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Property Owners to Close it’s Doors. Possibly For Good.

The next Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association meeting will be closed to the public and only open to A members.

Because the group, which dates back to 1922, has never received public funding and is not a non-profit, it can legally close their meetings. However, actions speak louder than words. The group acts and intends to be a local civic organization and this is a dangerous slippery slope they are headed down. They intend to have the community come to them with issues that can be voiced and hashed out in public. If the meeting is closed the public will not be able to voice their concerns and be heard. Similar election meetings have occurred previously without closing the meeting.

Since Halloween subsequent meetings in the community are critical. There are other important issues that need to be addressed or discussed such as the traffic light, marine park having a possible high school, all of the homes currently under construction.

There is no reason for anyone to be less than candid just because the public is watching.

OK, rant over. Forgive me a little righteous indignation. I believe that the Property Owners is retaliating against the community and reporters because of a video that surfaced of last meeting. Despite promises of transparency and a member vote, they are closing the meeting. Groups like this should do their business in public unless there is a compelling reason not to. And an inability to be open when people are watching is no such reason.

Update: (12/2/2010 РAfter Meeting) Sticking to their guns the Property Owners half closed the meeting. They actually uninvited elected officials and the local precinct from the meeting. They have gone on the record saying that if elected and police were in attendance it is a public meeting. However they did not follow through as any one who wanted to was also to attend the meeting. Non-members as well as A and B members were in attendance in the meeting no one was asked to leave.  It was discussed that GerritsenBeach.net Рspecifically Рcannot record meetings anymore.

One interesting item was discussed but it’s like a tree falling in the woods. If no one is around to hear it – did it make a sound?

59 comments to Property Owners to Close it’s Doors. Possibly For Good.

  • Anonymous

    may i dare ask, what is an A member?? There are different levels / classifications of membership?

  • suomynona

    sounds like they don’t want another incident like what happened on halloween. wonder how much more the loudmouths will dominate the next meeting without the public watching them? just want the dirty laundry hidden i guess…….

  • “I believe that the Property Owners is retaliating against the community and reporters because of a video that surfaced of last meeting.”

    You’re blaming me? Really? Well, I see your scapegoating and raise you an “I blame Gothamist for making such a big deal out of it.”


    I hear that Gorge Broadhead should be a “B” member. Not able to vote, not able to be an officer. What’s up ? What’s the story? Can you find out more about this Dan?

    • Curious

      Yes, please exlain. Is an A member a title holder? You could probably check title on NYC.gov. I would think if one is not the property holder for whatever reason, you are not a property owner……thanks for the info.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that some people in the neighborhood try to always find something wrong, something negative, Instead of something positive, something good in people, supporting people who try and do good, better the community, help others. It’s amazing how negative this neighborhood is & has become or has it always been this way, it’s a shame!

  • Anonymous

    So why don’t you just attend and report on it without the video, there are too many important issues to discuss. I’d rather these issue be reported on then not. If you need to record it via pencil and paper and then transfer the information to this website for the rest of the community -so be it. The uninviting of elected officials is dangerous, we’re losing our voice. Unless a competing forum is created, this is all we have – IMHO you should be the better man, do pen and paper and squash this.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      I agree with you and that is what I will do except I was informed this was an A members meeting only I may have been intentionality misinformed.

      Video is a wonderful thing. It allows: members who don’t attend regularly, excommunicated members, and rival groups to watch first hand what was said at the meeting. Nothing can be taken out of context or mis-quoted. Other groups record their meetings it’s a very typical practice.

      I am fine with taking notes I normally do anyway. However, conveying the appropriate tone and including all of the facts and getting them 100% correct will be much harder.

      • Annonymous

        What would be considered a rival group? If a group is representing the home owners in an area and has the mission of assisting those that fall into that category why would there be any rivals?

    • Annonymous

      If important information is covered and people need to be informed why wouldn’t they attend the meetings and add to the discourse ? Simply reading about something after the fact and at best waiting a month to address it at the next meeting does not seem to be the best approach.

  • […] Bites that they were “disinvited” from the group’s meeting last night, and GerritsenBeach.net reports that the meetings are now closed to all but “Class A” […]

  • Annonymous

    The organization is named the Property Owners Association for a reason, it is an organization comprised of those that own property in the Beach. Why anyone would question their motives or ability to close their meetings to those that do not meet the criteria of ownership is beyond me. It is clear from the comments on this site, as well as others that pick up stories from it that many posting have no stake in the beach other than bashing the neighborhood. If you want to be allowed to attend the meetings there is a simple solution buy a home in the neighborhood or act in a capacity that would make you be asked to attend as a guest. Plenty of private organizations have meetings that are limited to stakeholders where people discuss and resolve internal and other sensitive matters in addition to planning and the like.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      I basically agree with you but if an organization wants to act like a civic organization and have police, elected officials, city and state agencies, speak at these meetings it should be public and not a question about who is a member or who is not. This is not the Knights or the Cort Club.

      After attending our local civics (marine park, sheepshead, etc) for a few years the GBPOA wants to act like a civic without actually being a civic. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Anonymous

      How do property OWNERS in GB become aware of this organization that meets with its elected officials monthly? Its not like they’re putting flyers in mailboxes. It seems to me they keep it to their own little group of people or people they want in.

  • What a bunch of cowards the Gerritssen Beach Property Owners Association members are. All the A members should have a yellow stripe painted down their backs and the B members will be identified by a yellow stripe across their forehead.

    And the new creed of the POA – ” This is horse shit. Every day with this horse shit.”

    • bitbybit

      Yea and if the B members take on the obligations and risks of property ownership they too will be granted the better of the two statuses.

  • So GBPOA is basically a 19th century organization which gives the lords more power than the serfs. This A and B business is absurd.

    • bitbybit

      Why is it absurd? Why not treat those with a greater stake in the neighborhood as if they have a greater stake in the neighborhood ? If this classification was there and not enforced there is no reason it cannot be enforced at this point. The concept of a property owner is pretty straight forward, they are those that have taken the responsibility and risks associated with purchasing real property in the beach. They have to deal with all those obligations those that don’t own property don’t have such as taxes, insurance, flood insurance, property maintenance and the like. I will agree with you on one point, it is so 19th century to acknowledge the hard work and risk some take to acquire the rewards they have have worked hard and toiled for. That is the problem with society today everyone wants to be on the same footing without working to establish the criteria for that place in life.

      • There are people in Gerritsen who have rented there for quite some time. Their longevity gives them a stake in the community.

        Used to be that only property owners had the right to elect public officials. The same argument was used.

        • bitbybit

          And as the rules above say they do have a stake in the community, however less of a stake than those that own. Liken it to renting a car, your rights as well as your responsibilities are limited in direct relation to your ownership. A renter’s rights in the group are limited according to their responsibilities not some arbitrary reason. I assume your basic thought is that property ownership and temporary contractual rights to property use should result in the same rights. I tend to disagree, renting by its nature is predicated on a weaker obligation to the neighborhood and less of a stake in the woes of the property owner.

          • avail

            What classifies a stake in the community? Does a renter that has lived and rented the same house for 20 years have less of a stake than the property owner? If it is coming down to the property owner having to pay more (taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.) wouldn’t the rent that is paid count also, since it is being used to pay those fees incurred by the owner. What of a property owner that owns property in the beach but has their main residence is in Florida or Upstate, do they have more of a stake in the community? What about members of the Knights, Vollies and Cort Club that rent in the beach, their membership is predicated on them being a resident of the beach and since they volunteer their time, what is their stake in the community? These rules should be more defined, until then may I suggest starting a Gerritsen Beach Civic Association that can address the issues of the community, in a public forum, with elected officials, police commanders, parks dept and others.

          • Anonymous

            The Knights membership has nothing to do with where someone lives. The K of C is a religous organization and every Hall is open to any member no matter where they are associated.

          • avail

            You’re right I was incorrect about the Knights but my point is still the same, if GBPOA wants to close their meetings that is their choice but we still need a group that will act on the interests and concerns of the Gerritsen Beach community.

          • Anonymous

            The Cort Club membership has nothing to do with where someone lives.

          • Anonymous

            Yes they do have less of a stake. How easy is it for the renter to get up and relocate????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Lisanne why don’t you shut the F*** up and mind your own damn business. All you do is yap, yap, yap all day on the stupid SB blogs. Get a life! You come on here and say things like ‘all GB people aren’t bad’ and give all kinds of stupid advice on how we can ‘improve ourselves’ and then you go back to ShitBites and talk crap about us, as if none of us read it. Your a joke. Your talking about something that you know NOTHING about. GBPOA is what it says, A PROPERTY OWNERS ORGANIZATION. Property owners are A members. They used to be the only members, until it was recognized that there were tenants who needed a voice and it was voted to allow them limited membership. These meetings should be closed to media and non members. Now, stop trying to start trouble and go jump into your polluted bay. And take that a**hole B’klyn Bus with you.

    • I suggest you learn how to separate humorous content from more serious commentary.

      • Nick Lakiotes

        I suggest YOU bounce out of these message boards and go learn how to actually use a camera. You can stop by using every filter in photoshop for your shitty over saturated hot white polarized nonsense you think are photographs.

        Wait, was that an suggestion or an opinion? Kinda silly isn’t it.

        Your attitude sucks, and so does your condescension. Go learn the law of thirds or something, but please what ever you do spare us your banter.

    • Anonymous

      OK!! An You don’t sound like white trash???

  • Question

    Why was George light the first Hanukkah candle with Marty Markowitze instead of having elections and and other issues?


      I think he was affraid that the info about him not being a property owner was going to come out, and he couldn’t face it. He has been living a lie all this time. One of many.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure that if you research there are a few that don’t own property in GB. At least he’s trying to do some good in the community,Not trying to benefit from the community like other organized groups who only care for themselves & what they can get from the community,like it’s their back yard.

  • anon

    Will Joe D. and the crazy lady rant without the camera? I think they were showing off because of the camera.

  • Mike

    GBPOA is not the real civic association anyway… GB Cares does more work and better work. Their the ones that bailed the property owners out of the crisis with kiddie beach a couple years ago and the ones that did most of the work.
    Also, this meeting is in St James… Does that mean Pastor Nebrasky can not attend since she does not own the church property?

    • Anonymous

      I believe Pastor can join as a tenant – Class B member, if she wants.

      • Carmine

        Yes, she can most definitely join, but if it is true only “Type A” members, aka homeowner, are the only persons permitted to attend the meetings then even Pastor Nebrasky is not permitted to attended since she is not the homeowner of the church, and is not eligible to be a “Type A” member of the Property Owners Association.

        • KICK IN THE BUTT

          Idiot, I found out that the meeting was to be open to only class A members because elections were to take place, and only class A members can vote. Elections were canceled because GEORGE was going to be absent. The meeting was then opened to all members, elected officials, police, and any IDIOT that wants to come. As far as I know future meetings will be open to all A and B members,elected officials, police, etc. and idiots. All this B.S. on this site, for this story ,is due to the bad coverage by the reporter that covered it.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, kick in the butt. Maybe you should start a website like truthaboutgb.net. Looks like he was just trying to get outside hits to the website again with his freedom of speech act. There are only 2500 families here and if he doesn’t draw in the libs from the bay and hit the gothamist, it’s a bad week for him. We had 2 great orgs in the beach. GB cares did and does great projects and had this place looking great and kick started everyones civic spirit and pride. They have been dragged thru the mud by this website. GBPOA has also done great things, where would we be without Agnes Kennedy and the old regime? We would still have dirt roads and the waterfront property would be city owned instead of privately owned. Being president of GBPOA can’t be easy and I give George Broadhead alot of credit for taking it on, and he’s been good for the beach. Both of these orgs have suffered because of this website and yes, “every day with this shit.” I hope the GBPOA leaves the precinct reports and polititians to the community board meetings and closes the doors to the press and non-members. If you are a homeowner or tenant and you want to know what’s going on, they aren’t secret meetings. They are held and have been held every first Wed. of every month for as long as I can remember. Join and attend. I am so tired of the Beach bashing that has become a sport for Shitbites and the MPwussies. We all know that it’s a free country and welcome people here but like anywhere else we expect people to respect us and our neighborhood.

          • bitbybit

            You hit the nail on the head my friend. A great deal of the tension between the groups in GB that have done nothing but good for all is due to sensationalism. It seems to me a lot of people from outside the beach read and post here simply out of spite for the neighborhood without any understanding it or knowledge of the back story that lead to the tensions that exist. Everyone has the right to be critical, however at a certain point all should acknowledge the fact that attacking and undermining the leaders of these organizations is not going to help the beach. If some honestly believe they can do a better job that those in leadership roles stop bitching and run for the position. Then you might realize how much time, effort, and dedication it takes to lead and how thankless it can be at times.

          • Anonymous

            Some President – the elections will be about 3 months late according to the by laws. Is he Bloomberg trying for a 3rd term?

    • Anonymous

      Excuse me mike gb cares did not have anything to do with bailing out kiddie beach. It was 100% the cort club.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who witnessed what happened on Halloween should email the mayor’s office to complain about the total lack of police response this year and every year. I emailed and the police came to my house to follow up about the complaint.

  • Surprised

    I’m surprised George hasn’t stepped in to write one of his long winded explanations???


      Try looking for “CLARK KENT” or “SUPER MAN” plus many others.

    • Anonymous

      GB doesn’t lower himself to post here anymore, he doesn’t have to. He is very approachable and available. You want to know what he thinks? Ask him.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why he doesn’t show up at his own meetings that are very important – elections which are past due?

  • annonymous

    Everyone is complaining about George. What about DeSimone using all kinds of foul language in a church basement. He showed absolutely no respect for St. James. He wouldn’t use this language in Resurrection. If I were Pastor I would tell George to ban Desimone from the meetings or the G.B.P.O.A. will not be able to hold their meetings. I think an apology is due to the St. James congregation

  • Anonymous

    what are the boundaries or the area that emcompasses the GBPOA and GB Cares ?

  • Anonymous

    If we take a step back from all of this and analyze the situation it becomes quite simple. We have three players that seem to not get along: Gbpoa, gbcares and gb.net.

    It looks like they are all attacking each other and fighting for survival.
    gbcares vs gbpoa and gb.net. gbpoa vs gb.net and gbcares. gb.net vs the world

    The gbcares vs gbpoa situation has been around a very long time and has never been resolved.

    gbcares vs gb.net all started with woodchips. gbcares was in the wrong on this, they did not have their ducks in a row. After hearing some of them speak I don’t belive they feel they were wrong. They feel like a victim. Bottom line It was a leadership failure that caused woodchip gate gb.net happened to be right on this one, it could of been anyone that exposed it.

    The gbpoa vs gb.net is an interesting one. I have not heard anything from the property owners that gives them a good reason to close their doors. Yes, they could, but do they really want to turn back the clock to when they didn’t matter? As far as I am concerned this website is an amazing tool. We have a young man that wants to inform the community of what happens inside this clickish neighborhood, that is an amazing thing. It’s a shame he gets crucified for it.

    This site is not wikileaks and the property owners should not seems like it’s hiding something. the gbpoa cannot have it both ways they cannot use the website to it’s advantage (277, frank court, lacon, jemal, etc) then go after it when they disagree. I agree with that if you want to act like a civic org. having the meetings “open” should not ever be a question.

    I think anyone should be able to attend. Anyone and everyone is “press” anyone can write things down, or record them. The beauty of the 1st amendment is that everyone is press if you wanted to print your own flyer, blog, newspaper you could.

  • old beach bum

    to anonymous 12:30 – The meeting was closed for elections, see comment above. Another anonymous with lots to say and no real knowledge.


      Anonymous 12:30, another idiot!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        If you want to talk about bad language, no one blinked an eye when one of the Board Members dropped the F bomb not once but twice and she wasn’t even excited about anything. I think the Board she remind everyone they are in a CHURCH basement and should respect it as such.