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Vollies in the News


New city levy burns B’klyn volunteer fire dept. – NYPost

10 comments to Vollies in the News

  • Steven Galucci

    Mayor Bloomberg is an arrogant, elitist a-hole who has been taxing this city to death since he took office. Whether it is raising your property taxes, income taxes, water and sewar taxes, sales tax, proposed soda tax, or his latest brainstorm which is taxing car accident victims(!), he never met a tax he didn’t like. And what do we, the citizens of NYC get in return? Firehouse closings, Police and Sanitation demotions. Less teachers, less services, less safety, less everything except taxes. 23,000 less city jobs. Cuts, cuts, cuts. Parking meters have gone up 100% in the last 2 years alone! But he sure didn’t cut the number of meter maids, that number has risen. Meanwhile organizations like the GB Vollies are getting slapped with BS “fees” that are nothing but, yep you guessed it, more “hidden” taxes. Why is it that this whole city is paying much more for a lot less under His Majesty Bloomberg??

    • Kerry

      Hi Steve !
      Bloomberg is a Mayor for Big Business. This guy could care less about the average family trying to make it it this bad economy.This guy never should have been Re Elected.

  • Frank

    Too bad the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department could not charge the city for the services that they provided during the blizzard and other times when the city was not available. How do you increase taxes and decrease services? How do you layoff people, almost freeze hiring, and expect people to survive. Better yet how can you spend billions of dollars on city beautification when the city is as he says “Broke”. I don’t think he realizes or Cares that there are real people and families that he is causing to live at poverty levels. Here is an idea how about targeting the parasites of society who for generations have been on welfare. There has got to be a better way

    • Anonymous

      You can not be serious why should the taxpayers of the city of N.Y. be billed for services that are being performed for free. Hence the term volunteer. By the way you stated above “other times when the city was not available” you expect me to belive that the city of N.Y. ran out of ambulances and fire engines to dispatch to emergencies or you did not want to wait for city services to arrive.

  • FD 91

    The only reason the vollies can charge the city for the service they provided during the blizzard is they were acting on an agreement with the FDNY mutual aid responce ! That if in the event that NYC has a disaster or when 911 call volume reaches over a certain amout they activate all Voluntary fire dept and ambulance squads/corps!

    • mom

      FD91.. That’s the way it should be, but I don’t believe the Vollies can charge the city for the service they provided during the blizzard. They are on mututal aid but they only means they are available to respond. It has nothing to do with money.

  • Anonymous

    They only have 25 members ?? WOW

  • Anthony 352

    25 and strong! Just how every family is and should be. We are a family who stands by eachother. And we will be there 24 hours a day 7 day a week no matter what mother nature has to throw at us! And we welcome anyone and everyone into our family!

    • Anonymous

      maybe everyone in the beach should donate the price of a beer. They could use to cut bank and the Vollies could use the $$$$$.

  • John Doe

    Are you talking the price of a knights of Columbus beer, tamaqua beer, VFW price beer, or the price of a beer if you were to purchase one at a city bar?