants a light .lazy ass

  • Mike C

    Why not have the school make the drop off on ave X let the kids go in the back doors by the ball field. this way traffic will come around the ave x side not on the ave (PD would have to enforce no stopping at all on Gerritsen). The kids will cross at the light since they will no longer have any need to enter at Channel or the center entrance. the cars can double and triple park and it wont matter because they wont be on Gerritsen jeopardizing crossing children . Finally all the cars leaving ave x will no doubt cause congestion getting back onto the ave so it will in return cause traffic to slow on Gerritsen. just a thought.. Fire away

  • common sense

    All politicians and parents should concentrate on making avenue x, between gerritsen and burnett the proper place for cars and school busses. There is plenty of room, little traffic and a reasonably close entrance to 277 on that side of the building. Any slight inconvienance should be overwhelmingly put aside for the increased safety factor as well as the ease of traffic mobility.
    gerritsen avenue will never be as safe as avenue x would be, even with two traffic lights. The avenue is to narrow for the school traffic and to dangerous due to distracted parents picking up their children.

  • old beach bum

    Anon did a good job crossing her/his children at the light. That was not apparent from the 1st post, just the negativity. The people of GB have been asking for this light for more than 30 years; 3/4 of the traffic leaving the Beach in the morning passes the school. The situation now is not safe. Blaming “fat lazy people” ain’t in it . Children’s safety is.

  • anonymous

    True why not have ave X as a drop of point and use the front or side door at Gerritsen and Bijou as the entrance it was that way years ago when my my kids went to that school BTW I used to walk to the light at Bijou and Gerritsen and cross them.
    One other question.. why are there so many parents from the old section driving their kids to 277, I don’t remember that in the past did they stop school bus service down that end of the avenue…anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    Stop complaining stop whining perhaps you are the ones that get annoyed and don’t stop when the crossong guard tries to stop traffic so the kids can cross well heres a little bit of infomation for you that door is an entrance with a teacher standing there waiting to greet the children. That is the enterance that is used for breakfast also children who eat breakfast must go in that do that is how the school runs it. Whether as you put goto the main enterance no child goes in the main enterance in the morning and whether or not you feel everyone should there is a crossong guard on that corner so why does anyone feelthey don’t have to listen to her. Also for all you speedy birds in the morning she does not stop traffic until the light by the school is red so she is really not inconviencing anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I agree fully with the heading on this letter my child was almost hit after school by a speeding driver who totally disreguared the crossing guard standing in the middle of the street stopping traffic I was not the only one crossing but we were the last ones if I had not thrown her back she would’ve been hit by a speeding driver rushing to that red light and waving his hand at me as if I was wrong. If I had let her run ahead of me it would’ve been a totally different outcome. Light or not Main enterance or not these are children and people need to respect them and slow down they put a crossing guard on that corner for the safety of our childrens for your nieghbors childrens RESPECT her unless you canlive with yourself after you possible injury or kill someone.

  • Anonymous

    The following article appeared in the Friday, September 17, 1971 Daily News. It was contributed by Bob Olson. Photos of Charlie appear elsewhere on this site.

    A Sad Goodbye to Charley

    by Joseph Kiernan and Henry Lee

    Light Demanded at Hit-Run Site

    In anger as well as sorrow, Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, yesterday said goodbye to Charlie the Midget–by blocking all traffic from Gerritsen Ave., the only access to the peninsula.

    A one-time circus performer, a friendly, outgoing little man known to hundreds of schoolchildren and their parents throughout Gerritsen Beach, Charley the Midget was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver at 11 p.m. Monday on Gerritsen Ave. at Avenue W.

    All day yesterday, a crowd of about 150, most of them women, barricaded the wide avenue. Some brought baby carriages, others had chairs and many carried placards demanding a traffic light at the intersection.

    “Don’t Let Charlie Die in Vain,” read one poster.

    “We Need a Light for Charley!” proclaimed another.

    Active in Community

    Charley the Midget–50-year-old Charles Geary–was active in civic affairs in Gerritsen Beach and an enthusiastic member of Rev. J. Mathews Council, K. of C., at 2882 Gerritsen Ave.

    Monday night, he helped out at a bazaar there, remaining afterward to clean up. Then, he started for his home at 3194 Avenue W. A Bachelor, Charley the Midget lived with a sister, Mrs. Mary Cunningham.

    Mrs. Adelaide Farrell, owner of the monthly Gerritsen Globe, and her husband, John, heard what sounded like an auto crash outside their home at 2469 Gerritsen Ave. and ran out. They found Charley the Midget lying in the street.

    A priest from nearby Resurrection Church at 2325 Gerritsen Ave. gave Charley the Midget last rites, and he was rushed to Coney Island Hospital. He died there an hour and a half later.

    Racing Along Avenue

    Angry residents, many of whom had known and loved Charley the Midget for more than a quarter of a century, said they had complained to the Sheepshead Bay station about drag racing along the avenue.

    Detectives there, who were investigating the death, said that the hit-run car was believed to have been a 1963 Dodge sedan.

    Today, Gerritsen Beach will say another, softer goodbye to Charley the Midget. There will be a Requiem Mass for him at Resurrection Church at 9:30 a.m. Then he will be buried at Resurrection Cemetery in Farmingdale, L.I.

    Last changed: June 28, 2002

    Click on the image for a larger version and the caption.

  • Jenny

    Crossing at a corner is not jay walking regardless of a light or not. Crossing in the middle of th street is. There does need to be a light there and also on Florence and gerritsen too. It drives me nuts how all these parents double and triple park. They pull out without looking to make a uturn. I think they should have a cop up there giving tickets for the parking. If any smart cop wants to make their “quota” for the month. it would probably only take a week and the parents would stop parking like this.

    • Anonymous

      I agree the u turns in front of the school are ridicolous I drive my kids to school I park on the side block on Channel walk up to the crossing guard walk across. The front of the school is crazy they did have a cop there once writing down plates and believe people got tickets there or in the mail. There is no reason to make u turns go around the block. I do drive my kids but I do not make u turns and I do not double park its is possible to drive your kids to school and not be part of the congestion.

      • Anonymous

        This is a problem at just about every school there is. Public, Catholic, Yeshiva’s. There is a traffic mess in front of every school at dismissal. People just don’t let their kids travel anymore. I think that is a mistake by parents because kids have to learn how to travel and become aware of their surroundings. There has to be a citiwide policy adopted, with the help of school principals to address the problem of egress. And although there hasn’t been a kid hit in front of 277 recently, there are kids hit by cars daily all over the city.

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is true that it is a widespread problem at all schools. But reading through comments it seems that the drivers calling parents too lazy to walk to the next corner are also too lazy to stop for a crossing guard and don’t want a light because then they will have to stop, complaining that its right after another light observation light on Gerritsen and Bujio followed by lights on Ave W , Whitney Ave, Ave V then at the meeting of Gerritsen and Knapp (maybe a shorter distance from beginning and end of the school) and then Ave U so the distance should not be an issue people the children are for you to complain about the safety of children means that you could care less about them and its sickening.

  • Anonymous

    Driving past school every morning (stopping for the crossing guards and the school buses )and obeying the law .What ived noticed most is that the parents don’t for the most part follow the law .I watch them race down the avenue to drop off there kid ,drop the kid ,make a uturn or fly into Bijou from the bus lane if anyones the speeders its you the people who create the problems are the problem .Complain to yourself and next i have one of you speeding against my bumper or pulling out from a stop sign with no regard for my life i will be taken down licence plate numbers

  • anonymous

    A child will surely be killed if the drop off point is avenue x. do you know how many of our neighbors go down this street the wrong way on a daily basis. they then park (or double park) to pick up their children. Why don’t parents walk their children to school. We had legs before we had wheels.

  • Can any one tell me…..if drivers ignore and dis-regard
    the crossing guard/light…how another light is gonna change things?

  • Anonymous

    The school and the DOE don’t give a rats a**, as far as they’re concerned its something happening outside the school not inside, hence the attitude not their problem. If after all these years they were really concerned the matter would have been addressed.

  • anonymous

    The problem isn’t a light on Channel Ave, the problem is the drivers in GB. Few drivers stop for the crossing guard, Few drivers even stop for the only traffic light in GB, and even fewer drivers actually stop at the stop signs before entering onto Gerritsen Ave, Just last week I and my dog were almost run over crossing Cyrus Ave at the cornor of Gerritsen Ave. because an SUV didn’t stop at the stop sign. An SUV with kids in it which I’m sure was headed for PS 277. A STOP sign means just that STOP. Again, the drivers of GB don’t seem to think that the law does applies to them. We don’t need a traffic light, we need responsible drivers who obey the traffic laws.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations. The most dangerous driver award goes to the lady in the gold caravan that raced down the center lane cut traffic off so she could drop off her kid . Can’t wait to get your plate number .Only seconded by the u Turn people you know who you are .

  • i used to go to 277 me and my friends never got hit by a car a light doesnt make a difference since people dont cross by the light what makes you think their gonna cross at another light like i said befor it dosent make a difference

  • cris

    Yes, and now with the warm weather approaching softball and baseball will be starting. What about then when there is no crossing guard. Sometimes you have to wait 10 minutes for traffic to ease up so you can cross. I have waited those 10 minutes to cross with my children only to have a car whip onto the Avenue and almost hit us trying to safely cross the street.

  • Anonymous

    31 !!!! Today is last day of school and before noon there were 31 double parked cars in front of and across from the school, could tell you how many more were illegally parked in bus stops, on hydrants or the No Parking zone. It was a crossing nightmare for anyone. Sure glad school is out so people can safely drive past the school without having to deal with the lazy inconsiderate LARD ass parents who truely have no cares for the children in the school. All they have cared about all school year is their lazy selves.

  • Anonymous

    JUST 3 more days until the lazy lard ass parents start double parking and blocking the traffic along Gerristen Ave… Hip Hip Hooray

  • Anonymous

    Enough blame to go around. Parents have been asken repeatedly not to double park. However, driving past a crossing guard in the middle of the street with arms extended is the same as running a stop sign. I saw it every morning.

    • Anonymous

      I understand what you are saying however crossing guards are not there to direct traffic they are there to help cross the street at a safe time

      • once again

        a crossing guard is not directing traffic. When they signal to stop , that means stop, just like a stop sign or signal. they are the red light. It’s not like their asking you for a favor !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think it is so that you people are already complaining about the parking by the school I guess you had a countdown clock for your post.

  • read your drivers manual

    any time anyone enters a crosswalk your supposed to stop. you could look it up. crossing guard or not.

  • Anonymous

    Build a parking lot behind the school with access on both sides.

    • go green

      No parking lot behind the school at the cost of the wood chip preserve. We need mulch for future generations. leave your gas guzzler at home and walk your kids to school. Lord knows a lot of you need it.