Disgusting Behavior in “Crap-Gate”



Dye Map - Courtesy of Brooklyn DA

Investigators used green dye to trace discharges and found that fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system showed up in the creek as recently as this year.

These are the four individuals :


Craig Novoa (top left), David Matalon (top right), Simon Shin (bottom right) and Alex Spivak were hit with felony environmental crime charges.

Hynes said the four men and their companies, shared a sewage pipe that they were responsible for maintaining. “Their private sewer system regularly broke down, flooded the parking lot, created noxious odors and regularly deposited large quantities of raw sewage directly into the waters of Shell Bank Creek,” said Hynes.

The alleged polluters were warned repeatedly since  2003 that the pipes were leaking. Regal Cinemas repaired the pipe in 2009 and water quality improved substantially. TGI Fridays and the bagel shop are accused of dumping untreated waste grease and oil into the creek. Deauville Marina is also accused of dumping raw sewage from a outhouse into the creek.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of four years and fines up to $75,000 for each day the pollution was discharged.

Regal Cinemas lawyer Austin Campriello told City Room “Regal categorically denies any guilt,” “Regal spent close to $2 million to fix that leaky sewer line, and we believe it’s fixed.

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