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Additional Halloween Coverage

38 comments to Additional Halloween Coverage

  • a good neighbor

    I support your work on this 110%. This tradition should have been banned and cops from 61st/63rd should have been present the entire time to prevent such tragedy to happen. Any parents who allow their kids to throw eggs/what name you to others should have the same thrown to themselves and see if they still support it.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Keep up the good work Dan, you truly care about our community and the only ones who can't or won't see it are the ones creating the problems. Unlike the cowards who created chaos and then they and their friends, relatives and other jack asses screamed foul because they were being called on it. you had the guts to show your face, your name and bring attention to this travesty when no on else would.

  • anonymous

    Danny I support you totally for what you did. The kids involved in this should be arrested. It is NOT ok to throw eggs or anything else and any motorist. What f they killed someone? What would the parents say? They were just having fun. Facebook is public and you were right to post it. The parents of these low lifes deserve to be embrassed.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the cops will get off their asses now and not act like a bunch of scared pussies.

  • anonymous

    You know Halloween in GB was just the icing on the cake. These crimmals should be put in jail. I'm sure they are the same ones who break the bus shelters, set fire to the weeds and over turn all the litter baskets on the Avenue. What a future we have to look forward to. They can't even spell!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Enough Already you happy you got your five minutes of fame Daniel at the expense of exploiting minors. Your claims are totally off point and no need to call the kids criminals. Think this way blown up way too much. Kids are kids they are going to make mistakes. Your a coward and should have took this up with the kids parents. I know lot of these kids and they are not the complete hoodlums you people claim they are. Good example for the kids how do we stop this behavior that has been going on for years in Gerritsen Beach. We want the kids to stop hanging on the corner causing mischief. The one way this will happen is encouraging them to get jobs.

    Thanks to you now these kids have false reports out on the web and will haunt them the rest of their lives.

    Thanks a lot asshole!

    • Clay

      Let's see, clear evidence available of individuals breaking private/public property, yep, that's "criminal." Kids are going to "make mistakes?" Throwing anything that is liable to harm/injure people or property is more than a mistake. I would never have thought to throw eggs, let alone potatoes, rocks, etc., when I was a teen yet there are actually people (and parents!) defending the action?!?! Not "hoodlums", sure, I can accept that; stupid rednecks would be a better phrase. Glad "going on for years" is a "valid" argument for you, I believe historic proponents of slavery, lynchings, etc. used the same argument. "False reports" on these poor kids? What, the photos, Facebook posts, etc. were all fabricated?!?! Oh my, I never expected a conspiracy theory in GB!!!

      • Anonymous

        Innocent to proven guilty not one of the images shown an egg or potato being thrown and it was complete bs about a hammer being found the news even reported there was no police complaints. Stupid rednecks now your getting racist buddy no need for that.

        • Clay

          How is "stupid redneck" racist? In the summer, I likely fall into the "red neck" category, though I am not mentally challenged like those in question.

          • Anonymous

            Clay you speak your real name how dare you call any of these kids mentally challenged. Try saying that to one of their parents you coward

          • Clay

            I did not imply a "handicap," I suggested in a "PC" way that the kids in question are STUPID. Comparing these kids to someone with an actual "handicap" is an insult to people with handicap(s). And I'm more than willing to discuss the stupidity of "some" of GB's youths and their associated parents, in person, as it will entertain me immensely. I can't wait for a parent to say "I'm gonna F you up" since it will just prove the case in point.

          • Craig

            Thats right keep retaking back what you said its right there in the previous comment "though I am not mentally challenged like those in question" afraid to stand by your word Clay. Listen if I was a parent and you called my kid mentally challenged damn right I would knock you on your ass. Talking about one's family is a cardinal sin

          • Anonymous

            Right, because words = violence.

            Bet your kids were out there, eh pal?

          • Clay

            I believe that based on our mutual comment ratings, individuals here understood my implied sarcastic terminology compared to your direct vulgar outbursts.

        • Anonymous

          No, just picks of egg on vehicles and potato in hand. Just no pics of objects in the process of being "thrown" right jackass? No police complaints is BS, if they don't have the stats its because they're padding their numbers.

        • Arthur Borko

          The news reported there were no police complaints because a "complaint" is a filed report. The Police never came or stuck around to FILE the reports.

          Frankly, I the lack of police response should be getting just as much media coverage as the actions of the teenagers.

          It's a blatant attempt to avoid paperwork and an increase in crime statistics for their precinct.

    • just passing by

      We should be so lucky if these kids are haunted by their actions for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, they are proud of their actions and probably, most of them will never change for the better.

    • Beach Resident

      Are you kidding me. You are putting the blame on Daniel. I hope you aren't a parent. This behavior was typical of the kids in Gerritsen Beach. it will continue to go on until the parents take responsibility. That being said perhaps the parents didn't know what their darling were going to do that day. HOWEVER!!!!!! Now that you see what your kids were holding, who they were handing out with, what they posted on line etc. Now it is time for the parents to take action. These kids need to be punished. I would love to see one parent of any of these kids post here that they spoke with thier child and what the punishment for their involvement will be. Never going to see this, because these are the same parents who buy dirt bikes and mopeds and think it is ok to tear up the neighborhood. GOD HELP US!

      • Craig

        Oh yea keep on making your assumptions its unfair to call all these kids hoodlums maybe some parents didn't reprimand their kids but some of the parents being called out are some of the best parents I know and you trash talking parents will never be as good as them and that is the most true fact out of all of the nonsense comments. Most of you are hypocrites and did you think that some of the kids posted on their facebook page bragging to look cool. Its something called peer pressure and all the claims are complete bs there is no concrete evidence except for kids holding eggs but where they thrown at innocent bystanders nope don't think so. Sure u so claimed parents were angels when you are younger that is the funniest I heard you all were doing the same thing when younger and social media wasn't around then so you didn't have the option to make the mistake of posting online. Where talking about teenagers they don't know better. So stop the accusations its clearly getting old and worry about more important things.

  • Jenny

    Dan you are right in everything you have posted. I think the parents would be feeling differnt if it was their own cars that had dents or their window broken. The kids and their parents should have to pay for the damage they did. They should all e charged with assault. What would have happened if one of those cars they hit with an egg or potato lost control and hit someone or the person in car got hurt or killed. What would have happened then. I bet they would have been scared shitless and ran back weeds and hid. Good job Dan and keep up the god work.

  • Anonymous

    Listen there you go assuming shit maybe not all parents are taking action but its unfair to put this assumption on all the parents. The parents I am talking about are two of the greatest parents I know and I don't give a hell what you people think cause I know the truth and did you think that some of the kids that bragged were doing it for the sake to make themselves look cool. Comes down to peer pressure and I can see the same shit being done for the some of the real class act parents. Only difference was social media wasn't around at the time. So keep on going on with your assumptions thats all you people love to do.

  • Roman

    To all the haters of Danny: STFU. Learn to discipline your kids before blaming others for their problems. I plan to do some horrible things to your neighborhood next year in retaliation for this Halloween.

    I am proud of what Danny did and will support him to the end (despite not knowing him at all). Actions speak louder than words. Take that to heart you over-privileged parents/kids.

    • Beach Resident

      So these parents are the nicest people. No one is saying they are not nice people but it takes more than a uterus and some sperm to be a good parent. Parenting isn't easy. It is the toughest job I know. I wouldn't march my kids over to the 61 but they certainly would lose their computer priviliges and would be made to rethink their choice of friends not to mention a couple of weeks of house arrest. I wouldn't be saying kids will be kids. Wake up and be a parent. How you react to this situation sets the tone for future acts

  • JD

    WOW just WOW

    After seeing the videos on Sheepshead Bites all I can say this is one fucked up community. I just hope the cops arrest those idiots and get there DNA and finger prints on file so it is easier to track them when they become the crooks and scum they are going to grow up to be.

  • Anonymous

    Great! now this neighborhood is being portrayed in the media as some white trash community. look at the comments that all of this has generated; http://gothamist.com/2010/11/03/blog_blasted_for_… "[1] | barryap

    Gerritsen Beach is the white trash capital of NYC."

    This is how a GOOD neighborhood will be forever tarnished and in the end it will amount to the property value dropping. And everything that people have worked so hard for to benefit the communtiy will be for no reason. We need to stop all of this. We all know who the kids were, we all know too well that the buses stop running on gerritsen avenue on HAlloween because of the kids "bombing". There has been a few times where i was told by the bus driver to get off at Resurrection because they were told not to go any further and I had to walk down to the old section. AS for the kids who "threw rocks, potatoes, and other objects" I am sure that their parents will or are currently dealing with them appropriately. Just because the parents have not come up to you personally to tell you that they have addressed the problem, does not mean that they are not handling it.

    • JD

      Did you watch the videos of the owners meeting? Looks to me that the mother is NOT addressing the problem but trying to pass blame on to Daniel.

    • Sarah

      Gerritsen Beach looks like the white trash neighborhood of NYC because you are. Between the insane backyard wrestling trend a few years ago to this, you deserve that title.

  • Just another White g

    I wouldn't move there, and I'm white. Hot diggity

  • 3000 miles away

    I am wondering if you could do an update. Since you have become a substantial part of the story you wrote. What has the fallout been like?

  • Robert Paulson

    ughh!! And these people vote!! That Sammy Hagar look a like dyke is truly unpleasant to say the least. Oh well, all apart of the collapse of the United States.

    • Anthony

      No… she looks like a mix between Bon Jovi, and fat Elvis before he died lol. That’s funny right? Guess what? I tell her all the time, because she’s my mother! So that’s one thing that you and one of her half-retarded neanderthal sons have in common!

  • A Mother from 3 States Away

    First of all, Daniel, I completely support what you have done, congrats on the site, sorry it’s not going so well lately, but keep up the good work.
    I found out about this whole drama from a post on my husband’s gun forum; pretty sad… I’ve never even heard of GB before now, and feel bad things seem to be so rough over there.
    The only reason these people are angry is because they know they or their children (or friends/family/acquaintances/etc) are in the wrong, and they don’t want to admit it and Deal with it. Trying to place blame on others is such a classic immature attitude I’m surprised they are so dense as to keep it up and not just shape up and own up for the wrongs which were obviously done.
    I just love people who keep saying ‘innocent till proven guilty’ -I completely agree! It won’t be hard to prove anyone guilty with all the evidence that has been brought to light. If it is wrong to display evidence, then what is this world coming to?
    It doesn’t look like you were searching for your ‘five minutes of fame’ to me, it just seems as if you were trying to stop something Absolutely Wrong from continuing unchecked for who knows how long. -any respectable person could/should have done the same.
    Citizens! If this is ‘normal’ for your neighborhood, it’s no wonder people say your area looks like a ‘white trash’ area, I just have to say that is just sad! I feel sorry for the people who do make an effort to make GB a nice place, because it is not their fault and unfair for them to have to put up with not only the people, but the negative publicity that the stupidity of said people are giving their fair neighborhood.
    I agree with one of the Anonymous comments that this has blown up way too much, I agree, instead of b*tching at Daniel about making Observations, they should start Being Parents and actually raising their children to be Decent Citizens and not Do things like this.
    If you don’t know where your child is and what they are doing at any given time (How hard is that in this day and age with cell phones and text messaging?) then how do you consider yourself a decent parent? What? Is your house a bed and breakfast or something that your children go wherever they want and with whomever they want, and do whatever they please like they are adults? The whole Point of this is that they are Not adults! I am not one to judge, for I do not know the situations or the families, but come on, if you don’t know what you’re child is doing, how are you NOT to blame for their actions? I would Have to call that a simple negligent parenting attitude. I can understand wanting to give them some ‘freedom’, but there are boundaries, and I just think that letting your children run wild and unchecked in the streets crosses a line (whether or not you find out about it and ‘pick them up’ later).
    This should not have been a shock, for what seems to be many of the families should have known about this in plenty of advance; peer-pressure or not, there was plenty of chatter on the internet ahead of time for Someone to have known what was going on, but because ‘it has always happened’, that was enough to make it ok… Right… Logical, really…
    I think it completely ridiculous and irrational that anyone would want to get Daniel into any legal trouble, when looking at all the facts, -any one of the people who were Assaulted could be sending those individuals to Jail for their poor decisions. What if someone had been killed? We are talking about ‘minors’ making adult decisions and committing adult crimes here. Where Were the parents when their children were throwing things in the direction of Infants and Elderly people? Had it been my child having something thrown at them I would have dealt with it then and there. You endanger my child, show blatant disrespect for me or another human being, I Will defend myself, my child, or my neighbor; You whine that it is ‘just an egg or potato’, why are you harassing people without being provoked? for fun? What’s your IQ if that is all you can plan up and think of to do for ‘fun’?
    How about planning something to benefit the community instead? Is that too much work? or is this new generation also Lazy?
    I’m sure the kids involved were not all ‘complete hoodlums’, however I find it difficult to find a term to describe someone who takes part in vandalizing another person’s property, and assaulting innocent passers-by, without having stronger words come to mind. I’m sorry that the term ‘criminal’ is so offensive to you, but think that the people whining about someone ‘slandering’ their children would have a problem if THEY were assaulted, or if Their property was vandalized.
    It is only slander if it is not true, and if it is not true, then why would the families in question be making so much noise about it? Sounds like someone is just trying to point fingers so no one takes a closer look and maybe they can avoid the consequences they Know they deserve.
    Those in question seem to come from a much lower class level than other citizens in the area; spelling, grammar, speech and mannerisms taken into account (from facebook posts and live videos).
    If the truth hurts, better change… (get a job, or go educate yourself so you don’t look and sound like white trash)
    Daniel is not incriminating any of these people, they do a pretty good job of that themselves. He is only providing evidence which I feel he has every right to do.
    It’s pretty sad that in this day and age, the one under attack is the one who is doing right, and the ones who get away with things are the ones who seem to have poor upbringing and a lack of life, needing something more exciting to do…
    Message to the parents of the children who DID do these things and who are making a big stink about the whole thing: If you want your kids to ‘stop hanging on the corner causing mischief’ as one anonymous poster mentioned, then Why the Bleep don’t you Just make them stop? Are you afraid to be a parent and tell your child ‘no’? Or did you just skip that part of their vocabulary when you were raising them as a toddler?
    Your Teenagers are old enough to have Facebook accounts, but not to have the intelligence to know who should and should not be added?
    You accuse Daniel of pedophilia -an accusation which is laughable at best, but apparently you never taught your child to stay away from strangers or weirdos? -neither of which do I believe Daniel to be… If they didn’t already know him, why would they have ‘befriended’ him on their personal profile? They had the choice to say ‘no’ to the request (if indeed He is the one who sent the request), did you not raise your child with the distinction between right and wrong?
    I fail to see how throwing projectiles -of any kind- at vehicles and people can be considered ‘ok’ in any case.
    ‘Have fun’ -What are you crazy? This is what you consider fun? What kind of low societal background do you come from? Oh so because ‘everyone else was doin’ it, it’s ok… Gotcha!
    If these children have ‘false reports’ out on the web, it certainly isn’t from Daniel, I suppose they were just lying on their facebook accounts and eating the eggs they were holding raw -or were they boiled? My bad, I didn’t know it was normal for teens to go grocery shopping and then hang out ‘en mass’ ‘and eat raw or boiled eggs on halloween -because that must be what they were doing with them right? I guess the windows on the vehicles just accidentally broke themselves, and the kids neglected to mention how sorry they were for accidentally doing that in their facebook posts Stating that they did those things… not to mention the posts Stating they were throwing the projectiles -oops, I forgot about those, guess they weren’t eating them after all huh?
    I am making no Unfair assumptions about any of these children or their parents. My assumptions are based purely on things I have seen either in pictures, videos, or writing -no matter how it was that the pictures and such came to be publicized, the fact of the matter is it happened, and what was in the pictures and posts Looks pretty bad… But what looks worse is the responses of the citizens and parents who try to downplay the terribleness of what happened by blaming someone for doing what was in my opinion, and many other people’s opinions, the right thing to do.
    I make no generalizations as to the entire population of GB or even all of the kids who were or were not involved, their parents/families/etc. Just to be clear of that…
    I’m glad I don’t live in your area, or even your state, because a place who finds it ‘ok’ to throw ANYTHING at random innocent people, without cause or provocation, for Any reason, sounds like a pretty crazy and bad place to have to live.
    And isn’t this sad, that the entire point of this web site was simply to show the truth of Gerritsen Beach? The Good AND the Bad. Too bad that right now the ‘bad’ is getting more publicity than the good…
    ‘the louder you whine and squeal, the more guilty and pathetic you look.’
    I’d just love to see how many people dislike this comment, because it will only prove how many pathetic people live in GB.
    (no offense to all of you awesome GB dwellers, and I’m sorry you have to live around these people who seem to lack so much common sense…)
    love and condolences to all, ~Me

  • Dave

    Bottom line…if a group of black kids had been terrorizing Gerritsen Beach by throwing eggs, rocks and other things at people and property, the residents of Gerritsen Beach would be praising Danny for exposing them. In fact, they would be up in arms that the NYPD isn’t going out and arresting the offenders. On a side note…There are some bad apples in GB but the majority of residents their are good hard working people. It’s a shame that these hoodlums are stealing the spotlight.

  • Joe DeeSeeMOAN

    Yo… wezz did dis as kidz too, and then Rene that old salty slut gave us all blow jobs in the weedz … She’s like a hoover.