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Property Owners Meeting: Halloween Edition

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Gerritsen Beach grappled with its latest controversy during last night’s Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Assocation meeting, as they tackled the Halloween “bombing” that saw violence and destruction spill through the community.

The solution put forward by most? Silence the blogger who put the nefarious youths in the spotlight.

Read more at SheepsheadBites

336 comments to Property Owners Meeting: Halloween Edition

  • mobtek

    Wow, everyday with dis shit! hahaha dumbarses

  • Anonymous

    Woaaaaah. Daniel, you're being blamed? And threatened? I've never in my life have ever heard of something SO backwards in my life… Ever.

    • JWK


      I commend you for documenting the criminal activity on Halloween.
      You are providing a valuable public service to your community.
      We need more people like you in this country.
      Were I a parent of a child that did what you have recorded I’d be thanking you for bringing it to may attention.
      God Bless And Protect You And Yours

      Joihn in Florida

  • How? Why? Huh?

    So you're being blamed for everything? Huh? I'm so lost. Everyone spent their time blaming you? How? So everyone is letting these kids get away with everything? And you're being blamed? I'm soooo confused. If I go out right now and smash a bus window, I'll be applauded for my behavior? Right? Then I can say it's your fault, right? So Son Of Sam really wasn't a bad guy cause his dog told him to kill all those people… So a blog catching crime made people commit crime? Huh? I'm so confused. So being caught committing crimes means that you're really doing right? So you posted the story of the cell phones thieves…. So if their parents yell at you, they'll get away with it? Right?

    • Anonymous

      bus lady is “worrying about the children’s safety” but she wasn’t worried about the safety of the citizens her son was terriorizing, was she.

  • Mikey

    It's only cause they're white kids. If you posted this story about a bunch of scary black teens terrorizing their community you'd be a hero, but their precious white kids can't be blamed for their own actions. How dare you show these lazy parents what their perfect Aryan children have done?!

  • chichi

    Gerritsen Beach, you’re selling yourself short – pointing fingers at one another, take responsibility. The children were wrong and the parents who weren’t around to stop it were wrong. This children’s behavior was not the fault of the police, fire department or that weirdo who took the pictures. It is the responsibility of the children involved and their families. If there were Halloweens that were worse in the past, well, that’s in the past. And for the children and the parents of the children who were innocent and were falsely bragging on facebook, let this be a lesson. The truth is if you would have monitored your children more closely this could have been prevented. This neighborhood could be great but it seems to be stuck. And as for the article a few months ago about the Yeshiva boys vandalizing the baseball fields… I had a hard time believing that then, and for sure don’t believe it now. I want to see you prosper and be a strong community. And if that guy who took the pictures is a pest, let it be known.

    • Has anyone read this carefully?

      64 likes? Why?

      The person who took the photographs is not a pest, or a weirdo. He is doing what must be done in a community where criminal behavior is tolerated because the minority that engages in it will seek revenge on those who speak out against it.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus your sons arent darlings, your son was calling and cursing older women names on the website. For you to cop out and say hes a pedophile give me a break drama queen. Obviously your son does not know right from wrong when he tells a older woman to "suck his dick". Its not Danny that makes the community garbage its the garbage who makes the community garbage. I understand and agree that different actions should have been taken but how much is enough that ppl in the community should have to be afraid of walking by themselves or with their children before worrying about getting hit wih an egg or anything else. Watching this metting was a disgrace because nothing was brought up about what the kids did, maybe one time but that was it. He does what he does for the community to keep them infomed about half of the stupid crap that that goes on or we arent aware of. So yes if he takes pictures of community affairs thats one thing but can you prove hes a pedophile, last year my work truck was pelted with eggs and one darling almost put an egg in it, so you dont want pictures put up of the kids, thats fine so how are ppl supp to notify the parents when the kids run and hide like cowards. but to be-rate him like that and not discuss the other reason why the meeting was called for is disgusting and once again the darling teens of GB get away with more mischief. Well i tell you this if my car gets pelted with eggs, my wife gets pelted with eggs I will seek out ur child and then you will be seeing me. Oh and to the genious calling Danny a pedophile here is some reading material. and its about time these lil bastards get scared ppl are sick and tired of putting up with their crap and they get away with it.


  • Really Really

    this meeting was appauling

  • Jason

    Apparently, these people do not understand how freedom of speech works. Your doing a good thing, keep it up. I have never seen a crazier lady in my life. Making excuses for the fact that she can't control her own children.

  • Anon

    APPALLING!! Two bigmouths taking over most of the meeting, trying to defend what their kids did because they did it when they were kids?? NEWSFLASH: It wasn't right when you were a kid either!! If surveilance cameras on the avenue caught your kids on tape, is the person or storeowner who has that camera a pedophile too? You're just pissed because there is no way for you to deny that:1) your kids are out of control, and 2) you screwed up as a parent by not doing your job and checking up on them. If someone takes a picture of an assailant attacking one of your kids in the street,regardless of the assailants age, you'd be grateful as hell to have that picture. But because your children were the "assailants" now you want to cry foul.

  • Anonymous

    That meeting was a JOKE! The leader of the meeting all he wanted to do was slam that gavel and get the Hell out of there… That screaming Mother that all of a sudden shut up when people brought up the REAL issue of what are we going to do about these Brats that cause trouble and destruction in the community (her disrespectful foul mouthed son I am sure does a good part of it but he is a Good Kid") So many people sat there who you can clearly see disagreed with the screaming idiots (That guy that was screaming his head off, he was a JOKE! Glad he left) were saying and wanted to focus on the real issue of controlling these crazy kids and were concerned about their safety barley said a word! SPEAK UP!!! I don't get it! I was so mad just watching this! Are you Kidding me!!

    • dvsness

      I agree. I was one of the only people who had anything to say despite all the people who clearly agree with me based on comments here.

  • I wonder why no one

    ….and confronts her about her kids. Maybe because she's REALLY, REALLY scary. How else could you bring things to her attention, besides a public blog. Yikes.

  • Anon

    Its clear that the "board" had no control over that meeting. It was a farce. It was a platform for 2 individuals to point a finger and intimidate. Mrs. Bus Driver…if you really paid attention you'd see that at the bottom of GB.net is the persons name who runs the site, with an e-mail and 2 phone numbers. But you're not too observant.

    Apparently the people most up in arms about this are the parents of the children who were terrorizing innocent people that were just trying to have a nice day with their kids. Kids who were looking forward to going Trick-or-Treating and wearing their costumes. But thanks to your "angels" they were terrified instead. Take a good look at the faces of the parents and children standing in front of St. James with their hands over their mouth, absolutely horrified at what they were witnessing. Your raising them well. Keep up the good work!!

    • Anonymous

      I AGREE!!!! TOTAL JOKE THAT MEETING WAS! There is so much more destruction that goes on with these kids around this neighborhood and not just on Halloween and the parents just either don't do anything about it or just have no control over their kids but they will NEVER admit it… All they can do is point the finger at everyone and everything else! It is disgusting!!! Everyone who attended that meeting should be embarrassed! Even the people who you can clearly see did not agree with those loud mouths but just sat there and did not say anything! They were to afraid!

    • Anonymous

      Thats Gb net that has his phone #. What she was talking about was the Gerritsen Beach facebook page that has no indication of whose page it is. The kids 'friend' it and that allows Daniel to access their pages. They were duped into letting him view their pages, thinking it was a friendly GB page. All of the parents involved know their kids did wrong. Everyone does. And it is their personal business how they deal with it. No one has called them angels. No one denies responsibility. But do you really believe that it's ok for him to access their pages? It may be legal, internet law has some gray areas and needs some work, but was it morally right? Was it really ethical? Isn't it a bit creepy? Is this 'investigative journalism'? At the end of the day, these are children. And do you really think that for one day, for one mistake, that they really deserve to have their entire lives ruined? I mean there are people who are relishing and reveling in the fact that they will have trouble getting into schools and getting jobs in the future because of this. Kids make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes.

      • Anonymous

        You must be over 18 for a facebook page.

        " that for one day, for one mistake, that they really deserve to have their entire lives ruined? "

        Yes, people who throw rocks,eggs,etc. at adults and children deserve to have their AND THEIR PARENTS' entire lives ruined.


        • kerrin o'neill


        • Anonymous

          Wrong. According to the Facebook ToS, you must be 13 years to use Facebook.

        • John Gavin

          You do not have to be eighteen for a FB page!!!

          • Anonymous


            From the ToS on Facebook (It’s easy to find. It’s linked on *every* page on Faceook. Trust me. Just look for ‘Terms’). #5 is the option you’re looking for.

            # Registration and Account Security

            Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

            1. You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
            2. You will not create more than one personal profile.
            3. If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.
            4. You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser).
            5. You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.
            6. You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender.
            7. You will keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.
            8. You will not share your password, (or in the case of developers, your secret key), let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.
            9. You will not transfer your account (including any page or application you administer) to anyone without first getting our written permission.
            10. If you select a username for your account we reserve the right to remove or reclaim it if we believe appropriate (such as when a trademark owner complains about a username that does not closely relate to a user’s actual name).

      • Really Frightened

        Awwww. Poor kids. They had their criminal behavior exposed and now it may affect their future. Poor babies.

        I can't wait to send my two sons to Xavier High with these foul mouthed, disrespectful future ex-cons. What's wrong with me for feeling this way?

        Teenagers, and kids younger than that, assaulting innocent men,women, AND OTHER CHILDREN, for laughs. Yes, you're right. They're just misunderstood 'good kids'.

        Hey, I've got a great idea!! Let's accuse the messenger of being a pedophile!! YEA!!! That's what we'll do. Then no one will believe the lies!!!


        Hmmmm. What to do. What to do.

        • Anonymous

          bus lady (and I use that term loosely) and the loud-mouthed "father" (again I use that term loosely) had nothing substantive to say other than their "good kids" did nothing more than have Halloween "fun". When a person is wrong and they can't use facts, they blame somebody else. In this case it was the messenger. This is why people use anonymous to post because (1) they can't talk any sense into the "not my kid" parent, and (2) they don't want retaliation from the little hoodlums. There are many more people in GB that agree that they have to be stopped than the loud mouths that hijacked that meeting

      • Anonymous

        1) "Do you really believe that it’s ok for him to access their pages?"

        – Yes. These kids ACCEPTED or REQUESTED the initial friend request on their own accord without caring to know whom they were friend'ing.

        2) "Was it morally right?"

        – Yes. Figuring out who perpetrated a crime is without a doubt morally right.

        3) "Was it really ethical?"

        – Yes. Sure there could have been better ways to go about all this. But it was a helluva lot more ethical than smashing windows and destroying property.

        4) Isn’t it a bit creepy?

        – No. Figuring out who committed a crime, even if a juvenile, is not creepy.

        5) Is this ‘investigative journalism’?

        – Of course it is. Is there something wrong with investigative journalism?

        6) And do you really think that for one day, for one mistake, that they really deserve to have their entire lives ruined?

        – Whoa. Hold up there, Mr. or Mrs. Dramatic. Their entire lives haven't been ruined. They're kids. They do stupid s#!t. They live and learn and grow from those lessons. Well, hopefully they learn.

        7) I mean there are people who are relishing and reveling in the fact that they will have trouble getting into schools and getting jobs in the future because of this.

        – Do you realllllllly realllllllllly think that 10 years from now some administrator or some office manager will recognize a name from some small event and think "Oh crap! This kid threw potatoes and eggs when he / she was 10!!! No way I’m letting him / her go to school here!!!" No. That won't happen. Ease your roll.

      • a series of tubes

        1) "Do you really believe that it’s ok for him to access their pages?"

        – Yes. These kids ACCEPTED or REQUESTED the initial friend request on their own accord without caring to know whom they were friend'ing.

        2) "Was it morally right?"

        – Yes. Figuring out who perpetrated a crime is without a doubt morally right.

        3) "Was it really ethical?"

        – Yes. Sure there could have been better ways to go about all this. But it was a helluva lot more ethical than smashing windows and destroying property.

        4) Isn’t it a bit creepy?

        – No. Figuring out who committed a crime, even if a juvenile, is not creepy.

        5) Is this ‘investigative journalism’?

        – Of course it is. Is there something wrong with investigative journalism?

        6) And do you really think that for one day, for one mistake, that they really deserve to have their entire lives ruined?

        – Whoa. Hold up there, Mr. or Mrs. Dramatic. Their entire lives haven't been ruined. They're kids. They do stupid s#!t. They live and learn and grow from those lessons. Well, hopefully they learn.

        7) I mean there are people who are relishing and reveling in the fact that they will have trouble getting into schools and getting jobs in the future because of this.

        – Do you realllllllly realllllllllly think that 10 years from now some administrator or some office manager will recognize a name from some small event and think "Oh crap! This kid threw potatoes and eggs when he / she was 10!!! No way I’m letting him / her go to school here!!!" No. That won't happen. Ease your roll.

      • Confused

        Doesn't it say on the front page that it belongs to gerritsenbeach.net?

        Quoted from front page of the facebook page:

        "Gerritsenbeach.net strives to be an objective news site that was created with the intention of providing the residents of Gerritsen Beach with solid news and commentary on matters that are important to us."

        But honestly, if you don't know who your child is friends with on Facebook and didn't bother to CHECK their friends (and make sure they were legit!) then that's your problem. You're the parent take responsibility.

      • Jscott

        Hmm, Maybe you should restate that the FB page does not Id itself as Gerritsenbeach.net Look at the left side of the page.

        It clearly states:

        Gerritsenbeach.net strives to be an objective news site that was created with the intention of providing the residents of Gerritsen Beach with solid news and commentary on matters that are important to us.

        These children also posted on the FB page of GB some vile remarks, oh I forget, children will be children. Where and who do they learn the remarks from! And its not one day, one event, Bus shelters being smashed, nasty remarks made if approached. The women Renee was out of control at the meeting, contradicted herself several times. Let her waste her money on a Lawyer, Danny should counter sue for slander, she not only stated it but also wrote it on the FB page.

      • Hazy

        It’s deceptive but it’s not illegal to make a profile page and befriend people to gain access to their profile. You must be the male idiot in his mid to late 30s at the meeting who kept bringing up this very same point over and over. Get over it, your kid was being a vandal on Halloween and he deserved a lot more than just getting his photo taken and being outted on the internet. He deserved to get his ass beat by fully grown men.

      • Shocked and disappointed

        Parents who admit to knowing their children underage to otherwise be on Facebook are wrong. First,there are other age appropriate social mediums for minors to use. Based on the language these children used you can see why facebook has a minimum age limit. Even worse the parents said they monitor the page – if so then they must be agreeing with the language and statements of destruction. Most important – without exposing the FB pages or having the pictures nailing the kids, these parents would deny what happened as “not my chid” – even with the proof they are making excuses or deflecting blame. And the more they scream the more they expose themselves.

  • Just another White g

    Kudos to you Daniel Cavanagh, i hope this reaches the local broadcast channels…..

  • Clemenza

    That poor lady with the baby couldn't get a word in edgewise. She was the only one at the meeting who spoke with any intelligence, without any anger, and whose words actually meant something important. She was pointing out that the true danger that day was the deliquent children causing seriously unsafe conditions with moving vehicles on Gerritsen Ave. Of which she and her little baby were almost innocent victims of. Yet she was shouted down and ignored by the mob with the torches and pitchforks. Disgusting display of ignorance, short-sightedness and prejudice as I have ever seen in this neighborhood. "It's not the delinquint kids, it's the jobless, loser, pedophile photographer!" Hard to watch, sad to see….

  • Anonymous

    That mad cow bus driving b**** needs to have a lawsuit brought against her for slandering you. You've got her on tape calling you a pedophile, sue the heifer.

  • anon

    I moved here a few years ago. What a mistake ! I think my property value just went down!

    • anybody

      I hope you don’t leave You do not hear of the good or the kids that are presently in college. We only ever hear the negative. The avenue has always has it share. But I believe there are over 2000 families in GB and most you don’t hear a peep from.

    • GB Res

      I completely agree- relatively new here and so very disappointed with this neighborhood so far. Crazed, irresponsible parents who let their kids get away with anything. Teens with no goals whatsoever (besides being petty criminals) walking the streets. Big mistake!

      • anonymous

        GET OUT while you can…. if you have kids , they will associate with the scum and become one of them….. Leave before it’s to late.!!!!

        • anon

          I regret buying here also. Didn’t think it was going to get this bad a few years ago. It’s bad when you have to worry about getting hit with a rock while waiting for the bus or just walking down the street!!!

  • notdarkyet

    Is it too far fetched to wonder if the timing of the shooting that killed Ciera Glenn could have coincided with Halloween precisely because the perpetrators knew that the police had their hands full with all this BS? I mean, I had heard of the problems in Detroit on All Hallows Eve, but this is ridiculous… I mean, some kids learn the hard way that much like "sexting" photos and other social networking is wide open for all of their future bosses, in-laws, and well, anyone who cares to look CAN AND WILL be used against them in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION!

    These parents look ignorant…

  • notdarkyet

    And when is part 2?

  • Colleen

    I have never been so mad before!!! This meeting was a joke and an embarrassment to this community! You all are still ranting and raving about Danny for making this a public forum… give me a break!! Who the heck do you all think you are??!! There is a saying" she/he acts like there s*** don't stink" but guess what you all stink!! Danny is NOT the issue, so yea he made it public because you the PARENTS WILL NOT DO YOUR JOBS!! so what! ( a couple of quotes from some mothers from previous comments) If you know he was out throwing eggs, "don't start and say watch out for the cops", " I drove bye several times to check on them"," he only had 3 eggs", pick them up and take them home!! Get them off the streets and teach them right from wrong! You the community(parents) need to do your jobs and teach your children the right way, sorry Renee but, I for one never threw eggs or had shaving cream fights! Let alone hit oncoming buses, cars, people, older people with cans of shaving creams, eggs, potatoes, my father would have killed me before that would happen. What ever happened to teaching your children to respect all adults and behave! And to teach your children "watch out for the cops" just proves you know right from wrong and yet your teaching your children Who cares, go ahead anyway!!! Give me a break! What kind of parent are you??

    Danny is not the issue here, your children are, they were wrong and they need to apologize to everyone and pay for the damages that occurred on Halloween! It is your responsibility not to say it is Danny's fault! He just caught them in the acts and took pictures of kids being bad! Why is it when Danny is taking "good" pictures for Our News, GB cares, or Gerritsen Beach.net for the community and all the good we have here, you the parents DON'T have a problem then?? I even have seen several of you clipping the articles out to keep for your child's scrap book, tagged each other on facebook, and bragged about it to our schools!! But, the moment he takes pictures of some of the "bad" it becomes an uproar, hhmmmm… maybe because then your not to proud are ya!!!!!!!

    Danny, I may not always agree with you, but, I applaud you, keep up the good work!!!Somebody has to show the community the good, the bad, and the ugly, and especially the truth!!

    • Hazy

      I like how the loudmouths believed that if Mr. Danny had just called each individual parent that the families may have actually done some disciplining. It’s my experience that once a kid becomes this out of control, it’s due to poor parenting in itself. Therefore, trying to seek recourse from the family itself will most likely get no result. However, outing the kids is a perfect way of curbing future criminal behavior and it was the only form of recourse available to the website owner.

      Out of that group of kids, you know why only 3 parents showed up to the meeting? It’s because everyone else KNEW they were wrong. Your average human being does not try to argue with a person when they know they have done wrong. These 3 parents show signs of sociopath behavior by shifting the blame onto someone OTHER than their children and themselves and that is scary but it would explain why their children are running around on Halloween with impish smiles on their faces while they pelt women, children, and vehicles with rocks and potatoes.

  • Great Job GB!

    I believe you did a great job reporting, as a reported excersizing your freedom of speech and your right to bring to the public facts (not biased opinion) makes you a great asset to the community and very skilled being that you are out there, seeing these things, writing about them; half the things you put on your site I wouldn't have known about unless I've read them here.

    The parents concern and upset I understand, but they are wrong. Wrong for attempting to slender your name, wrong by saying you had done something illegal, wrong by turning their backs on you when you had contributed much to GB.

    What you had done is NOT illegal, it isn't illegal to snap photos in public, none of the children were standing "alone" it was in packs, you caught the damage parallel to those who commited these acts, you never befriended them on FB personally to grab their information; they boasted to an entire community which you were a part of. There is absolutly nothing illegal about anything you had done. Your reporting is remarkable, and the opposition is making themselves look real stupid infront entire Brooklyn. The more they fight and act like children themselves, the more justified you are.

    The Bylaws say you have to contribute, improve, append to the quality of life in GB and that's exactly what you are doing. Your site is full of wonderful things, and this was one story published that only the parents are so concerned with when in reality this is THEIR fault. Entirely. Their children shouldn't have done this, just because they did this while they were young does not mean that this is a preset example for children, this behavior should NOT be expected from children.

    The web is a powerful medium for distribution of news, Danny excersized his freedom fo speech to reveal truth, not a lie, not an opinion. These are factual events that occured where the city was made to look incomptent and the parents like they have no control. This is a great example of reporting, the community is now pouring fuel on the fire; not the blog. This blog is inspiring.

    Say what you will, do what you may; but you can never silence the fact that this occured on your own bequest. Your children went out of control, they were caught, the report is amazingly accurate and put out visual evidence, the public and people were endangered and you couldn't do anything to stop it; perhaps this is the way you had already raised your children; you did this when you were younger correct? you are passing some values to this new generation let me tell you. This is my opinion.

    If it was anyone from GB who was hurt, whos property was damaged, whos health, life or saftey was endangered because of these kids; you would've had your own people turn on you. If you were hurt by another community member's family, you would go on a hunt against them. Your behavior at the meeting wasn't smart at all, you made yourselves look like fools, you do not "own" the beach, you do not "own" moral standards. You will never be able to silcence the media, or the truth.

    Danny's entire argument is the truth, you can not beat that, be as mad as you want, bitch as much as you want, whine as much as you want; the truth holds water and can not be broken. GB should do something about the likes of YOU, how could a civil meeting be civil with an arrogant, loud, abnoxious, ignorant, rude.. Argh. Is this what things had come to? You clearly DON'T belong in GB; you made yourself out this way.

    This blog is better than the Bay News. Especially if you live in GB. This is as local as local gets and it is here to stay.

    Danny I commend you for your work, Bravo.

  • Anon

    Yeah … don't take pictures of my children committing crimes! What a joke! Thank you for posting this information.

  • Anonymous

    There you have folks – a BIG reason why some of these kids are the wild animals that they are. It's all on tape for you to see. Their kids destroy property and endanger the elderly, women, and children because they have parents who care more about the blasting the person who exposes their kid's rotten behavior. It's pathetic. I live here Danny, keep up the good work – don't be intimidated by these clowns. The police should be ashamed for not doing anything, the parents evidently have no shame.

  • Bravo! Well done! Kudos!

    Keep blogging about what's going on in your neighborhood and bringing attention to the issues that are being ignored. It's time to take back our cities and hold people accountable for their actions!!!

  • anon

    Did anyone catch the fact that Renee said that she is still throwing eggs on Halloween? How can she be expected to teach her children when she hasn't grown up herself? And she drives a bus and said she knows the danger of throwing eggs? Sounds like she isn't even responsible enough to drive a bus. I wouldn't want her transporting my children if it's a school bus she drives.

  • Anonymous

    Wild parents = wild children. Sad. I have your back Dan – don't let the hot heads who refuse to curb their own spawn run amok in our neigborhood. If you don't respect the laws by condoning illegal behavior then your not a part of the community, paying taxes is not enough – it's OUR neighborhood you savages. I'm speaking directly to the idiots on tape.

  • travel2692

    I continue to be amazed about the focus here….exposure rather than right or wrong….this highly emotional defense of kids makes no sense….realize your children were out of control….deal with them so there are no future issues…..the values are just not there with too many children today….they see nothing wrong in what they did…mobs tend to create siuations like this…people get carried away..or want to look "cool" .but I have said before, there are always smaller incidents on the avenue..involving neighborhood kids who are amused at vandalizing storefronts during the night…throwing things at buses and cars and motorbikes during the day….these are not transients…everyone wants to trash the skate park and out of neighborhood kids who come there…but I have yet to see any of them throw anything at a passerby, car or store, or vandalize the area….before the skate park was here, our park in the old section was trashed repeatedly by the neighborhood….PLEASE, people..wake up….stop trying to kill the messenger and pay attention to the message…..teach respect of neighbors and property and work on repairing a rift in a good community instead of propogating it! Be embarrased by their behavior instead of defending it. kids did this type of thing all over the neighborhood..not to this extreme…but yours are the ones who were caught! because they were a mob, out in such a public area and so disrepectful……no excuses cna be made for the behavior

  • Frank

    I wish that we can all focus on the real issue here, people got hurt, property was damaged. A dangerous condition was caused by children, teens, and young adults. The police who you ask to protect us don't want to come down here because when they take action they are ridiculed. Seriously the kids bombed the Police car, but they were wrong for not responding promptly. So let me ask this if they got out of the car and one of your kids got hurt who would have been wrong. Please teach your kids to respect the authorities, their elders, their neighborhood, and each other. When in a group that is doing wrong you have every right to walk away, otherwise you are guilty by association or acting in concert.

  • Anonymous

    Just caught a blurb about "dumb teen vandals" on MSNBC. Nation wide people know its the kids' fault – except the parents. DUMB AND DUMBER

  • eddie

    i find it funny that the real problem is being covered up. all these kids are going to get off the hook because everyone will be more interested in blaming danny. its sad. none of these kids are even in trouble. the blonde woman who was at the meeting and spoke on the news said her child was in alot of trouble, yet i saw him and all his asshole friends hanging out the same night. if thats punishment then no wonder these kids have no morals. and that goes for all these kids, there all still hanging out, drinking in the park everyday. its sad. do your jobs parents, and stop blaming danny, i consider him a hero. he had the balls to SHOW you what your peace of shit children do daily. so deal with them, and leave danny out of it.

    • Its not his fault!

      Agreed, but where is the social responsability? Any lawyers no why…….

      Just curious as to why the Channel 11 news blocked out the childrens faces, but this this website just put names phone #’s and pictures up? Is it that Channel 11 is responsible and this website is not?

      Or is it that the network understands how sensitive the issues of putting childrens pictures out there or the Networks Lawyers advise them not too??

  • Those folks give WhiteTrash a bad name!

    Great job Dan! I'm impressed with your strength. I don't know if I could have stood silent at that meeting and let the nut jobs go wild.

    • kerrin o'neill

      i am not white trash.

    • Anonymous

      Your house was egged in SB, Brooklyn Q, you said so yourself on SBites. Was the national media called in? No, because Ned doesn't hide behind bushes and take pictures of kids. NO ONE DISAGREES THAT THESE KIDS WERE WRONG. People are disturbed that GBnet follows kids around on the average day, waiting for something to happen, so he will have something to post. REALLY think about it. Would you want your kids stalked when they are out with their friends? Someone driving behind them in a car, trailing them. Don't you think for 13 year olds, that's almost a dare? You are missing what is disturbing to parents. Friending them on Facebook so that he can access their conversations with each other, a voyeur to their pics. These are 12-15 year olds. You don't think it's a bit weird?

      • a series of tubes

        What I think is a bit more weird is that parents are OK with children ages 10-15 having facebook pages to begin with.

        More importantly, I highly doubt GBnet follows children around stalking them with a camera. If I am wrong, please provide footage / photos of GBnet doing the things you have stated.

        Lastly, if I were 10 – 15 and someone followed me around with a camera, no, I would not consider it a dare. I would be crapping my pants and praying not to do anything stupid that would get me in to trouble.

      • I doubt that Dan was hiding in the bushes when he took those pictures. Anything that happens in the public arena, and yes the streets, weeds and parks of Gerritsen Beach is all the public arena, is fair game. No one – not even children – have a right to privacy when out in public.

        If Dan is stalking kids – which I sincerely doubt – call the cops.

        As for Dan friending them on Facebook – too freaking bad. Facebook, like everything on the internet is public information. The sooner these kids learn that the better.

        You just seem to miss the point. Dan did a great public service exposing what happened on Halloween. The kids of Gerritsen Beach damaged public property and they need to pay for it. The fact that the parents are taking a "blame the messenger" stance is one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a long time.

        • eddie

          he was standing right out in the open on florence and gerritsen by the drug store, i was there when all the posted photos were taken. he was just standing there. the kids are just retarted.

      • Anonymous

        Give us a Break! No one is following the kids around with a camera and no one friended the kids on FB…. When Danny opened the page we all had to send him a friend request. I was our choice to be on his page not his so stop with the Bull Shit that he seeked the kids out and friended them so he can look on their pages. So tired of hearing that!!!

      • anonymous

        THEY requested Danny's friendship, and 12 – 15 year olds shouldn't be on Facebook, (You must be 18 or lie about it) requesting friendship with 26 year old grown man. His website is a reporting website…you take pictures………duh.

        PS. If your little angels weren't throwing shit, they wouldn't have had their picture taken by Danny.

      • Anon

        Everyone keeps saying he friended the children…the children friended Gerritsen Beach.

        • Confusion

          I beleive the confusion is with the website being gerritsenbeach.net and a facebook page called gerritsenbeach. When the lady asked how many people knew he was in charge they raised their hands because they knew he ran gerritsenbeach.net. But what they are learning is that he took control of a facebook page called gerritsenbeach and has been friending anyone and everyone including minors and that is what is disturbing everyone.

          Can anyone produce actual facts or is this all ficticous? How much damage? a bus window? How many people were hurt? One unidentified man in his 60's? Is this story true or mostly fiction to stir it up and create a story? Its made the attention and getting the website money now that he has the hits and response, but how much is true and how much is fake? How much did these people get paid to put on this crazy show??

        • Anonymous

          Not true, he sent friend requests to people in the beach. Of course, it was up to them to accept or not, but it seemed innocent enough and part of being part of the community and being kept up to date on what was going on. I doubt anyone ever imagined that their conversation and comments between “friends” would be reprinted on gb.net or that this was a way for him to gain info on what kids were up to. I’M NOT EXCUSING WHAT THEY DID OR WHAT THEY SAID TO ONE ANOTHER ON FB, I’m just saying that facts are facts and legal or not, it was a sneaky way to infiltrate the lives of underage kids.

          • Anonymous

            it’s very funny….I know Dan from a young boy and he NEVER requested me to become a friend of GB.net. Don’t you think he would request people he knew first? get your shit straight

          • Anonymous

            So, regardless of who friended whom, all the excuses invoking the gerritsenbeach fb page boil down to “hey wait, when my kid boasted of his crimes, he thought he was just bragging to the *neighborhood*–not some turncoat who’d actually hold him accountable!”

            Gives one a pretty clear picture of this neighborhood’s priorities: Wall of silence all the way…as long as they keep it to eggs and potatoes and don’t go too far over quota on rocks and hammers, mum’s the word. Don’t you dare snitch on my kid and ruin his chance at getting into Harvard!

          • Anonymous

            HE DID NOT SEND FRIEND REQUESTS TO THE KIDS!! We sent the requests to him when he started the page! Good excuse to try to excuse away the kids being vandals and potentially seriously hurting people. Keep your kids in line and stop making excuses for their bad behavior! Tired of hearing this CRAP!

      • anonymous

        In GB it wouldn’t take him long to find trouble to report

  • greetings from Germa

    Some fat Americans defending their misbehaving Kids by taking out the all-distroying weapon of "paedophilia".

    This people sucks – everybody is using his/her loud voice in this rooms just should piss off and think about their way of educating their kids.

    "I'm worried about the safety of my kids" – F*** off – you failed educating your Kids – you failed and now you can't stand it when somebody shows that to the public.

  • oh god

    Bit**, you're son is attacked by people because he was throwing eggs and potatoes not because somebody made it public.

  • interdependence


    as humans starving some others through eggs….

    ….well, THAT's why you should rethink the education of your kids.

    If this "eggthrowing" goes on for years…..well maybe it's time that this "ritual" was made public so that it is stopped.

    If Kids show criminal behaviour in public they have to live with the fact that their pictures are shown publicly.

    Instead of blaming the messenger all this complaining/accusing people should take care of their kids and surely public can forgive.

  • Irina

    Dan deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of this issue.

    BTW – I would seriously consider a slander suit against the woman who accused him of being a pedophile.

    • Arthur Borko

      If that woman had any sort of credibility that made any person on this earth even for a second consider that Dan was a pedo, then maybe it would be legit for him to do that, but otherwise it would be pretty damned petty.

      Dan's a bit more mature then that.

  • understand open soci

    What happens on an avenue of Gerritsen Beach happens publicly, therefore photos of taking in this public space of people in a group in action should be shown legally -because this is what a public space is about – you don't need permissions from anybody to publish this photos.

    This maybe harm the feelings of some individuals, but this is what you have to live with – The street is not private – what happens on the street and is documented online has to be lived with. If you behave wrong, say that you sorry and live with it.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see that Robert Plant made it to the meeting.

  • Anonymous

    "Every day wit dis shit!" loooooolllllllzzzzz Joe DiSimone is straight out of central casting.

  • George Broadhead

    If one were to turn the clock back several years; same organization, different location, different chairperson, one would see a familiar person doing the shouting. I don't have to spell the name for you.

    Indeed, I wanted to end the meeting before it became a melee. We had other issues as well. Such as the questions raised about Lacon Ct. property, etc. FYI: They were given notice to have that property cleaned up by Nov. 6th.

    I understand "Roberts Rules of Order", but I also spent my childhood and schooled in Gerritsen Beach, and I would rather anyone attending the meeting have their say. Once it was getting repetitious it was going nowhere. The end.

    That Renee was emotional about her 12 year old child is understandable. He was among peers, and made bragging right statements that may or may not have been true. The older children (some as old as 19, we have been told) are on the radar for legal action. To suggest that Dan is a pedophile for taking pictures of children in the same manner as does any reporter is an emotional response that deserves an apology.

    The young lady with her child, who had experienced a near accident because of the egg, potato and other objects being thrown was insightful about the internet but it fell on deaf ears among those who have a vendetta against the young man who owns this website. . . Bob Banham, much to his credit, stood up for the 1st Amendment Right of this website, even though he may not agree to the presence of cameras at our meetings.

    Colleen has addressed the issue of parental responsibility and the contradictions about the stand on picture taking in our community, and I am in complete agreement with her. (These are personal opinions–not everyone on our Board is in agreement).

    If you take the time to investigate, you will find that many people in power are now attempting to shut down or control websites, and even 'talk radio'. Look at what happened to one of the most civil voices of liberalism, Juan Williams, for a statement he made on the Liberal National Public Radio. Would you have fired him for saying, he gets worried and nervous when he sees Muslims on a plane? Whether you agree with Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck; Tom Friedman or Jon Stewart, do you think they should be silenced, or do you turn to someone or something else.

    In our community, we have one person vehemently attempting to shut-down this website, (anyone who takes umbrage with that statement is in denial) because he did not like the transparency of a story that was true. That story would have disintegrated long ago, like the wood chips surrounding the 2,400 tree-forest recently planted across from Gotham and Florence Avenues will go away.

    Has everyone forgotten, "Don't shoot the messenger!"

    To those who tell him to get a job. He recently got a degree and a very fine job. Can you say the same thing about your child or children.

    In my opinion, this is the finest community in Brooklyn, but it won't be of any value to your children, if they don't learn responsibility. That comes from the home. Unless, you are one of those who believes that government should tell you what to eat, drink, or think.

    • Anonymous

      I know George that the meeting was very hard for you to handle and you wanted to just shut it down. The screaming from 2 people in particular was just embarrassing. The Mother who would not admit her child was wrong and extremely disrespectful with the way he commented on the GB website. She excused it away by saying he is just trying to be cool in front of his friends. That is a cop out! Calling Danny a pedophile is also a cop out! I would have had more respect for her if she would have made her case but first started out by saying I want to apologize for my sons disrespectful comments on the GB website. That was wrong then go on to say what she needed to say with out sinking so low as to scream at Dan and call him names. Saying OH I would Love to know what you do with those picture was just Gross on her part! The man who walked out and called you names is just ignorant and I was glad he left. I could not take hearing his ignorant rant any longer. I just wish that others would have been brave enough to have spoken up. They didn't need to yell but they could have spoken up in a Loud voice. I was disappointed. Watching that video I could clearly see a lot of people were upset and wanted to speak about the REAL problem the KIDS and what the community can do about it. The one person who suggested we get the kids together to talk to them was a great idea but that didn't get much attention of course because then the focus would have to be on the parent and I bet most of the parents would not be able to get there Little Angels to attend. Danny does a good job of reporting the Good and the Bad in our community. I appreciate all his hard work. Keep up the good work and WAKE UP Parents because one day your "Good Kids" will throw potatoes or eggs and the wrong person and your child is going to get seriously hurt so lets do something about this because we just want Everyone including the kids to be safe and play safe!

    • Lost Control


      You Lost control of that meeting and had no members in the seats. A Camera video taped everything and they were from Sheapshead bay.??? Isnt it a Property owners meeting. You need to organize and keep control of the meeting and encourage people to attend future meetings. If members are going to be put up on a website or videotaped all the time, you will loose control of your organization. ( It appears as if you already have)

      You need to change gears, refocus and take back control and not let a Web Blogger control you.

      All these posts are repetitive, yes kids were bad and they should be held accountable. If Danny had gone straight to the police with his pictures and videos, maybe none of this would have happened.

      Its an absolute embarasment for GB and a complete shame the neighborhood is being portrayed in such a negative light.

      • Terrible Leadership

        You Lost control of that meeting and had no members in the seats. A Camera video taped everything and they were from Sheapshead bay.??? Isnt it a local Property owners meeting. You need to organize and keep control of the meeting and encourage people to attend future meetings. If members are going to be put up on a website or videotaped all the time, you will loose control of your organization. ( It appears as if you already have) Wouldnt be surpised if your leadership and organization shuts down.

        You need to change gears, refocus and take back control and not let a Web Blogger control you. What has been proven to be true?

        All these posts are repetitive, yes kids were bad and they should be held accountable. If Danny had gone straight to the police with his pictures and videos, maybe none of this would have happened.

        Its an absolute embarasment for GB and a complete shame the neighborhood is being portrayed in such a negative light.

        This entire crazyness is now on every website, going viral cause you allowed it to be recorded. i hope it turns out that it was simply a Halloween Prank.

        Please let it be a dress rehearsal for a halloween prank.

        • VacationPlease

          The web is here to stay. Conduct yourselves properly and it will not be an issue.
          The more you don’t want bad press, seems the more you are getting.
          Wait, who else can you blame?
          G–, yes, He must have done something to provoke this issue.

          • Dustyphotoguy

            I can’t comment on what he should have or shouldn’t have done but if I was documenting half of what I’ve read was going on there and the police either not doing a bloody thing or making token jestures about it then I wouldn’t have taken the ‘evidence’ to the police either.

    • anon

      George, you seem like a decent person but you failed miserably at moderating that meeting. You never should have allowed two or three people to dominate the meeting. The fourth time Renee started speaking, you should have cut her off, telling her that she already had her turn and others needed to be heard from. The guy sitting next to you wanted to say something but couldn't because the few loud mouths wouldn't shut up with their repetitive comments.

      Come to a CB 15 meeting one day and see how Theresa Scavo behaves. She would never allow the behavior that you allowed at that meeting. Sometimes you need to be a little tough. I would have hated to see what would have happened if Danny would have tried to say a few words in his defense. The mob probably would have lynched him. He was smart enough to keep quiet. Ending the meeting early was not the answer. Keeping control was.

      • Hazy

        Agreed, very poor moderation. There are times when you need to be firm, it has nothing to do with politics, you are a quasi judge in that setting and you need to act like one.

    • Clemenza

      Mr. Broadhead, Thank You for your wonderfully articulated reply on this thread. A reply that should be reproduced, mailed and delivered to all residents of GB for immediate reading.

    • C Donnery

      George, As much as I would like to take credit for what “Colleen” wrote. It is not me, must be another Colleen. I try to stay neutral at all times!!! I am a member of too many organizations and am not a big proponent of responding to this type of stuff.

    • Clark Kent

      George apparently gave Colleen on your board credit making a comment she did not make. You can really get people in trouble by making incorrect statements like that.

      • Colleen

        “Clark Kent” your an idiot… there is more than one Colleen in this beach, and I am not a Donnery! Nor was I able to attend this meeting, I was at home watching the video!

  • Misty

    I would have liked to see Danny stick up for himself. I give him credit showing up at the meeting!

    Is everybody forgetting the "good" pics that Danny posted on the website? What about the Women's vs. Pagan softball cancer benefit? What about St. Patrick's Day at the Tamaqua? I always look forward to seeing the pics. We need to accept the good with the bad stories!

    Keep up the good work Danny!

  • […] geschossen zu haben, denn jetzt ist er im Visier erboster Einwohner der Gemeinde: Wie ein aktueller Blogpost zeigt, erheben die Eltern der Jugendlichen schwere Vorwürfe, eine Mutter verdächtigt den […]

  • Hypocrisy

    If Dan posted a story about Nostrand project kids breaking our bus windows, we would raise him up and call him a hero. But when it's our own kids doing it, he's a pedophile? Do people REALLY know the definition of a pedophile? Ever see To Catch Predator? It's amazing what people will say when they're angry. If it wasn't for this blog, I wouldn't have know the guy who tried breaking into my house was CAUGHT. Do anyone realize were positively reinforcing their behavior? This will happen again, and it might not be halloween night.

    • haha

      If there was a REAL pedophile in the area, Dan would let us know. If taking photos of teens translates to raping children, then were all guilty.

  • […] geschossen zu haben, denn jetzt ist er im Visier erboster Einwohner der Gemeinde: Wie ein aktueller Blogpost zeigt, erheben die Eltern der Jugendlichen schwere Vorwürfe, eine Mutter verdächtigt den […]


    It's a shame that your being blame for just reporting CRIMINAL MISCHIEF and ASSAULT (by means of eggs, liquids, rocks, and hammers); all of these actions are very dangerous. I know this for a fact because my childhood friend 20 years ago became blind, just because another kid threw an egg and somehow the egg shell cut his eye deep enough to make him blind; this can easily happen again to any of these kids or worse; but the parents are more concerned that there kids got caught in the act, and that most likely they will have to deal with CRIMINAL AND PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS against them. Dude you have nothing to worry about, first you have the freedom of speech on your side, second your just reporting CRIMAINAL MISCHIEF AND ASSAULT, third if those NEGLIGENT PARENTS sue, you can sue them back for defamation (pedophile,please)(so save that youtube video for evidence). The worst case scenario in a lawwsuit, the NEGLIGENT PARENTS will most likely lose in both CRIMINAL and CIVIL court due to the amount of evidence against them; and in the rare event you lose in CIVIL court, you can just declare bankruptcy and the parent don't get nothing. The parents have more to lose in this scenario, the kids will end up with a criminal juvenile record, and the parents will most likely have to declare bankruptcy themselves when you win your defamation lawsuit, so nobody wins. Awesome.

  • […] geschossen zu haben, denn jetzt ist er im Visier erboster Einwohner der Gemeinde: Wie ein aktueller Blogpost zeigt, erheben die Eltern der Jugendlichen schwere Vorwürfe, eine Mutter verdächtigt den […]

  • mark

    this is pathetic that dan is being blamed. i am not a gerristen beach resident, though i live a mere five minutes away from the area and i heard about this being picked up from gothamist.com (a ny news/blog type of website)

    first of all – i was not aware there was such white trash in new york. holy shit. hahahaha.

    two- i hope that woman's son does not get into xavier. criminals don't deserve a good education.

    three- how is "we've all thrown eggs everyone throws eggs" a plausible argument. this should not be the case. that white trash woman needs to get her act together. "oh wah wah im a bus driver i get eggs thrown on me its okay i dont care" bullshit. your children are mischevous createns and dan is not doing anything wrong. he's a journalist, a blogger.. whatever the hell you wanan call it. it is his duty to report what goes on in the neighborhood. he doesn't have to make it seem perfect cause it isn't.

    that pathetic mother was refusing to admit her child was wrong. it's parents like these that need social services come in and take their children away.

    and the whole pedophile arguement is just beyond ridiculous. "i wonder what he's doing with those photos" .. it's very clear what he's doing. posting your pathetic children on the internet. for everyone to see how ridiculous parents are. it's like a real life white trash jersey shore.

    • one side

      you are only taking an outsiders view. He has been walking the neighbohood snapping photos of ids for years. He engages the young kids to start talking so he could try and get something on his camera. I dont think any of the parents are saying there kids werent involved, but this approach was all wrong. Friending kids on Facebook and then taking there photos and putting them up on this site to then be trashed. Its like starting a fire in your own home. It was pointless.

      Real Question. What is he doing with all the pictures he has been taken and why is he friending minors, why is he visiting their facebookpages? why is is follwing children in a car taken pictures.

      Forget about all the yelling and drama. He is setting up his neighbors and embarrassing all.

      • Anonymous

        When Danny started his FB page I am sure he did not go and send friend requests to the kids WE sent friend request to him and so did all the kids and all the adults and he accepted it. If you don't like the site or page and don't agree with it delete it! Lets stop protecting these kids and stop with using Danny as a cop out! He is not embarrassing all of us, so speak for yourself! The kids and parents of the kids that were in those pictures and the kids who commented on the site should be embarrassed for sure!

        • Anonymous

          YOU have to like a FB page. The only way the page can request to "add" you is if the moderator is friends with you… So, they added the FB page. END of story.

          • Annon

            Hey guess what, you are all wrong about Face Book. I can type anybody’s name in as a search. If they did not use their Privacy settings properly, I can read their wall, see all their pictures, etc. I don’t have to befriend them, ask them to “like” me or anything of the sort. You people who use the Internet really need to educate yourself. What you think is Private, really is not. Danny did not have to hack, tap or do anything malicious to get these Face Book Pages. As a matter of fact, I can type some of those childrens names right now and still see their wall. You would think after all of this they would have blocked it but alas, their imaturity shows.

      • mark

        yes, i am an outsider of the neighborhood but there were kids going around with eggs in my neihgborhood too.. if we had a local blogger exploit these kids for their wrongodings i would praise him too. it's WRONG. and the parents are going after him rather then the kids.

        it's simple why he's doing it… it makes for a good news story. and he did a great job with the story. he got it picked up EVERYWHERE. that is a job well done. good journalism. this is HIS job. whether or not you think it's pathetic is irrelevent. "get a real job" they told him. what kinda crap is that? i'm a part time blogger for a music website and i on a good month i make over 14,000 dollars. last month i made 7,500.. from WRITING MY OPIONIONS.

        he's writing his. he has every right to do so.

        these kids should 1. not have facebooks at such a young age and 2. not post what can get them in trouble.. even if their doing it to act tough.

        does anyone want to read about um.. idk … kids playing in the park? no one gives a crap about kids playing a park. news story: KIDS PLAY IN PARK. HAVE FUN.

        … no one cares.

        he knows he can get some dirt on these kdis and maybe it may seem like he's doing something wrong.. but he's not. guess "ethically" it's wrong.. but ethics don't mean ANYTHING.

        • i agree.

          EVEN IF DAN WOULD GO TO THE PARENTS directly like the blonde lady suggests.. 100$ says she would tell him to mind his own business. and ya'know what.. she would be right. it's not his business to go and tell her, her child is being a criminal. but as a blogger, it is his business to post whatever he wants.

      • dvsness

        You can't embarrass someone who isn't providing behavior that is embarrassing. I'm not scared of having my picture taken on Gerritsen Avenue. I don't perpetrate crimes or harass people, so I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

      • Anonymous

        No one else wants to take this one? Okay, I'll take it. Most importantly, use spell check if you can't spell. I'm unsure about your "starting a fire" claim. Are you trying to say, Danny started the fire? I think breaking two bus windows and publicly admitting it is starting a fire, not reporting on it. Why did he show their facebook pictures and profiles? Hmmm, maybe to warn us? If someone was stabbing people in the area and had a facebook where he/she had pictures and was admitting to the stabbings, wouldn't you want to know? Of course you'll say no right now, but if you or a loved one got stabbed, you'd probably be wishing someone warned you. Right? Naa, I'm sure you're sitting there disagreeing. And now he's setting up neighbors? Please, for everyone's amusement, tell us how he's "setting people up." I would love to hear the answer to this. He's a pedophile, he's setting people up, he ruined my child's future. It's truly astonishing what these parents are coming up with. Maybe stop trying to get out of this? When we run a red light and get a ticket in the mail a month later with a picture of our car in black and white running it, do we fight it? Some people may try to, but there we are in black and white running the light. Who's going to defend us? We all understand why the parents are so furious and pissed, because they're scared. They have no one to blame but themselves, but their psyche can't handle the truth that, "I messed up," so they have to blame someone. And it's easy to blame Dan.

      • Hazy

        First off, going up to kids on the street and taking their picture is not illegal. Any allusion to what you suspect he is doing with those photos is just conjecture and more so it’s completely irrelevant.

        Secondly, if you want your kids to not be in the limelight then teach them not to be vandals. They won’t be on the front page of the local blog.

        His approach was completely fine and it was 100% right. That was his only recourse to show the community what happened as the police did nothing. Stop being bad parents and start controlling your kids.

    • Anonymous

      maybe they should give bus lady and loud mouth man their own trashy reality show

  • Phil

    These poor parents. To think that someone would post photos of their little snowflakes in a crime. It must be an unbearable burden.

    And think of these little snowflakes. How bad it must make them feel to be caught in a crime and exposed publicly. It will probably warp them for life.

    My heart goes out to these people. Sob…..

  • let's get invol

    Why don't we get together before Halloween next year and stand there and follow these kids. Then when a parent sees their child is up to no good – grab them and bring them home. Then they can't get their picture taken doing what they should not be doing in the first place. I have a younger child and if a picture was taken of her/him and I seen it posted of doing what was going on Sunday…the next picture taken would be me hopping to the hospital to get my foot surgically removed from the kids ass. Lets face it, defelecting the wrong doing to the picture taker here is just that … not wanting to beleive that our own kids were causing harm to this neighborhood.Had the cops showed up and the kids got locked up, we'd be saying the cops were wrong – and just picking on this GOOD neighborhood. Sunday we were not a GOOD neighborhood.Let's not let this happen again

  • It is what it is!

    Thank you George for handling the meeting in a professional manner. The women with the baby trying to speak unfortuately did fall on deaf ears. But her words were so true. Nobody is seeing the wrong here. Those kids should have all been picked up in a paddy wagon and their parents should have been called to get them.

    I am outraged at Renee making the accusations of Daniel being a pedophile. That is pure slander.

    Renee making the statement about driving a school bus and calling a school bus a "cheese bus" only shows that she is a child. Grow up and take responsibilty for your own children Renee! You seriously believe that you and your family are victums here in this scenerio. You are Dead Wrong!!! Grow up! You better be careful who you are calling a pedophile? Daniel keep up the good work and keeping the community and surrounding area informed. If anyone does not like your website, they do not have to read it! Pure and Simple! Freedom of Speech!

  • me

    Renee lowered the property values of GB more then if they put a garbage dump in. And Joe was just a shinning example of ignorance and vulgarity. The two should have shut their mouths and not embarrassed themselves and the community.

    if this is how you act in public what do you expect from your children.

    I do live in GB and these are the people that ruin it for the decent folk living here. Please move

  • Shocked and Disappoi

    The most unbelievable statement of the meeting was the comparison of the neighborhood to the Marlborough Projects! Really – is that what parents in the neighborhood hold up as an acceptable standard to justify the destructive behavior of their children? Outrageous!

    • tanniluv

      The people of the Marlborough Houses should be deeply offended by being compared to these punks. They didn’t make it in the news like these jackasses did…

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tricia Vita, jeremiah moss. jeremiah moss said: Provocative video of Gerritsen Beach community meeting–raising issues about class, culture, blogs, news, and the… http://fb.me/Lzj8fY1O […]

  • dvsness

    @Clemenza, George, and It Is What It Is:

    Thanks for at least listening to what I had to say. I'm glad I was understood by some even though I spoke at a respectful decibel, lol.

    "The woman with the baby"

    • Anonymous

      @ The woman with the Baby:

      I commend you for speaking up! Everyone else was scared of the two Big Mouths! You did good!

      • Clemenza

        @ "The Woman With The Baby"– Thank YOU for being one of the only voices of reason during that whole entire meeting. And my apologies for you being drown out like that in a sea of madness. You showed that there are alot of good people with intelligent minds and points to be made in this neighborhood. And I'll say it again. Kudos to George Broadhead for his delicate handling of a volatile situation. And for his wonderfully articulated reply on this thread. A reply that should be reproduced, mailed and delivered to all residents of GB for immediate reading.

    • Anon Again

      To The woman with the baby,

      I am very sure there are many people in the neighborhood who agree with you. I know I do and I completely understand you. As you, I am sure, noticed, there are a number of "people" in the neighborhood who live by mantras like Not my kid, kids will be kids, boys will be boys, everyone has done it, they're good kids. That is just the warped point of view of a few extremely warped dysfunctional families. This behavior in many of the kids that were there on the avenue has been ongoing, not only on Halloween, but everywhere around the neighborhood. The parents have no control over their kids. The kids have no respect for the parents and vocalize this disrespect in front of everyone and anyone.

      Danny, while I almost always disagree with almost everything you have done and for the most part don't like you, I think you were right to post the pictures showing the groups of kids doing what they were doing. The only thing you should have done was to black out the phone information on the facebook pages that were posted. People didn't need to see that information.

      For the parents who keep insisting the facebook pages were private. They were NOT, at least not until AFTER the pictures were posted and the shit hit the fan. I am not friends with the kids and yet I was able to see their pages. And please stop saying Danny friended your children, we ALL had to friend/like Gerritsen Beach.

      You play the proud parents when you are boasting about something your child did that was positive, but now when it is proven that your child isn't the angel you portray them as, you want to play the victim. Shocking! This couldn't be because the kids are good kids, right. They are just acting big in front of their friends. What a crock! This is the same behavior these kids have always had and you have always allowed and laughed about. You continue to act the victim all you want, but everyone else in the neighborhood that has had to deal with your child's poor behavior and vulgar mouth are the victims here. And we're tired of it. In case you haven't figured it out yet, noone wants to have to deal with your inability to raise your kids properly, to teach them how to behave in civilized society, to teach them to act like human beings and respect those around them, period.

    • VacationPlease

      You are my hero.

  • Local Resident

    <3 "the woman with the baby"

  • Paul

    Renee Sior-Cullen in a public forum accusing David Cavanagh of being a pedophile should not be taken lightly.

    It is a clear cut case of slander with glaring intent to damage his reputation.

    Apparently this woman, as her child, doesn't understand the consequences of her actions.

    An accusation of pedophilia is no laughing matter and requires a very serious response.

    • Hazy

      I agree, Mr. Cavanagh needs to go to a law firm and file a suit against the woman. To repeatedly and arrogantly accuse him of that in a public forum is no joke. Teach her that her words have consequences, just like her child’s actions have consequences.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently confessing your crimes on Facebook is enough to get you arrested in Florida:


  • anonymous

    That video has become quite a hit with the rest of NYC:

  • Colleen

    Should be here at the beach, too!!! Thanks for the information, highly doubt these parents will agree though!!

  • Annon

    "Our ignorance of the internet and our ignorant of the law" classic. I'm surprised they didn't stone the poor guy.

  • Annon

    But what are they doing about the vandalism?

  • Psych

    Despite being on Danny's side 100%, I do understand how these parents feel and why they attack Danny. Essentially, their Psyche is being threatened. No parent wants to see their child screw up, especially at such a young age. It's arguable which has more of an impact: Nature or Nurture, but we all know, hopefully, it is a combination of the two. The parents can't comprehend what their children have done, and most importantly, how it has become such a huge deal in the area and well beyond. In order to deal with this their going to use defense mechanisms to try and get their Psyche's back into a sort of equilibrium. They can't blame themselves, because that means they failed as parents. So who do they blame? Their going to blame the closest and easiest person they can. In this case, Danny.

    • Psych

      4 thumbs down? Well, therapy isn't for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      Its their fault, dam right they should be blaming themselves if they had taken control before they would be in control now. So let me guess now to save what ever face they have with friends and family its alright to point their fingers at someone other then the promblem. These were not children of elementary school age, these were teens who know well and good right from wrong and the potential hazards and dangers of their actions

    • Anon Again

      No parent wants to see their child screw up?? They can't comprehend what their children have done? This is not the first time. They don't care enough to do anything about it until it has gotten to this point! They are failures – they have failed as parents and human beings.

    • I get your point but adults take responsibility when their children do wrong. So, we are dealing with dysfunctional people who are ill-equipped to be parents.

  • Anonymous

    I can't stop watching these videos. I'm seriously going to loose my job over this.

    I hope I don't get fired and wind up living on welfare in GB like these losers.

  • Anonymous

    The woman with the baby the only reasonable person there. She deserves an award. That woman just yelled her down.

    Joe D seems to have forgotten that his own family brought a lot "hate" down here with those hate crimes.

    • joe d jr

      and im preety sure that has nun to do with kids throwing eggs and danny taking pictures of it mr “anonymous” or should i say mrs. soo mind ur neck.

    • joe d jr

      has nothing to do with kids throwing eggs and danny taking pictures of them mind ur neck anonymous..

      • me

        What does Danny have to do with what happened Halloween? If people are going to bring up stupid things from the past(“he wuz kicked out of school”, “attacked GB cares”, ‘everyday with thus horse shit”. “ya dad moved out da avenue”) then the past of the accusers can be brought up.

      • Anonymous

        like father, like son

      • Jake

        Oh yeah? What are you or your fatass Mario clone dad going to do about it?

        We know your mouth is as big as his…how about your gut? I’d drop a hook into that pile of blubber and he’d bray twice as loud as he did when he felt safe.

        I like how your guido POS dad hurled insults over his shoulder as he left. The mark of a real man. Insult and run…just like you little faggots with your eggs.

        Funny, all that bravado, all that anger your fatass dad apparently had…but he never had the balls to get in anyone’s face. Well, I’m sure you’re much more ballsy than your fadda. I mean, its not like you share genes or anything. Fuggetaboutit. Your dad is a walking stereotype…down to the oversized 20 dollar “silver” cross chain he was wearing around his fat, greasy neck. I like how he was wearing a Christian cross, yet was screaming profanity in a church. The Jesus picture on the wall saw it all, guido.

  • anonymous

    It is really sad that so many parents do not supervise their children. And are in complete denial about it.

    There have been vandals and delinquents in Gerritsen Beach for decades. The culture of the beach has always been to ignore the behavior of its youth and to hope that they grow out of it. Back weeds has been the site of arson, car theft disposal, underage drinking, drug use and delinquency for decades. Where else can kids illegally ride the dirt bikes their parents buy for them?

    The fact that the kids do this is understandable. They are kids, and not neurologically fully developed. And they won't be for some time yet. They don't fully understand right from wrong, although they may have a general sense of its broader concepts and implications, this all goes out the window when the only influence upon them is their peers. Why is this? Because they have never been properly taught. Therefor, they will in all likelihood, also be inept at parenting their own children. And so on.

    It is not that the adults don't take responsibility for the kids behavior that is the issue. The real issue is that the adults do not take responsibility for their own behavior. The adults here are complicit. The money used to purchase the eggs or shaving cream is in all likelihood given to them with little regard to its intended purpose. On any other day, when not used to purchase eggs on Halloween, it is used to buy beer and cigarettes. And the stores in the Beach have selling it for decades too.

    The freedom to roam about is also a privilege bestowed upon them by the very same parents who refuse to admit that their children are a hazard to that same community when left to their own devices.

    Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

    But don't feel too bad Gerritsen Beachers. It is the same as Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Marine Park, Broad Channel, Rockaway, Howard Beach and Sheepshead Bay. Yes, that is, anywhere where parents shuck their own responsibility and try to make it sound as if they are somehow the victims.

  • anon

    I watched the film. It looks like a Stephen King movie. The townspeople are afraid of the the big bad blog. What can they do? Who will save them? Tune in next month for another exiting installment.

  • anon

    Is George Broadhead the new Jerry Springer? This looked like the Jerry Springer show.

  • anonymous

    Welcome to the new Beach Flinger Show………………………lmao

  • BklynGal

    After seeing the mother defend her son, I understand why and how this happened. If it was her and she was on Pitkin Avenue, she would be going rabid screaming for someone's arrest.

    This mother has had days since the incident to comtemplate what happened and she is still not apologizing for her spawns behavior nor is she reporting that he is taking any responsiblity, instead she blames the person who took pictures and brags that she did the same thing.

    And these people breed!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'd like to see this story get out to a real news outlet. Are the parents going to deflect the situation again and blame Fox 5 this time? Bottom line is these kids harassed people, destroyed property, assaulted police, and put many in danger. They need to be punished…or at a minimum made an example of. Their parents seem to be the same low life hooligans as their offspring. I can't wait to see this scandal on the news network. I'm sure 99 percent of NYC will be outraged at the lack of good parenting in GB and quite frankly amused by the type of people who reside there (I certainly was watching that crazy woman's rant). Btw, That community board meeting was a joke. The president should be replaced by someone who won't be bullied and can take control of a meeting. They never even got to the real issue at hand! – the safety of the community. Shame on you bus driver lady and ignorant loud man.

  • scottyb

    Don't let these losers silence you . from what I see you show the good side and bad of Gerristsen and I find your reporting very fair …. those kids terrorize the neighborhood and they can't blame there own kids or themselves so the blame you ………. these parents seem like the type that if there kids were bulling other kids at school the would say it can't be my kid

  • Marisalee

    Good for you Danny, it's about time someone came forward and exploited these punks in the neighborhood. The worse part of all of this is that their own parents defend these kids who wreck what could be a great community for many generations to come. We cannot have anything nice here because the kids always vandalize them. The Seba park is a crap hole filled with litter and graffiti, the swings are all busted up that my 2 yr old son cannot enjoy them, our bus shelters are always smashed up in the morning, leaving commuters either standing in glass or being soaked by rain. These parents should be held responsible for the damage their kids do. As for that loud mouth broad talking about her son and defending his actions, do you know how it feels to be hit by a potato? Not much different from a rock. Two words for you "Tubal. Ligation."

  • James G.

    miss cullen is a school bus driver????

    fire her immediately !! I dont want someone like her anywhere near my kids.

  • Mike

    This was a great job of blogging. Whatever some parents may think, the U.S. is not yet formally under gang rule and "Stop Snitchin'" isn't our First Amendment.

  • SUE ME

    I can't wait for Danny to Sue Rene for Slander!!! P.S. I hope when Danny Wins all her $$$$ and her house, She'll take Loudmouth Joe D with her. I thought it was a GBPOA meeting not RENE & Joe D (Listen to me ,I yell loud and make no sense. I make the Residents in GB look like idiots) GB Cares I hate Dan Association Meeting.

    • Sue?

      She made comments at a private members owners meeting that was secretly recorded by him and his friends and then released it to the world via the web? He is slandering himself and neighborhood by doing this to his neighbors. Absolutely Terrible.

      Just curious as to why the Channel 11 news blocked out the childrens faces, but he didnt on this website?? Is it that they are responsible and he is not? or is it that they understand how sensitive the issues of putting childrens pictures out there or the Networks Lawyers advise them not too??

      • Anon Again

        Secretly recorded?!?!? Are you insane? The camera was right there in full view of everyone in that room. The only way you wouldn’t have seen it is if you are blind.

        Danny slandered noone. He didn’t name anyone in the pics and pinpoint different crimes on them. You must be the same person who has been posting the same lines below after many of the posts before this one.

        “Just curious as to why the Channel 11 news blocked out the childrens faces, but he didnt on this website?? Is it that they are responsible and he is not? or is it that they understand how sensitive the issues of putting childrens pictures out there or the Networks Lawyers advise them not too??”

        You really need to get a clear understanding of what slander means:
        1. saying of something false and damaging: the act or offense of saying something false or malicious that damages somebody’s reputation
        2. false and damaging statement: a false and malicious statement that damages somebody’s reputation

        Danny neither falsely accused anyone of anything nor damaged anyone’s reputation. The kids damaged their own reputations by doing what they did and acting how they acted. The people calling Danny a pedophile have slandered him. The proof is in the pictures and actions of the kids and in the video of the parents and the comments of the people/kids/parents on the site.

      • Anonymous

        She didnt make those comments in the privacy of her own home, she made those comments in front of other people at a community meeting, that makes it slander, you moron

      • Anonymous

        First of all it WASNT secretly recorded. Second, she did not say those vile things in the privacy of her own home, she said it at a community meeting with the sole intent of impuning his reputation. So yes, that is slander and she needs to be put in her place just like her kid does. Sue the shit out of her arrogant ass

  • Potato

    After viewing that property owner's video, all I could think of is —-

    "What's in Your Wallet…?"

  • I posted this on my own blog and I live in Indiana… it's under the Ciera Glenn thread… It worries me that the cops have murders going on in their Precinct at the same time that they have these little yahoos out terrorizing others, and from my reading, Halloween is just another night there that they run the neighborhood! It sounds as if teen vandals are left to wreak havoc most of the time, and if they are picked up for any reason, they are released to the same parents that only get off their ass when they themselves are put in a bad light…

    I don't understand this woman being a bus driver, an admitted egg-throwing adult, someone who POSTED on her KID'S FACEBOOK HERSELF! Don't bitch about getting busted on FB when you yourself get caught condoning this in all its glory right there for anyone to read and talk about! All I could think is what chance do these little hoodlums have when they are parented by the likes of these people?

    I have read and researched this area, and I have seen the pictures from this thoughtful blogger from several YEARS of this practice… when it graduates into violence, especially on the elderly and a woman pushing a baby stroller!

    If these same people at this meeting were asked if they condone this stuff if their own children were NOT involved, they would be saying HOW AWFUL it was, you can bet on that!

    We live in the information age, you obviously know this because of your proficiency on FB, and you are doing your community, friends and neighbors a disservice by reacting like this, in public no less… AND, MOST OF ALL, YOUR CHILDREN! Kids learn what they see and hear, you morons…

    • airone

      These parents and their punks are being seen and discussed all over in other blogs and forums because this is being picked up and posted. Hopefully, everwhere. This is getting better than Jennifer Petkov.

      Once on the net, always on the net.

      Good job Mr. Cavanagh!

  • Whats Next

    Screaming blonde mommy who is a school bus driver should be reported to DOE just for the fact she admits she is throwing eggs and endangering people on Halloween. Just image how she acts and talks to the children on the school bus.

    Second, Danny should sue the sh*t out of people, even if you don't want or need the money make their actions pay and you can donate the money. Also maybe a few of these wonderful people will move and property valve will come back

    Third, GBPOA should, after this last meeting, re evaluate who they permit to be members and who they let into their meeting

    And last, get some answers from the Police. Again only a Community Affairs Officer was at the meeting. Are the local precincts being ran by Police Officers

  • anonymous

    Sooner or later somebody with a gun is gonna get hit with an egg or worse and get totally pissed off and shoot a couple of them. Then the parents will be shouting about where are the police but by then it will be too late.

  • haha

    george put ur helmet on wen u ride your bike or ill call the cops to give u a ticket ha

  • scottyb

    they should have just said at the meeting Danny don’t you know snitches get stiches ………… what dopes …………. keep reporting the truth about these punks

  • Anon

    Renee has no control over any of her children or her wifes kids. I remember being at kiddie beach 2 summers ago and her kids swam across the water to where the belt parkway was while the lifeguards were whistling at them. when the kids could have been hit by the many boats going past. She didn’t do anything about that and I am sure nothing will be done about what happened on Halloween. Joe D who his kid was not even up there shouldn’t of even been allowed to speak at the meeting. He has had a beef with Dan since the whole bias crime his son caused a few years back when him and his friends attacked black kids.
    I am pretty sure Dan never friend requested any of those kids on fb. He was the one friend requested by everyone of the friends he has. As for it being called only gerritsen beach and not gerritsen beach.net it clearly states in the info that the fb belongs to gerritsenbeach.net.

  • Classic Trash

    To the Fat Joey D and that woman,

    Get back under that rock you both crawled out from under.

    You must SERIOUSLY be kidding. I think if you and your families move out of the area, the neighborhood will be better off.

    Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

  • Observer Mike

    it has been repeatedly said that Fat Joey D and loudmouth Renee only had accusations but no concept and no solutions to offer


    what’s the difference to the Tea Party politicians?

    who learned this from whom?

    God bless America

    • Clemenza

      Asserver Mike, your gonna drag politics into this already explosive thread? OK. Tea Party solutions are clear and simple–LESS Gov’t interference in our daily lives, No deficit spending(1.6 TRILLION under Obama in only 22 months)VICTIMS rights over terrorist rights, and oh yeah, NO National Health Care. Why should I pay Dr. bills for the skell who refuses to work a day in his life? Thats what they do in Cuba, go move there and see how it’s workin out. Better quiet down now, your arrogance and liberalism is showing. And we all know where liberalism got the Democratic/Socialist Party this past Tuesday. 2012 can’t come soon enough. See you next week on The View with the likes of your mentors, Joy Behar and the Godless Bill Maher.

      • Observer Mike

        oh yeah

        really great and really cheap concepts

        everybody will agree on these – as long as he/she is not concerned

        pretending to have simple solutions for complex problems sells, it always has

        such as blaming the current administration for problems that were created by the predecessor (that’s like starting a fire and blaming it on the firefighters – although we all know this is a proven concept)

        just as does calling people names … or trying to discredit them …

    • Anonymous

      Has a nasty history its normal for 4 black kids from Brownsville of all places not exactly around the corner from home where they in gerritsen beach at night we all know where our missing bikes go. Its amazing how everyone use to stick together cause no one heard anything that night but I do believe that was before this lovely website

      • anon

        After reading the newspaper story, do you really believe the black kids were there to steal bikes ? They came by bike. You think they were going to drag bikes with them back to Brownsville? Or did they have a friend with a van parked outside of GB to load them in? Get realistic. This was a hate crime and nothing else.

      • me

        it’s amazing how no one saw anything when the bus shelters were destroyed. it’s amazing how no one saw the vollies mural destroyed. It’s amazing how no one sees the parks getting damaged week after week, year after year. This community sticks too much. what happened Halloween was appalling. no one in GB speaks up or speaks out because of loud mouth ignorant fool like Rennee and Joe.

    • ernie b

      and what about the other kids that were there stop picking on joe jr if you new joes famaily mabey you would

  • anonymous

    Yes the Property Owners meeting was appalling. To allow 2 loud mouth idiots to take over this meeting was crazy. I’m just happy that I don’t have any kids on her school bus. What a terrible influence she would be. As far as the man goes, his son was arrested for a hate crime. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.The “kids” involved in this unlawful behavior should be arrested along with their parents and held accountable. I know if it was my child he would be held accountable and accept responsibilty for his actions. He would not be hanging out on the street the very next day with his friends. I would make him knock on every door in Gerritsen Beach and aploogize to everyone in the Beach. He would also have to pay for the bus windows that were broken with his allowance and extra chores. Parents take responsibilty for the actions of your children, don’t point fingers at anyone else. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It is what it is.

    • Anonymous

      This post just shows you how narrow minded people are lets attack everyone childrens I like how its anonymous lets post his history without the nerve to put a name with it i think the parents are worse its terrible what is going on here and i think its sad because theres only one person laughing the best thing to do is just stay off his stupid website

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but I want to know what is going on in my neighborhood Good and Bad! I think he is doing a good thing.The only people that don’t think he is doing a good thing are the family members and friends of the kids that were caught in the act.

      • anonymous2

        Where’s your nerve to post with your real name? The beauty of this website is the anonymous postings, until the shitheads using “anonymous” want to know why someone else isn’t posting with their real name, smh.

  • yes

    her sons name is mud?????? lol. it’s mud because he did stupid shit and now he has to pay for it.

  • yes

    GerritsenBeach.net Rotating Header Image:
    “Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop”

    this family has a bench instead of their loved one while some of the boys are already out of jail. anyone older than 20 can remember how these lovely boys behaved .
    their parents defended them all through out their youth no matter what they did,what chaos they caused,who they f’ed with or robbed.threw eggs at,cursed out-you name it and this bunch did it– then they went to far -is this what you want for your sons?
    to be responsible for something so horrific just because they are kids or teenagers with the excuse that kids will be kids?

    this is your gerritsen avenue hang out kid’s future if you don’t take action now- go back home,shut up,straighten out your kid and hope he listens.

    calling the guy who runs this site all kinds of names and accusing him of pedophile??? why? because he is probably so sick and tired of your obnoxius,rude, foul mouthed,block the sidewalks ,take over the parks,destroy the bus shelters,break into cars little angels?
    guess what,we all know your kids and their friends-THEY ARE NOT CUTE NOR ANGELS- and the kids who came before them were just as rotten.
    we are all sick of them.so disgusting that you defend them.

  • your enemie

    danny you need to get a life and maybe a boyfreind stop taking pics of people and get a real hobbie you are causing all of these prob for years kids have been doing this shit on halloween you are not going to stop anything stop trying to be superman before something goes wrong

    • Jake

      You spelled enema wrong, moron. But then, you spell most things incorrectly.

      “wat y duz that madder?”

      When you see your paycheck in a few years you’ll know.

      You little morons have a really overblown sense of your own menace, don’t you? Fucking egg throwers…making threats. What are you going to do bitch…leave the green peppers out of his Western Omelet?

      I’d love to have seen all you fucking wigger wannabes turn your backs and look interested in something else, anything else, if a group of Black teens had come walking along. No, you’d have thrown eggs at them, right?

      Nah…Black kids would have whipped your asses. Much safer to target women, babies, and the elderly.

    • anonymous

      Just because it’s been done for years doesn’t make it right!! Grow the F@#k up and teach your BRATS how to behave like human beings. I hope when your’e in your senior years, some young assh*le is going to bomb the Sh%t out of you or damage your property and see how you feel!!!?? Something is already wrong, it has been for years!!! Until the so called parents dispense some disipline to their brats it will always be wrong. The real pervs or degenerates are the parents for not dealing with these rugrats not the guy bringing the trouble makers into the light. They better pray they don’t f&*k with the wrong people one day and get hurt or worse.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how the Big Mouth guy that was screaming how Dan reports nothing positive on his website about the community Meanwhile his own son brought a WHOLE LOT of bad attention and Shame to this community when he was arrested for a hate crime! That story, ALL media outlets picked up that story and it was so embarrassing for this community. Another kid involved in the attack who was also involved in another hate crime a few years later, back when the first crime took place Everyone and his family talked about what a Good Kid he was and he would Never do something like that…….. Please! Instead of pointing fingers try working together to find a solution to all this and maybe these “Good Kids” will stop making our neighborhood look to Frigging Bad! I am tired of it!!!!!!!!!! We cannot do anything about it if the parents don’t do anything about it. It starts with the parents..

    • Anonymous

      Hey Anonymous, was your kids one of the kids that got away with the hate crime like about 20 others.

      • get real

        Catching bike theives & giving them a beat-down is not a hate crime except in the politicly correct age we live in & the N Y Post. Mayor Ed Koch hit the nail on the head when he said when the victim is black it’s a hate crime, when the victim is white it’s robbery .

        • you get real

          Anyone have proof that those kids actually were stealing bikes or is it just the words of those who beat the kids up? And who said there are no hate crimes against whites? Remember the Jew who was attacked in the subway and the only one who got involved to stop it was a Muslim who got hurt himself? Or are you so prejudiced that hate crimes against Jews don’t count?

          • get real

            Hate crimes happen to everyone. that doe’snt mean what happened in the beach was a hate crime. But, thank you for proving my point that if your not politically correct than you will be conciderred prejudice

          • you get real

            So you are saying you believe they were attacked because they were in fact stealing bikes, not because they were Black. What if they were white and were attacked because they were wearing “We Love Park Slope” T-shirts. Would you consider that a hate crime? I would. Or would you consider that okay because they also had no business to come to Gerritsen Beach because they are “outsiders”?

      • mike b

        there a few of them all rats except the kid joe d whos being mentioned its sad like 3 kids took the rap cause everyone else is a snitch….use are all saying stuff about a good father that would give the shirt off his back or give u heat in ur house its really sad but wateva and the kid is the same way jr did alot of things for me and i appriacte the family……u people should really worry bout ur ownn kids …..seriously

    • heythere

      ur def like 90 or a real crackhead croak already…

  • chenz

    joe d has nothing to do with what went on on halloween, danny your a faggot and get a life! go take a pic of something nice and post it u fucking moron!

  • sick and tired of getting kicked around


  • How about this for next year; a high pressure water cannon on Gerritsen Avenue waiting for the “lids” who want to make trouble, just like the ones used in Alabama in 1962.
    Honestly, the parents are wrong here, again, its’ the “not my little angel” mentality that needs to be addressed, not whether Mr. Cavanagh is a pedophile.
    Part of the blame also needs to go to the 61st, where the hell were then when 911 was called for an injured man?
    Forget finger pointing, or name calling, the blame rests on the parents and the ineffectiveness of the 61st precinct
    God help me, if I have the money, next year there will be a high pressure water cannon on Gerritsen Avenue.

    • Annon

      People – let’s not loose sight of one of the main issues here. If the police had responded when they were called, perhaps a lot of this nonsence would have been averted. We go through this every year with kids who feel entitled to create mayhem and disrupt a community. We need to be pro-active BEFORE next Halloween and demand a police presence, and if that means having the tower on the Avenue, than so be it. There’s a lot of talk on this site of taking thinks into our own hands – that will only make a bad situation worse. I think that we as a community need to have some answers from the NYPD as to why this situation was not responded to with force (I understand that there was a murder committed the night before, but that shouldn’t shut down a whole Precinct – if it does, than something’s wrong) and we need to have parents of teenagers take responbility for their childrens’ actions.

      • anonymous2

        Didn’t you go to the meeting?? The Sgt from the 61 was there, guess you just sit home and type your BS.

    • anonymous

      Michael, go back and look at the pictures from last year 2009 Halloween. Do you not see all the police presence from the 61?? Go back to 2008 Halloween pictures, do you not see all the police presence from the 61??? This year they smartened up and took care of the neighborhoods who want them there all the time. The neighborhoods that do not bash the 61 all the time and then cry like little whiny babies when things don’t go right. STOP blaming the 61 and put the responsibility on the kids that created the chaos and their parents who did nothing to stop them.

  • VacationPlease

    I watched the man from the fire dept stew in part 1 and 2. No one seemed to hear him in part 3.

  • Joe d jr

    Love how kids throwing eggs and one moron makes a comment about wat happened to me. And there names anonymous find that funny get a life get outta mine.ur a loser speak up

    • me

      we did speak up. you are not liked or respected in GB

    • anonymous

      maybe somebody should egg your house and your parents cars or your dear old grandma…how would that feel to you? F*&KED UP? nahhh you’d probably laugh it off and your parents would say ” it’s ok… we all did when we were kids”…stupid…..hahahaha

  • kenny c.

    I’m born and raised in brooklyn,and I always had friends and family in G.B.,so I spent a lot of time riding my bycicle in the streets and the sands.I really loved this neighborhood .S o much so that I bought a home here.After reading all this crap,I;m starting to have second thoughts.Can’t remember anything like this when I was younger,and niether, any of my older relatives.I remember the days with shaving cream and eggs.If I ever pulled any of this crap, my mother would hit me on the ass with the wooden spoon ,and when my father came home, I was put in my room,and did”nt get dinner. But my mom brought it too me later. That’s the way it was in those day.I bake potatos,not throw them, u assholes.

  • joe giardina

    You all should get a life , a bunch of bitches with a key board, why dont you all stop hiding behind your computer stating your comments with an anonymous name

  • Anonymous

    Why did all those people let just 2 screaming people take over a whole meeting?? Neither of them made any sense! How is that solving anything? So embarrassing for this community..

  • Anonymous

    this man is apauling to the community go somewhere no one wants you around here your a no body and the people on this website should really stop talking about the loud mouth father cause he is my neighbor and his kids werent even out on halloween and the bus lady you should stop talking about her as well cause she admitted that her kids were rong so just leave them alone

    • Anonymous

      He is not apauling to the community… I want to know what is going on in this community. I want to know the good and the bad and we cannot keep ignoring the problems these kids cause by people using this website and Dan complaining about him, it is a cop out! Enough is Enough! Sorry but the man and the woman at the meeting did nothing to help the situation. They just proved that they want to keep everything a secret and that does not help the situation it hurts it. I am sure the bus lady and the yelling man are not bad people but you have to admit they did not represent themselves very well. When you act like that you open yourself up to the comments and the harsh judgement that had been all over this board. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. What is done is done. Dan did nothing wrong. He reports the good stuff that goes on and the bad stuff. That is the way is should be. We the people of this community do not own Gerritsen Beach, the city does so we have to stop this crap that what goes on here stays here. If we teach the kids to be proud of and respect their community we wont have so many problems. This is a great community of people! BUT we need to take responsibility not only for the good but also for the bad. We cannot sweep the bad under the rug! Lets do something positive to show everyone that we are a strong community and stop pointing fingers! I really hope that will happen because this is very sad to see all this go down. We are better then that!

    • Anonymous

      He is not appalling… If everyone was so appauled then they should have nog joined his FB page or read his website but everyone does. You cannot have it both ways, you cannot just have the good and not the bad that goes on in this community. I am so tired of everyone sweeping the bad under the rug. We don’t own Gerritsen Beach, the city does! You have to admit that screaming woman and man did not make us look good. It was embarrassing! I am sure they are not bad people but don’t throw stones at glass houses. Because of their screaming everyone else was afraid to say how they really felt and you could see they wanted too but the two of them barley gave anyone else a chance to speak. We need to teach the kids to be proud of and respect their community.. That all starts with the parents and those two parents did not set a good example. Again I am sure they are good people they just need to tone it down and instead of arguing come up with a solution to solve the problem. Blaming Danny is a not the solution. It is just a way to deflect from the real problem. I hope things can change in the future. I think he is doing a good job. Sometimes I don’t agree with him but I appreciate his work and I don’t want him to give up!

  • I wrote this as a comment on Sheepshead Bites yesterday. Another commenter asked me to repost it here. I shall do so gladly, I hope it encourages those in the community are trying to make Gerritsen Beach a better place.


    I’ve met Dan, and I found him to be intelligent and intense. He believes Gerritsen Beach could be a better place, and wants to do what he can towards that end. He doesn’t like the negative publicity that the neighborhood gets, but he considers his role as a reporter to print what is newsworthy. As an involved member of your community he seeks to right what is wrong, and that sometimes necessitates the naming of those who are responsible for committing acts that are detrimental to the community’s well being.

    I think some of the particulars of this situation are lost in the larger issues that are involved in this discussion. First, you are assuming that Dan sought these kids out. I’m guessing it was quite the contrary; The Gerritsen Beach Facebook account has over 2,000 friends. Most of them chose to join themselves; they knew what they were doing.

    The website has been doing well. The success of a site is not just a matter of how many comments a story gets. Obviously some stories precipitate more activity than others. More important is the readership. Those numbers are documented. And most likely they have a consistency over time. People read Gerritsen Beach not only because of its “controversial” content. It is where residents can find out about upcoming event, and read summations of their occurrence.

    I think its rather disingenuous to attempt to draw a caricature of Dan Cavanagh’s motivations in posting certain stories. Allusions of improprieties of a possible sexual nature are libelous in nature. To suggest is to accuse, just as sure as if it was done directly.

    One of the differences between Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach is that in Sheepshead Bay we can have some really serious disagreements with people that we consider friends. We can do so most of the time without permanent lines being drawn. Admittedly, we do have some hot button issues here as well. They are not pushed under the rug. To do so would be to ignore one of the most important principles of journalism, to report the news. I should add to that the promise made by Adolph Ochs when he bought the New York Times, which is, without fear or favor. It’s a ideal that Dan Cavanagh personifies in his work.

    It should be understood that journalism is a fraternity. And that Dan has proved himself to be a most worthy member of that group. Thusly, he is taken seriously by them, and unsubstantial attacks upon his credibility are going to bring forth a collective response from them.

    It should be restated that what happened on Sunday on Gerritsen Beach is NOT a norm. People in Sheepshead Bay did not have to fear walking into a situation like the one documented in Gerritsen Beach. Nor would this be true in most places I know of. There was no exaggeration here. The damage was there for anyone to see.

    Denial of the seriousness of this is a dangerous form of response. Sooner or later there will be an occurrence of such a serious nature that it cannot be pushed under the rug. I suppose it is not a likelihood that in the foreseeable future you, and others with similar sentiments will appreciate what Dan Cavanagh is doing to prevent this sort of eventuality, but at the very least you should respect that he has the legal right to be a gadfly in your community. Every community needs one; Gerritsen Beach is no different than any other in that regard.

    • The New York Times has acknowledged the role of blogs in reporting news and acting as community advocates. There is a link to Gerritsen Beach(dot)net in their City Room section.

      WPIX only used the photo because it was relevant to the storyline. Blanking out the faces was not necessarily an issue of sensitivity. It may have been a way of visually prefacing the focus of the controversy . Notice that it was a straight line running across the photo. The story was about the attempted repression of news.

    • Anonymous

      Lisanne…very well said. Finally, a voice of reason

  • anonymous

    It has been all over the news that employers, schools etc can and do read facebook pages of prospective employees or students. If Renee’s son is denied entry to the high school of his choice he and his mother should look at facebook and know that is what will deny his choice.
    Accusing Dan Cavenagh of ulterior motives taking photos of young people is ignorant and illogical.
    Dan if you are sued, you have my email address. I will be happy to contribute to your defense fund.

  • anonymous

    I have followed this story since it first was put out… Some of the comments are really outlandish personal attacks on people… In some cases bordering on bullying ,and just a general sense of pileing on to discredit all involved… I have seen posts on incest, child abuse, neglect, etc on and on…. WHAT I have not seen is. Any post asking any questions ,or validating some of this sensational story… Such as WHERE are the “2 Hasidic Men attacked “? We all know that the Hasidic Community would take this very seriously. And take to the streets in protest.. and would been present at the GBPOA meeting WHERE is the “Elderly Man”with the Crown Victoria also attacked ? WHERE and who are the people who came to rescue him , from the rocks and other objects mentioned ? I wish to hear from these people… What they saw and what they did…

  • Anonymous

    funny how no one complained about the photos of the yuths wanted for robberies at cell phone stores.

  • Streetsmartz

    What is wrong with these parents? That’s half the problem these days. The parents constantly defending their kids when they know they are wrong. Man up and quit making this everyone else problem. Keep your brats in line.

  • L-o-l

    Look at these losers trying to defend those little roaches and trying to imply that the photographer is a pedophile. Is that honestly the best they can come up with to cover their sorry asses? They don’t know how to discuss, all they can do is yell over each other and swear like the beachrat animals they are because they don’t know how to be normal. All they know is aggression and diverting the issue because that’s all they can do

  • BklynGal

    There does not seem to be much difference between a riot and what happened in the beach that night….

  • Anonymous

    To all mothers especially to the woman who is certified to call ppl pedophile, GROW UP, you wonder why we are called “Beach RATS” Because of women like you. I was born and raised in GB I marched in the parades, I raised money, I worked within the community, went to the schools, was involved with the church, and I have many relatives in this community. I never got involved with the Halloween madness. And to say that ppl in the projects would be throwing crap off the roof they actually have a little more class than the children of GB. (FACT) This meeting was a joke. FACEBOOK MYSPACE METSPOT, cable TV your kids have access to anything that wants, it’s your job as a parent to monitor what they watch and view on the internet. That why they advertise so many different ways to block shows and sites. As to Mr. Joe Desimone the man who was screaming his name out, am sure you’re upset because your kid is also another problem within the neighborhood amazing. Let’s review Danny Cavanagh who caught your kids in the act does not make him a pedophile, it make him a member of the community with a camera. Now as the parent of these children who caused the acts of vandalism man up and pay up our tax dollars will not pay for your children’s actions, and because of this camera man we have proof it was your little angel. So thank you Danny Cavangh.

    As a note let’s look back: http://www.gerritsenbeach.net/tag/michael-j-sandy/

    • ernie b

      i laugh at all you people who will not say your name on this site. well im not, I have known Joe D for a long time and i have never met abetter person .He is always there for you if you need help with your hot water heater your heat or anything else. he is always there putting up the christmas decorations on the ave., and he is there taking them down. He is the one who cuts the grass for me when I hold the breast cancer fundraiser, he is the one standing over the hot grill for the cort clubs block party where are all of you with no name how dare you say one bad thing about this man he does more for this neighborhood then all of you put together He is best friends with buddy dewitt and let me here one of you no names say somthing bad about Buddy.If anyone wants to make fun of my spelling or gramma then just kiss my ass you are not a real gb person

      • elmo c

        Yes, I like you ernie b, use my real name, not like the anonymous
        people. Joe D made a real ass out of himself that nite along with Renee. He called George B. an ass kisser and a piece of shit, on camera in front of the GB property owners. The meeting was supposed to be about the GB neighborhood, not the Joe D and Renee show. They both owe all of us a public apology as loud as they were that night, on camera, at the meeting and especially to George B!!
        They were way out of line and it is on tape, for all to see. Shame on them and you for defending that white trash.

      • a series of tubes

        “If anyone wants to make fun of my spelling or gramma then just kiss my ass you are not a real gb person”

        So what you’re saying is that ‘real’ gb people can neither spell or use proper grammar?

      • anonymous

        Thank goodness I’m not from GB. I might have become a menace to society if I did………lol

  • Anon

    The murder in the projects everyone keeps talking about happened Friday night into Saturday morning at about 5am Saturday morning. It did not happen the day of Halloween or the night before. There was no reason for the response of the nypd to be the way it was.

  • Streetsmartz

    I love the big mouth fat guy in the video. He kept screaming nonsense. Such trash.

  • steve c.

    Joe d. has done tons for this community. Rene has done alot also. She was a tireless worker for PS 277. People try there best, things don’t always go the way you want. These events in recent days are not the sum of these people & I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you so. I have the feeling that comments being directed at Joe & Rene are being done by people who don’t know them & are basing their opinions on a video. They are good people & are good parents. No one wants to hear bad things about their kids or see their kids in trouble. Kids do dumb shit. Theres no getting around it, yours will some day too. Can’t everyone get along ?

  • Jimmy D

    Anyone that is alluding or blatantly stating that Daniel is a pedophile is seriously turning the attention onto themselves seeing as a normal circumstance of an adult taking a picture of a group of adolescents in public (ESPECIALLY under these circumstances) instantly leads their minds to pedophilia…really? Because for most of us that never even entered our minds whatsoever.

    • anonymous

      There’s a term in psychology called transference. for one person to project their own behavior to someone else…..maybe by them calling danny a pervert it represents their own behavior….hmmmmm

  • We take care of our own

    We do take care of our own!

    We support each other at every fundraiser, every event, everywhere!

    Taking care of our own is not allowing this behavior. We are supposed to protect our each other and not these troubled kids.

    Taking care of our own is not turning inward and acting against the best interests of the community.

    Taking care of our own is making sure OUR kids are raised correctly so they can continue to live here to continue to make this neighborhood a great place to live.

    Renee you should of dragged your kids to that meeting and made them apologize. Blaming the messenger is wrong. Also you should apologize before your words come back to haunt you in a court.

  • The Vindicated One

    Man, am I ever having a laughing jag at the expense of all these clowns. For years I had been slandered and abused by GB punks and their addle-brained parents who were quick to defend their future recidivists. Now the same element is trying to justify the punks’ vandalism and assaults, and then try to slander the man who had the courage to expose these lowlifes. Well you know what, GB punks and reprobate parents? It’s not going to work. The evidence is clear and you redneck jackwagons are going to get what you’ve deserved now for a long time. There will be no censorship of anything– only swift and harsh punishment of your filthy criminal larva and any parents who knew of these activities in advance. (Look up the definitions of accessory, accomplice, and aiding and abetting. Welcome to your nightmare!

  • Holly

    These parents are oblivious. And idiots. Why the hell aren’t they knocking their own kids onto their butts and saying “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???” And they think their kids FB pages are private??? lmao. You little darlings weren’t being cute or sweet, for the life of me I’d be horrified if that were my kid, not getting upset because their behavior became public knowledge. When you’re in public (ie, standing by the side of the road egging vehicles) you have NO expectation of privacy. We are all – including their kids – photographed and recorded by cameras and video every day, most without our knowledge or consent. Get busy parenting your kids and stop making a horse’s ass out of yourself at meetings.

  • The Vindicated One

    Over a decade and a half ago, I put up with the same kind of abuse and slander from the same element that ran amok last week, and who were staunchly defended by their reprobate parents. Now I see this same element getting the same defense from parents who knew exactly what their larva were going to do, and the same slander heaped upon the man who did nothing more than his civic duty. Gerritsen Beach, you are one seriously £#©%(?-up community!

  • Stats

    It seems (roughly) 99% of the comments about this whole halloween situation are against kids terrorizing us and breaking things in our community, and 1% standing up for them. So why are the parents still defending them and why aren’t they paying for their consequences? I’m confused.

  • Time to put those two loudmouths in their place!

    I think its about time for somebody to shut this bus lady named Renee up and that loud mouth Joe. It is absurd that these two spent the entire meeting making excuses for what their children did. Bottom line… their children are punks and Danny is doing the right thing by making people aware of who is terrorizing the good people in the neighborhood.
    Is it just me or does anyone else think that it is ok to pelt a 60year old man with rocks, potatoes and even a hammer? Obviously these two loudmouths think its perfectly normal for their kids to act like that. Not once did I hear anyone call out their children and discuss how horrible their actions were.
    Im also a little disappointed in Danny not sticking up for himself a bit more but it is understandable when you have a bunch of uneducated loudmouths yelling at him. I honestly would love to know how these kids thought throwing eggs, rocks, potatoes at men, women, and children was okay. I tell you how, when you have parents like that bus lady and Joe D. I would’ve loved for someone to ask them how they would feel if they were the ones being pelted with hard objects. Im sure they would love to see who the culprits were.
    Renee calling Danny a pedophile was a sad attempt of shifting the focus away from her ashamed and sad excuse for parenting. Danny is just like any other newspaper or newsoutlet. He simply reports the good things and bad thing that happen in the neighborhood. Should we sue CNN Eyewitness news or Channel 11 because they are reporting stories on rapists, murderers, and other criminals?
    In closing Renee and Joe D. are two morons(no polite way to put it) and should’ve been laughed at, not applauded. If I was at this meeting I would’ve made these two feel like the uneducated bad parents that they are. I wouldn’t be so hostile if they brought up valid points however they failed to give a single reason why Danny should stop reporting on things in the neighborhood. Im sure they would be enthusiastic and proud if Danny reported on their kids making the honor roll or volunteering in the community. But unfortunately, they raised a bunch of punks who will probably fail to graduate from college and do anything positive for themselves, or the community.

  • john d.

    first time is free well for me it was. now that i remember all 6 times were

    • Realist State

      If it happened (and it probably didn’t), it was probably because she felt sorry for your tiny dick!

      • john d.


        • VacationPlease

          Do you just post a stupid comment when you get home because there is no one there who cares?

        • Realist State

          LOL…Here’s the problem, a wigger wanna be! Sorry, you’re just not “equipped”! LMAO!

        • Anonymous

          First of all spell right it would be Aster Court. And She is a women and a mother . You all don’t know her well enough. She does not hang out in the bantry in a long time. And if you did you would know thier status. So get your facts right. Grow up and stop sweating people.

          • Anonymous

            and the facts you are referring to, are what ?
            The only facts we know of are the ones in black and white (or color) shown in photographs and video on here

    • Anonymous

      with what your hand and a dream. You really need a life and a girl friend .Clearly you have no life or you would respect others and know them 1st before wishing.

  • What don’t you get?

    Parents – you appear to be in viewing audience (and possibly cast) of “Cops” and similar shows. So…you know if it’s in public, it can be video/audio taped. D’oh! And since the local cops are too lazy, hopefully one of the people that were assaulted will give you a lesson in civil court – I see personal injury, property damage, and xtra tort for targeting old and minorities…your kids so screwed you, not the dude taking pix legally.

    Kids – ur obvs dmb and dmbr….u scrwd & “if any of family at receiving end of a rock or similar, story will end as self-defense shooting and your parents on the 11 news crying about how misunderstood you were….”

    Blogger/Editor – they called you a predator and threatened you? You did file a complaint, protection order, and contact lawyer for defamation??? Right???

    This is why “GB” and most of America is turning to crap…no one is responsible anymore…what a joke….

    And I will keep this FOREVER posted on my stuff…..

  • Streetsmartz

    Maybe when the kids go to do it next year and they encounter someone with a weapon who doesn’t find it funny, maybe then the parents will think it wasn’t a good idea. All fun and games till you get shot.

  • Anonymous

    WHERE ARE THE POLICE!!! Why is it that GB, one of the tax paying neighborhoods of this city is given such poor police coverage. It seems to me that every request we have of the 61 Pct. to help us comes with a “we cannot help you”. Parents are concerned about the well being of their children at P S 277 because of the illegal U turns and disregard of the crossing guards instructions. We keep asking the 61th for the police to give out tickets to the law breakers and we get the same old story, we cannot help you. I am sure the police could swing by 277 once or twice a week to help us out.

  • Anonymous

    It clearly states on Facebook’s user agreement that no one under the age of 13 should register on the site. Any parent who allows their 12 year old child (or younger) to have a Facebook page is violating the terms agreement. However, Facebook does allow 13 through 18 year olds to register for a profile on the site now.

    If a profile’s settings are set to private it is not in the public domain. A screen snap of a Facebook page can not be used without the expressed written consent from Facebook. However, there is something in journalism/news media called Fair Use. If something is deemed to be newsworthy. generally speaking, it can be used in a news publication or broadcast without consent. Blogs are very much a gray area. The law has yet to decide with any clarity whether blogs like this one fit into the definition of news media and incidents like this are currently being decided on a case by case basis.

    It’s interesting to note that the majority of the postings on Gerritsenbeach.net seem to extol the positive aspects of the neighborhood and new developments that impact the community. The blog administrator generally seems to be promoting the positive virtues of Gerritsen Beach while bringing attention to things that could be improved, too. Yet, from the looks of the video of the home owners association meeting, he is being demonized for pointing out one wrong that jeopardized the safety of the community, i.e.: by potentially causing an accident and by defacing both public and private property in Gerritsen Beach. While his methods can be called into question, I don’t see how anyone can fault the blog administrators for his very obvious intentions.

  • Anonymous

    Now Mr. Cavanagh’s home has been pelted with pumpkins. I wonder who is perpetrating THAT vandalism. How pathetic are these people? THIS behavior is going to solve a problem?
    It only speaks to the ignorance of those involved. NOTHING can be done UNTIL the parent’s of these teens/tweens come out of DENIAL and stop using misdirection, diverting the concentration of the actual issue….the BEHAVIOR of these young people NOT “oh he took pictures of my son, oh he put their fb profiles up on the internet”, the Renee woman (term used loosely here) needs to step back, shut up and stop making excuses for her son. I chose her simply because she was the only parent at that meeting and was quite mouthy (repeatedly) aside from that moron Joe D whatever, can’t believe his wife let him outdoors without a leash. LOOK at what your kids have done to the community as a whole. This is not Mr. Cavanagh’s fault or doing. HE was doing what he always does, reporting, which he does good AND bad. Your KIDS did this; HE just let it be known. So stop the denial, stop the pumpkin throwing and START to teach your kid(s) RIGHT from WRONG, RESPECT for others (and for themselves) how to read, how to spell how to actually GO to school and get an education, how to OWN their responsibility, and their parents need to own responsibility for this situation as well. Raise UPSTANDING members of society, self sufficient human beings instead of what they are right now because the rest of us taxpayers will be footing the bills for your kids when they wind up on welfare, in prison, etc. You do something wrong you pay for it. Well at least that’s how the world USED to be. STOP blaming other people for your shortcomings, for your failures you aren’t doing your kids any good.
    I seriously doubt that if Mr. Cavanagh actually went to the homes to speak to the parents privately about all of this they would have had an intelligent, mature reaction and response and actually took their kids to task and made an apology to the residents here.

  • trainman

    Lisanne, I very much agree with you in regard to Daniel Cavanagh. I don’t know him personally but we did meet on occasion and he comes across as someone who is saying:
    “This is what’s happening here and we could and should do better”.

    I was at the Property Owners meeting Wednesday night and I also had to endure the relentless self gratifying protests from the parents of the children who were outed for their bad behavior on Halloween. The problem wasn’t that the children put their bad behavior information out on the internet for everyone to see, it was that Dan made it EASIER for everyone to see.

    To the parents of these children: I don’t care WHAT actions Dan took to expose your children. I daresay the young mother holding a toddler whose life was in jeopardy because of the bad behavior of some of these children, doesn’t care either. Nor do the unfortunate victims like the people waiting for hours at bus stops all along the route for buses that never came because they were taken out of service by this bad behavior, care. I would imagine the senior citizen who got out of his car to protest the eggs being thrown at his car, only to be pelted repeatedly by these misunderstood children, doesn’t care either. Nor do many of the residents and your neighbors in GB who called 911 because they were concerned for their safety or they were outraged how their community was being taken away from them…

    Parents… YOU need to take a step backwards and just think what your neighbors and fellow residents of GB must have gone through. The people waiting at the bus stops, people trying to get to work or coming home from work or people with their children going to Halloween parties and such…the woman with the toddler who was in a near accident. Could you imagine the fear that went through her mind as the car was screeching to a halt to avoid a collision with a delivery van that was being hit by eggs? The humiliation and embarrassment that senior citizen must have felt being pelted with eggs and unable to defend himself… a man old enough to be YOUR father or YOUR children’s grandfather. Shame on them and shame on you.

    Do you still think its only fun egging on Halloween? Do you still think this practice should be continued or are you going to do everything in your power next year to prevent this anti-social behavior???

    As a parent, what I found most disheartening in your behavior, either at the meeting or here on this web sight, is your lack of humility. Where was your respect for others? Where were your apologies, because of your children’s behavior, to the people whose lives were turned upside down on that Halloween day? You are apparently blinded by the fact that even if your children did not throw projectiles at people and were just sitting with the group, they contributed to the mob mentality that encouraged the few that did perform this outrageous behavior.

  • enough is enough

    GO DANNY GO!!!!! It is a lot easier for these parents to blame someone else rather than deal with the problem itself. That meeting was a joke.

  • Joe BagoDonuts

    My kids are killers.

    • anonymous

      I am sure they are…..good home training program perhaps…hahaha. It’s required to be in “the beach”…..

  • Realist State

    What a dickhead. Let us know how it turns out when you ask him. You probably don’t have the balls, and hopefully he’ll knock you on your ass.


    Anyone else see this?:

    SOOOOooooo, kids act like dicks and break bus windows etc. Blogger lets us know about it. Blogger becomes pedophile. Parents threaten and break bloggers siding at home….. HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY F’IN SENSE!? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO ME!!!

    Lets add this up. Kids commit crimes. parents defend their crimes and they get away with it. So now parents are causing damages to bloggers home? Right? Seriously, we now know for a FACT where the kids learned their horrible behavior. HELLO!!!

  • wake up !

    nobody wins here,its a SAD state of affairs…

  • Beam Me Up Scotty

    Enterprise: I think I’ve studied this primitive civilization long enough. They won’t change unless all the good people stand together. They will have to do that for themselves.

  • Anonymous

    The saddest part of all is that GB youth have straight teeth and crooked morals. Where were/are the apologies, promises for better choices next time, etc.? Why the hand-holding? Are the kids who are shown in the photos that appear to be responsible being held accountable? Today is not yesterday. We ourselves change, but how can we expect maturity out of our kids if the parents themselves do not show it? Our walk counts far more than our talk, always.

  • gbresident

    Maybe ACS should do a sweep of Gerritsen Beach

  • VacationPlease

    After going to the 61 pct meeting and seeing the attendance I am speechless. Well except to say, where is everybody????

  • indigenous

    I didn’t know Dee Snider lives in Gerritsen Beach. You tell ‘em Dee. We’re not gonna take it!

  • OMG, What's going on???

    The head of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association has ruled that the press can attend the group’s meetings — for now defying a large bloc of members who want their discussions to remain behind closed doors.

    During its November gathering last Wednesday, many members demanded that the meetings be closed to the press as a form of retribution against reporters who covered the widespread vandalism by local hooligans on Halloween night.

    Members of the group reserved their most intense anger for blogger Dan Cavanagh, whose Gerritsenbeach.net not only reported on the out-of-control teens throwing rocks, potatoes and eggs along Gerritsen Avenue, but posted the vandals’ apparent confessions that had been posted on the kids’ Facebook pages.

    The group’s meetings were private as recently as 20 years ago, when residents had to show membership cards before being allowed entry. Because the group, which dates back to 1922, has never received public funding, it can legally close their meetings.

    But Association President George Broadhead said that meetings have been open to the public for the last decade — ever since the group began inviting elected officials and the 61st Precinct to discuss issues of concern in the community.

    Usually, Cavanagh and his video camera are the only “press” that attend. But last week’s meeting drew reporters from this publication; Sheepshead Bites, a local website; and WPIX Channel 11 after it was learned that the police were going to address last week’s Halloween hooliganism. Broadhead allowed everyone but WPIX inside.

    At the meeting, Broadhead appeared to agree to close the meetings to reporters. But in an interview on Monday, he said the press would continue to be allowed inside, at least for the foreseeable future. Banning the press can only come after the Association votes on the issue, Broadhead said, and although members complained vituperatively, no one actually called for such a vote.

    “Personally, I believe in transparency,” Broadhead said. “If we invite politicians and [Community Board 15 Chairwoman] Teresa Scavo to the meetings when they are not members, then the meetings should be open to cameras.”

    Of course, even if the Association votes to ban the press, it wouldn’t stop Cavanagh from coming.

    “They’ve been trying to kick me out for a while, but I’m a member,” Cavanagh said.

    • trainman

      To OMG, What’s going on???
      I don’t believe that censorship in the Property Owners’ meetings is the answer. I think good behavior in the neighborhood IS. I wasn’t thrilled that WPIX or the Bay News was at the meeting either but apparently it’s the price we are paying as a community for all the recent anti-social behavior. Unfortunately it’s that bad behavior that sells newspapers.

      Just look at this site and you see posts like Food Drives, Volunteer Fire Department’s fund drive or the Book Drive at our local Public Library. These events get very few or no comments at all. When somebody creates a ruckus or anything controversial in the Beach like the Halloween calamity, however, literally thousands of comments are posted.

      When I saw the stories emerge on TV I must admit I felt embarrassed that friends and members of my family who don’t live in the Beach were also viewing this disgrace. The problem we have with outside newspaper reporters coming into the Beach can be fixed very easily. Just give them stories like Food Drives & Book Drives and we won’t have to worry about seeing them any time soon.

      • travel2692

        I agree about the embarrassment. shortly after this incident we had a famiy party and a lot of family who have moved away from here for various reasons were in attendnce…they were visibly upset by all this…

  • anonymous

    The meeting was a joke. they didn’t want any media there because they did’nt want the outside world to know how trashy gerritsen beach really is. only thing missing is a bunch of trailers. feel sorry for the few decent people living there. I’ll take mt chances in east new york. lololol……….

    • annon

      Unfair to say only a few decent people live there. I don’t live there but I believe the majority to be decent. Some just may be too scared to talk because of feared repercussions. A few loudmouths and troublemakers doesn’t comprise an entire community. The ones who talk the loudest always get the most publicity. It’s like that all over.

      • anonymous

        If more decent people lived there all this wouldn’t be happening. It seems the decent ones are outnumbered. The trash that hatched the little darlings just know how to scream louder and imtimidate others instead of disiplining their out of control offspring. They are so barbaric they can’t even be called children. What normal children do you know present themselves like the darlings of Gerritsen Beach. Maybe people already know how it is in “the beach”, that’s why property values lag behind other adjacent neighborhoods. Must be pretty desperate to want to buy there….hey….why don’t you move there and see how long it takes before you change your mind, maybe aorund next halloween!??

    • Annonymous

      People don’t want the media their because they do not have our best interest in mind. They simply want to sensationalize any story they can exploit for ratings. Any time there has been an issue in this area or other tight nit communities in Brooklyn or Queens the media disregards the real issue and condemns the neighborhood. At its most basic people fear what they don’t understand and people do not understand a neighborhood where people know each other, care for each other ,and stick together. I have dated people from other areas of Brooklyn that are so impressed by the closeness of the people in the beach, the way we know each other say hi and help each other. In all honesty those trashing the beach are not the people most would want to have as neighbors anyway.

      • annon

        Of course the Beach has its good points, but what happened still was horrible. You say people don’t want the media because they don’t trust it since they sensationalize. That may very well be true. But please explain which of the media mistreated you. The newspaper and blog coverage seemed balanced to me. I also thought the coverage provided by WPIX was extremely fair giving equal time to Renee and to Danny. What specifically did you find to be unfair?

      • VacationPlease

        And what is your best interest? Let the punks run wild?
        Yes, stick together like peas in a pod don’t mess with the rest of the world and your little paradise will be fine.

  • anonymous

    as for the the cops, they aren’t going to do a damn thing. if they wanted to do something they would’ve done it that day. they just turned a blind eye as usual. but if there was a double parked car amid the mahem they would’ve ticketed it……hahahahahaha…..gerritsen beach is for losers.

    • annon

      If you read the coverage in this week’s Bay News you will see that all the cops did was give out a few summonses to the people causing damage. The reason they didn’t do more wasn’t for a lack of trying. The problem is that all of GB went mum. No one would talk. Facebook confessions and pictures of the troublemakers aren’t worth anything without coroborating evidence that wasn’t forthcoming. The paper said that even the MTA did not file any complaints. You are blaming the wrong people.

  • growapair

    does enyone kno y danny dident get pictures of the kids on the ave all day with the dirtbikes and stuff u kno the one doing the drugs and stuff o thats right hes scared cause they would of beat the crap out of him…..he dont take pictures of u unless ur from 9 to 14 years old cause hes scared..

    • VacationPlease

      I don’t think so. Why don’t you put up the time and location for the parents to see.

    • me

      So Not True!!! He Has Taken Pics of People Older doing the wrong thing!!! I Know For a Fact Because I went through hell with it last year!!! But With the Good comes the Bad and Yes He should take pics of the dirt bikes and Quads, But What would good would it do…. People can’t even control the 9-14 year olds in the neighborhood so what will you do to them???? Be real people until you except that your children are not angels and do screw up when your not around this thing will not get fixed!!!!! So I Say There Is NO HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS!!!!!

    • hasapair

      So now you expect him to report on everything? some people do have lives you know. If you know so much info how come your not taking pictures or reporting on it?

  • travel2692

    this goes on and on…enough of the bashing back and forth that has no relevance..name calling and such .address the real issue, instead of lumping the neighborhood in to one bucket. Many good and responsibe people live here…as well as many terrifc young people, involved in our organizations…The Squires, working for their community…doing good works..and even just going to school and getting good grades..and participating in oal the local and adjoining neighborhood sports programs.
    But we need to police ourselves….see what our children are doing when they are “out” and liason with our local police better to insure they will respond to calls instead of consdering us a nuisance….Trainman makes good points…..and sweeping this all under the rug helps no one.. I know a lot of the kids in the pictures..and I know a lot of the parents are addressing it in the privacy of their own homes and not in public…the public protestors should be looking closer at the situation…and dealing with it…

    and the recent issue at the bus stop and skate park area points up that a core of kids thinks they can continue with this beahvior..showing us they are not afraid or on in control…..adults….take back our neighborhood…clean it up both physically and emotionally….let’s be proud of our neighborhood and all the good in it..speak up for yourselves…..and dont let a small minority be reponsible for how we are seen!

  • Streetsmartz

    Keep blogging Danny! You’re doing the right thing even though the skells don’t like it.

  • RCflyer

    Dan keep up the good work. you should lawyer up and sue everyone that slandered you at that meeting and get an order of protection against them also.

  • concerned

    Where were all the so-called “good and decent people” that live in gb when all this crap was going down? Stop standing around like a bunch of sheep and take back your neighborhood from the jerks…..Seems like the only one strong enough to stand up and say ” no more” is a young guy named Cavanaugh!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious, would this mother be allowed to carry on like this at her son’s school’s PTA meeting or at any meeting at the school, I doubt it. Would she say things like this to her childrens teachers, counselors, or principal, I doubt it. My guess is she would be a mouse and listen to what her lovelies did and say yes sir or yes maam, take the information apologize and go home and deal with it and NOT act like a want a be thug, making excuses and blame everyone but who needs to be blamed. If she didn’t she’d be looking for a new school. I still haven’t heard that anyone apologized for their actions