Buses Running then Not

Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

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  • Anonymous


  • Great!

    Kids throwing things at cars and buses? Well, that’s never happened before.

  • disgusted

    The kids in this neighborhood are disgusting and their parents are worse.

  • Anonymous

    When the MTA stops service on these lines to the Beach then maybe the adults who will suffer will be the wonderful parents of these wonderful children.. Halloween is done and over. it is history and nothing happened to anyone involved in the mischief, they (kids) know now their parents yell louder then anyone else and are dum enough to protect them so things are only going to get more serious

  • Anonymous

    Thanks jerk off kids for making me have to walk two miles everyday to a train while you get to sit home and throw ice at stuff and your parents do nothing. I don’t see why I’d beat my kids ass if I caught them doing that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these parents actually joined in the ice throwing fun…..nothing in this neighborhood seems to amaze me anymore. The kids of today will run the gerrittsen beach name even further into the ground for further generations to come

    • Anonymous

      sad state of affairs. and yes this neighborhood’s rep is getting worse..making it very hard to retain property values and sell houses. people see and hear all of this and no longer think of this as the great place to raise a family that most of us know it to be…one bad apple gan spoil a whole bunch….many good people(and their kids) live here and will suffer the consequences of a few!

  • disgusted

    I moved here a few years ago and I am raising 2 babies. I absolutely refuse to stay here now that I see how this neighborhood really is. The kids are degenerates. I can’t take my kids to the park on the ave without seeing used condoms, broken beer bottles and food thrown around. Who the fuck teaches these kids respect? The parents, if not drunk or stoned, should take a minute and realize that they are doing a fucked-up job and do something about it. And let me add something else, if one of these little pricks dare to throw something at me when I’m with my kids I swear to God I will beat the shit out of one of ‘em and if their parent (if sober enough to know what’s going on) has a problem with that ill smack the shit out of them too.

    • Kelly

      I agree with you 100% ,It is just a matter of time before this once nice area turns into a Total Waste Land. Time to Find a Nice peaceful Community close to the City to live in.(If there is such a place left)

    • Annon

      I really feel sorry for you DISGUSTED> Not everybody in this neighborhood is like this. There are many fine people and children here. I really don’t blame you though for not sticking around to find out. You have a very bad taste in your mouth and have seen the worst of this community because they don’t bother to hide. Various things have happend around my home too and I too have told them, one thing happens to my child or myself, you will have two bullets in your fucking head and I really don’t care what happens next. I will know that you really really deserved.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you and so many others harp on “parents drunk or stoned”? I grew up here in the 60′s and my parents were neither drunk or stoned they just trusted me. I didn’t deserve their trust, but that wasn’t their fault.

    • Anonymous

      Disgusted, I hate to add to your headaches and future plans, just think when your babies are old enough to go to school one of the outstanding misunderstood teenagers parents(s) might be the school bus driver

  • robert paulson

    stop being pussies and lets gather some bats and do what their parents are too drunk to do!

  • Anon

    Its obvious the parents are never going to do anything about their childrens behavior. Lets face it, shit breeds more shit, and these kids are going to become exactly like their parents, and breed even MORE shit. The only way to stop these kids, and their alcohol soaked, drug addled parents is to catch them in the act and submit pictures and videos over to the authorities

  • someone will die

    Either the kids are going to kill someone or someone is going to kill a kid. Its now a matter or when, like a slow motion train wreck we see coming but don’t do shit about. The do nothing parents and police will have blood on their hands.

  • Anon

    This will eventually lead to public transit being discontinued in the neighborhood. If any of you are curious what a neighborhood with poor public transit looks like, look no further than Red Hook. Once you make it hard for people with good incomes (who are able to buy houses and pay taxes that keep a neighborhood going) to commute to work, they lose interest in living in a neighborhood like that.

    The bigger joke here is that poor performing transit lines don’t stop overnight, so when the troublemaking kids in question actually get old enough to need these buses to get to work, they will be feeling the pain the most. Enjoy the walk up to Avenue U to catch a bus!

  • anonymous

    Why should this be any different than Halloween? Same kids, same parents.

  • Big Fred

    Looks like the Idiots are at it again. When what happened in Detroit years ago Happens in the Beach maybe than these morons will wake up. Ya Think ?

  • Kelly

    Now you know why we are considered a White Getto or Trailer Park Community.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the police when the buses are getting attacked?

    Yes, the root cause of the problem is the kids and their parents, but law enforcement should play an active role here as well.

  • Anonymous

    8:53pm 1st 911 Call
    9:36pm RMP Dispatched
    9:42pm 10-90 Z (unnecessary)

  • Parent of little ones

    A few calls to ACS might actually do the trick. They can get these poor kids the therapy that they so desperately need. When will all of you who know the names of these brats and constantly complain really do something about it. Complaining does nothing. All it takes is a anon call to 311 and the videos and photos from this website and the news. You will be saving these misguided kids and our neighborhood. Stop complaining and take some action already.

  • Anonymous

    kids are kids, and that’s what kids do, so don’t blame the parents
    besides when was the last time you threw a snowball?

  • disgusted

    Please don’t feel sorry for me. I actually grew up in a place and a home where I was taught how to behave myself. I am aware that not everyone here behaves in such a trashy manner but that doesn’t matter to me anymore. The bad far outweighs the good. Since you seem to be a “beacher”, I kinda feel sorry for you.

  • these kids are dicks

    welll these kids seem to be dismannered to a point where i think we should tie them to poles and stone them for being heathen infidialent kids

  • Anonymous

    Cavanagh is going to wind up getting hurt if he keeps
    posting about kids doing damage its only a few times a year its not
    like theyre black and sell crack and shoot people they throw snow
    at cars and busses big deal.

  • Beach Resident

    If I were a parent of any of the famous Halloween hoodlums
    I would have been at the pizzeria last night taking pictures and
    going to the houses of the parents telling them what their darling
    were doing. Isn’t that what they wanted Danny to do. I have to say
    we all have cell phone and if we all don’t start calling these kids
    out this neightborhood that we all seem to love will be lost
    forever. I was on a BM4 bus last night at 7:10 and the bus was hit
    on the front windshield several times. The same bus driver had a
    windshield broken the next before from the darling on the avenue.
    Parents of the kids from Halloween ask your kids where they were
    last night at exactly 7:10 aske them if they saw anyone throwing
    snowballs and then do the responsbile thing and go to those
    parents. For crying out loud stop trying to be your kids friend and
    be a PARENT and a good neighbor



  • BklynGal

    Instead of throwing rocks, why not pick up a shovel?

  • leave them alone

    cmon parents we all know that you all did this when you
    were kids just admit to it you righteous bastards instead of hiding
    behind your computer supporting this menace Danny Cavanagh you
    should take responsible for your own problems and stop preaching on
    this website that the kids should be punished they are kids not
    mass murders so why dont you all get of your asses and go and try
    to help these kids maybe

  • disgusted

    Ummmm….do you live here now? They are drunk or stoned, Sherlock. During the summer at the beach all you see are 30 year old women wearing bikini’s with missing teeth that look like they’re 60 and their husbands, with a beer in hand, are hobbling around the while their children are playing in the ocean. Then everyone questions why kids from this neighborhood are pricks.

    • Gb

      Umm I lived here my whole life

    • Kelly

      Disgusted, That is a great description of these Hags. I as well am concerned about the trailer trash reputation the Beach has gotten. These kids are just Generation two white trash. Some of the fools on here would rather stick their heads in the Sand and say this is not happening.It is real easy to say Kids will be Kids or leave the Kids alone.A hell of a lot easier than confronting and trying to correct the situation.
      Tell ya what people there are only so many Sanitation,Fire and Police department jobs to be had in the future.Time to stop fuc—g around and get educated people. Does anyone on this site know the percentage of collage graduates from the Beach ? How about the closing of SBHS due to lack of academic goals.Read the hand writing on the wall.!! Most of you down talk Blacks and Hispanics,Know what ,they will be the bosses of your children very soon.

  • disgusted

    Then your just used to it, gb

  • A inside person

    Gerritsen beach was a good quiet neighborhood until what happened on hollowin .. Now it’s throwing ice ..also those teens started a crew called g.b.k which stands 4 gerritsen beach kings now something is going 2 happen worse probly as g.b residents we have 2 look out for kids doing bad stuff

  • disgusted

    Kelly, I agree with you completely. These kids are going nowhere and they are going to have a very rude awakening when they get into the real world, (I.e, anywhere but here) and find that they are working for an educated Jewish, black, or Asian person.

  • Bill Smith

    I grew up in Gerritsen beach in the 60s and the 70s lived there until 1997.When we were younger we had parents that would break our ass big time for little things back then never mind whats going on there today.My mom said i gave you life you little s.o.b. ill take it away and she ment it lol.I think the main problem lies in the laws today, what we need to do is give the law back to the parents and let them use the old wooden spaggetti spoon to tune the little devils up when they get out of line instead of prosicuting the parents for trying to keep thier kids from getting to far out of hand.

    • Anonymous

      Bill, sorry but you are re-writing history. If you will remember, back in the 60′s and 70′s we had plenty of drug addicts, lying all over the Ave sometimes. There were burgleries of homes and businesses. Especially the drugstores. Heroin and pills were rampant. We had kids coming home from Viet Nam with all sorts of addictions and problems. (they didn’t call it PTSD then, but that is what it was) The old WWII Dads filled the bars fighting their own demons. Believe it or not, and I know many will disagree, but part of the problem is that these kids at 17, 18+ can not buy a beer, hang out with their friends. There is no where for them to go, and drugs are again taking over. Pot smells and the way it is here now, as soon as anyone smells it they run to the phone. (311!!911!! GB.net!!)So they are taking pills, special K (animal tranquilizers), ectasy and God knows what else. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that in the 70′s we could get some beer, hang out in the park, socialize and listen to music and few went looking for anything else. We all stayed in school and worked. But don’t worry, Bill. All in all the Beach is still an even better place to live now than it was back then. P.S. I still remember you and JA doing ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ at 277 talent show!

  • Bill Smith

    oh my god you remember me playing the drums doing little red riding hood lol.My goodness it seems so long ago lol.And yes i do remember the we had a bit more to do with ourselfs back in the day which keeped most of us out of trouble.But yet some did go wrong.Alot of peer pressure more today then ever before.I just find it so sad how the world has changed.I love Gerritsen Beach and always will.Even though i moved in 97 my heart is still a Beach Rat lol.I hope and pray that Gerritsen Beach can find the answers to help stop the mayham the kids do to their own neighborhood.GodBless.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t just SEEM long ago, it was (about 40 years)! There are drug and crime problems everywhere. Gerrittsen Beach will find it’s way. Actually, I disagree that peer pressure is worse today. I guess it’s the nature of humans to look at the youth of the generations that follow them and think they are so much ‘worse’, but I don’t think it’s true. You have plenty of drugs, crime in FL and it’s the pedophile capital of the US. They need to get a handle on the doctors who write prescription on prescription and the pharmacists that fill them knowing they are going to be sold on the street. Blame the kids for what they do but the real blame lies with the adults who facilitate the drugs. Money/greed is the root of all evil.

  • Bill Smith

    P.S.Let me also say one of the finist things about Gerritsen Beach are the people who live there most if not all are good hard working people who are to be admired when ever i come back home iam always greeted with the love and respect from all who know and remember me always with opened arms,I thank you all for being my friends. Love always Billy Boy Smith.

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