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Vollies Take Up EMT Backlog


The Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department has been ready to handle any Gerritsen Beach emergency since the start of the blizzard.

The FDNY and EMS response times have been completely compromised during the blizzard. Any normal type of response to Gerritsen Beach would be difficult if not impossible. The Vollies have taken up that slack going on multiple emergency medical calls.

13 comments to Vollies Take Up EMT Backlog

  • Eileen


  • Thank you to all the residents who came out with shovels to clear a path to houses or helped us drag our equipment across the snow so we can tend to our patients. it is truly appreciated.

    • Andrew

      For all of the residents that can’t stand those big, smelly, noisy diesel trucks …..
      This was the first of many times I was out in my truck hooking up a tow strap to the Vollies and NYFD trucks that were stuck on main streets during calls during the storm.
      This was the least that I could do for our community knowing that every minute counts during medical emergancies. We all know that the snow removal was poor during this storm, but we all gave the helping hands and reminded us the we do belong to a great neighborhood!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you to the Vollies for Assisting my Father on a call to Gotham ave a few days ago. I live in another state and knowing you guys are around the corner is great thing.Thank you Again!!!!!! E. Waldhelm

  • Treena

    Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn (9:30am 12/28/2010)… Emergency vehicles getting stuck still! This is a pic of our local Fire Dept Ambulance having to get some help (from a truck and multiple neighbors hand shoveling) so they can get to a neighbor who is having a medical emergency. What’s not pictured is the TWO FDNY ambulances that are stuck trying to respond a 4 blocks away!!! Thank God we are a community of neighbors helping neighbors!!!! Many of our community members are FDNY, Police, and Sanitation workers. Most of them had serious trouble getting out to go help others yesterday AM and are still suffering today!!! My heart breaks for those poor people who had emergencies and had to wait for help due to the streets not being cleared!!! My Mother, who is a ICU Nurse, couldn’t get to her hospital to help keep the critically ill stay alive yesterday!!! So what I want to know is when exactly did Bloomberg lose his Human element? How did he ALLOW numbers come BEFORE neighbors?!



  • Anne

    In all honesty, the Vollies were one of the major reasons I bought my house here. I grew up here with the Vollies always around & on call. When I first got married we couldn’t find an apt. here in the Beach, but after my son was born I wanted nothing more than to get back here!!!!!! The thought of having an Emergency without the Vollies scared the he** out of me!!!! So back we came. This was over 30 years ago & I have no regrets.

  • Josie

    If we want the vollies to remain in GB we all must put a check into the envelope that you find in your mail box every year. I am a resident

  • anon

    How we forget when the weather warms up…