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Marine Park Community Says “No” to High School “Plan” by DOE


The message was pretty clear last night at the CDEC 22 meeting. The Marine Park Community, the parent community, and the IS 278 administration, does not want a secondary High School in the IS 278 building.

The issue at hand is that IS 278 Marine Park, and most area schools have empty seats. IS 278 Marine Park is no exception as they have about empty 300 seats. The Department of Education wants to fill those empty seats for the next upcoming school year.

If you remember the DOE wanted to put a Hebrew Language charter school two years ago to fill that space. That was swiftly defeated due to protests and the benefit of an election year. Then the community wanted a seemless 6-12 high school. The 6 – 12 school idea was shot down by the DOE when they cruhced the numbers that it would need more than seats than what was currently avaiable.


As of right now the DOE says there is NO proposal or plan on the table and that they are looking for community input on what to place inside IS 278.

The solution proposed by the audience was an ASD Nest program which is the New York City Department of Education’s Collaborative Team Teaching program for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders. They made their case with a few compelling arugments. First, the nearest ASD schools are very far from this area. One school in rockaway and the other in downtown brooklyn. Which would translate into a three hour a day commute for ASD kids. Secondly, The nest program can be run by the existing IS 278 administration not a seperate administration which would be needed for a High School. Which is a very big deal as Mrs. Garofalo has turned around IS 278 and is constantly praised for her skills.

Ideally what the community invisions is a Marine Park 6 through 12 ASD Nest program which would allow the same age group to stay in the same school through High School. Instead of traveling to schools which are more than an hour away.

ASD Nest is place Within supportive neighborhood schools, the ASD Nest program helps children with autism learn how to function well academically, behaviorally and socially in school and in their community.

Each classroom has two teachers with training in the specialized curricula and instructional strategies used in the program. In addition to the standard academic curriculum, specialized curricula and instructional strategies to foster relationship development, adaptive skills, language and communication development and sensory/motor development are infused throughout the day, thus minimizing the need to service children outside the classroom. Staff receive pre and in-service training in these curricula and strategies.

15 comments to Marine Park Community Says “No” to High School “Plan” by DOE

  • Mardie

    A huge THANK YOU to all who attended last night and supported I.S. 278. Please be on the lookout next week for petitions that we will be distributing in an effort to further convince the DOE that we are ONLY interested in the NEST program in OUR building. We would like to keep our community children with special needs in their home community for the duration of their education!

  • Sharon

    Mardie, will the ASD Nest petition be distributed via school kids, or door-to-door? Both my kids go to out-of-district schools and I want to make sure I sign it.

    • Mardie


      Both ways… and if you are who I think you are, I will send you one via e-mail that you can copy and have neighbors sign and get them back to me or Chris. Thanks!

      • Sharon

        Thanks, that would be great. Hey, maybe a PDF (or otherwise printable petition) can be posted here for download?

  • Kayak

    I think it is a great idea because now we don`t have to send the kids from the beach to Sheepshead

    • anon

      Are you kidding? H.S. with Middle School? to big of an age gap; not only that there are more than 300 children from the beach and MP who would want seating. And don’t put it past the DoE to try to finagle a different “group” of kids. Beach kids can alway go to Madison or try and “make” a good school….

  • Anonymous

    First let me clarify that we do not need a Charter High School in 278. If you want 6 through 12, do it with one administration. There is certainly no need to create another layer of six figure administrators to accomplish the same task that could be done with one. Just look at any charter school and you will see the animosity between the competing administrations. I do not see how that is a positive benefit to our children. Secondly, it is not true that most schools in Dist 22 have empty seats. Poor performing schools like Marine Park & Shellbank are half empty while other junior high schools in the district are bursting at the seams and forced to transfer students out to avoid overcrowding. Why do you suppose that is. Rather than creating special programs to fill the empty seats, we should be demanding that changes be made to improve these schools so that we will want to send our children there in the first place. Why does it seem that everyone has blinders on when it comes to the real underlying problem that exists?

    • LQuinlan

      It is our own community that created the situation that exists today. At one time, Marine Park was not a school that we’d want to send our children to. Creating Fillmore Academy sucked a large percentage of Marine Park’s kids out of the pool and everyone ran to Cunningham as the next alternative. Fast forward to the latest administration and Marine Park made huge strides both academically and environmentally. Unfortunately, the community hasn’t gotten the message. The majority of the school’s population is from *outside* the community, already coming in at a disadvantage from low performing elementary schools. That’s where the school’s Report Card comes from. If *your* kids were sitting in those seats, the results would be very different. My son will be leaving with three Regents Exams under his belt- Fillmore Academy can’t claim that.

      You should also know that that Marine Park scored an A in Environment which means kids feel safe and happy to be there. In the case of I.S. 278, the problem is not the school but the community’s perception of it. We would not be facing this situation at all if the community embraced their local school.

  • will you stop

    The childs are bused into MPJHS since the local’s are smart enough to know not to send your kid’s to the school. OH wait they have a band. Let me send my kid to school to play basketball and forget about Math class. Will everyone get real the school has under preformed for years. Time to close it down and make use of a building for something that benifits the community.

    • LQuinlan

      I should probably stop wasting my time trying to communicate with the ignorant. If you did your research, you’d know that Marine Park scored 2 tenths of a point short of an A last year. Nothing has changed except the rubric for scoring State tests. Top notch academic programs with skilled instructors are available at this school. It’s unfortunate if the community refuses to recognize that and chooses to stuff their children into Cunningham’s overcrowded building.

  • DScutaro

    I would like to sign the petition for the NEST program as my son goes to a private school and would love for the NEST program to be placed there so he has a shot of not looking at a 2+ hour commute when he goes into 6th grade.


    • LQuinlan

      Keep an eye on this site. I will be posting the locations of petitions for you to look for. I hope that the NEST program will become a reality for our community.

  • TD

    First of all Marine Park is not a low performing school. How can a school go from a high B to a D. My child is flourishing in Marine Park JHS. The grade Marine Park received was pay back for fighting the HLA Charter School. Marine Park is a neighborhood school, I don’t see other schools like Cunningham, Roy H Mann, Hudde or Shellbank constantly fighting for their school. Why us? We asked for a continuation of our existing school and we got a No. Let these autistic children from District 22 have a place to go to school.

  • Anonymous


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