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Coming Soon: Brick Oven Pizza at Knapp & Harkness


Coming soon to Harkness Avenue / Knapp Street: a brick oven pizzeria!

The restaurant opens a few blocks away from Jordan’s Lobster Dock, Coldstone, and the UA.

27 comments to Coming Soon: Brick Oven Pizza at Knapp & Harkness

  • Bitchita

    Oh goody. Overpriced pizza. Just what we need.



  • Lizzard

    Who is the owner(s) of this fine establishment?
    Are they Americans

  • UnknownN

    That’s just what we need. What’s next subway? Maybe a dounut shop?

  • whats up gb

    I think They should be Italians to make PIZZA what do you think cretins?

  • Jenny

    What if the people that open this pizza place are from Italy then it’s okay I guess right cause they are close enough to Americans. I really don’t understand why so many people in gb are so racist to Russians or anyone that is not Irish or Italian. Maybe if Americans would work for the pay that places are paying them to work then mexicans wouldn’t be working there.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me? Because we work on the books!!!!

      • Anonymous

        If laws were enforced and we made sure illegals could not work here, we would pay significantly more for things but Americans would get significant pay for doing such work. That’s the way it SHOULD be, but Republicans and Democrats have their heads up their asses. This would be helpful for Mexico as well, that is currently suffering partly for lack of skilled workers who have fled the country. Isn’t it racist to continue to allow employers to underpay poeple that are working in our country? Politicians have this all ass backwards.

    • brett favre

      jenny i agree, all these scum people are racists and its getting old

  • bagels

    I wonder how much that slice of pizza would cost if mexicans did have their hands in the dough?

  • Anonymous

    Just remember we all came from somewhere else. I’m sure all the GB residents who are unemployed find it beneath them to do the work these “illegals” are doing. They probably just collect from the city.

    • Anonymous

      And you don’t think that these “illegals” are reaping every benefit out there on your tax dollars? give me a break! So we work on the books they collect off the books and your tax dollars pay there benefits. So please don’t say that its beneath and american to work. And remember years ago”we all came from somewhere” they worked hard for a living and nothing was handed to them.

      • trainman

        As someone who has had years of experience with undocumented workers that also had a profound effect on my job, I could assure you that you are missing a more important point. “Illegals” are getting many free benefits but not nearly as much as their employers are feasting on. In fact, employers reap huge financial benefits by hiring these people.

        Let me explain:

        We all know that employers save money by paying illegal labor less than minimum wage but there is SO MUCH MORE! In addition, they don’t pay matching Social Security tax, payroll tax, or unemployment insurance tax. Illegals work off the books so they do not leave a paper trail thus allowing their bosses to declare less income because considerably lower expenditure toward labor is shown.

        What follows??? Huge savings on what the bosses pay in corporate income tax, personal income tax and sales tax which further increase the tax burden on the working class.
        That would be us!!!

        For years I’ve believed that if our government, regardless of political affiliation, was ever serious about dealing with our “illegal” situation, they would impose a penalty so severe that an employer would never consider hiring an illegal for fear of losing his company and/or his freedom. Without jobs, illegals would return to their native country and the need of more border guards, militia and 15 foot high fences along our border with Mexico would no longer be required.

  • joe

    While the pizza looked just fine, it tasted awful. The crust was doughy and yeasty

  • Jerry Butler

    The Pizza is really bad. As far as Mexicans go,I like the Woman.

  • Worst pizza I ever tasted. Wish I looked at their health dept rating before I ate there. check it out here http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/rii/index.shtml