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City Starts to Tax Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department $500 a year.

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The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department was recently surprised by $520 bill for inspection of the Blue Star Mothers Hall. The Blue Star Mothers Hall is where the “Volleys” hold most of their training for the community. In June 2009, the City Council enacted legislation as part of the Ficsal year 2010 budget package to amend the New York City Fire Code to limit the exemption from fees for Fire Department permits, inspections, and witnessing of required system performance tests.¬†This “fee” has long been in place but many groups, including the Vollies, have always been exempted. The whole point of removing that exemption and assessing this fee, was to raise money to prevent the closure of any FDNY firehouses.

Our City Councilman Lew Fidler has said “To impose a fee that was intended to help keep firehouses open on Volunteer Firefighters is not only ironic, but wrong headed. Our community in particular knows the important work the Vollies do at no cost to the City. Putting unnecesary burdens on them that endanger their ability to continue is foolish.” The Councilman is going to introduce legislation that would exempt the Vollies, and similar volunteer services, from this fee in the future. They have submitted the paperwork to start the legislative process for it earlier this morning!

Effective June 29, 2009, Fire Code Section FC117.2.1 exempts from such fees only premises predominantly used by a religious or educational institution for the following purposes:

(1) A house of worship, or dwelling units for members of the clergy which are situated on or adjacent to the same premises as the house of worship; or
(2) A school accredited by the State of New York providing kindergarten through twelfth grade education.

11 comments to City Starts to Tax Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department $500 a year.

  • whatever

    This city is F***ed up.

  • sorry for you all

    All of this while Fathead Bloomie ,and his real estate developers gangsters. Build with 10 and 20 year tax abatements… And ship the money saved to offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas….He is forever screwing the taxpayers laughing all the way to the banks….Take a look at the Rockaways 4000-5000 new housing units. All tax abated by this thief…

    • Anonymous

      Your right, and this 4 Sparrows project will be more of the same! Thanks Lew for getting involved in this for the Vollies. It will be $500 now, but eventually they will be taxed out of commision.

      • The public has a long memory

        Thanks Lew ????????? Lew was on the bandwagon to overturn term limits against the will of the people. He’s part of the reason we got stuck with mayor Big Bucks and his endless taxes for a third term.

        • Anonymous

          That is true, but Lew also battles mayor Big Bucks frequently on a variety of issues. If Bloombucks was going to do another term, I am glad that Lew was also doing another term to counter some of his BS. What if instead of Fidler we had some inexperienced councilmember trying to win these battles against the mayor? Or worse, some sycophant like Christine Quinn, agreeing with everything he does to us? At least he is trying to help in this situation and gets involved and is successful bringing some sanity to the Mayors cocamamie plans to tax us all out of our homes.

          • The public has a long memory

            I guess your sayin’ ya gotta take the good with the bad. Is what Lew does more important than the will of the voting public ? Overiding term limits is something Hugo Chavez would do.

    • JP Zenger

      You may not be aware of this, those very attractive homes, Arverne by the Sea, are so badly constructed that the developer can’t unload them.

      • anonymous

        Thats true..That whole thing was sold to the community by the Bloomie Gang as a job provider for that blighted area… The Bloomie Gang developer, brought all his own construction crews, built those POS houses, and even handles the sale…Very few, if any, jobs went to locals…And that thief is laughing all the way to the bank…And sticking the taxpayers with 4200 units of tax abated property for 20 years…..

  • Anonymous

    I wish the only tax I had to the city was 500 bucks a year

  • Anonymous

    The Vollies are being taxed for the Hall. What about the fact that they provide the polling place for elections? They deserve a break for that. PS277 isn’t handicapped accessable.

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