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Happy New Year

Dear residents of gerritsen beach both near and far. GerritsenBeach.net would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We had an interesting year to say the least.

Five Days Later: This Guy

While all if not most of the beach has been plowed Canton Ct. between Cyrus and Seba Av has not been plowed because of this unregistered – no plate – range rover.

Coming in via email

This selfish car owner(who was part of your cone story) left his car there the night of […]

Gerritsen Residents Dig Themselves Out Block by Block

Gerritsen Beach residents have been digging themselves out block by block as santation lags behind with their snow removal operations

In the video above, a group of stand up guys have been going around in what they are calling “the big dig” – rescuing ENTIRE blocks by shoveling out car sized paths.

It’s […]

Buses Running then Not

Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

Snowball In Hell: Pics Of Today’s Snow Mess


Vollies Take Up EMT Backlog

The Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department has been ready to handle any Gerritsen Beach emergency since the start of the blizzard.

The FDNY and EMS response times have been completely compromised during the blizzard. Any normal type of response to Gerritsen Beach would be difficult if not impossible. The Vollies have taken up […]

Snow Blizzard of 2010!


Allan @ Celeste

Cyrus @ Noel


Seba @ Canton


I hope everyone is safe. Send in your pictures to info@gerritsenbeach.net or tag us on facebook.

Get your cars out of the street […]

Then There was A Roof

Seba Avenue Comfort Station

Jordan’s Lobster Dock Holiday Fisherman

No entry: Press barred from Gerritsen Beach meeting

Via Courier Life

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Association closed its normally public monthly meeting to the press and non-members last week, making good on a promise it made in the wake of a local blogger’s unflattering coverage of the neighborhood.

At last month’s meeting, outraged parents demanded the meetings be closed after local […]

Gerritsen Beach Community Tree Lighting

Gerritsen Beach residents and business and community members turned out for the annual tree-lighting ceremony at St. James.

The lighting event, on Dec. 11, was a volunteer effort led by the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. During the ceremony, guests enjoyed a visit from Santa, and music from the Gerritsen Beach Community Marching […]

Parks: Stay off the Ice

Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe today urged New Yorkers to follow ice safety guidelines and exercise extreme caution in New York City’s parks. During the winter months, while ponds and lakes may appear frozen, venturing onto them is extremely dangerous and can cause potentially fatal accidents.

Determining the strength of ice […]

3.1 Million Dollars in Renovations at BK 15 Underway

The Knapp Street sanitation garage, aka BK 15, recently received 3.1 Million for landscaping and trailer renovations and now construction is underway.

Disgusting Behavior in “Crap-Gate”

Dye Map – Courtesy of Brooklyn DA

Investigators used green dye to trace discharges and found that fecal matter and toilet paper from the movie theater’s septic system showed up in the creek as recently as this year.

These are the four individuals :

Craig Novoa (top left), David Matalon (top […]

Arrests Made in U.A. and Fridays Dumping Raw Sewage

We all knew for years that Fridays and the UA were dumping raw sewage right into the creek and did nothing to hook up to the sewage system. Now something is finally being done. Arrests and criminal charges for all involved!

Years ago local Gerritsen Beach hero Buddy Dewitt with local orginazations discovered […]