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Gerritsen Residents Dig Themselves Out Block by Block

Gerritsen Beach residents have been digging themselves out block by block as santation lags behind with their snow removal operations

In the video above, a group of stand up guys have been going around in what they are calling “the big dig” – rescuing ENTIRE blocks by shoveling out car sized paths.

It’s great when the community comes together like this. Even today the Daily News featured the Vollies and the neighborhood coming together to shovel and plow Dictum and Channel Avenue to get a medical emergency from a dictum court home to the GBFD ambulance.

13 comments to Gerritsen Residents Dig Themselves Out Block by Block

  • anonymous

    Finally plowing Abbey Court

  • avail

    Thanks to one of my neighbors paying a a guy with a back hoe the entire block can get their cars out.

  • Anonymous


  • Beach Resident

    1:43 am I was awoken by a beautiful sound. That’s right a front loader. I;m so excited I can hardly keep from watching the back and forth picking up the snow bringing it off the block and then back it comes for more . FREEDOM. So Abbey between Cyrus and Seba is being done as I type. GOOD NIGHT!

  • Unreal

    its amazing how selfish ppl can be, it took me two hrs to dig my car ou of the spot then the other day when i come home to try to get back in it some guy witht he name plate Mr Wrenchy took my spot that I dug out of, arent ppl so nice to take in what they think they deserve

    • Anonymous

      mr wrenchy deserves flat tires

    • Retrofresh

      Public streets are *public* after all. Whether or not you cleared snow from a spot on a public street doesn’t make it “your” spot. It’s better to think of that spot as one from which you freed your car, rather than one to which you laid claim. Don’t stress about it.

  • Bobby & Diane Finnelli

    Great Job Guys! I had agreat time working with you guys. Let every one know that a few men with the will to get out can accomplish what they set out to do. It was good chance to work with our newest neighbors (Marty 105 Gain and Matt 110 Gain). It didnt hurt that we turned it into a party. Aaaah I love Gerritsen Beach

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Al B, John T, Ray L and a few others who took the time to clear our block on Dare Ct last night. We can finally drive our cars out of it.

  • kerrin o'neill


  • Matthew Donovan

    YEAHHH KIDD!!! The Real Gerritsen Beach Rats! lol

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