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Please Stop Throwing Rocks


As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing rocks, scooters, and pretty much anything else they could at busses, car services, and houses across from the skate park….I told them what they are doping is absolutely dumb…but they dont listen. I called 911, and no response. They continued to terrorize for almost two hours. No one cares. Sucks man. This neighborhood is funny, the parents dont give a !@#$ , and apparently neither do the police. Ridiculous..

They were throwing rocks at the bus shelter while a young man was sitting there waiting for the bus with his girlfriend. If it would have broke. you could have killed one of them. Thats also very unintelligent of you all.

Ive never once in my life felt the need to call 911. However tonight, even I felt like i was in danger,and thats !@#$%^& up. thats not what this neighborhood is about. People shouldnt have to worry about a$$hole kids throwing rocks at them in Gerritsen Beach. Not smart guys. Unsafe, not cool, and totally stupid. it’s time for a reality check. Your generation is !@#$%^ up, and thats sucks cause you are all unfortunately the future of this neighborhood. Things arent looking up. =(

We have also heard on good authority that one of the Radio Control Airplane guys saw a kid that he thinks was involved in throwing rocks at his vechile and started to yell at him. The kid ran home got his father, and a how dare you accuse my kid started and the Airplane Guy left for fear of retaliation.

Editorial note: People have accused GerritsenBeach.net of “creating” these problems saying that they do not exist, have never existed and only exist because we wrote about it. They do exist, we are just the messenger. We hate these stories as much as you do because they are horrible to hear about and more horrible to know that it’s our kids. We only bring these stories to your attention to make you aware of what is happening in your community. However, If you have ever seen any historical Gerritsen Beach paper you would know that the issues we face today are the same issues that have been around since the year of the flood. We are judged on how we react to the situation. We have always intend to show the great things of the neighborhood and will continue to do so. We will show the “bad” when it becomes a neighborhood issue.

126 comments to Please Stop Throwing Rocks

  • GB Res

    Thank you for reporting these incidents and please keep on doing it.

    It’s incomprehensible how parents can allow their own children to act this way. It’s not even the kids’ fault in the end- it’s the parents! From an early children learn what’s right and wrong. Unfortunately, the only way it will sink in is for the kids’ to get summonses, and then the parents will have to pay and hopefully not allow it to happen again. It’s sick it has to come to that though.

    If residents call the police EVERY time it happens, it will help.

  • Anonymous

    This can’t have happened, this stuff only happens once a year on Halloween and isn’t any big deal.

  • Anonymous (because people don't want to hear the truth)

    GB has the mentality of some wanna be gangsta era. “Don’t be a rat”, everyone says. That is BS! If your kids are doing something wrong, you should want to know about it. You don’t harrass the reporter, you get on your kids ass about doing sh*t that they shouldn’t be doing. It’s exactly why GB has the name that it does. Everyone tries to protect their kid, even if their kid is CLEARLY wrong. The right thing to do is punish your child and as a community rise up against the abuse that these kids are doing. You don’t just sit back twiddling your thumbs refusing to see the harm that these kids are doing, or you do know and say, well I did it when I was a child. It doesn’t make it RIGHT.
    Also, you all b*tch about the kid’s pictures being everywhere and call the blogger guy a pedophile. But are any of you complaining when he takes pictures of parades or parties? Do you call him a pedophile then? No, because then it suits you to what is doing. Good or bad, his job is to document what happens in Gerritsen. He’s not just gonna screen out the bad. He is a journalist, his job is document all of it. Raise your kids up in the right way, and none of this will be a problem. It’s the parent’s fault, not the frigging blogger.

  • travel2692

    this is an “in your face” act by local kids…not interlopers from outside…reason the cops dont come is the parental attitidue…it is shame, but unless the residents actually do something about it, it will continue and may escalate further until someone is seriously hurt,,either one of the kids or an innocent bystander……is it time for a local neighborhood watch again???

  • anon

    Gerritsen Beach……….Brooklyn’s very own trailer park

    • This is not the way to deal with it. Gerritsen beach is NOT a trailer park community. This site is not called Trashing Gerritsen Beach. Please listen to what Dan is saying. He’s trying to make this community a BETTER place. He doesn’t want readers to start condemning the community, he wants to see residents do whatever they can to better it.

      I would ask those who are not residents of Gerritsen Beach( and I am among that number) to be respectful of the place and those who live there. Sure, we have a right to be angry at behavior that is destructive, and if have something to say that is constructive I am sure that it would be appreciated. But we are rude guests if we come to this site merely the disparage those for whom this site was originally conceived for. Many of the readers here want to see Gerritsen Beach overcome it’s various problems, so we should encourage them. They are not trailer trash, they are good people like most people are. Please stop insulting them. It only benefits those who criticize this site because it tells the truth. They are not embarrassed by such statements, they are angered by them. And escalating anger accomplishes nothing at all.

      • anon

        They are to ignorant to be embarrased. Years ago when I was growing up, the boys were all dirtbags and the girls were all skanks.
        Now they are the parents. It’s a culture over there and its not going to change until the Eastern Europeans buy it up. When my kids were growing up, I always told them to stay out of the beach. Nothing good comes out of the beach.

        • miss carol

          You call people in GB ignorant. You sound both ignorant and pompous to me.

        • Divine Ms M

          By “Eastern Euorpeans” I assume you mean Russians, although they aren’t the only part of Eastern Europe that’s all you see and unfortunately hear with their really bad language and horrible accents. If you are going to generalize then let’s go, Russians are arrogant, aggressive, pushy and in general disliked. They wear their fur coats and expensive clothes while they drive to pick up their welfare checks and food stamps, all the while looking down their noses at people. The women look like call girls and the do bad impersonations of Tony Manero (John Travolta) from Saturday Night Fever. Look at Sheepshead Bay, ecch, and by the way, your food sucks too.

          • anon

            How presumptuous of you to assume I’m Russian. Pretty ignorant. I have to agree with you on your
            generalization of them but, I don’t see thier kids pelting
            old men with rocks.

          • anon

            are the russians and eastern europeans that bad…? but the slutty women are hot tho…..

          • The Divine Mrs. M

            I am not ignorant, I just know that russians run rampant around the area, take a look, Brighton Beach, russians, Sheepshead Bay, russians. Oh, yeah I know, they’re just angels, I was in a diner with a bunch of teenage russian kids and they were acting like loud mouth a-holes, they were insulting the waitress, disrespecting the russian girls that were with them, being arrogant and aggressive pretty impressive. BTW, if your are going to call me ignorant, it’s spelled “THEIR”. I guess you’re polish, LOL!

          • Blind

            The Eastern Europeans are loads better then the kids here. You are blind if you haven’t seen the crap these kids do. Every few days, something is broken, thrown, trashed,burned, or destroyed.

            Take a look at this blog from Sheepshead. Do you see the same problems that we have? No. (Unless your going to give me some excuse about how they don’t report on such things or some crap like that)


            No, I don’t live in Sheepshead.

          • Anonymous

            No, they may not have our problems, but we don’t have theirs (thank God). Do you ever read Police Blotter? Or any other paper? Sheepshead Bay has much more serious crime than we do. I had an aunt who lived on Voohries Ave. for like 40 years who was mugged and tossed to the ground like nothing, on her way to have her ritual breakfast in a coffee shop. She was a wisp of a woman who never really recovered from that attack, God rest her soul. People are robbed, mugged, beaten, pickpocketed. There are burgleries, and stores are held up. And you know what? It doesn’t seem that that blogger, Ned, does focus on those things, choosing instead to focus on things like old shopping carts that are abandoned in funny places. Stop bashing every kid here like they are all bad. They aren’t, just like anywhere else.

          • Anonymous

            Take a look at SBbites for Nov. 15th. What a joke! They are so worried about the police making little comment about the Holloween problem here, and once again the SB people take all kinds of shots at GB when meanwhile the police are reporting on all the murders, robberies, car thefts, burgleries, etc., in Sheepshead Bay. Seems to me that they should get out of our business and start worrying about their own shitty neighborhood. I think they are jealous that the biggest problem here is a group of rowdy teens who for all their antics don’t mug elderly people or shoot each other.

          • Anonymous

            Check out Sbites on Nov. 15th. The headline is about how the police report doesn’t include much about Holloween in GB and everyone on SBbites AGAIN has a good time Beach bashing. MEANWHILE, if you watch the video of the police report, it’s all about the murders, burgleries, car theft, assault, etc. that is happening in SB. Is it just me or does anyone else agree that SB people should get out of our business and be more concerned with all the major crime that is happening in their backyards? Warts and all, I would take GB over that slum any day. I think they are just jealous that the biggest problem we have is a small group of rowdy teenagers of whom a smaller percentage engage in vandalism. At least they aren’t mugging elderly people and shooting each other.

          • anonymous

            Just because you never saw a middle Eastern kid ” pelt” a rock at an old person doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…. did you see anyone in Gerritsen Beach “pelt” an old person with a rock ? Hmmm…

      • Anonymous

        Lisanne, Who are you kidding? You have taken plenty of cheap shots at the Beach on SB Bites. I seem to remember one comment that suggested that the whole penninsula be cut off from the mainland and let drift. You and all your buddies over there have had a wonderful time bashing us. I, for one, realizing how you feel about us, am boycotting SB. I’ll miss the restaurants and shopping, but there are plenty of other places to spend money. Goodbye Loemanns, goodbye Wheelers, and (sniffle) goodbye Jimmy’s.

  • Anonymous

    The mother at the home owners association is the prime example for why this sort of thing happens in GB… she said she and her friends did at as kids and therefore, it’s essentially something that is always going to happen so don’t blame the parents. She wanted to kill the messenger when she and other parents should be exercising more control over their kids. The parents of these kids need to stop living in denial. I remember when my brother and I were young and he did something stupid like this. My mom gave him a wooping and punished him for a while. He never did anything stupid like that again. Maybe you’re reluctant to smack your kids butt, but how about taking away their video games, their computer time, their cell phones, etc. anytime they’re caught in the public vandalizing their own neighborhood and putting their neighbors in harms way.

    And that mom acted holier than thou by saying we should see what “they” do in the Marlboro projects. (We all know what word you really wanted to use instead of they) Guess what, the mom is no different than the families in the projects. Those kids act like delinquents because they follow their parents’ example. Well the GB kids who vandalize the neighborhood are doing the exact same thing.

    Stop deflecting the issue and take responsibility for your freakin’ kids before they wind up causing some serious injury to one of us.

    • barbara

      I lived across the street from the skate park for 10 years. I moved before it became the skate park. There has ALWAYS been problems at that hangout spot. I swear, one night the kids were removing the lights from the bus shelter and tossing them in the middle of the avenue. Those long light bulbs! Rocks were constantly thrown at the bus shelter, breaking it numerous times. One cinderblock hit my car that was parked in front of my house. I saw who did it. I immediately took the cinderblock and went straight to this kids house. Lights on, tv volume on, knocked on the door, no response. Apparently the kid had a cell phone and his parents (FRIENDS of mine since childhood) refused to answer the door or the phone. Yep. Not their problem. Lost a ton of respect for them. Also, during the winter time, snowballs at buses. One hit my front window. I went out to talk to the kids, and of course, “wasn’t me”. Funny thing is, two nights later, one of the kids came knocking on my door because his friend hit him in the face with a snowball and he had a bloody nose. I let him in. I had complained to 61 and 60 each claiming the other precinct had jurisdiction on that side of the avenue. For a short time they did, however, have a patrol car sit there. Cop became very friendly with the younger girls. Allowing them to sit in the car, turn the siren on and at one point, and I raise my hand to God on this one, patting them down in a playful manner. I called the precinct(s) to complain about THAT and they claimed it was Brooklyn South. In the meantime I became the woman that “called the cops on the cop” because “Office Pedophile” told the kids. He must have gotten a “talking to” by his superiors. He didn’t last much longer on “patrol duty”. I feel for the people that have to deal with this. But it has been going on for years. Not just todays kids, last decades kids too. Such a shame. Most of these kids are good kids, they just need something constructive to do with there time. It is too bad they don’t have the Teen Organization anymore or the PAL at the Cort Club. I love Gerritsen Beach, it is my “home”, but I am glad I no longer live there. I moved just before my girls hit their teen years and could not be more proud of them and their accomplishments.

      • Anonymous

        You should learn your Precincts – 60th is no where near us – parkside of Gerritsen Ave. is the 63rd. How long did you live there?

        • anon

          Now you’re blaming the 60? It’s in Coney Island for Pete’s sake!

        • Anonymous

          Nowhere is 1 word. How long have you been speaking?

          • The Divine Mrs. M

            Ok, you don’t get it, you missed the point, this person lived across the street from this, witnessed first hand the issues that have always been there so don’t get distracted by grammatical errors. Stay with us here.

          • barbara

            Mrs. M….Apparently people have nothing better to do with their time then insult others “mistakes” or grammatical errors. Thank God the grammatical one wasn’t MINE. “Gasp”. Probably one of the kids that hang out causing mischief or one of the lazy assed parents who KNOWS it’s their kid. Thank you Divine for diverting attention to the matters at hand <3

          • The Divine Mrs. M

            I’m sorry you had to go through what you did Barbara, I’ve live here a long time and thankfully not across the street from that area that has been a nightmare even before the park. I know people who live there now and had their rear windows blasted out, probably because someone complained, the kids got wind of it and smashed the windows of everybody on the block. I hate that idiot who had to say something about how you mispelled something which I see has been removed, totally missed the point of what you were trying to say, I was just trying to tell them to stay on point.

  • Anonymous

    Keep writing about incidents when they happen. The precinct doesn’t want to take a report because if the crime figures go up, the precinct commander gets a dress down. It’s all a numbers game but if you get the stories into the press, the police will eventually have to acknowledge it and do something about it.

    The police department is only concerned with statistics these days. They forgot what crime prevention and crime response is all about.

    • barbara

      I agree 100 percent. It is/was a proven fact when Guiliano was mayor. And I liked him to boot….lol

      • The Divine Mrs. M

        There’s a lot of wrong with this city thanks to his majesty, “King Bloomberg”, but we need to call our law enforcement into account for their lack of doing what they’re being paid to do. The sad thing is my dad, brother and father in law were all cops and I have to say this is a dark day for the police who were sworn to protect and defend everyone, not just their brethern.

  • McPatty

    The police department doesnt do anything because so many cops live in GB and it is their kids committting these crimes. Instead, the white precint commander will have his pigs harass minorites just like a true racist.

    • Arthur Borko

      If black people are committing a crime it’s not racist to pursue and arrest them.

      The crime is shielding kids because you’re affiliated with them or their family in some way. I doub’t this has anything to do with race.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why there was no enforcement this year, but in years past we have had plenty of police presence on Holloween. We had the tower, and kids were stopped and searched even if they weren’t doing anything. My kids had bags opened and checked when they weren’t carrying any eggs or shaving cream. Why does it have to be a feast or famine? It has nothing to do with race, that’s ridiculous, and it’s not cops living in the Beach, that’s ridiculous too. Probably more to do with cuts to the police force in general.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately no one is going to listen until someone is seriously hurt, or dead. And until then, we can complain all we want at meetings or here on the site, but not a soul, especially these brain damaged parents, aren’t going to listen. I’ve wanted to live in this area my whole life, but if this is what I have to deal with for the rest of my life, then I’m out. I don’t appreciate sitting at broken bus shelters and being surrounded by un educated low lives who pretend their gangsters. You want to be gansta? Go move to the projects and throw rocks at those people, see how that works for you, because I doubt you’ll last a day before someone murders you. We all know most of the people in our area are good, hard working people, and we don’t need this crap.

    It amazes me too that so may people were so concerned with tattooed “freaks” doing these exact things, yet it still seems to be our kids assaulting us and breaking bus shelters.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you kids have video games to play?

  • News

    We need to get this entire mess, the kids, parents, the stories on the news. If their publicly humiliated, they’ll never do this crap again.

    • Anonymous

      After seeing the behavior of some of thse parents at the meeting, do you really thing you or anyone could possibly humilate them or embrass them ?

      • Bus Shelter repairman

        And the women at the meeting i wont call her a lady said Danny is hurting her dirtbag sons chances of getting into college LOL he is not going to make High school never mind college.

        • Anonymous

          Why not? All her other kids made HS and college. Her son, who also spoke at the meeting is very smart and good and kind enough not to take shots at someones mother, unlike you. Don’t you ever get tired of bashing the Beach and everyone in it?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they were aiming at Danny and just have lousy aim.

  • Tom

    Just wanted to voice my support for this website in general, spotted it through The Gothamist and I’m appalled by these morons who think you’re somehow doing something wrong by saying people should be held accountable for their actions. If your son can’t get into Xaverian because he was throwing rocks at cars, maybe he shouldn’t have been throwing rocks at cars. Thanks for your work, keep it up, and know you have support throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond.

  • ...

    The example we’re setting for these kids, parents and even worse, the future generation, is that no one cares. We’re conditioning their behavior with positive reinforcement, which simples means, it will happen again. I encourage everyone to go and read, “The Tipping Point.” It’s a very well written book about how small things, make big changes. It goes into great detail about how our very own subway system turned from a graffitied, crime ridden nightmare, to the much safer, cleaner trains we have now. Everything the book talks about we can relate right to this entire halloween/recent situation, and how we can stop it all. If these kids and parents continue to cause small problems, they will lead to much larger issues that we might not be able to take back. Then who will really win? No one.

    • The Broken Windows Theory

      If you don’t have time to read this book, here is basically the major point in it that relates directly to this whole mess. Please read it:


      • anon

        The broken windows theory is a proven fact. GB should pay attention to it.

        • If its socially tolerated behavior, it’s going to continue. Excusing it makes it worse. Belittling critics of that behavior increases it’s occurrence.

          I strongly suggest that those who consider themselves to be *responsible* leaders of the community read that book, or least gain a comprehension of how this applies to Gerritsen beach. And then do something constructive.

  • Raise Your Damn Kids

    i first saw your story though Gothamist too and watched the entire videotaped meeting. i could not believe the parent’s attitudes in defense of their little angels.

    we seriously need to bring back the stockade. public shame and humiliation is the only way to go after such short-sighted insular people — teens and parents alike. it your community people, stop destroying it!

  • monsterzro

    but it’s tradition!

  • gerritsen belt

    bring back the gerritsen belt and show them the tradition we were brought up on.

  • […] recently as today, GerritsenBeach.net has documented continued vandalism from local teens, who over the weekend were spotted throwing rocks at buses, people and cars. Residents of the […]

  • Render

    These children of the corn don’t quit do they?

  • anon

    Kids today do not play sports. They follow the thug droopy pants culture. They will follow it right in to a cell in Rikers.

  • Say NO to droopy pants

    Sagging your pants and showing america your dingleberries is just a cry for some sick and weird attention. It does not scare anyone… PICK UP YOUR PANTS.

    • The Divine Mrs. M

      I say keep the droopy pants, their hands will be too busy holding them up that they can’t throw rocks.

  • dave p

    It’s such a shame. i walk to Gerritsen Beach all the way from Kings Highway because I enjoy the quiet and cleanliness of the neighborhood. And to hear that the neighborhood actually approves (or doesn’t care) that it’s kids throw rocks at cars and people is really disheartening.
    On my travels thru Gerritsen, I’ve found the people to be well-mannered, friendly and peaceful. I hope it’s just a minority of adults/kids who are proud of their animalistic behavior. To the woman who said “look at Marlboro projects”, I say to her this: I have travelled there too, and if you want Gerritsen Beach to be compared to Marlboro Projects, then, well, you have it. I will in my mind equate Gerritsen Beach’s families with Marlboro Projects!

    • Annonymous

      GB is a great neighborhood, obviously there are some issues just like every other place in BKLYN. The issues are amplified at this time because of the state of the nation in general, the lack of respect of the generation in question and the media coverage. We now live in a nation where right and wrong are always considered relative, this all stems from certain social and political thoughts and results in the inability to stop that which is objectively not right.

      Basically, those acting out have more rights and protections than those being victimized. I would assume 30 – 40 years ago these kids and their parents would have a choice, deal with the problem yourself or the neighborhood will deal with it for you. We have all seen the way people get jammed up for trying to protect their general rights and property in this city. They wind up getting in more trouble than the criminal / instigator. These kids know this, they have been raised in a society that coddles the perpetrator by making every excuse for their actions while vilifying any victim that has the tenacity to defend what is theirs. Everyone has done something stupid in their days, especially in their youth and when that happens there is usually a person we call Dad there to set them straight and explain to them why their actions will not be tolerated. As for the media, there are two issues, the more obvious one being that aggregating all these issues in one place for all to see forces those that are ignorant or indifferent to acknowledge the issues. Then there is the sensationalism of some stories , controversy whether real or manufactured makes for better reading even if at times it skews the facts. It is a sad state of affairs when those that should be disciplining their own don’t care and those that are being victimized fear they will be the target if they protect their own.

  • concerned


  • Lilith

    Send all these little rats to the battle royale. Let them fight it out.

  • anon

    The mta shouldn’t fix the shelters anymore unless they turn in the punk that broke it. Why should the riders constantly foot the bill. The city shouldn’t repair the destroyed playground facilties either, why should tax payers suffer to pay due to the idiots constantly destroying everything in sight !!? Sorry to say GB is turning into a ghetto….gonna move outta here…tsk tsk.

    • Anonymous

      The MTA doesn’t own or repair the bus shelters, it’s a private company that makes BILLIONS from them. Not saying that we should tolerate them being smashed, just saying it’s not tax dollars. As far as platground facilities, what are you talking about? Our playground at 277 has been virtually ignored by the parks dept. for years. It’s not vandalism, it’s a complete lack of maintainence.

      • anon2

        even if the shelters are maintained by a private company, the costs still trickle down to the riders. and what about vandalism at seba park?…..missing benches..etc

        • Anonymous

          The cost doesn’t ‘trickle down to the riders’. The company, CERMUSA, pays the city for the right to put up and maintain the bus shelters. They do it because they make billions from the advertising on them. Again, I’m not saying, in any way, that smashing them is good or that there is any excuse for that, just trying to correct your assumption that it costs anything in tax dollars. It doesn’t.

  • If The Shoe Fits....

    Just saw a segment on PIX11 about this…

  • Streetsmartz

    They should make the parents pay to fix the bus stop. What a bunch of trash. I know kids will be kids but these brats need a hobby. Wait till they hit someone with a rock and that person has a weapon.

  • anon

    i can give names of the kids. maybe their parents might do something if their angels names were published. do i hear a yes or no??

    • anon

      and have pics to boot.

    • anon2

      a definite yessss!!!! turn the little rat turds in. thats the only way to curtail this BS. And you might be saving the bastards from someone else out to get them…..

      • gb mom

        I think the names and photos should all be printed here, sent to the newspaper, flashed on the news, and anything else that gets them noticed for what they are doing. The last call should be to Social Services. Someone should turn these parents in. If they can’t or don’t want to handle their children, then their children should be removed from the homes. Enough is enough. This is not a one time problem. Then the lazy low-life parents will have more time to drink and do their drugs or whatever it is that is more important than parenting. What ever happened to parenting a child and teaching them right from wrong? There are no morals in this neighborhood for the most part. There is also no accountability. Parents are responsible for what their children do. Make them pay for the damages done, and put them in the hot seat. Make the parents do community services to get them out of their houses. Maybe when their lives are disrupted and they actually have to fix what their kids damage, they will make their kids stop so they can go back into their holes again.

    • If The Shoe Fits...


    • anon

      still waiting to see the rogues gallery…………….

  • Anonymous

    looks like we need a curfew in this neighborhood (apparently for the adults as well as the teens!). OR a little whoopa** is in order, oh I forgot, parents could be sued by their kids for touching them…….
    Lived here my whole life and never saw the blatant disregard, disrespect, vandalism apathy like I see now……makes me sick. And yes I raised kids here and no neither they nor their friends went around doing what these pigs are doing today……

  • anon2

    danny keep up the good work and lawyer up to sue all who slandered you at the meeting. Get an order of protection out against them also.

  • Anonymous

    sadly, ignorance begets ignorance

  • Anonymous

    sadly ignorance begets ignorance

  • Anonymous

    sadly ignorance begets ignorance and there’s no shortage of that in these instances

  • Th Divine Ms. M

    I have lived in GB for 22 years, while it has it’s share of problems, I still think it’s a great place to live. You can’t paint a whole community with the same brush, while there are punks, there are also a lot of good kids, while there are some remiss parents, there are some very strict and involved parents too. The problem is that only the negative gets out there, we as a community need to stand together, speak the truth and put it out there, good, bad and the ugly. MOST of todays generation, not all, are ignorant in their arrogance which is scary. It’s all over though, look at “YouTube”, when these jack asses video themselves beating innocent people up or each other up, sometimes with the parents egging them on. If you call 311 and don’t get a response, call again, tell them you are taping the call and if nothing is done, you’re taking it to the media, Attorney General, where ever you need to, make a stand.

  • Anonymous

    Almost everybody today has a cell phone with a camera. If you see some thing like this happening take a picture. Send it to this website and go to the police and show it to them.

  • Streetsmartz

    Drop the punks in east new York and see if they still want to throw things.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly we need Jewish people in the neighborhood because the Irish just don’t know how to parent.

    • Annonymous

      Your comment shows your ignorance. First off, the issues here are related to a small but very publicized group of people from a larger goop from a very good neighborhood.

      Then there is the fact that although many of those at fault may be Irish, some are not. Then there is the fact that Irish or not you are comparing a nationality with a religion, which is just ignorant at best. Although I don’t know any, I do know being of Irish heritage and of Jewish faith is not mutually exclusive. Most Irish are in fact Roman Catholic and much like many Jews have fought for their religious rights on both sides of the pond.
      Now I will agree with you, like most of the Irish, from GB that the parents of the kids in question are in need of some serious lessons on parenting. Those skills are by no means monopolized by any one group of Americans.

      Before you throw stones and condemn other nationalities and faiths lets not forget the issues this city has seen in Crown Heights over the years. Lets also remember that it is very easy to slander the Irish who are not considered a protected class like many others in this country. They fought on their own, for their own when attacked instead looking to the government to solve their problems, which ironically was the cause of their problems and the catalyst for them to come to this great nation.

      • Anonymous

        “Your comment shows your ignorance.” Really? You should re-read your own drivel. I’m sick and tired of the excuses, the Irish should do some child rearing in this neighborhood. Slander? Protected class? -give it a rest and tell your neighbors to teach their kids to be civil. They should be ashamed.

        • MISS CAROL

          I wonder who raised you? Your own parents should be ashamed,that you would condem a whole nationality’s parenting skills. From whom did you learn to be so prejudice, hateful & ignorant?

          • Anonymous

            I thought the people in this neighborhood like to tell it like it is. How are those comments hateful? That comment is hateful of vandalism probably. Shortly after the Halloween scandal you would think the respected Irish community heads would gather folk in their Gaelic clubhouse and get parents to wise up since so many names were named. But no, only a few short days latter it’s escalated to more destruction of private and public property but this time with rocks. The Irish are generally good, hard working people, but in this neighborhood their kids are out of control and they apparently can’t take care of their own. Those are the facts, not wishful thinking facts like there’s no distinction between two clearly distinct groups (Irish and Jews). We live here and the facts are starring all of us in the face. There’s no hating there, just a lot of wishing the Irish would take care of business. We have a right to speak our mind on it. Let them step up and then the embarrassing complaining will stop, it’s a disgrace. Save the speech about how much they’ve done for the community, some of their parents and other cultures here did that, now their kids are dragging it down.

          • jd

            don’t forget the “eye-talians”. Desimone…..hint..hint…

          • Anonymous

            It sickens me that in the article that was written, that they likened the Halloween incident to throwing eggs when they were kids. When I was a kid, it was innocent. You went around “egging” friends and throwing shaving cream. Throwing rocks is a criminal act, not innocent fun.

          • MISS CAROL

            I stand by what I said. Sounds to me you hate the Irish. Just for the record I raised 6 children in Gerritsen beach. I am very proud of each if them. I am American, of Irish descent,as is my husband, of 43 yrs. I think what was done Halloween night was totally unexceptable,also the way the parents handled the situation was wrong.

          • MISS CAROL

            BTW why anon. if you feel so strong about the matter,why not put your name?

          • Anonymous

            I guess I don’t feel that strongly about it. Just an observation, and no, I don’t hate anybody. Nice try though.

          • MISS CAROL

            I wasn’t trying anything, I say what I mean & mean what I say,I asked you a question. This IS a great neighborhood,with WONDERFUL people,Irish included. A few of the kids did awful things Halloween night,that I feel their parents delt with poorly. I hope we never see this happen again. You say you don’t feel strongty about it,well I do. I don’t like a whole neighborhood & nationality being trashed. More so when it is mine,only being honest. You had an awful lot to say about something you don’t feel strongly about.

          • THE EQUALIZER

            There was a lot to be said at the time. I feel strongly that there should be an increased focus on a cure for cancer, reduction of our national debt, and a few other things but this is not a priority topic. I don’t trash MY neighborhood, because I live here. I know that this neighborhood is MUCH more than the young punks that are sometimes highlighted in this website for their vandalism. I love my home.

            There’s a lot of negative emphasis on race and ethnicity in postings on this site, take a look at the Sheepshead Bay HS Closing article. So I sometimes like to point out the fact that some races need to look in the mirror with their vandalism, break-ins, graffiti, drinking and drugs, etc. As far as I’m concerned we’re AMERICAN not Irish, Italian, Spanish, Black, etc. We may be exceptional but it’s because of our Constitution mostly. But of course we don’t live in that world, we live in a world of ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’, West Indian Day Carnivals, etc. Well, I’m sick of it and all you tribally proud people can kiss my ass. If your going to be tribal, at least look out for each other (like the Jewish example) or you can consider me the Huckleberry that points out the hypocrisy.

          • anonymous

            “A few of the kids did awful things Halloween night”

            Sorry somehow I still can’t see what was so awful I was on that Avenue at least 5 times on Halloween and saw nothing “awful” being done. Was anyone hurt?? NO … This whole discussion about Halloween is getting ridiculous and has made us look like a bunch of a__holes to people in other neighborhoods…doesn’t anyone know when to just shut up and move on already….THEY WERE EGGS !!!!!

    • suomynona

      nah, we need some more folks from eastern Europe or Russia, they’ll bring the property values up and change the beach for the better. those folks are real classy. we’ll soon see made over homes and many more luxury cars in the neighborhood if they move in. and they’ll create new business here too.

  • a friend

    A kid was assaulted on the 4th of july down the beach,He was puerto rican
    One kid sucker punched him with brass knuckles,My friends daughter jumped in and saved the kid from further harm,later my friends daughter confronted the kid who did the assault,and was assaulted her self by the kid and two of his friends ,his other daughter jumped in to protect her sister and guess who then jumped in? One of the boys mother!!!She proceeded to help assault the girls!!I\It turns out the girls were a little tougher than expected Cause they gave as good as they got.The police showed up and guess who they arrested? My buddies daughters.The girls live down the beach and stood up for a kid they didn’t know probably saved his life and the good cops at 61 lock them up.I guess only bad kids get a pass

    • Annon

      Listen, really don’t feel bad because the kid was Puerto Rican. I’m sure it had nothing to do with that. These asshole kids hate everybody

  • a friend

    Oh by the way the two girls are Irish. Their dad works for the city and is very pissed about what happened

  • Shakingmydamnhead

    this neighborhood really needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt the trash here is sickening all you see everyday is white trash at its finest there are some good people left but sadly the garbage is out numbering the good if your offended by my remarks im probably talking about you . these trailer park trash idiots go after a blogger for exposing the non sense here he should be given an award for what he is doing and the it thing that called him a pedophile smh no wonder you dont date men anymore look at you …..the parents should be held 100 percent accountable for these animals actions and best believe if i see any nonsense someones child is going to get a smack

  • Annon

    Listen, there are a lot of what I term as “big” families in this neighborhood. You know, lots of cousins, and stuff. There is a really big family that is growing strong, it is the not my fucxing kid family!!! You know what, I am getting tired of hearing this shxt!! And you also want to know what kids, keep your f’ing friends from Marine Park and Bay Ridge out of this neighborhood.
    Nobody needs them here. Yes we have a lot of white trash here but you are bringing more trash into the neighborhood. We shouldn’t feel terrorized every Friday and Saturday. You know whats going to happen soon, you kids are going to get shot and stabbed by the local people trying to protect their property. I’m actually thinking right now, revenge is sweet.
    Let’s start a new petition. Bring Gerritsen Beach back to a gated Community and keep out the crap. I’m sure all the crap that will be left will be too afraid to do anything. It seems as if the little boys don’t act up until they have others by there side. Without the “girls” from Marine Park, you know what we are left with. Nothing.

  • Anonymous

    When ws it a gated community? Must be before the 1940’s.

  • It's sad to say

    Yes, I know every single one of these kids. They’re all morons and jerks, and have always been. Most of them have absent and blind parents who get cursed out by the child when they say one remark. I would turn them all in, if I wasn’t scared all of Gerritsen Beach would get on me.

    You don’t understand adults, I am a ten like them, but I don’t talk to them, at all. Gerritsen Beach has a chain gang of kids. I witnessed a black kid who came to hang out was about to fight with one kid, when the rest of the kids jumped in a beat up the boy. He had a bump on his head the size of a handball.

    Trust me when I say this, most of them smoke weed and drink. Remember Four Loko, that drink that just got banned? THAT’S what they all drink. (Not anymore, of course)

    To know where there life is going, I should say goodbye now. But why? They deserve it.

    • It's sad to say

      Also to add on, you can see where this neighborhood is going since they have fights and light fires in the little kid’s playground.

  • THAT guy

    When is the MTA going to stop replacing these bus shelters? Seems like one of them is broken every few weeks, its only a matter of time before they stop fixing them all together.

    • suomynona

      maybe the repair guy lives in the neighborhood and his kids are just giving him “job security”….lol

  • John Hassler

    I went to this site beause I wanted to post something for my wife.She grew up in the beach and I in Marine Park.My Dad played ball for the cort club and he knew the beach before I did.What he would say was stay out of Gerristen Beach because there is nothing but trouble thereand that’s trouble with a capital T.Well anyway 43 years ago I married a girl from the Beach and we are still married.She really is one hell of a kind person.So like everywhere there is good and evil.We live in Staten Island now and 10 years ago I was going to straighten some teenage punks out who act like the punks in the Beach.Anyway I ended up in the st is hosp because 6 of them were to much for me.Somebody has got to straighten these punks out I am still trying when I get the chance.But now I wait untill I only have about 2 to deal with.