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No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens


Halloween in Gerritsen Beach is always bad, but in years past the police at least attempted to show up even if it was a lacking response. This year the teens ran unchecked by police and terrorized a neighborhood all day and night.

50+ teens held their ground at Gerritsen and Florence Avenues and Seba Avenue Park for a better part of Halloween. They formed a firing line on both sides of Gerritsen Avenue. They were throwing eggs, shaving cream cans, potatoes, rocks, at anything that drove past and anyone who dared to confront them. They even started throwing eggs at people, parents with young children and strollers. One parent said “I saw them jump a delivery car with kids banging on it, eggs getting slammed into it and some ran on the car”


Everyone was calling 911. There was not one person on Gerritsen Avenue who was not on the phone with 911, or the 61 and 63 Precincts desks. No police responded.

An older man in his late 60’s was driving along Gerritsen Avenue when his car was hit by eggs, when he exited the vehicle he was pelted by dozens of eggs, rocks were thrown, chucks of brick, and someone tossed a hammer. Parents and community members stepped in to protect this man and started to chase the kids to away.

As the Vollies were investigating a possible weed fire. Fire Chief John Czapp’s jeep was pelted and he was hit in the face with an egg. No police responded.

NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO RESPOND. Let’s let that sink in. After possibly dozens or more 911 calls over a two to three hour period NO ONE SHOWED UP.

If you thought the kids behavior was disgusting, the police behavior was incomprehensible. Everyone felt helpless as the neighborhood was terrorized by the teens

After a few hours the 61st Precinct did sent one marked car which was pelted. But as soon as it pulled up the kids ran back weeds and the patrol car left. The kids cheered in victory. The officers did not exit their vehicle nor speak with anyone. They simply left.

The 63 did send two community affairs officers who were also pelted in their unmarked car. They did exit their vehicle and pursued the teens by walking on foot to see if they can catch some of the kids. The kids being locals – immediately ran to the woodchips and exited at channel.

  • They put out of commission three buses. Shutting down the B31 line. The bus operator and bus supervisor called 911 – No response.
  • They pelted a deliveryman on a moped assaulting him – No police response.
  • In a classic hate crime approach the teens also chased two hasidic jewish men throwing rocks at them
  • They covered cars on Gerritsen Avenue with shaving cream.

GerritsenBeach.net has been covering Halloween for years now. This was by far the worst Halloween. It was not even this bad when the previous 61 Commanding Officer Captain Stella neglected the neighborhood. At least he sent marked patrol cars and supervisors down at the last minute. However Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas seems to have abandoned Gerritsen Beach letting criminals terrorize the neighborhood, leaving residents to resort to vigilante justice. Shame on them.

Editorial note:

We’ve decided to keep the orginal post “as is”. No pictures, screenshots or names will be taken down. The pictures in question were in taken in plain sight on the street, where there is no expectation of privacy no matter what the age.

Screenshots were available publicly therefore submitted to the public domain.

Comments or pictures containing names cannot be verified. Their level of involvement has not been determined or proven. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There has been no comment by local authorities.

Photos (Photo Gallery, Facebook Gallery )


Firing Line raid on an Old Man defending himself.


ONLY Marked car all day and night. Which left as soon as it arrived.


Out of commission B31












Facebook proves to be an exciting read too. As they plan and analyze.

1,069 comments to No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens

  • Bugg

    Seen "Maverick" pitch in little league games. Didn't really believe it was his given name, even though his coach told me as much. What are his brothers' names; Goose and Iceman?

    • Anonymous

      I guess he is better throwing potatoes, eggs and rocks than a baseball

    • JaazzNJeff

      We cud uze som of theese kidz in the H were i live. We uze em to looksup the polices and shit wen we be doin sellin and shit. I c som bitches in that foto. they be fine for pimp up the party!

    • Mark

      If these baby-felons are already planning next year, I would suggest that many of the GB parents start taking holidays to supervise these punks.

      Heck, even if you’re not a parent, kick in a few holiday-night hours to prevent this. I suspect that defeating their crimes, even for a hour or two, would send most home to their urine stained sheets where they could pout and dream dreams of being tough.

      If the police can’t or won’t protect your rights and property, you must either do it yourself or decide that these punks own you outright.

    • Mark

      I would also offer that the open admissions by these punks is probably enough to bring their parents in to civil court.

      That may motivate the parents to exert themselves in controlling their horrid little birth control failures.

  • Bugg

    Also CRIME IS DOWN. This was all a windstorm. Besides all the damaged stuff, even the old guy and 3 city buses, are well past useful life and fully depreciated. Look at how the 61 and 63 play with these numbers, especially being that it was the last day of a 31-day month. For some reason, NYPD thinks a 31-day month is a special occasion in their ConStat calculations.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure the parents are having fun right now seeing their "good kid" destroy, damage and probably hurt another humen being in the process by throwing eggs or better potatoes.

    • Render

      I am shocked at the Denvers. Aren't their aunts in police service in some way? Such lack of support towards the officers in the patrol car is shocking.

      • anon

        I am shocked by the good GB names I see. Johnston, Denver, Shea and Christman are good long time names in the Beach. These names always represented great and decent people. Where are their parents and relatives?

        • Anonymous

          You have to ask were are these kids parents are while this is going on!!! :(

          • Anonymous

            Obviously,Too Busy doing other things besides being Parents!!!

          • Anonymous

            yeah maybe working or taking care of younger siblings

          • Anonymous

            Isn't it funny how many dislikes on a reasonable answer more of you would rather believe the better things they are doing is stealing doing drugs and drinking most of those kids shown have younger siblings and parents babysit for other peoples children its not like everyone has off on a sunday

          • Anonymous

            White kids. Middle to upper middle class. Obviously with nothing better to do but try to be "gangsta" and get some sort of rep. These children, sadly, are our future. This country is truly in a sad sad state, and I am glad that I left Brooklyn when I did. It has gone down the tubes. It seems as though even white families have thrown up their hands and said "Screw it I am not gonna raise my kids" and left them to get their education and life lessons from youtube, jackass, and music. Good Going. Keep up the good work New York. here is a clue. If you can no longer raise any decent kids, keep your damn legs closed. Practice Condom sense.

          • Anonymous

            trying to be gansta?kid shut the fuck up u have no


          • Anonymous

            apparently, you are said wanna be gangsta

          • Alexa

            Hahaha, you’re a fucking idiot. I can’t wait until you pump my gas next time I go through your shitty part of town.

          • Don't make excuses. You don't stop parenting older kids because you have younger ones.

          • Alexa

            How about, don’t have kids if you can’t take care of them?

            Condoms. Free at your local planned parenthood (lol)

          • Anonymous

            They’re parents are hiding out at home so they don't get egged b/c they have no control over their kids in any aspect of their lives. Not in their behavior and certainly not in their grammar! These dumb kids can't even spell and form correct sentences to brag about their delinquencies on face book. Most of the next generation is completely useless… it is so sad!

          • your mother

            shut the fuck up please your mad stupid and your wasting your time writing this no one is gonna read it so do your self a favor and just stop writing your bullshit

          • Anonymous

            OK Maverick…chill

          • Anonymous

            Yoouu people sitbehind ur computerr talk ass muchh smack as want

          • L-o-l.

            Come on you little shit, too bad it's illegal to sock you little bastards in your crooked inbred teeth. HAH! You're going nowhere in life, enjoy, LOL!

          • A Mother from 3 States Away

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m on generally the same side as you on this whole thing, but well, Actually, this comment is just flat out rude! I’m no advocate for the kids or their parents, but I’m surprised so many people like it, simply because of the language and insinuations -you all think you’re any better than the kids by using and approving of such vulgar language? What do you think you’re getting accomplished by making such absolutely disgusting comments? Name calling is even more immature than the deplorable behavior we are all so upset about coming from these kids and their parents!
            I hate to stoop this low, but “Shame on you!”
            Seriously, what great examples you are!

          • well 3 states away

            You sound like an idiot. Let the kids damage your property and what are you going to do about it? Counsel them? That is what got us here in the first place. They are lucky they didn’t egg the wrong car and get shot. If this is their idea of gangsta, they better recognize. If some kid eggs my car, I don’t give a damn how many of them there are, you get your crowbar, call your boys and crack some craniums. They damn sure won’t be doing that shit next year after they recover from the hospital visit.

          • A Mother from 3 States Away

            lol, sure, I’m sure they could use some serious counseling, but I wasn’t suggesting that was going to solve the problem here.
            Actually, for the record, if someone were to assault me with a deadly weapon (rock, brick, hammer, etc), they’d be regretting it if they lived to regret it, because I would very likely shoot them if I happened to be open carrying at the time, or if it were in my house. (though I don’t pretend to know the OC laws in New York, as I’ve only been to the state once and don’t tend to research things over there; but that kind of crap wouldn’t be happening in my neighborhood I can guarantee it -no one here would take it!)
            First of all, you don’t mess with my kids (if I were the woman with a baby stroller…), and if they were to endanger my sons, they would pay for it;
            Second, you show respect for others, they show blatant disrespect like they did at GB and it’s not just going to get shrugged off… (not saying it’s being shrugged off there, but you seem to think I wouldn’t do anything but ‘counsel’ them… lol)
            I’m not saying that violence is the answer or anything, but when someone assaults someone else, they have the right to protect themselves, and I certainly would. (counseling them -that’s funny!)
            I fully agree they need to be taught a lesson, however do not pretend to be the one qualified to do it. (seeing as I’m nowhere near there and was not assaulted myself; but I do say, they assault you -let ‘em have it! just don’t have too much fun teaching them their lesson)
            You obviously didn’t read my post very well, or if you did, you didn’t understand it, because I’m not trying to stand up for them in the least, nor am I saying they shouldn’t face Serious consequences for their actions -you commit an adult crime, you are charged as an adult, period.
            I was actually just saying that making such vulgar comments doesn’t really give the commenter much validity… -aka doesn’t make them seem like a very intelligent person…
            State your opinion all you want, I’m good with that, just do it in a decent manor if you want it respected. It was one of the few comments on ‘this side’ that I disliked -simply because of the nature of it. It was -in my opinion, simply unnecessary bashing. -just my opinion

          • Anonymous

            did you ever think that it’s the little hoodlums that are using that language?

          • Anonymous

            I read this, and I’m from the UK. Trust me, lots of people know what a load of redneck white trash you lot are now.

          • Alexa

            I read it. Your friends and yourself are all fucking retards. Enjoy being in prison and fathering 12 illegitimate children.

          • creed

            You are an idiot. You cannot spell or write and you are crude. Have a nice unproductive life, loser.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, look here, poor grammar and sentence structure. Another genius in the making.

          • ANON

            Not that I don't agree with you but you wrote They're instead of Their and you are making fun of the grammar. They're means "They are". Otherwise good post.

          • Alexa

            I might be in love with you. Just sayin’.

          • U R WT

            LOL…speaking of grammar, it's "their parents" not "they're parents". Not to

          • Bitchita

            In one of the bars drinking, where the eff do you think they are?

          • W.C. Fields

            "You have to ask were are these kids parents are while this is going on!!!"

            Screwing with no birth control, to produce more low life little bastards

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the names, maybe now the parents will wake up & see for themselves the kinds of children they are raising!!!

          • Anonymous

            But the parents ARE NOT waking up to their children's appalling behavior. Instead, the parents are defending their delinquent children and calling Danny a pedophile. What message does that send when the parents don't stand up for what's decent and law-abiding? When is it EVER just fun and games to egg a police car, assault an MTA worker, assault a vollie responding to a call, jeopardize the safety of a motorcycle driver or another driver????

            Throw your eggs at EACHOTHER, not at the non-egging community. Go into the weeds, throw eggs, shaving-cream eachother but leave the rest of us alone!!!

          • Perhaps the community should go egg the houses of the kids involved and then see how the parents feel. Just a thought.

          • Irene

            I hope so. Danny has been doing this for years. He's a good kid. He has the right to take pictures anywhere he wants.

            Now lets see if the parents step up to the plate.

      • Anonymous

        Cause they probably feel that they can get away with it,"Not my Kid!!!"

      • snoreasaurusrex

        Guess what? That's why these kids are getting away with this. They are kids of cops, firemen, and other civil servants. I would even say something that some of you will not come out and say: There is some corruption afoot. How can the cops show up and not do anything? How can they not show up? Please reread above for the answer as to why nothing was done. The little darlings are "protected". I have seen this before in another neighborhood. The same things were happening and the same things I said above were going on.

        • Perhaps it's time to get the media involved – what about the mayor?

        • tomhoser

          And the cops not responding are not doing anybody any favors. Just one wise guy gets egged or worse and is armed and pissed off there will be a bunch of little corpses. Some one will get hurt without the cops to break this up.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you shocked at the Denvers it wasnt exactly the parents out ther it was thier kids so now thanks to everyone white trash comments I guess you now think of the Denvers as white trash drug addict alcholics

        • Alexa

          No, I don’t think the families are trash. I think the KIDS are trash, and the parents should own up to not supervising their own offspring on a holiday FAMOUS for pranks. Pranks are fun and games until they paralyze a freaking neighborhood. I can’t imagine the fear I’d have of leaving my house/driving my car around, imagining teens pelting me with potatoes.

  • vincent

    61 already had alot of shit to worry about with the murder in the projects in the morning/.

    • Anonymous

      The murder in the projects is handled by the 61 detectives, not Patrol cars, which were MIA for all this BS.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA Michael admits about breaking the bus window on facebook. What a DUMB ASS HAHAHA. So is he gonna be charged since he basically confessed? I wonder if he feels like a big man breaking windows on our transportation? Maybe we should break his window and see how we feel.

    • anonymous

      ur an asshole get a life

      • Anonymous

        13 people disagree! ….. Michael? Mike's mom?

        • Anonymous

          I am not Mike's mom but I do know the family and breaking people's windows are not going to make this better. I do know that the proper actions will be taken but posting their pages is not the right thing to do. Make your complaint with the NYPD.

          • Anonymous

            Make your complaint with the NYPD? Hmmmm, I'm not sure if the message didn't come clear enough the first time, but I thought that's what everyone in GB was doing on Halloween… making complaints with the NYPD and that obviously didn't work since the NYPD didn't take any action.

            I spent my Halloween outside of GB and I ran into some problems with some unproductive members of society and coincidently I also dealt with a few cops who didn't care to take any action. Why do they get all this over time on Halloween if they aren't going to do anything?

          • Anonymous

            Let's get something straight about "posting their pages"; Facebook is a public site. If you post something publicly there, it is exactly that – public. If a person doesn't want their poor behavior shown to the world, they shouldn't put it on their own Facebook page.

          • Anonymous

            you are the sort of trash that ends up on jersey shore. the entire world is laughing at you retards right now.

          • Ima Pseudonym

            "Make a complaint with the NYPD".

            The same NYPD that couldn't be bothered to show up while these wanton acts of vandalism were going on? THAT NYPD?

            Yeah, good luck with that…

          • Anonamouse

            Nothing like a little public humiliation to make people uncomfortable enough to get off their lazy asses and resolve a situation quickly.

      • What a stupid comment.

      • Alexa

        Get a life? How about not being an asshole. Or if you’re the kid’s parent, how about making sure he’s not being an asshole to other people? These kids don’t even know basic grammar, how about focusing on their education and being this vocal over their limited grasp of the English language? Not protecting them after they endanger the lives of people.

    • Anonymous

      real mature you and the 26 others who like it break his window and home owners insurance will give them a new front so once again you can come on here and complain about that

    • Gerritsen Beach Resi

      That obviously makes you no better. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Practice what you preach.

  • me

    Cops Responded and sat on Abbey ct until they were spotted by the teens and bombed by eggs.. I stood there in shock as a family with a baby got out of their car and was caught in the cross fire. When the women ran over to the teens yelling.. She was told to go home from the Cops because she might get hit by the eggs intended for them!!! They said they weren't getting out of their car!!! So what good was it to have them here…. They Did Nothing as Car Serviced got hit with empty Shaving cream cans and eggs and what ever else they could find to throw!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That's right "Where Are The Parents?"I'm sure the parents don't care otherwise it wouldn't be happening, How about Taking More Responsibility over Your Own Child! A Disgrace! Not MY Child Attitude!

      • Anonymous

        you guys are clowns u no u did shit like this as a kid so fuck off and another thing get a life ur on gb.net like ur cool and GB was crzy this year and is gna be even better next year we are unstoppable cops cant stop us u pussys cant stop us bring the military we will take them too go die im out

        • vp

          I'd love to get your IP address from this posting and see if you say the same thing to my face. :) Little boys are so tough behind a keyboard or an egg.

        • Clearly another ignorant kid who was involved in the criminal mischief. Here's a tip, learn to spell and start taking responsibility for your actions. Karma's a bitch.

        • Anonymous

          understand one thing little kid cops cant shoot you unless you have a gun but the military dont give a rats ass if you have a gun or not they will shoot first and ask questions later go ahead go against an army watch what happens. and how dare you put the military down they are fighting right now so you can have your freedom so you can buy those eggs to throw.

          • Gunny

            And how dare you assume that the military has less training than a cop when it comes to distinguishing an egg/rock/potato from a firearm. Cops are trigger happy and kill kids all the time. Just read your paper.

            I served my country, and while I appreciate that you THOUGHT you had something witty to say in support of our military, you couldn't be further from the reservation.

            Punks or not, we wouldn't use guns against little kids even if they were firing at us. Killing kids isn't part of our SOP.

            GySgt. RC Vega, USMC (Ret.)

        • Alexa

          Yeah, I did “shit like this” as a kid. I egged parked cars. It’s shitty and probably ruined the paint job, but egging/throwing potatoes/rocks at MOVING cars?! At pedestrians? At people with a BABY? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

          You’re all sociopaths with zero regard for fellow humans. When 4chan gets wind of this, it will be HILARIOUS.

        • Anonymous

          Wow! I am baffled by this remark. Not only did they vandalize their own neighborhood and act like a bunch of dumbasses, they tend to abuse and vandalize the English language.

      • Anonymous

        It's not the "not my child attitude", the parents were not told about what was going on, with all the people watching and taking pictures, if everyone knows all these kids name's than don't you think the smart thing would have been to let the parents know so they could go up there and do something…

        • Fran

          it's not GB's job to babysit your little darlings….it's the parents job. It's their job to check on them. And if they don't want to leave the comfort of their homes, just check out their status on FB.

      • Anonymous

        The parents were all calling the cyberpolice reporting this website.

  • Anonymous

    I just have to ask. Is anyone else embarrassed and ashamed of their grammer too? I mean, I'm pissed about their mischief, but I'm pretty worried about their future as well. Clearly the parents don't teach them the difference between having fun on Halloween and destroying public property, so do they even teach them the difference between there and they're? Kinda sad.

    • Anonymous

      So being iliterate is okay according to one person. Guess ill hit myself in the head with a hammer a few times so I can start speaking "normal."

      • Alexa

        You spelled “illiterate” wrong and that is fucking awesome. What the hell is the mentality lately where “speaking normally” is considered a bad thing? So, speaking English correctly and having people observe your intelligence is a sign of weakness?

    • dvsness

      Maybe if they spent more time reading and less time hanging out on street corners…

      • Hater

        Everyone knows what kind of neighborhood this is. We live here because it is WHITE. Not because people care about reading.

    • Anonymous


    • James

      Psst! It's Grammar, not grammer ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Hey, at least he's far and away better at grammar, spelling, and punctuation than the little punks who trashed the neighborhood.

    • Ann

      How about being ashamed of spelling? Grammar. And your grammar is appalling as well. I’m against the parents of this — but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing things, either.

    • anon

      Yes it is, and maybe you need to learn how to spell grammar.

  • gbchickie

    the only thing i am going to say about this article is this:

    instead of posting photos of kids with their facebook crap on why not send evidence to the parents and let them deal with it? if my son did somthing bad i really wouldnt appreciate it being posted online without me knowing about it first. And the above is exactly why kids shouldnt be on fb-they are too stupid.

    • avail

      How would you suppose this evidence would get to the parents? I don't think the parents are monitoring the kids facebook accounts. I think this is the best option, let it be on the internet for everyone to see. Maybe the parents will be pressured to do something.

      I applaud the Vollies for what they did, at least they did something, and no they did not hose down the kids, they hosed down the tot park and blacktop area. No place to sit or hide ammunition when it is soaking wet.

      • gbchickie

        im just saying this…not condoning anything these brats did, however i am also not condoning outing minors, posting their names, or posting their photos online for the sake of vigilante internet justice.

        i have babies, they will be teenagers, i would not want their photos or names being attached to crimes online without someone who has evidence speaking to me first. Period. Thats all.

        • avail

          I have a teenager also and it would be a lot worse for him if I had to find out he did something wrong through a website, with that being said, not everyone knows who the parents are to contact them. These kids are outing themselves on facebook. How else could GB.net handle this. This is the same reporting that would be put into a Police Blotter in a news paper, no guilt or innocence assumed, just a factual accounting of what happened with photos

          • gbchickie

            police blotters would not post names or photos of minors…i just do not want to see the website in trouble

          • MicoJones

            I say kudos to GB.NET for having the courage to post their photo's and the damage caused all over the net for their neighbors to see. Maybe a little embarassment on the parents' part is what they need to get their kids in check.

          • Anonymous

            You call it a "little embarassment," I call it a "life time of being labeled a misfit." You would have to be insane to say that that punishment accurately fits the crime.

          • spelling


          • Alexa

            Lifetime of embarrassment? Puh-lease. I’m sure if you/your child turned themselves in, owned up to it, and apologized to EVERYONE living in that intersection/wrote a public apology for a local paper and had it printed up or published online, you could have the website write a retraction.

            If you’re in the PUBLIC EYE causing a horrible nuisance, it is an American right to photograph and document the entire thing. ESPECIALLY if police aren’t responding or doing anything about the situation.

            People don’t understand minors don’t have “special rights” when in the public domain like this. They were photographed by concerned citizens doing malicious acts.

            I highly doubt this will show up on college admission essays or background checks. I also highly doubt many of these kids will even graduate high school.

          • Mark

            “A lifetime of being labeled a misfit”

            Well if the shoe fits, and it well appears that it does.

          • Anonymous

            To "AVAIL" WRONG!!!!!!! This is NOT the same reporting as a police blotter in a newspaper would have reported it. FIRST-These children (right or wrong) ARE MINORS!!! They should NOT have had thier names or any of thier FB pages posted. That is a CLEAR violation of privacy. If you have ever read a newspaper, you would see, "name's not released because they are minors". Taking photos outside in a public place is one thing, BUT-the screenshots of these kids pages on FB clearly show other people on thier pages, and if THEY are not "friends" with Gerritsen.net, then Gerritsen.net HAS NO RIGHT POSTING them, NO MATTER WHAT THE so called EDITOR wrote. That's the whole point of setting your privacy to FRIENDS ONLY!!! As usual, the editor of this STUPID site DOES NOT have his FACTS straight!

          • One of the only sane

            Then the kids pages should have been made private?

            This is ridiculous. Why are we even vouching for these kids? They have no regard for property or the standard of living in any way shape or form. Minors or not, What. Are we going to let them flourish into little monsters? If these problems arent resolved, they will grow into even worse menaces-to-society.

          • Anonymous

            Your argument is invalid. These kids are obviously old enough to post their OWN photos on facebook, which is not private in any way. If the parents of these hooligans don't want a scarlet letter displayed upon their "little precious-es", they should control their child's internet privileges better.

            The editor of this site is 110% right for exposing the worthless trash talking little punks that are the children of GB. If the authorities refuse to do their jobs, the responsibility falls upon the good citizens of the community to take action, whether it is posting the legally taken photos of a criminal act in progress, or sleuthing out the punk's facebook page to expose the truth.

            Get a handle on your kids, or a 250lb. inmate will in the showers of Rikers.

          • A Mother from 3 States Away

            You’re one to talk about getting facts straight:
            When Minors commit Adult crimes, they are charged as Adults. Period.
            All you who are trying to scoop this under the rug and call out the editor of this site are trying to side-step the point: the editor of this site is not the ‘criminal’ (in my opinion), it is the ones who actually committed crimes!
            People calling this guy a pedophile are neglecting to realize that in order for someone to be your friend on facebook, you have to first Accept their request; if these kids didn’t know this guy, or there was any question about the safety of adding him, they shouldn’t have added him. He did not Force them to add him, so maybe instead of whining about how ‘wrong’ it is for someone to have used ‘private’ information, maybe they should talk to their kids about adding him as a friend in the first place… If they don’t want their facebook friends to view and share their personal info, then don’t add them as friends.
            It’s just stupid of them to add someone they don’t know they can trust…
            Use some common sense people, common sense…

          • Bitchita

            The owner of this website did not request the children to be facebook friends, the children requested to be friends with his facebook page called Gerritsen Beach. The children initiated the “friendship”. Daniel Cavanaugh should sue everyone who called him a pedophile for slander.

          • Mark

            You are blaming the wrong people, besides being incorrect.

            If these felons were not committing crimes, there would be no story, no pictures, no facebook.

            The blame lies entirely with these delinquents.

        • Enough already

          If they want to act like punks, then they will be treated like punks. It is high time that these children and their parents need to take responsibility for their actions.

          If you don't want your children "outed" like this in the future, then make sure that you monitor their social networking pages, teach them not to behave like common criminals, and serve them an appropriate punishment when they get out of line.

          This is an absolute disgrace to the neighborhood. The children and parents involved should be ashamed of themselves.

          • gbchickie

            i agree.

          • matt

            or u can shut the fuck up u annoying bitch go die in a well and yes i have the right say this its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH

          • Anonymous

            and you also have the right to get arrested for admitting to your deeds with your Freedom of Speech you asshole

          • Alexa

            I fucking lolled. I hope these shits are brought to justice. I’d love to see them frown and cry while they get egged and pelted with potatoes while they do community service picking up trash on the highway.

            THAT punishment fits the crime. And every car should be doing 70 mph.

          • L-o-l.

            Too bad you have it, I'd love to toss your ugly little ass in a well and never have to see you again! LOL!

          • AARP

            These morons from GB will quickly learn you don't post anything on the internet that you wouldn't want published in the Daily News. The parents aren't in the picture because they were doing the same thing 30 years ago. GB never gets any better.

          • Anonymous

            love the post, Matt….your mother should be so proud!

          • Realist State

            Too bad you really don't know the real meaning of this freedom.

        • Gerritsen Girl

          Well maybe if you raise your "Babies/Teenagers" to respect and act like decent human beings, you won't have to worry about pictures being posted of them, right because they won't be doing anything to be ashamed of.

        • Anonymous

          People don't mind there kids pictures on the website when it's something good, why not when there bad! I would beat my kids ass!! Not be mad @ Danny!! Where is the respect!

        • Anonymous

          you dont want their photos to be attached to crimes? Then teach then from a young age the difference between right and wrong and respect for people, property and the law

        • Anonymous

          If your kids were this out of control, I don’t think you would have any ability to do a single thing about their behaviour. If it had got to this point then you have utterly failed in your parental responsibility, just as theses parents have.

          This naming and shaming is about the parents as much as the kids.

          • Alexa

            If you can’t handle your own child and provide them with a proper moral compass, then you should send them to a respected boarding school. Military/reform school ONLY to severe cases, but military and/or reform schools are usually far too preachy and reliant on religion.

            Seriously. I understand the point your making, that most of these kids are far too unruly at this point to control, and that’s probably true. But there’s still steps to take. Hell, if I didn’t have great grades my parents would have told me, “if you don’t get into college, then you’re going into the military.” And I’m a GIRL.

    • Anonymous

      why aren't the parents supervising their facebook? Then they wouldn't have to find out by someone else's posting it. The little hoodlums bragged about what criminal activities they were up to. So parents, if you don't want your little darlings name and face posted, supervise their facebook.

      • Anonymous

        or better yet…teach them that words and actions have consequences

      • Anonymous

        Here's a question for you, Why is the editor "trolling" underage kids page's on FB!!!! HUH??????

        • Alexa

          That’s not “trolling” that’s being a good investigative reporter. These idiot kids posted their own illegal activities for the world (and google) to see. The actions those kids took apparently affected an entire neighborhood. Given the nature of the volume of 911 calls, this is a huge deal. The fact that you’re actually condoning this behavior and calling the author of this a “troll” shows that Danny is completely in the right.

      • Alexa

        AGREED. Our household was on AOL back in 1993. I was very young and surfed the internet, but my mother supervised the communities I frequented. I’m 25 now and my mom is STILL concerned over stuff I post on facebook. :) Of course, there’s nothing she can do about me getting wasted in Napa Valley, but I’m responsible about it. The point is, she keeps tabs (to this day.)

    • Frank

      Most parents do not care and others will still say well my kid did nothing wrong! Exploit them until the parents do something! Read the posts on their Facebook pages they feel as though they are invincible and mommy and daddy will protect them again. Stop the BS your kid was there he or she is just as guilty!!!!!!!!!!

    • Actually, this is the best way to draw attention to situations like this – especially when civil servants turn a blind eye. Drawing attention to all those at fault here forces people to pay attention. If I were the owners of this website, I would have a corresponding Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and FriendFeed account to go hand in hand with the website. It would be difficult for city officials not to step up and make a difference with that kind of scrutiny.

      • Alexa

        Don’t forget a tumblr account to post all the pics :)

      • anon

        Pepe chill out. “civil servants turn a blind eye” give me a break,
        GB has far more share of the police/fire/parks, etc. You people need to get down off your high horse and stop pointing fingers at civil servants. Shit or get off the pot! Take care of your own tightknit community that you are always bragging about. I heard Chris Rock is going to use this for his next comedy skit! LMAOROF

  • Anonymous

    So is it just me, or is anyone else terrified and alarmed by their grammar? Clearly the parents don't teach them right from wrong, so why would they teach them there from they're? It really scares me that this is our future. Broken bus windows and an illiterate world. Seriously, it's scary. Please go read.

    • Anonymous

      that is also the first thing I noticed when reading the comments… stupid kids with no hope for a future that doesn't include bars, not unless the parents decide to step in and raise their animals properly

      • Anonymous

        excuse me…..my animals (dog and cat) know better than these little criminals. Don't insult animals

  • cops?

    The police didn't respond anywhere… So they're basically saying, "next year, go nuts! We won;t come out!" POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Psychology 101 people.

    • Really?

      Tell me about it. I am 19 years old and I talk proper. I honestly don't understand why these kids have to be so stupid. They think that they're being cool and they seriously need to be put away. This is why I don't hang out in Gerritsen. My little brother wanted to go trick or treating there last night and my mother said he wasn't allowed. With all the little children in Gerritsen, the parents should be more concerned for the safety of their little ones. These kids make me sick and I saw them last night on Seba and Gerritsen Avenue. They were toilet papering the tree across the street.

      • Anonymous

        It's nice to hear there's other people around my age that feel this way.

      • Anonymous

        Don't you mean that you speak properly?

      • matt

        hm i speak and type like a normal person and also not every is a lil bitch

        • L-o-l.

          You're a lil bitch! I'd love to kick you in your little hairless balls!

          • Anthony

            Great Argument L-o-l, that type of aggressive threat reminds me very much of an oh-so-similiar group of kids that like to throw eggs…

            Also, there is nothing wrong with saying that you "talk proper." You all apparently don't know nearly as much about grammar as you think you do…

        • Anonymous

          I think you a word.

      • anon

        It is properly, not proper. You speak properly, not talk proper.

      • Alexa

        I’m sorry… I hate to nitpick. But your second sentence bothered me immensely. It’s, “I am 19 years old and I speak properly.”

        I know. English is a tricky bitch. :( But regarding your comment, you’re absolutely correct. I hadn’t even THOUGHT of the kids that Halloween actually celebrates. I can’t imagine being 4 years old in my crappy “Little Mermaid” costume being scared of teenagers with eggs and potatoes. That’s horrifying to imagine.

        • Anthony

          I agree completely. I mean what kind of young child should have to be AFRAID on Halloween?!? As a young child the horrendous fear of seeing kids horrifyingly throwing eggs and potatoes would make it completely dreadful and unbearable! It’s simply preposterous the kinds of things that go on during Halloween! The hand that tries to grab you when you try to take some candy out of the bowel: Complete Inappropriate! I mean Halloween should be a happy holiday about safety, serenity, and a relative feeling of nirvana; where children can wear their enchanted costumes of cheer in flowery meadows with rainbow skies and rivers made of chocolate, where the children can laugh and dance and play with gum drop smiles!

          • tony soprano

            if you are taking candy out of the bowel, you have way worse problems than egg throwing.

          • Gunny

            rofl :)

            Other than the typo, I’d say Anthony’s post was a good one. +1

          • Anthony

            oops… didn’t realize I said “bowel” lol… Although that would also be extremely scary lol. Especially if there was a hand sticking out of that tried to grab you lmao

    • Anonymous

      They are already bragging about how "badass" halloween is going to be next year b/c the cops are too scared to do anything about it! Or too lazy…

    • Frank

      You are wrong next year they will come out and give parking summons

    • One who knows

      Danny the 61 hardly ever comes down here, let alone the 63.(except for the ticket quota) It was my understanding that they were all mobilized to go to the Hasidim areas. Who’s brainstorm that was I have no idea. But that doesn’t give these kids/adults the right to commit crimes. If everyone was smart about it they would take the pictures and who actually got assaulted should pick them out of a line up. They want to act like criminals, then put them through it. It isn’t fun !!!!!!! They can find it out the hard way.

  • me

    I Say Hit The Parents Where It hurts!!! You can't tell me None of these parents knew what was going on up on the Ave Yesterday.. They should all be ashamed. If Someone would have really gotten hurt then what?? These parent would have been the first ones to say "NOT MY KID!!!" Well Guess What??? Wake up It Was Your Kid!!!! Thanks For posting The Pics…

  • Anonymous

    I was always told tell a kid no and they will just do it 10x worse I remember when I was younger Halloween was about eggs and shaving cream 4th of July was fireworks It does annoy me that kids today have none of that and are arrested and harrased yes harrased by cops and adults who did the same stuff that they are yelling at them for yes it can get outta hand but to me rolling up and down the avenue sitting there watching them will only egg them on let them just stay up in the fields and bomb each other and im sure things will be different as for hosing them down im not for that that is just wrong and im sure thats not what support the vollies for.. Every neighborhood does the same stuff as kids down here but its a shame that they are labeled terrible criminals when they are just kids great ego boosters we have down here I dont see other websites knocking thier neighborhood kids… Are you gonna post criminal pictures of them whne it snows and they start throwing snowballs or will you have the 61 pct down in here in swat gear

    • avail

      Should the avenue be shut down so these kids can bomb each other? Parents shouldn't be allowed to take their kids trick or treating to the homes on Gerritsen? We dont need police in swat gear but a better response would have been nice. Ever since I was a kid, fireworks have been illegal and cops confiscate eggs and shaving cream on Holloween, it has never been okay so you argument about saying no will make things worse, whats has gotten worse is the lack of respect for police, fire, and people in general. That is on the parents.

      See my comment above about the Vollies before you judge.

      • avail

        hate when Im aggrevated and skip words…after cops confiscating it should say "it has never been okay so your argument about saying no will make things worse is pointless, whats has gotten worse is the lack of respect for police, fire, and people in general." sorry

      • Anonymous

        Never said shut down the avenue never said no trick or treating Its not lack of respect for police fire and people in general but cops today are not what they use to be either they are cocky im not saying that gives the youth the right to be disrespectful I have respect for what they do but they should treat people like they would want to be treated I understand how dangerous their jobs are and if thier were 911 calls made and they didnt respond then perhaps thier is actually a more dangerous nieghborhood then gerritsen beach and its not as bad as everyone makes it seem

        • Anonymous

          I think I understand where you are coming from but I don't think you understand how bad it actually is. When you were a kid, there were groups of kids who would playfully egg and shaving cream each other. The kids would come home at the end of the night COVERED in shaving cream and eggs. Yes there would be some TP in the trees or eggs on cars, but no one got hurt. This year, the kids up at the fields were younger than they have ever been and they were out of control!!! Throwing bricks at cars? Are you kidding me? Every last one of them should be locked up for what they did. They should all go to a detention hall for a few years while they learn how to read, write and respect other humans and their property! Look at the pictures of these kids, you cannot say it was at all the same. None of them even have a drop of shaving cream on their clothes. They were targeting innocent people, not each other. It was not all in good fun, it was vicious

      • Anthony

        I'm not justifying what the police did by not showing up, but you have to understand that there have been much worse Halloweens in the past. The only reason they aren't nearly as popular is because the serious damage happened during night and no one took pictures and posted them online. One year a cop car drove around in circles as it was pelted by hundreds of eggs. The next year several cops tried to break up a large group of 100 or so kids only to be pelted with eggs. They wound up arresting a few kids, but aside from a few arrests what could they do? The kids would not go home and continue to throw eggs. The next year after that, there was almost a full scale riot. There were about 7-8 or so squad cars near the bagel store with the same kids refusing to go home. They were overly aggressive trying to make a few arrests and a few of the kids fought back. About 30 kids got arrested that year and still to no avail. Just last year Matt (an 11 year old boy) got beat down to the curb and kicked for a crime he didn't commit. That almost brought a major legal case. It is for these reasons that the cops figure that less damage will be done by them not showing up and that by them going after the kids, they are only provoking them. I'm not justifying that mentality, but I do understand where they are coming from.

        • Tojo

          Oh please, if they were minority kids, the cops would have savagely beat them. But since they are white and GB is a white area, it couldn possibly be a crime right?

        • Alexa

          I don’t give a single SHIT about the cops not wanting to “provoke” kids. That is their JOB. Their job is to keep order and peace and to allow life to progress normally for all citizens.

          Round up the little shits and bring them home to their parents.

      • Ex Beach rat

        Way to go GB! Keep up that great reputation!…And why in the hell would you expect anything more from the Six One? Police your own neighborhood.

    • Frank

      Obviously you did not read everything! Egging and shaving cream each other is OK! Throwing potatos, hammers, and hammers is not ok. Breaking bus windows, again not OK. Hitting other cars and people, Not OK! There is a line of fun and being destructive. TALK TO YOU KIDS!

  • Left GB

    I remember bombing.. but not like this. These are the kids of drug addict white trash car stealing parents.

  • :)

    omg these pictures are great. ive known al these kids since we were in 277 and ive been waiting for so long for their crap to catch up with them.
    great job :)

    • Anonymous

      ur a pussy and should get fucked up u fagit

    • ;D

      HAHA YES. couldn't agree more, ms. smiley. 277 AND even some of middle school. remember when we used to get hit with ice by these same kids in 277? ah, good times, good times. and not to mention having seaweed dumped on my head at kiddie beach, again, fun. OH and all of the mooning. it was really nice to see scotty lawson drive by on a bike with his butt hole wide open…

  • Left GB

    OK.. my earlier comment was uncalled for. It was my first reaction. It is the stereotype of GB. But this is pretty insane. It's a real shame " bombing " got this out of hand. I remember when I was growing up.. it was bad.. but not like this.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that comment was uncalled for – and untrue. These are not the children of car stealing drug addicts, they are the children of professionals and business owners, city workers etc. Too many Mommies at work instead of being home raising their children. Replacing a proper upbringing with "stuff". Not a problem that just belongs to us, but to all of society. This is what happens when kids are raised by Nursery schools and babysitters and parents don't want to come home from work and dicipline their children. This is why schools can't do anything with them, they just don't have the self control and dicipline it takes to succeed.

      • Raskolnikova

        Well, you can thank the Reagan administration for that. This country was doing just fine with one parent at home and one at work. But this is a different conversation all together.

        • Anonymous

          I'm not saying that Moms should never work or have a life outside the home, but if your going to raise children at least be home for he first few years when they need to be taught the basic virtues for getting along in the world, respect, empathy, honesty, integrity. It isn't the blame on the Reagan administration or any other administration. People just aren't satisfied with enough anymore. They have to have 2 cars, a boat, a big vacation every year. And to satisfy their guilt at not being there for their kids they buy them everything that they ask for.

          • Raskolnikova

            I wasn't saying that moms shouldn't work either. (I am a full-time working mother.) Today, it is hard for parents to be there the first few years of a child's life because the needs for survival have significantly changed.

            Back in the 80s mom supplemented dad's pay by working part-time, therefore enabled them to increase their quality of life. The powers that be saw this as an opportunity and raised the bar. Now, both parents need to work to maintain the same level of comfort we did back in the 80s with only one parent working. You have to admit that you do see a difference between then and now.

            The Reagan administration introduced credit cards and it has been the beginning of our downfall ever since. Look at the selfish society we now live in. I agree with you on your point about parents buying things because they are guilty for not being around. It seems to be easier to throw an xbox at a kid than spend quality time with them when one is absolutely exhausted.

            It is truly unfortunate that this is the way things are and it needs to change. But this change will not happen with both parents overworked, tired, stressed and trying to keep their heads above water in this economy.

            I would be home with my child if I could, but I cannot. All I can do is discipline when needed, teach respect and tolerance, and ease my guilt by giving the attention that my child needs.

          • Clemenza

            You said"….The Reagan administration introduced credit cards….." What the heck are you talking about?!? Credit card companies introduced credit cards in the 50's, not the Federal Gov't!! What the heck is a rant about Ronald Reagan have to do with juvenile delinquints assaulting an old man and destroying property?? I know election day is tommorow, but blaming Ronald Reagan for GB kids acting like criminals is asinine.

          • Anonymous

            you are absolutely correct , it's Jimmy Carter's fault !!!!

          • Anonymous

            blame everyone but yourselves, right?

          • Anonymous

            is she sure she didn't mean Bush….everything else is blamed on him, might as well be this too

          • Cee

            With good reason, he was a terrible President.

          • Beach Resident

            yea how's that change working for you

          • Haha

            Didn't know Sarah Palin lived in GB. Now we know the root of all the illiteracy. I bet half of these boys have a Bristol poster over their beds.

          • Anonymous

            I get it… Blame an ex-president for your failures as a parent. Better get your bucket, that boat is taking on water.

          • It takes a village to raise a child but heaven forbid you try and tell a parent these days that their kid was doing something wrong.

        • Frank

          huh! That made no sense other than the fact that that administration made it possible for Russians to claim Social security even if they were not citizens

      • Gerritsen Beach Resi

        To be quite frank, 'bombing' did occur like this at times. Danny Cavanagh just wasn't in the picture to video it nor was there facebook or the internet to post it. That's almost like saying that people weren't homosexual or adulterers or promiscuous during the 1940's. It was there; just not in the open.

      • Donna

        No, this is what happens when people have children who shouldn't have children. I was a full-time working mom and raised a bright, respectful and decent human being. It is not the quantity of time spent with your children, it is the QUALITY time spent. Children need to be guided and taught right from wrong from the time they are small. It is our parental duty. You are doing your children a great disservice if you don't. Evidently the lack of parenting skills gets passed down from generation to generation as evidenced by the gross misbehavior of the young citizens of this community. What is is going to take for the parents of this community to take charge of their children? Perhaps someone getting severely hurt or worse? Maybe even to your own children while they're participating in their hijinks? Parents, wake up or one day you will be very sorry. I hope my spelling and grammar meets with your approval.

      • Alexa

        Disagreed entirely. My mother is an incredibly well-respected doctor and worked hard my entire life, and taught me the value of education and respecting humanity. Don’t blame this on “working moms” it makes you sound terribly out-dated.

        This is NOT what happens to kids raised by nannies and after-school programs. This is what happens to kids whose parents don’t talk to them on a HUMAN/adult level. That same argument was used in the early 1900’s for why women shouldn’t VOTE. These parents obviously can’t handle the rowdiness and have no idea what is happening on facebook/etc. There’s MANY outlets teens use nowadays that weren’t even IMAGINED when our parents were kids. Parents must adapt to what their kids are exposed to, and learn to talk with them earnestly and hear the teens out and enforce proper discipline.

  • me

    I am Not saying it is Wrong to Bomb each other with eggs and shaving cream!!! I did it when I was Young.. But The rocks and Potatoes That is a Little much!!! They were out for Trouble and I don't blame People for being Mad and Tired of it!! Having fun is one thing… Hurting others Is another!!! Look at the Big Picture before You Judge The Vollies or The Neighborhood people who want it Stopped!!!

    • grew up here too

      I don't know about anyone else but we only did it to ourselves we never bombed someone we did not know or anyone elses property. We never froze potatoes that in itself is intent to do harm. I wonder how any of them would feel if it was one of their family members that was attacked?

  • Anonymous

    "I hit a cop car wit an egg I'm proud of myself" – Maverick Johnson If Mavericks parents bought him a dirtbike to illegally ride and tear up the fields and I suppose supply gas money, why would it be a shock to them that he is so proud of hitting a cop car with eggs? Disrespect for the law is taught at home. Sure, as a kid we all loved going out with eggs and shaving cream, but it was to use on each other, not assault people and damage property. These kids somehow have the idea that this level of vandalism and lawlessness is their right. I imagine there will be alot of shocked parents reading this, but many shouldn't be too suprised. It is them who blurred lines between right and wrong.

  • iscream

    ,thats right destroy your own hood and disrespect your neighbors,wigger want obes.thats what they do in east new york

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE, everyone read Michael Giusepppnes last status update on the picture on the top. If you want a LOL moment, look at his grammer and spelling! Priceless! We shouldn't be afraid of someone that can't spell! HAHAHA

    • Anonymous

      PS- also notice how HIS MOM tells him on FB to be careful of the cops!!! HAHAHA!!! Shows how much she cares!

      • Anonymous

        That mother should be charged as an accessory or for child neglect.

      • Anonymous

        My mother told me the same thing when I did this as a young adolescent, we didn't go as far as breaking people's property but we were going to do it anyway, so she told us to be careful not to hurt anyone or ourselves, kids can't be monitored 24/ 7

        • nd girl

          Growing up in Gerritsen Beach my parents would not let me go out on Halloween when I got older. While I was a good kid and never did anything to make them mistrust me, and it was unfair, they did it because they were PARENTS. Yes I was angry at the time, but my parents did it for my own good. You're right parents cannot be on top of their children all of the time. But on a Sunday that is a particularly violent day in GB the simple solution is to not let children older than 12 leave your home without you on Halloween.

      • Frank

        The property owners should target his mom

  • Dianna

    After reading this article I find it funny on the question where is the police? For get the police where are the PARENTS? Why should the police come take charge of these kids, from what i know is that children have parents that should be responsible for them. Instead of police wasting there time with coming down there and what bringing them to the precent for there parents to pick them up is getting out of hand. Why don't these parents save the time for not just the police but as well as them selves and take control of there children. Every halloween in that neighborhood during the day is great for children trick or treating but when it comes to egging it goes over board. For the MTA not to be able to go in to the neighborhood is a shame as well.

    The only people that should be responsible and ashamed of themselves besides the kids are there parents!!!

  • vincent


    • Anthony

      That's the same kind of mentality that prevented black people from gaining the right to vote until the year 1966. It's called generalizing and it's extremely ignorant

      • Point of Order

        Actually, the 15th Amendment, passed in 1870 (nearly 100 years earlier) granted all US citizens the right to vote regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude. And women got the vote in 1920. There were attempts to prevent people from voting (poll taxes, etc) that were outlawed in 1964 with the passage of the 24th amendment but everyone had the right to vote before 1966 … just thought I'd fill you in — even though completely and totally off topic.

        That being said: that statement you're referring to is pretty small minded — so I agree with you on that.

  • gbchickie

    this thread is getting dangerously close to WAY OUT OF LINE. these are still MINORS…im not sure about the legality of posting their names along with "alleged" crimes…but i do not want to see the website in trouble

  • Anonymous

    danny danny danny now posting up kids faces who are under the age and shouldnt even be on any website what are you people trying to prove get them lock up sorry that not going to happen most of these kid are 12 to 14 years old and for the parents who are trying to get these kid in trouble y dont you just go to your friends house and tell them what there kid did becuase they are your friends kid who you are trying to get in touble like dosent everyone in gb know everyone anyways

    • Frank

      Exactly I can't believe that 12,13 and 14 year old kids are doing this, hurting people and disrespecting the law! It is a disgrace. If your kid was there and in a picture you would never have known if the picture was not taken and you still say not my kid. Oh wait thereis Face book now where your kid admitted to it, Hmm still not my kid? Get control be a parent

  • Michelle Guiseppone

    Dear Anonymous,

    This is Michaels Mom, YES I did let him go bombing like every other kid in GB! And YES I did tell him to have fun and watch oout for cops!This has been going on for yrs in GB. I allowed eggs and shaving cream. This DID NOT include rocks or potatoes! I am disgusted with this behavior myself and as soon as i heard what was going on I went and picked him up myself.

    As far as parenting goes, I am sure no parents knew the extent of what was happening until it was too late. My son is in deep trouble but I am also aware he was not the only one. Remember your calling a 15yr old a dumb ass, arent you an adult??? Kids do stupid things BUT DONT YOU DARE PICK ON MY SON AND START NAME CALLING! I DID NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR!!


    • Really

      So mom, you were not aware of his actions? Did you notice that your comment was added to his FB after he said he had broken a bus window? and you told him to watch out for the cops????

    • Anonymous

      your a terrible mother acs should pay you a visit

    • Anonymous

      There's A LOT of anonymous comments. Might not be just one person, probably a few. Just do us all a favor… teach him to write correctly. PLEASE.

      • Michelle Guiseppone

        what does my sons writting have to do with this? are his pics up for grammar or breaking windows?

        • Eileen

          I think you all should get off Michelle at least when she found out she picked up her son and brought him home to reprimand him, do you really think all these kids parents knew what they were doing, they are teenagers and they get in trouble and do things they are not supposed to. Calling ACS is going a little to far, and I think some of these adults forget when they were teens and did stupid things, I am sure you all were perfect little angels

          • Anonymous

            I think we all be up in her ass for defending as vigoursly as she is. Instead of blowing smoke up everybodys asses she should head over to that bus depot and pay for the damages that peice of shit admitted to doing to public property. Hopfully the police can use the info. from here to arrest him and any others they can and make there parents pay up.

          • grew up here too

            why didn't she have her son call his friends parent's to get them off the street too?

        • Anonymous

          and obviously you skipped over the fact that he ADMITTED to breaking a “bus truck window”. if you wrote on his wall to “watch out for the cops” you could have looked hourly at his posts to see what he was up to and save yourself and this neighborhood some grief. But he was just having “fun” right!

          • Realist State

            Perhaps you can’t differentiate the difference bewteen a blog and a news organization.

            The fact is, there are no names or phones numbers associated with the posted pictures. The screen ahots are public domain and are often used by “news organizations” such as Channel 11.

            But I guess youcan qrite to Channel 11 and ask them.

    • anon

      Michelle, how long have you lived here?

    • L-o-l.

      Shitty beachrat mom being a shitty beachrat mom. Who's surprised?

      • Gerritsen Beach Resi

        Actually, her comment was before he said he broke the bus stop. She obviously did NOT know that bombing consisted of that. I'm 25 years old and bombing, in my generation, consisted of throwing eggs and shaving cream at one another. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for those who are slightly older to have mistaken the change in lingo.

        Further, as soon as she heard about this incident she picked her kid up. She is in no way defending that her son did 'nothing' wrong. ACS? I think thats a bit extreme. Have any of you worked with ACS? Do you know what kind of cases they receive hourly? Crack babies, sexual abuse, neglect, physical torture of parents. Not breaking windows (although, that is wrong). ACS will take one good look at the Gueisponne family and realize that they are great people. Michael is a good kid, who did a ridiculously stupid thing and I am almost 100% positive that this will be a good eye opener and valuable lesson learned.

        Its also a shame for people to automatically blame the parent. Yes, some children live in homes where the parents do not care if their children are up to no good and there are those who still think their kids are 'perfect'. Iv'e always been taught that parents are there to instill in children values, morals, and proper ways of being with the HOPE that they will utilize these tools and apply them to life situations. Peer pressure, self esteem, 'acting cool', poor impulse control (because the frontal lobes of the male brain do not fully develop until the ripe old age of 18) and many other biological/environmental factors all come into play. This does NOT condone the behavior of the kids. This isn't an excuse either. Consequences are imperative. Demeaning the mother and family and creating outrageous accusations should not be part of Michael and the other kids' punishment.

        • Enough already

          If someone calls ACS on her, regardless if it is an "unfounded" report, they will visit twice a month for 60 days.

          • anonymous

            Have some cheese you rat. I noticed you said if "someone" calls ACS on her…………. if you think ACS should be notified why don't you do it yourself, otherwise mind your business.

          • toestubber

            I agree that calling or involving child services is way out of line. But the parents have actually been accusing the blogger of being a freakin’ pedophile for photographing their teens in public. Talk about the nuclear bomb of false allegations! Creepy, scummy, stupid parents.

      • I AGREE

        Of course there are many parents in Gerritsen Beach who are good parents but we have one of those shitty beachrat moms in the new section. 3 kids,different fathers,never been married ,living in a house she doesnt own due to the fact that the trash that was raised here will never leave as quoted by Anthony in his blog.I would bet money that she had relatives or friends up on the ave on Halloween.By the way the silver car that everyone is complaining about that is racing up and down and almost hitting children belongs to her son.NO SURPRISE THERE!! It is time for some action to be taken. The Halloween fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg! Parents like this have to be accountable. They are a plague on the community. ACS,POLICE DEPT.and any legal means necessary.Again,there are many good parents in this neighborhood. This is just a minority of shitty beachrat mothers. This one in particular ,that needs to be dealt with.

    • Anthony

      I know Michelle, and I know Michael, not personally, but from around the neighborhood; and I can personally assure you that they are not bad people. Yes, what Michael (as well as 100 other kids) did was bad, but that does not mean that he is a bad kid. Good kids sometimes do bad things. In Gerritsen Beach's case just about every kid in the neighborhood does bad things. It's not just the parents fault either. I'm not saying that the parents aren't at fault at all, but you have to see it from a parents point of view. Parents cannot beat their kids. They can only punish them. And the more a parent punishes their kid, the more the kid will rebel. The real problem with being a parent is that you can't control a child's will, and fear will only work to an extent. A child wants to do what a child wants to do, and a child always wants to be "cool." There is only so much power a parent has because if you are overly-strict now a days eventually they will rebel, and that rebellion can be even worse then giving them a little bit of freedom. It's easy to lack sympathy when you don't know where they are coming from. I'm not condoning Michael's actions, but please do not attack Michelle. Despite the impression that the facebook post may give you, she is not a bad parent, she is just in a difficult circumstance. She made a mistake, no one is perfect; and I'm sure she makes 5 good decisions for every bad one. She will learn from this event and become a better person for it, as should all of you.

    • Michelle,

      Egging cars, buildings, houses etc. is considered vandalism. Get a clue. Consider yourself lucky THIS TIME if your kid didn't get caught. Step up and be a parent and teach your kids right from wrong.

      Oh, and maybe you could teach him proper English too.

      • Realist State

        Perhaps you can’t differentiate the difference bewteen a blog and a news organization.

        The fact is, there are no names or phones numbers associated with the posted pictures. The screen ahots are public domain and are often used by “news organizations” such as Channel 11.

        But I guess you can write to Channel 11 and ask them.

    • me

      I have questions about your parenting skill:

      1) Why let him participate in something when you need to warn him about police?

      2) Your son bragged about breaking a bus window BEFORE you warned him. Why not go get him then?

      Maybe you should take a class on parenting

      • Anonymous

        actually go look again she did not “warn him” before he posted that so before you get post happy make sure you have your facts straight please

    • ryan

      My son and his two friends threw 1 egg in the street and my neighbor saw them reported it to me. I had a stern talk with them and warned him that this was not appropriate behavior.

      There is no way I would ever knowingly allow my kid to go out to throw things at other people, vehicles and property.

      Furthermore, if this was to be a fun event where they threw eggs and shaving cream at each other I would be there to make sure it did not get out of control.

      Thirteen year olds cannot be left to do their own thing in a situation like this.






    • Anon

      Its funny how everyone automatically dismisses the grammar of these kids. Most of them can't spell or put a complete sentence together. Does anyone else find this ironic? Here we have people defending these kids, they aren't really bad kids, they just wanted to have fun. From the language and grammar, its clear that's ALL these kids do. If the parents aren't taking the time to make sure they're getting the most important thing…AN EDUCATION, then what makes you think they're concerned with any other facet of their lives?

    • Alexa

      LOL sure, go find a mugshot of me. Or my parents. Or my siblings. Or grandparents. OH WAIT- none of us have ever been arrested, and we’re a racial minority.

      This isn’t “gossip” it’s spreading awareness to something awful that happened. The kids were out of control, yes. Police didn’t respond. There’s no other way than to get it out in the open. He’s not posting anything malicious. It’s only illegal if it’s sexual in nature (gross, I know) or malicious in content. This wasn’t malicious, it’s merely REPORTING THE FACTS and photos sent in by people from the entire neighborhood.

      Read up on the law.

  • here we go

    not my son! dont pick on my son!!

    • me

      We Knew It would come to that!!! What is The punishment?? May I ask.. Saying sorry To the Biker They hit or maybe The old Man oh wait Maybe The MTA… Lets Face it, It is Never our Child But A Photo and His Face Book Says It All… Does it Not!!!

  • Mkvol

    Shaving Cream and Eggs are one thing, but cans, potatoes and attacking older people and small children is another…And being proud of hitting a cop just shows no respect for the law which means these kids don't know right from wrong. I guess their parents just didn't teach them that? Kinda sad when you think about it….

  • disapointed beach ra

    very sad i see many kids i know on here micheal ryan jerry denver frankie denver, fred gavitt samuel brady jospeh gamberdella scott lawson,maverik johntson jack edwards matt cullen, keith cullen john paplorado really fellas you guys know better

    • Anonymous

      No, they obviously don't know better. This goes on every Halloween. It tells us a great deal about the values instilled in them!!!!!! Fast forward twenty years – I wonder what they will make of themselves.

    • One of the only sane

      dont forget tayler smith.

  • Michelle Guiseppone

    Hey "Really",

    Why dont you look at the pg again! he stated he was chilling on gb ave! that is when i wrote him to becareful… its easy to write all these statements with your anonymous names…when you want to come to me like an adult ill be here….

    • PMinze

      I really think you need to take a look again he stated to broke two bus windows. If you do not see it on his profile now he deleted it. Your sons profile was public so it is free for anyone to read and re-publish. His words become part of the internet Public recored. Once you put it out there it NEVER goes away I think this is another lesson your son should take from this.

      • Really

        When you are right you are right, her posting was prior to him stating that he broke the window. so to that Ms. Guiseppone I owe you an apology.

        • Michelle Guiseppone

          i know my son is wrong and im not defending him!!!!!!!!!!! kids stretch the truth to look cool. My son was not the only one who was involved and my sons grammar has nothing to do with what happened . My sons picture should not even be taken and put on this page with out my consent! Wouldnt it be better if Mr. Daniel went to parents and police instead of posting this for everyone to sit here and gossip ??? how is this correcting the situation?? and if you think acs should be called there is something wrong with you! Teenagers do things with out their parents knowledge if you werent aware!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Ms. Guiseppone, if my parents had seen me on this site they would be thanking the site and teaching me a lesson I would never forget -and I'm only talking about the grammar. I do see, however, that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case.

          • feels bad

            If your son is out in public no consent is required to take pictures and post them. Being in public is just that, public. That being said I do feel bad for you. As a parent I to would feel embarrassed buy the whole affair, that being said the website is free to post any activities taking place in a public area. Also truth be told it was your sons own posting that labeled him as the person breaking things. not the pictures that we taken by the website. Note to parents check your kids social networking pages often and make sure they have the correct permissions applied

          • That's right – Photography is NOT a crime.

          • Fred MacMurry

            Sure, blame Mr. Daniel for the crimes your son committed. I'm sure it's easier that way. If anyone is to blame, it is your son himself and the way you teach him right from wrong. How is this correcting the situation you ask?? It is correcting the situation by making public exactly what goes on around here so the guilty parties can be HELD RESPONSIBLE for their cowardly and despicable actions.

          • edge


          • Anon

            Firstly, you ARE NOT his mother. His mother watched him and his brother like a hawk, always out making sure they weren't in trouble. You madam are a disgrace to the word "mother". Perhaps when you are all grown up and and not trying to pass yourself off as a responsible adult, your opinion or responses might be valid. But because it is in black and white that you had prior knowledge of the events, you have proven yourself unfit.

          • Anonymous

            simmer down go look at the time on the post remember the time difference and then post first status from him in the picture says 19 hours her comment says 19 hours next post says 15 hours so just how would she know? when she did know he was picked up and brought home and dealt with… he is probably the ONLY one that is as punished as he is i bet you if i go out tomorrow i see half of those kids out

          • Anonymous

            wow simmer down

          • Anonymous

            why is it Mr. Daniel’s responsibility to babysit your little darling? You should be the one babysitting him and knowing what they were up to. Oh wait, you already knew and warned him not to get caught! Maybe next year you’ll lock him up so the rest of the neighborhood can enjoy Halloween and you won’t have to worry about defending him! And where is your husband through all this? Or doesn’t he have a father?

          • Anonymous

            so you’re using the same excuse as the crazy bus lady on the GBPOA meeting, “they just wanted to look cool”? Where’s the apology from your little daring? give the rest of us a break…..keep him on a leash

        • Anonymous

          you don't own his facebook account. you have no authority or consent over it. that's his facebook account which he is registering to, he has accepted agreements with facebook so consequences shall follow. train your kid correctly. how about you tell your kid to stop wasting food and respect his elders.

    • Anonymous


      • Gerritsen Beach Resi

        It's apparent that she is NOT 'standing up for him'. She is admitting that he was 100% wrong. What I think she is saying is that having all of this information up and having people debate over the situation is doing nothing to rectify the situation.

        Likewise, 'People in glass houses SHOULD NOT throw stones'. As his mother I'm sure she is embarrassed, mortified and angered at what Michael did. He was raised better than that. I think it's pretty unnecessary for people to condemn her as the root of all evil because of ONE situation that her son did. It was wrong, completely wrong of him but how are your demoralizing comments making it any better?

        • Colleen

          Yes, she has admitted her son is guilty, but has she gone to the police or the MTA to really punish him and teach him a true lesson of life's rights and wrongs!! Give me a break, your son did wrong and should be punished for doing wrong, especially in the eyes of the law! If it was any of my children I would be the first person to bring him/her into the police station! My parents raised me better then this and I teach my own children the same.. if you do bad you will pay the consequences for whatever action seems appropriate. And to say he is "proud" is an insult to every Mom who is trying there hardest to raise children right from wrong, But, I'm sorry Michelle Guiseppone you should turn your own child in, before the cops find him anyway.

          • Anonymous

            There were how many children there and you are all going after one mom who said he was wrong and that she would handle it? Really now? Are you in her household to know just how she handled it? NOPE so before you tell her what to do maybe you should talk to half of the other mothers that their children were there. Close community my ass! more like linch mob

          • Anthony

            You would bring your own child to the police station, and possibly give him a criminal record? And you're arguing that SHE is a bad parent? lol

          • Outsider who doesn't want in

            Actually, *I* did that with my older son because it was all I could do to keep a roof over my kid’s heads, clothes on their backs and food in their bellies as a minority single parent. And his face wasn’t plastered all over the internet. And he didn’t plaster what he did wrong publicly all over facebook.

            My son learned a lesson the hard way when he was 12. Guess what? He’s a doctor now and his brother is a lawyer (who tells me if the police don’t take proper action, then there’s a chance the residents could file civil suits against the children and their parents with the police as accessories). How’s that for learning a lesson? Stand up for them and protect them long enough and the parents will be in a much worse situation than the kids are now.

            Get them on the right track NOW before it’s too late. Otherwise we all (as taxpayers) will be pay for them for the rest of their lives. Personally, I resent the hell out of that.

          • Anthony

            Who gives a shit what your son does with his life? You? So fucking what. As long as he’s happy living life the way he chooses. You taught your son nothing other than your own subjective perspective on what’s right and wrong (that you most likely inherited from your parents and society).

          • Anthony

            Instead of punishing your children and preaching “right and wrong,” what you should be teaching him is to develop his own sense of morality on his own and allow him to decide what’s right and wrong for himself, instead of telling him how to live life. Punishment only instills fear which later leads to rebellion. The only morality that it teaches results from it indirectly through suffering. Suffering often teaches sympathy for others who suffer. It’s hard to cause others to suffer when you feel sympathy for them. The only thing punishment teaches is consequences. As a parent it is not your job to “scare your children straight,” but to inspire them and teach them to have an open-mind and think for themselves. This is why it is illegal to beat your kids. You failed as a parent in teaching your son to be open-minded and have his own morals, and as a result you had to have him punished by the law. Despite being a doctor, your son probably has the same conceited, pompous, self-righteous morals (that you do), and as a result he probably looks down on other individuals who don’t have those same morals (just as you do), and he will probably try to teach his own children through the same methods of fear (as you have); Hence, the endless ring of stupidity continues.

          • Gerritsen Beach Resi

            But see you are already jumping to conclusions. How do you know that she didn't do any of those things?

          • Anonymous

            collen if you would turn in your own chrildren i feel really bad for them your supposed to do anything you can to protect your chrildren no matter what the consequences are they your blood and your a disgrace to parenst for saying you would turn your back on them if you where such a good parent you would takee responsibility for there ACTIONS

  • anonymous

    Not all GB teenagers were in this group Sunday.

    These young men and women act like animals, going after the weak and others who can't or will not retaliate against them. These are beach kids not outsiders and I am telling you if any of them hit my car with eggs, spuds or rocks next year I will press charges against one and all. Condoning this kind of behavior is unacceptable. If one kid goes out and kills someone are you going to tell yours to do the same but be careful and watch out for the cops. Teach your child to respect their elders, property private and public and show them how they can have fun without causing havoc. If their behavior is accepted this year goodness knows what we have to look forward to in 2011.

    • anonymous

      Well I am getting sick and tired of the parents not taking responsibility for their GB kids, stop blaming "outsiders. I recognize many GB kids in those pictures holding eggs, potatoes, etc. If the parents won't step up and make some changes, I will start taking my own pictures of these angels when they are playing target practice at the bus shelters, and lighting fires, etc. I know most by name and the picture will be my proof. I will go to the 63 or 61 and "demand" some answers.

  • Enough is Enough

    I think this is getting a bit out of control now!! The name calling, the arguments. Im sure by now most of these kids parents are aware of there childrens behavior.. An some have acknowledged it. Let them deal with it and mind your business..

  • Stop the punks

    Next year, several high powered water cannons to stop the punks al along Gerritsen Aveune.

  • Anonymous

    I say next year all the parents and community come out and form a human chain across the street by the weeds on the avenue and let see what they do

    then!! let them look at their own parents, family members, grandparents and let see how they like it if someone they don't know throws an egg or a can of shaving cream, potato whatever bet they wouldn't like it! forget the cops we as a community need to come up with a solution they have no time to babysit these kids and that's what they are doing "BABYSITTING".

    • Good Old Days

      We are the generation that made a good ass kicking illegal or child abuse. Those days are gone. Look at the outcome. White Trash.

  • Enough is Enough

    What does grammar have to do with this?????.. You ppl seriously need to get a life !!!!

    • One of the only sane

      Stay in school long enough to actually learn something.

    • Alexa

      Knowing and wielding your native language is a powerful tool. I have a wonderful and productive life, and thankfully it’s free of hooligan “beach kids” who have utter disregard towards their fellow man.

      The fact that these kids on facebook have a 5 year old’s grasp on written English is a sad, sad thing. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes wisdom, empathy, and compassion.

  • Anonymous

    I think posting thier facebook pages on the website definatley breaks some rules

    • me

      No It really Doesn't It is Public Domain!!! If They Did not want it read or reposted it should have been made Private!!!

      • gbchickie

        some were private, but bc they are facebook friends with gerritsen beach, gb took photos of the pages and reposted it here. not sure that is illegal, but im pretty sure there are rules about posting minors names in association with crimes

        • Anonymous

          I can't believe all of you idiots are worried about it being legal that these hoodlums have their names and pictures are on this site! Why weren't all you parents worried about the legalities of what your little hoodlums were doing on Halloween?

      • Anonymous

        what happen to no third party with the facebook poilcy

  • Anonymous

    Im just curious where are the MASSIVE DAMAGE photos??

  • me

    The Parents are Getting mad at Danny for Posting This.. It Is On Face book Which is Public Domain And He was in Public Taking pictures which is not against the law either!!! If These Kids did nothing wrong By throwing Rocks and Potatoes and empty cans of shaving cream at car service and police.. Which yes i Did Witness.. I also witnessed the teens Telling a woman to walk away from the cop car so they could hit the cops!! You parents can say what you want but it is what it is.. A picture Can say alot and Their Facebook Pages just back up the Pictures..

    • Anonymous

      The Facebook pictures tell it all. Actions do speak louder than words and every picture tells a story. This is a sad story about the true character of these kids – including those who did not throw anything but stood on the sidelines laughing and mocking the victims. This will haunt them whether they realize it or not – its bad Karma!

  • Anonymous

    You can report the crime on the NYPD page under Crime Stoppers. The reporting is Anonymous.

  • BK

    Michelle Guiseppone says:What out for the COPS

    Mother of the year Michelle Guiseppone!!!

    What a idiot

    • Michelle Guiseppone

      bk obviously you dont know your grammar…" what a idiot"? hahaha…. what an idiot!!! dumb ass

      yes i didn't want my kid getting in trouble for throwing eggs! i really wish you would state your name instead of hiding

      • BK

        It's no wonder your son turned out so well. HAHA you'll never know my name but your son's picture's will be on the internet foreverrrrrrrrr….Good luck with that

      • me

        What are you going to do when some one tells you their name? You're acting like a little punk. No wonder your son is a punk POS.

      • Alexa

        You start your post with “bk obviously…”. I hope you know “because” is actually shorthanded as “b/c” and there’s no “k” in the word.

        Your kid HAS to get in trouble. Don’t you understand?! There’s no way he’ll learn. He obviously isn’t taking education seriously considering his “posts” online. Please post your kid’s grades, I’d love to laugh at them.

  • BK

    Michelle Guiseppone says:Watch out for the COPS

    Mother of the year Michelle Guiseppone!!!

    What a idiot

    Sorry I'm laughing so hard I could spell it correctly

  • BK

    I'm still laughing what a idiot

    • Anonymous

      If you would have spelled it correctly it would have said "what an idiot"

    • Michelle Guiseppone

      KEEP LAUGHING…obviously you cant read i did not say watch out for cops! you can keep posting bk! because you cant even quote correctly!

      • BK

        No you wrote "Have fun but PLZ Becareful there's alot of cops out" Why should I post my name so you can drive your criminal son by my house and he can egg it. No thank you. Why don't you try being a MOTHER to your son instead of his friend. If he was just having fun why would he worry about the cops you idiot. So basically your telling him to "Watch out for the COPS"….Right???

        • BK

          Michelle Guiseppone's son is GOING TO JAIL…..

          • anonymous

            Are u kidding me "criminal son" You are something else..This is now turning a community against eachother. The issue is the kids behavior.. What do you want her to do, stone him? She admits to her sons behavior…Enough

          • Anonymous

            In all fairness, this mom actually did go and grab her son when she found out what was going on. Perhaps cutting her some slack is in order. I'm sure here son is going to pay hefty for this.

          • anonymous

            Grow up BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • BK

            Your not getting it she allowed this to take place not every kid was out they throwing rocks and cans at buses she told her son it was ok never in my life would I tell my kids it was ok to throw food and shaving cream at other people or buses she wants to be her son's friend you have to be a parent to your child set limits etc.. By telling him to look out for the cops your not setting CLEAR rules for your child to follow… All your telling him is look out for cops.. What the F*ck does that mean to a kid…Don't get caught…Come on…Be A PARENT tell your kid he or she better not be out there on the AVE throwing EGG's at people and if you catch them there would be hell to pay and mean it… Now his mother and her very poor parenting skills will have to pay for being her son's friend and not the parent he really needs

            You can post something about my grammer I really don't care. My grammer is not the point

          • Eileen

            You have no right to question someone's parenting skills. Are you and angel BK? did you never throw an egg? Trust me this kid is paying for it since I know her and you don't shut it!

          • BK

            I have every right to question someone's parenting skills. As a parent I cannot imagine telling my kids to watch out for cops. What kind of message does that send your kids. Am I an angel well I've never been arrested or in trouble with the law and no I've never thrown eggs at people because my parents would have killed my if I embarrassed them like that. My parents were always there for me but they where not like my friends. Some parents now think there kids should be like their best friends thats wrong. So someones lack of parenting skills is my buisness when that kid hits my car with egg or the bus that MY kids are riding on with a F*ckin ROCK come on ….and you tell him watch out for the cops and you do it on facebook so all his friends can see how COOL his MOM is give me a break. Setting Rules for your kids isn't COOL so just make excuses when they get arrested or worse..Idiot Shut Up

          • Anonymous

            he has every right to question your parenting skills when the lack thereof becomes a neighborhood problem. And your son is the problem.

          • Michelle is a nut!

            The reason she can't be a MOTHER and is acting more like a friend to the kid is because he is NOT her kid, she is only about 10 years older than him herself and has A LOT of growing up to do. Children raising children, what do you expect?

        • Anonymous

          Ms. G: STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM. He can read. He might not be able to write, but he can read. Instead of having your son make a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the neighborhood he and his friends terriorized, you get on these blogs and try to explain him. He will see this as you sticking up for him, and that's not what he needs. He needs to be told that what he did was criminal. He needs to be shown that you have respect for life, law and property. He should be punished, intensely, and after that, he should be made to work to repay the people he has caused damage to, including the MTA. I have not once seen an apology from your son. Why is that? You say you are a good parent, then why aren't you teaching him that his actions have consequences?

          • Anonymous

            Why are you all going after her? She said he was wrong! She's said that the whole time, and if you look she did say she picked him up when she found out what was going on and that he was in deep trouble.. take her for her word her son is probably regretting it… I don't see you telling anyone else the need to say that they are sorry just her leave her be already… its enough! attacking her is NOT making the situation any better!! as a community we should be coming together and figuring out NOT attacking each other and threatening violence… Have a community meeting and get this settled because all this fighting is getting everyone no where its turning people against each other… we are SUPPOSED to be such a close community I in no way see that going on right now… yes its disgusting what they did and they do need to take responsibility for it and i am sure there are some parents besides MRS. G that already have… so all of you stop fighting like a bunch of children and come together as a community and come to a solution

          • mike

            I agree Mrs. G has come out admitted what took place and assured us it would addressed. Every parent will defend a child to an extent. Do I think her son acts in this manner 24/7 no not in the least, I say give her credit for coming on here and telling us she stepped up to the plate. Isn’t this the intent people have here anyway? To draw attention to what took place and have the issues dealt with? In my eyes she’s done that. I say we acknowledge that and understand she’s going to correct it and let her be.

          • Anonymous

            why? Because she still doesn't get it. Where is the PUBLIC APOLOGY from her SON either on FB or GB.net? The only thing we heard from her was an apology and then she went on to say that all kids do this. What is that teaching him? That Mommy will clean up HIS mess every time he gets into trouble. And he thanks her for sticking up for him. At 12 years old, why does he even have a FB account? Why isn't she monitoring his FB account. If she had, then maybe she could have taken him home and no one would be discussing her son in this venue.

          • Anonymous

            Do you know her? How do you know that she still does not get it? where is the PUBLIC APOLOGY from any of the kids? I do not see you or anyone else asking from ANYONE of those kids or their parents.. just them.. Guess what mommy didnt clean up his mess! Mommy handled her child..IF you knew her you would have know that but no you are just sitting here fighting.. He is not 12 btw that is besides the point.. and go look at the first stats.. "chilling in gb boming" she then replied to that right after saying becareful. did you see the time stamp 19 hours the next was 15 and that when he was picked up.. hmmm seems to me it was being monitored you are talking about something you do NOT know!!!

          • Anonymous

            if she wants to have her say on FB, then yes, I have every right to answer her post….and since she was the one DEFENDING the little hoodlum, then she should be the one who has the kid APOLOGIZE in the same public forum. I bet she handled it! He'll probably be out tonight hanging out and causing more trouble.

          • Anonymous

            you have to give her credit that she said he was wrong and that she would handle it.. next time you are out pay close attention to the children that are out i can bet you that he will NOT be one of them!

          • Gerritsen Beach Resi

            Actually Michael can't make a public apology because he is grounded for a very long time. No computer, no Facebook, no cell phone, no talking with friends.

        • Anonymous

          halloween is by far the funniest holiday of the yr in the day u get candy and at night u fuck shit up with eggs and be bad. every1 did it even parents of the kids that are being ashamed on the bullshit website gb.net leave them alone who cares. FUCK THE COPS AND DANNY AND JOEL GARSEN

          • BK

            Your an idiot…How's about this once a year I come by your house and throw a brick through your car window and I do it the same day every year then when I get too old I tell my kids to go do it…and being a good parent I tell them watch out for the cops…Is that not the dumbest thing you've ever heard…Maybe when you kids actually work and buy things you'll have respect for other peoples property…Just because it's done once a year doesn't make it right moron…Thank you Danny for putting picture's of these criminal kids up

        • Anthony

          Cops chase kids even if they throw eggs at each other. Me & my friends used to throw eggs at each other and the cops would chase us down all the time in the weeds. There were a few incidents where the cops would unjustifiably beat the kids, and this slowly lead to kids throwing eggs at cops and cop cars over the years. What she meant to say to her son to watch out for cops "throwing eggs at each other." The kids have only been throwing eggs at cops and cop cars for a few years now, and it has mostly been at night when parents went home and before these kids got big with facebook. Most parents knew their kids threw eggs, but they thought it was at eachother. They are just figuring out now that the kids were actually damaging property.


    As a retired "Halloween bomber" I don't see anything wrong with having a little fun on Halloween with eggs and shaving cream. But .. I do think that what these kids did this year was out of control. I also do think that the 61st slacked this year. You would think they would have had Gerritsen Beach under control like previous years. I remember when I used to go bombing there were years where they had GB locked down by 8pm. However, I do not think it is right that these kids Facebook page status and such are being posted. THEY ARE ALL MINORS ! Everyone in Gerritsen Beach knows what happens on Halloween. There is no need to embarrass the parents of these kids. Even if they're pages are not private and are open for the world to see. Like Ive said in previous posts, the "editor" of this "website" really needs to get a life instead of making other peoples lives miserable by embarrassing them. And for all of you parents, you should be worried too because there is a grown man out there taking PICTURES OF YOUR CHILDREN without your permission. god only knows whatelse he's doing with them other then posting them on this "website".. just saying.

    • Anonymous

      seriously man someone has the balls to out this kids so there drunk ass parents have to face the truth and you imply he is a child molester my hat off to danny good job and thanks

      • Creepy

        This is all Creepy and sad for GB. Why is he taking pictures of children? that is creepy. What is the law on posting a childs name or picture online? The Face book thing, ok, well that was on facebook. Did he cross the line by taking somehting from facebook and then putting it on this site? It's sad for outing all these kids, which sound to be absolute idiots. They were wrong and went overboard, but this info could have been printed out and given tot he PArents and Cops or somehting then set off a Vigilante Tirade from everyone on this site. I hope this does not go overboard and someone end up acting stupid. As for the cops, why shoul dthey get out of their car to then have things thrown at them. They are not targets and it is a great embarasment to all the police officers within GB at how all the disrespectd the cops, Public property and the older man who they hit. IT's nothing new, there is always a few idots. Still curious as to the laws on posting pictures of children or sneaking around a teking pictures of children.

        • Gerritsen Girl

          Alright genius, what's your solution besides murdering the English language? What's creepy and sad for this generation, not just GB that we have raised a generation of disrespectful morons who have a intense sense of entitlement and feel they should be able to do whatever they want without consequences.

          We have a generation of parents who have been neutered, they have had their rights taken away, any hint of abuse, real or imagined and they are locked up. I don't advocate beatings but a good kick in the ass never hurt anyone, we've taken away consequences because these little darlings know they can call child services if their parent piss them off and the parent will have everything taken away from them. Stop concerning yourself with these kids being made to face consequences because they broke the law in public and now are being called on it. You're a major jack ass and I hope someday you're on the other side of the abuse and I am sure you won't think it's so creepy when their photos show up, moron.

          • Creepy

            Taking Pictures of Children all the time is Creepy. Outing people on this site is irresponsible. It may be getting everyone's attention, but people are now Cyber Bullying one family. Maybe the son did something or not or the Mom made a comment, but to allow everyone to attack is terrible. All in all, I guess he is getting big hits to help make money on this Forum.

            This entire thread should be shut down to stop people from personally attacking each other and if this webiste feels it has any evidence and proof of crimes, he should bring that info to the loca lpolice department and let the authorities handle it. This Viglanty style justice is not good for anyone.

          • AARP

            Talk about murdering the English Language!!!!!

      • Gerritsen Girl

        Keep up the good work Dan, someone has to do something, if your so afraid of your kid's picture being put on, keep their ass home.

    • Matt

      Halloween is supposed to be about little kids putting on costumes and going around the neighborhood trick-or-treating–not about some punk tweens/teens/twentysomethings terrorizing and terrifying people on the ONLY main thoroughfare into and out of the neighborhood. "Bombing" is sophomoric and says alot about the people who engage in it but I will concede that, in years' past, it was never dangerous and destructive–only disruptive.

      I'm not sure if you have children, yourself, UNKNOWN but, if you do, picture a three or four year old wearing his or her costume and carrying a trick-or-treating container walking on that avenue with eggs, potatoes, and shaving cream cans flying all around. The kids who are doing the throwing are minors, like you pointed out, but so are the OTHER kids who were actually out trying to have a safe good time! When did it become acceptable to interfere with other people who are staying away from the punks, trying to engage in normal, healthy Halloween activities?

      "There is no need to embarrass the parents of these kids."

      I think there's PLENTY of need for that! The parents of these kids knew damn well what they were going out to do and probably had an attitude like yours:

      "Everyone in Gerritsen Beach knows what happens on Halloween."

      I suppose we should be grateful that "what happens [in Gerritsen Beach] on Halloween" doesn't involve rape, murder, or burglary…or should everyone stay silent about that too because "Everyone in Gerritsen Beach knows what happens on Halloween."

      • UNKNOWN

        I do not have kids but I do have younger siblings who do go trick-or-treating. I do think its disgusting that the children have to see this but its been an ongoing thing every year in Gerritsen since I was a child. But unfortunately its something that's still gonna happen every year. Kids will always find a way to buy eggs, and they will always find a way to get shaving cream. I'm not saying what they're doing is right, because its not. Each generation of "bombers" just gets worse and worse every year. But there is no need for it to be post on a website like this. Writing an article is fine, but to take pictures is taking it way too far. And whether parents know what they're kids are did on Halloween or are finding it out a amateur website like this, its just not right. Majority of the time parents aren't aware that their kids are out on the Ave. bombing buses, cars, etc. When I was a tween my siblings and I and our friends used to ask our parents to buy us shaving cream so we can bomb each other, but really, we were right there on the Ave. by Victoria's Pizzeria with the rest of the kids in the beach bombing buses. Did my parents know? .. No they didn't. Ultimately, some parents do know what their kids are doing and some don't. But going on to these kids facebooks and posting their status and putting up pictures is just pathetic. I also like how the "editor" wasn't posting pictures of his brother and his brothers friends bombing a few years ago… just saying.

        • Gerritsen Girl

          Waaaa, waas yes post their picture on this website and every website you can, they need to be made accountable, the parents and police have failed us and this is what we are left to do.

          They were old enough to commit the crime, they're old enough to take responsibility for it. I have never bombed anyone with anything on Halloween or any other time. These little mongrels need to learn there are consequences, once they damage property and attack people, all bets are off. If they don't know then parents need to know, unfortunately there's very little they can do, parent's rights have been taken away with all this PC bull shit. Paste away I say, shame the little fuckers. Maybe they will think twice.

        • GBMom

          To Unknown:

          Let me start by saying that without having children of your own you may not be able to conjure the emotions to understand what it would have felt like if one of these animals hit your young child with an egg, a potato, a rock or a brick. Thank God this did not happen however with this animalistic behavior, i dont think it is far fetched. To attack a 60 year old man is barbaric. There are lines that should not be crossed and these teens crossed them. Shaving cream, eggs and TP is one thing, rocks, bricks & potatoes is another!!!

          Second, I feel that Dan did his job as a "reporter" and gave us the news. He identified the problem, gave the identities of the criminals and gave us a legible, emotion-filled story. I think his point was made & brought to the attention of many that this is an ongoing problem that needs a resolution. I may be wrong but if this was brought to the doors of the parents, I feel like nothing would have been done. The parents might "scold" and next Halloween it's the same or worse! Some parents might even brush it under the table b/c thats their friendly parenting style. Taking pictures is a way to catch the "not my child" parent's tongue. You have proof. As for the FB profiles, they're public and they outted themselves…foolish on the teens but smart for GB.net.

          I was a teenager once, and yes, I remember the mischief but this is beyond mischief…they were committing crimes!!

          • UNKNOWN

            Yes I completely agree with you but there is other ways he could have handled the situation. He could have stalked a little more and found out where they lived and at least mailed or placed pictures in the familys mailbox. By doing this he is not only creating more drama in Gerritsen Beach then there already is, hes creating more hate and conflict. I could completely understand if these were grown adults or people in the beach who are my age ( early 20's ) or if they committed a murder … but this is just nonsense. I'm sure the kids who "commited the crime" are looking at this website and seeing what people are saying. ie trash talking, cursing etc. These so called "adults" are not setting a good example. And for officers of the law to be commenting on this calling the kids racists names isn't setting a good example either. I think this whole site is gonna bring the neighborhood further down then it's already gone, and its not because of the kids who committed the crime, its because of the people who don't know how to mind they're business and worry about their own families. In a community people are supposed to come together and all this site is doing is bringing it further apart. Fortunately for me, I no longer live in Gerritsen Beach and I can give two shits what happens there anymore. But it is beyond me why something that goes on every year is now becoming a matter of topic. What about 4 years ago (my last year of egging) when a man who drives a truck who lived (or lives) in the beach pulled out a gun on all the kids in front of the pizzeria, when NOT A SINGLE EGG was thrown?! Where was Dan then? Where were the cops then? Oh wait i know why Dan wasn't there … his brother was out egging that year that's why he wasn't there. What about that same year when kids from the beach climbed on a moving car service car and started jumping on the windshield till it broke? Where was Dan then, to "show how terrible the kids in the beach are" ? What about when that same car service guy had eggs thrown at his face? Like I've said before .. it's something that's gonna happen every year whether parents approve of it or not. The only thing that could stop this nonsense that happens every Halloween is to have more police in the neighborhood collecting eggs and shaving cream as well as patrolling on Gerritsen Ave. But I'm not gonna sit here and say what parents should and should not do to punish they're children and I'm not gonna sit here and say that this should be sent to the cops. They're not my kids, they're not by brothers or sisters, or friends so its not my problem. And I don't think that anyone who's posted on this has reliezed that its not they're problem because it's not they're kids.

          • Anonymous

            What an ass you are. Criminal behavior is not your problem because it's not your kids? Damn.

          • UNKNOWN

            no its not my problem and its not your problem either. its something that happens every year on Halloween. its not like it was some random "act of terror" that happened any other day of the year. yes what they are being accused of its a little extreme buts its done and over with. I don't know why people must go on with this nonsense. Everyone thinks they're the fucking mayor of Gerritsen Beach.

          • Realist State

            I guess in your world it’s not a problem unless it happenes to you? Would you feel the same if it was your father or grandfather drivng that car service car? How about if your mother or sister got “bombed”?

            Yes, the police should take a more active role before someone takes the law into their own hands.

          • An Angry Potato!

            Or even worse; Imagine… a group of sinister little bastard vandals break into your house with guns, and they say that you have to have sex with your father while they have have sex with your mother, or else they’ll kill your children… well… would you do it?

      • Gerritsen Girl


    • trainman

      Unknown, I think it’s your first sentence that says it all. “I don’t see anything wrong with having a little fun on Halloween with eggs and shaving cream.”

      Tell me, who was it fun for….the person throwing the eggs or the person receiving the eggs?

      It’s that mentality that is the crux of the problem. When a parent condones their children breaking the law using Halloween or 4th of July as an excuse for civil disobedience, it’s no wonder the children keep escalating to a point where they lose control. I have seen young teenage girls smothered with shaving cream and eggs walking in the streets. How could anyone on the receiving end of such abuse find it “fun”? Sure they may keep quiet, because they want to act cool and fit into that group, but no one could convince me they actually enjoyed it and that they didn’t feel degraded and abused.

      This kind of behavior needs to stop and children need to understand from their parents that breaking the law is breaking the law no matter if it’s stealing, driving drunk or throwing eggs at someone.

      Currently, schools are working very hard to deal with the problem of bullying. Not allowing your children to participate in this kind of civil disobedience masked as “Halloween fun” early in life can go a long way.

      • UNKNOWN

        Number one you are all acting like these kids are out stealing cars, doing drugs, committing murders, and they're not ! They're kids. What they do every year is not right and what they did this year to the buses or elderly def was not right but they should be held accountable by THEIR PARENTS and no one else. I don't know why everyone is so concerned about calling the police (who might i add, are no example setters for calling these kids "white trash" which is a racial slur) and having them deal with it. Honestly it's none of anyone's business except for the families of the children who went too far with the "bombing". Number two, "How could anyone on the receiving end of such abuse find it “fun”? Sure they may keep quiet, because they want to act cool and fit into that group, but no one could convince me they actually enjoyed it and that they didn’t feel degraded and abused." That's just B.S if they did not want to be filled of shaving cream they wouldn't be out with their friends. I could understand that statement be valid if someone was randomly attacked on any other day, but not on Halloween. Being egged on Halloween is not intended to be abuse or bullying. Its supposed to be fun. You people are taking this way too far. Worry about your own families problems and situations rather than another families problem. No one has the "perfect family" and why don't some of you "adults" think about what you did when you where younger. I'm sure none of you had halos over your head.

        • trainman

          No unknown, I think it’s you that’s missing the point.

          Have you been having fun on Halloween so long that you think the girls actually come out to get abuse? So the elderly man driving down the avenue wanted to get pelted with eggs too? How bout the bus drivers?

          I’m sure they asked for the opportunity to drive on Halloween night . Also the commuters who are waiting for a bus that night along the Avenue? Oh that’s right, they should know on Halloween they shouldn’t expect any bus service.

          You’re saying only the parents should hold their kids accountable? I can't imagine a parent who is holding their children accountable would also have children who would display such a blatant disregard for other people’s right to celebrate Halloween in their own way.

      • An Angry Potato!

        Well Sir, I’d have to agree. It’s like, I HATE IT when people make fun of me. But Goddamn it’s so much fun to make fun of other people. That’s why if someone makes fun of me, I really “let them have it.” Why can’t people just let me make fun of them without making fun of me! If they didn’t make fun of me, maybe I wouldn’t have to be such a bully all the time! Like on Halloween this kid Patrick told me I was a “Homosapien.” Now, I’ll be honest… I don’t really know what that means. But it has the word “homo” in front of it so it can’t be anything good. So later that night, I snuck into Patrick’s house when his family was sleeping, and I SMOTHERED them all in their sleep!… with shaving cream of course. Then I robbed his dad’s bottle of Jack Daniels, his stereo and his mom’s car that I hot-wired and drove home drunk; only to get egged and run over a group of “trick-or-treaters.” Damn piece of shit “bombers”! They aren’t going anywhere in life!

    • Anonymous

      this was the quietest halloween i seen in a long time, its just an issue now cause they were caught by some CREEP & posted their picturess. GROW UP half of this was over exagerated !

    • Creepy Creeperton.

      this was one of the quiestest halloween ive seen, this is only an issue now cause some CREEP decided to post their pictures & catch them in the act. GROW UP half of this is over exagerated ! Go get a lifee..

      • UNKNOWN

        creeperton, im gonna go with the flow on this one … “your murdered the engligh language” & “learn how to spell” exagerated is exaggerated and quiestest is quietest. but word, this shit is over exaggerateddddd and its pointless.

  • annon

    Okay there the picture of the kids on the web, now parents you see your kid in the picture, handle your freaking business!!!! some lady was killed in nostrand projects the night before, so egg throwing kids were the least of their problems, how about stop blaming the dam cops every year and you as parents start checking up on your kids, because you know what there out doing, half of you probably buy the eggs for your kids! you know where there going go see for your self what there up to being the problem gets worse every year, one day there going to throw eggs at the wrong person and wined up hurt, if you see your children in the group of kids throwing eggs there's your proof, and i don't think and child business should be posted all over this site, take it up with the parents on a private matter, remember they still are kids!

  • BK

    There can be NO expectation of privacy in a public place…Which means when your out in public anyone can take pictures of you. So if your stupid enough to do it in public your picture can be posted anywhere maybe you idiot parents should teach your kids that..Watch out for the cops I'm still laughing about that

  • Anonymous

    If I were in the car they jumped, you better believe the "kids" on my car would have been flattened in self defense. Thats right picture you son or daughter with his or her brain all over the street, or with mangled legs and blood all over the ground. Now picture yourself making a memorial for your little Irish or Italian darling (micheal ryan, jerry Denver, frankie denver, fred gavitt, samuel brady, jospeh gamberdella, scott lawson, maverik johntson, jack Edwards, matt cullen, keith cullen, john paplorado etc. etc.). Do the Irish or Italians who are so full of pride on St. Pats or Columbus Day not teach their kids anything? How about teaching your kids to respect elders, women with children, and property? America is in big trouble, can we put your kids back on the boat and ship them back to where you came from? The police didn't do anything because look how many kids were involved, if the parents of the neighborhood don't care why should they? Too bad a cop didn't fire one or two random shots into the weeds, maybe a bullet in the face of one or two little of your little darling lowlife “kids” would wake you up.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think this is about the nationality of the kids in question, if that were the case the entire neighborhood would have been out there. I must admit that I do think more of the blame should be focused on the parents than the police. This stuff has been going on for decades in the beach, in the past there seemed to be some sense of respect for those not involved. If you were out there doing these things you would limit it to other kids out doing the same not anyone passing by. In my opinion it all boils down to not knowing (or having) any boundaries.

      • Anonymous

        Irish and Italian grandparents who fought in wars to keep freedom alive on this planet would be disgusted to see their own kids failing to raise their children correctly, squandering the blessings they have and disgracing their country of origin and the American homeland. If we can't control our kids do you think this country will survive when they're in control? Nobody gives two shits about the shaving cream and eggs if they keep it to the weeds, but they didn't. They attack an elderly pedestrian, woman and children, threw potatos and rocks at moving vehicles, and bragged about challenging the cops (that they call pigs) – the respect is lost, the pride and honor is gone. America is in a sorry state. Yeah, I think its important to point out nationality, and to be embarrassed about it. Maybe someone will be emabarrassed enough to do something about it, Lord knows these ignorant bastards are probably the first to bring up race and nationality on other issues. Ain't it sad to see when your's is no better?

      • Chris

        I don't understand why your saying Irish and Italian these kids were just acting out of line, doesn't matter what they are…

    • Anonymous

      how about i track you down chop your dick off and feed it to my dog

    • disgusted

      Your disgusting. Tha fact that you can even imagine doing these things to children should be ground to investigate you …

    • AARP

      Had this been a black neighborhood the cops would have come out firing. These kids should consider themselves lucky not proud of what they've done

    • ....

      thats disgusting. what kind of person could even imagine something like that? and what does nationality have to do with anything? i agree with the person who said that maybe u need some investigating done by the NYPD. hmmm then again i see why your sticking up for danny because you both SICK IN THE HEAD ! do you go out with him and hide in bushes and take pictures of the neighborhood children too? sounds to me likeee ya do.

  • NoMore

    No permission is needed to take anyones Pictures in a Public area


    I hope all the "Punks" Parents have to pay all Damages!! I am personally alerting the NYPD& MTA with all information leading to arrests and convictions. Since all the kids were minors THERE PARENTS WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGES!!!


      Mind your own business, like seriously I don't understand why people can't do that in Gerritsen beach. So glad I don't live there anymore. Everyone in that neighborhood feeds off of others rises and demises. I bet if any of those "punks" or "Punks Parents" were your sibling, child, niece or nephew you would be minding your own business and wouldnt be "personally alerting the NYPD and MTA.

      • Anonymous

        because it is our business, UNKNOWN, when you terriorists make it impossible to drive or walk down the avenue. Who gives you the right to tell us to mind our own business. That's what these little punks want…people to mind their business so they can get away with the shit they pulled yesterday. It is our business and TG there are people like GB who out these bastards so that we know who the criminal among us are

        • Anonymous

          criminals? everyone is acting likeeeee they killed some one or are out robbing houses. geez calm down. everyone is outraged by this like its worst thing thats ever happened in Gerritsen Beach. It's not your child, so its not ur business what happens to them or their parents. everyone is fucking overreacting

  • Joe

    The mischief won't stop until a cop car comes down here, and one of these kids throws a rock, egg, potatoe, or a shaving cream can at a cop and the cop shoots them. Guess what… It will be 100% justified. All the cop has to say is they felt their life was threatened. Any of these parents think of that situation.

  • Yeah

    Im surprised with the parents of GB. My parents would kick my fucking teeth in, for throwing rocks at people…

    • Anonymous

      a lot of the parents of those parents would have kicked their teeth in also… I don't think the disciplne got passed down

  • Anonymous

    I'm in my twenties, grew up in GB, AND WAS RAISED BY A SINGLE MOTHER!!! SHE EVEN WORKED NIGHTS!!!
    Never in my life did I do any of the things these children do. I knew right from wrong, and if I did wrong I got a good spanking… And there was nothing wrong with that!!!

  • vincent

    LOL i bet all these little white trash beachrats are shitting themselves right now!!! and how worried are their drunken lowlife parents?!?!?! omg lol i love it!!!

  • Great Job GB!

    Beautiful work, I hope the cops will actually do something with this information. Defacing public property and terrorizing people is cruel and a huge shame. Of course GB will protect their own, this was no harmless fun. To the mother who said "watch out for the cops" I'm pretty sure you would allow your son to smoke pot in the house so he wouldn't get arrested either right? you yuppies are all the same. I wish it was my area, I would've laid your kids on the ground for attempting to make my life hell. A little fun on halloween does not require doing what your kids did. It's disgusting. Thanks. GJ to GBNet.

  • RESPONSIBLE parent

    take the pix, fb profiles & comments to the police, although the "kids" will feel having a record (if arrested or charged) is cool. Gambardella looks like a gangsta wannabe, w/e, if the parents are actually held accountable for their child's behavior, maybe (I said MAYbe) they would change their attitudes and behavior. unlikely, but hey hope springs eternal……

    • Anonymous

      Gambardella does not look like a gangsta wanna be what so ever.

    • Anonymous

      Gambardella does not look like a gangsta wanna be what so ever he happens to be a good kid.

      • anon

        I am sure most of the kids involved with this debacle would be called "good Kids". And, I think, for the most part they probably are ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS!!! What parents need to realize is that teens (preteens, children) need to be TOLD that the behavior is unacceptable (how else do you learn?) and punished when they break rules. They (the parents)also need to realize when its a group/gang of kids they feed off each other….spurring each other on to become more and more daring and wild!

  • sal mattaliano

    hey everyone i know this kids my their whole lifes coach most them for many years and i know deep down in my heart there not bad kids and didnt think about what there doing. know most there parents to good hard working people. what these kids did was no doubt stupid and very dangerous and they should know better . am i disapoint yes i am but as someone who considers him self a commuinty leader arent i to blame also. we need to find away to educated this kids on the conquences of there action i believe there parents will handle it. maybe we need to orgainze something on halloween for this kids to do. as for ms GUSSIPONE I dont know her but am sure she not a bad person so give her a break i am sure she dont condone what her son did. as far as what this kids write in facebook most of it them trying to impress each and steching the truth alittle

    • Anonymous

      great spelling, Coach!

    • ANON

      Unfortunately Sal …. They HAVE to think about what they post on facebook or anywhere else on the Internet. This can all come back to haunt them someday when they are applying for a job or college or credit. I know plenty of people who regret some of the thing they have posted (or things posted by other people) about them. It IS a reality now!

      They saw the pictures being taken of them. They had to know they would wind up somewhere…….

      • haha

        College? did you see the way they write? Good luck with an application essay!

        "yo dean. I is thinkin' bout gooin to kalidge. Aigt nigga. give me a A."

    • anon

      Is that because her name ends in vowel Sal?

    • Parent

      Clearly written by one of the kids. :(

      • UNKNOWN

        OMG! I think that the only thing that anyone can write about on this stupid website, rather than talking smack about others, is how people spell and their grammar. Like come on, is that really necessary? You know what the person is trying to get at. GROW UP! Maybe this is why the kids in Gerritsen Beach are the way they are.

  • Anonymous

    If only these "kids" were smart enough to realize nobody would care if they only bombed each other. That egging only buses might even be acceptable. But no, these dumb ass kids have to hit the elderly, regular cars, woman and children. They throw potatos and rocks, etc. If that was my wife with my child, or my mother or elderly father there would have been shots fired. Shots fired.

  • eddie

    this is sad. i went out and threw eggs when i was younger, but wtf is the point of throwing eggs at a fucking old man. what the fuck is wrong with these kids. or their parents for letting them do it. these pictures should be printed and put in everyones mailbox in GB, incase parents don't use this website. but i dought it would matter as half of these kids parents encorge it. also, i know a few kids in those pictures and their in there 20's, get a fucking life, your not 12 anymore.

    • grew up here too

      I explained it to my children as the "mob" mentality. Things ordinarily good kids would never think to do on their own, suddenly seems like a fun thing to do when their are more people involved.

  • Pukie

    Hey its not our kids its the Jamokes from Sheepsheadbay coming in to the BEACH!!!! They need to get the hell out!! Okay they mugg us and beat us up take some action and kick their asses okay

    • vincent

      fckin moron.

    • Great job

      This is really idiotic. Please realize you must think you're cool for defending the kids, but point blank, everybody knows all these kids are from GB. Don't attack Sheepshead Bay you stupid little child, you are just upset because either you don't want to get in trouble, or you don't want your friends to.

      Good day fool, and tell yourself/friends bravo.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    This is incredible, I cannot get over how ignorant some folks are, how they have it all backwards, they are worried that these bottom feeders got their pictures taken while creating havoc, the nerve! I have to say that this just gets me, slack jaw parents, firends of parents or just feel like opening their toothless yap, raising one chromosone too many kids who have nothing better to do on Halloween but destroy property.

    Next year the cops need to get rubber bullets, tasers and perhaps fire hoses and treat these mongrels like the low lifes they are, if we know who they are, how about we all go to their houses and toss eggs, hammers, rocks, etc…..? Oh but don't take pictures while it's happening because then it's illegal and creepy. Sounds crazy right, now you know how I feel!

  • anon

    HA HA GB!!!! You get what you deserve! For years the NYPD put up with your Halloween BS, wasting time, getting egged, and now look who has the egg on their faces!!!!!!!! HA HA HA… you parents look stupid, didn't you learn from the past???? I guess not, good for ya. All these years dogging the cops and now look who's crying for them to come help, don't ya feel stupid?????

    • Anonymous

      Hater!!!!! its people like you that we don't need to hear comments from!

      • anonymous

        This is exactly what we need to hear, and it's the truth. We are ruining this neighborhood by allowing these kids to keep destroying it, from the bus shelters, the fires backweeds, graffiti, and the list goes on. We all know what happens on Halloween with the kids on the Ave so shame on the parents for not stepping up this year. Don't hate the hater, hate the kids and their parents.

  • A real parent

    Of course the parents are defending these little shitheads….absolutely SICKENING!!!!! THAT is the problem in this neighborhood!!! ASSHOLES!!


      I'm sure you would be defending your "little shithead" if he/ she did the same and was posted on a site like this for everyone to see.

      • A real parent

        No actually, if I found out what kind of disgusting behavior my kid was involved in I would DEAL WITH IT!!! They deserve everything they get!! If something was done to YOU or YOUR FAMILY you would be HAPPY to see the people that did it!! Grow up!!! Maybe one of your children or elderly family members should have been hurt by that group of maniacs..then you'd see!!

      • Anonymous

        no, I would be making my little shithead make a public apology to the neighborhood and hiding my head in shame, not making excuses for them and giving the rest of the neighborhood the "not my kid" lame excuse. This is an internet world…if they dont want their pix on the internet, dont do anything worthy

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t matter that you say that is what you would do because that is what a few people did and anyone who wrote that they had thier comments hidden because everyone checked don’t like so you see everyone here seems to be judge and jury. They went and got thier kids and they are all still being cruified by the neighborhood so it doesn’t matter if you say thats what you would do because that is what some did and you can see it doesn’t matter. Everyone is so quick to say well if that was my kid well that was someones kid and they did exactly what you said you would do and look at everyones response. As for it being an internet world yes it is but it doesn’t give people the right to put up peoples pics as for facebook being a public domain yes it is but there are also settings on it to keep you private not have to allow anyone to tag you in pics so its not really all that public.

  • Anonymous

    I think it starts out as them bombing each other yes it did esculate but but I feel that its provoked by both sides its not only the kids these adults grow up and forget that they did the same thing when they were kids yelling and staring and threatening is no way to handle it theres a whole big field up there they can easily stay outta the way no one walks on that side to go trick or treating maybe all these people are making it out to be so bad because they have nothing better to do i really didnt see anything that terrible no shaving cream all over no toilet papering so im not exactly sure what everyone else saw I seen kids out tricking or treating I did see one unmarked car slowly creeping up and down the feilds that was it what i did see was marine park covered in toilet paper shaving cream and eggs Guess people are just getting out thier hose to hose it away today unless they are too busy making complaints at the pct since kids are hoodlums on no wait thats just how people down here feel about the neighborhood kids

  • Commissioner Goodell

    the parents are the ones to blame, they were the ones who raised them to be this way.

  • alloutblitz

    haha good im glad these little bastards got caught and photographed and facebooks were found, kudos to you dan hell of a job my friend

  • thewayitusedtob

    If the police would've responded and did what they are paid to do, this would not have escalated to such a horrible night for the community. These kids should know that Halloween night was ruined for many this year.

    It's obvious that these kids don't have the family values that were taught years ago. There is no respect. It's very sad.

    Gerrittsen Beach took care of their own when I was a kid. I think it's time again for Gerrittsen to take care of their own.

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why everyone is blaming the parents you can raise your kid to goto church and open doors for the eldery help someone who is having a bad day but once they leave the house its thier decisions what to do all you have to do is watch the news and youll see that children with church going parents raised them in a proper way will turn out to be murders thieves and rapists which is alot worse then halloween fun yes but it just shows you that its not always the way the are raised at some point they will make thier own decisions you only have control of your kids for acertain time most parents im sure would agree

  • anonymous

    Since the youths are photographed and can be identified the police should come and arrest them for criminal mischief and MAKE the parents pay for damage to city property. My taxes pay for those buses and like the city I don't have any spare funds to pay for your "fun". The elderly man should charge them with assault.

  • […] chaos was recorded by GerritsenBeach.net, which bravely posted photos of the guilty in action, as well as some of the damage against city […]

  • anonymous

    Mrs Guiseppone,

    You should not even comment on this non-sense anymore. You did the right thing. As far as telling your son to have a good time an so on , ther is nothing wrong with that.. These ppl have nothing better to do than bash you, its disgusting..

  • Brian Daly

    Danny you should be ashamed of yourself for postig pictures of minors on the internet. kids are kids, and it should be delt with by the parents…Where were you taking these pics hiding somewhere? To scared to even show them that you were taking there pic? Come on Mr.GB Come out from behind your computer and go talk to the parents, if your so worried about the community.

    • Anonymous

      Here we go with that minor bullshit again. Round up any of these criminals that can be found and throw the book at them this was way past halloween fun and games. Hope they get records from this and will keep them from getting good jobs.

      • Anonymous

        Keep them from getting good jobs??? LOOK AT HOW THEY SPELL! A community college wouldn't even take them!

      • Anonymous

        guess you were a boy scout your whole life you know what here you say minor bulls**t again guess what minors who murder get a different type sentence then adults so the word MINORS actually means something

        • Anonymous

          They don't even release the names or pictures of minors when charged with a serious crime so why does everyone think its ok that he spent his night looking at every minors page and it looks like phone type texts its a small neighborhood if you see the pics you know who they are so really hes not doing any justice here

  • NYPD






    • Anonymous

      That may have been a reasonable statement if not for the racist slur thrown in. If we have to be PC when referring to other criminals we should not have double standards. That comment reads that anyone in GB that will be harassed for being "white trash", the time to lock those responsible up was last evening. Going on a witch hunt because of a missed opportunity seems to be more of an issue.

    • Anonymous

      definitley the pigs gee u guys are fake


      HARDWORKING BUSINESS OWNERS ON THE AVE WERE ALSO ATTACKED Granted,the laundrymat has made enemies because of the obese young lady that works there and gossips about people all day,but that is no reason to take it out on the owners who themselves are lovely people

    • Anonymous

      White trash kids and your a cop!!! Maybe a little racists? Stooping the level of teenages BRILLANT and your a Cop. I am at a lost for words that a cop would post such a

      stupid comment(and i am in no way condoning there actions at all) this is what you say? So tell me is this a threat to all the parents? that even the kids who are good and don't cause trouble you are going to be harassing them too because you can't possibly know all who were involved just a hand full. So please do let me know!

      • One of the only sane

        >.> Im pretty sure that we all know that that wasnt a cop. And PLEASE DONT EVEN BEGIN TO SPEAK ABOUT RACISM. Because Gerritsen beach constantly blames every black person that sets foot past the school for THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOODS ISSUES.

    • Anonymous

      That is how you know it ain’t a real cop, “WHITE TRASH KIDS”. The police shouldn’t be saying any racist things, let us not forget history. What the kids did was wrong, and I think they should apologize and everybody should seriously move on already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great job

    2 points to make.

    1) Pukie. Not. At. All. I know every one of these kids, and they are ALL from GB.

    2)Idiots. You guys really should have thought, and even if you laugh that you're not in the pictures, some of you commented on FB and they got you. Oh man, too bad. I know I would be ashamed if you were my kid.

  • traveL2692

    ths is unvelievable. all the people that feel the need to defend all these punks. to the parent who says I raised my kid right but am not responsible if they dont behave in the street..YES you are….to e eryone who wants to defend what these kids do, it is no wonder that we have the rep we do outside this neighborhood….this is not "all in good fun" it is a disgrace!

  • the papps

    all you adults did this 2 so gives us a break for 1 day out of our lifes to do something we only do 1 day a year it is no like we does this on a regular basis and my due danny your just making us famous and making gb known from what we are doing 1 day a year thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One of the only sane

      You dont just egg once a year. You people call up the car services and egg cars all the time. Heh. Hell. Dont act like an angel. And you arent getting famous, darling. You're getting a criminal record.

      • yes

        the papps? are you the same papp that commented on the gb net facebook page why is your name involved? while you are pictured in a grady sweatshirt on halloween and then have a profile pic on your own facebook page in grady football colors? good job papp you must be retarded

  • Brian Daly

    To all the anonomus people

    Are you guys perfect? or your families? I know im not. THEY ARE KIDS Kids do stupid things!! How would you like it? Lets face it you guys wont even say your real names….pathetic!

    • BK

      These kids are criminals why would I give my name so they can egg my house F*ck that. Just cause they where DUMB enough to have their pictures taken commiting a criminal act in public I should give my name…Yeah OK

      • LOL

        they were dumb enough to have their pictures taken or was it a creep hiding in bushes taking pictures?!

        • Anonymous

          look at all the pictures. they were taken from the store side of the ave.. no bushes!!!

          • Anonymous

            I happened to pass by there can tell from the pictures and i didnt see anyone obviously taking pics so you werent out in the open taking them and they were not all taken from the store side cuz there pics of people looking from the store side so id say he wasn't on the store side.. St james has some hiding spots I'd say

          • Tojo

            "and i didnt see anyone obviously taking pics"

            So you saw criminality and did nothing?

  • dvsness

    I'm amazed that people are trying to paint these children as victims when they are predators, not prey.


    The Papps, great example. You guys still wanna blame the cops after reading a comment from one of the brilliant parents of the teen bombers?

  • Bob Sagget

    so all these parents are gonna tell me they didnt do this when they were kids. come on, if cars are stupid enough to drive down the avenue on halloween let em.and the cops are the reason why all the kids throw eggs.and danny cavagna is a rat.he sits in bushes and takes pictures of kids like u should get arrested bcause you dont have permission to take photos of them.and really with the facebook thing?GET A LIFE!! now everyone in gerritsen is gonna hate u. execpt for yhe parents who swore tht they never done it.its one time a year, would you rather fine them,there gonna get mad and do it every week so.the parents are saying this now butt they were all running having a good time when they were kids.so there mad bcause your car got hit and i bet you loved to hit other peoples cars back in the day so. GIVE EM A BRAKE for one day of the year is that so hard

    • dvsness

      So taking the only main road in and out of GB is 'stupid'?? No, being forced to fear driving down the Ave because of some trash punks is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    ok im giving my full 2 cents now that im home, i think it is insane of these parents to complain about these pictures, and how naive they are to the law, lets make it simple, where you precious children naked? no. were the pictures taken through a window of your house? no, they were taken in public outside in broad day light, dont blame dan for your childs foolishness, if they had been taken pictures of while doing something great, you would be boasting and proud

    On some of the comments the parents put up here, "just because they are in the picture doesnt mean they did anything wrong" first off, majority of the kids in the pictures have eggs bricks or potatoes in their hands, and even if they didn't , ever here of the phrases, guilty by association , or accessory to ..? if they werent doing bad things they wouldnt have been with that group, plain and simple,

    And how bout the mother of 2 kids having the nerve to basically threaten danny and say shes stuck at work she wants them down by the time she comes home, what if you weren't at work? you gonna go beat him up? your such a great example, but heres a better one, take down the pictures of little liam and angel Matthew, im sure they are just being accused also, so why dont i quote them?

    Liam: "we fucked shit up"

    Matthew: "yo it was so funny when the bus driver got hit himself, i hit an NYPD car and others"

    What little angels, they don't deserve to be spoken about and have pictures taken of, Of course they do! what they really deserve is some jail time and for the parents to come out of pocket and fix what they broke, becasue quite frankly i don't need my tax dollars taken out of my check to fix thinks that these kids break for fun, but remember, its only "one day a year" so i shouldn't mind paying..

    how bout this parents, you post up your addresses, and when people come to your house and egg it, potato it, brick it, rock it, and can it, and your windows shatter and heavy damage is done, i want you to come on here and post how danny shouldn't of taken pictures of the culprit and you want them taken down, but before you do that, have someone come into your place of work and egg you right in the face. just like the bus driver, but you deserve yours, maybe even 2.

    and just one more,quoting a post: Like i said in another post PEER PRESSURE AND PUBERTY NOT BAD PARENTING … right, no need to say your kid was up there, way to teach them how to blame their wrongs on other things!

    and like one of the smart little 12 year olds posted on here, i have freedom of speech and can say whatever i want, so this stays and the pictures stay kid-O

  • the man

    gb will get cleaned up . watch you think you kid are above the law watch . people have phone with cam/vdo

  • Anonymous

    AHAHAHAHAHA. i know and grew up with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these kids. it's no surprise to see them throwing eggs and rocks at people, from my own personal experiences. and one of them did get arrested, i saw. it makes me sick to even think how they could throw rocks at PARENTS with kids. how could someone even consider that fun? it's ridiculous, and that's why i choose not to hang out with them.

    although i did notice there were a LOT less police around than earlier years, i don't blame them for being sick of all of the mischief – though it's still their job. they put up with even more dangerous situations, the least they can do is patrol the avenue at the very least. what these kids did was so dangerous, and there was no reinforcement. that's the only way they got away with it!

    i think people should stop blaming the parents though, kids are kids regardless of how they're raised. it's just nature. by this age kids have a mind, they aren't programmed by their parents to do what's right. i think that's impossible. kids will NEVER learn by being told not to do something, they will only learn from the consequences. that's how it always was, and always will be.


  • anonymous

    I think the police should go and round up all those punks and arrest them for assault, destruction of both public and private property and the parents should be charged too. How can anyone pelt a man to the ground and think it funny. What a generation we have to look forward to.

    • vincent

      also menacing, disorderly conduct, harrassment, assualt- atmpt to cause bodily injury (weapon). the list can go on for days if the nypd wants to make a statement. which i think they are going to need to do for next year.

    • Anonymous

      there is no pictures or evidence today that caused destruction of anything everything still looks intact to me

    • Clemenza

      Someone, a victim of a crime, (the older gentleman who was assaulted with rocks, the lady at the laundrymat, the bus driver) needs to go to the 61 Pct. and formally file a complaint report or nothing will get done. Unless the community as a whole puts pressure on the Police and demand a town hall style meeting with local representatives and the 61 Pct. commander and DEMAND an investigation. Then, and only then, maybe we will have some arrests and convictions on any guilty parties involved in the despicable events that unfolded on Halloween.

  • Anonymous

    this guy danny Cavanaugh is crazy for putting these pictures up without parental consent or the permission of the child he will probablly be sued


      why is danny being criticized? He didn't do anything wrong. What he does is a service to the community.What about pappalardo who's mother is a boardmember of the homeowners assoc. No wonder this neighborhood is messed up.

    • Me

      Danny Can not be sued for the pictures or the Face Book…. No Need for Parental Consent… Pictures Taken in a Public Place (Hell Some of them posed For the Camera) As Far as Face Book Public Domain People!!! Danny Did Nothing Wrong.. Maybe if People Weren't so afraid of what will happen to them for speaking up… This would never have happened!!!! Face it parents If They were doing something good You would be Glad Danny took The Pictures of your Darlings!!!

  • Barack Obama

    Mark my words…I will personally take care of all of this…just like I did the economy. By next year we'll all be sitting around a camp fire singing Kumbaya.

    • Knowledge and A Brai

      Because the economy was booming before Obama got elected right? Idiot. The economy was on downfall before Obama. Don't try to the find a scapegoat to blame if you don't even know how the government works. Obama cannot do anything by himself, it's a democracy, you can't blame the President. Every single representative and senator is responsible since they are the ones who vote for laws and bills. Not Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Washington, Lincoln, etc. So stop pulling out your fake political bullshit.

      You're probably one of those dumb tea-partiers who can't even answer political questions except, "we need morality! conservative! religion!" Absolutely no poltical backup or knowledge. Just opinions like the other idiots.

  • Parent

    PLEASE tell me every parent was told what happened!

  • Anonymous Chair

    Blah, well, I'm 15, and I can't help but think that every single adult in Gerritsen Beach and beyond will be looking at me with some scorn-filled facial expression because of something other children did on Halloween. It's retarded. Because of the majority, the minority are going to be stereotyped too.

  • Makes you think...

    And SO many people were SO concerned about tattooed "freaks." Well, I didn't see any "freaks" breaking anything, did you? HUH!? Looks like a comedy club/music venue will be a good idea…

  • Daniel

    To the parents defending these kids, how about this. If your kid is dumb enough to throw eggs at a car that almost swerves and hits my wife, I'll seek my own justice and not only hold your little punk kid accountable, but also you. What if that car killed the mother of my ten month old son? Seriously, you people disgust me and it sounds like some of you pour excuses for parents need a dose of reality. You think it's good fun? Get a clue.

    • Anthony

      Good point, but something that extreme isn't likely. Although possible, something like that is far from likely. That's like saying, "Well, you shouldn't cross the street because you might get hit by a car." For one, if someone's car were to get hit by an egg/eggs, they'd probably just hit the breaks. Second off, in order for a circumstance that extreme to happen, the person would have be completely caught by surprise. If you're driving your car down Gerritsen Avenue on Halloween, you would have to be living under a rock to not think that you just might get hit by some eggs.

  • Vicki G.

    These kids should be sent to juvenile and their parents should pay summons and follow up with restrictions.

    The kids are absolutely atrocious. The parents are irresponsible. Giving excuses like "but they're teenagers" are not good enough. These kids crossed the line by challenging the law, hurting elders and innocent civilians on the street. These are all public violations to an extreme. Having fun is one thing, being retards and hurting innocent people is another thing.

    I've never seen such stupid kids. Having fun by throwing rocks? It's 2010 guys, we have technology and beautiful places to go to where we can enjoy ourselves.

    "Hey johnny look I threw a rock at a bus!"

    "Oh my gosh, that's so cool, let me grow egg an old guy and throw rocks at him since I don't know any better!"

    I bet they probably still draw on their walls with crayons and suck their thumbs at night.

    You have got to be kidding me if they are innocent with absolutely no punishment. They should be taught how to be moral, good people by the police since "Halloween 2010!" shows they weren't taught that in their households.

    And this is coming from an 18 year old, I was actually taught by my parents to know better and see the whole picture in life.

  • UnknownN

    It's just white trash at it's finest! Lock them up and sue the damn parents!!! Thx gb.net for having the balls to post this info… The damn animals(local kids) treat this area like a toilet.

    • Anonymous

      You know by calling them white trash you are calling yourself white trash you are from the same neighborhood

      • Gerritsen Girl

        Not really, you can live next to trash without actually being trash, stupid.

        • Anonymous

          well then i guess you just live all around the white trash because everyone on here is saying all this 50+ i believe he said was there so there is over 50 white trash families down here. I grew up down here and was called a beach rat for it so now its funny how you people are giving them a new name to call your kids now.

          • Anthony

            That "White Trash" mentality is the same self-righteous, pompous, ignorant hate that prevented blacks from being able to vote until the year 1966; and all of you who support that behavior should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Me

    Well The darlings are up at SEBA Park Eggin again tonight!!!

    • dvsness

      Yup. But "kids will be kids" so it's ok to endanger the rest of us. I wonder if it's also "stupid" to drive on the Avenue the day after Halloween, too… as an earlier poster suggested. FFS.

  • Anonymous

    stalking their facebook pages is really mature…who died and made you king of Gerritsen Beach? Get a real job and leave these kids alone…by the way you have no right to publish these photos without the consent of the kids or their parents.

    • Gerritsen Girl

      I love how everyone says "Stalking their Facebook Pages", cut the shit, these little assholes put this stuff on the internet and deserve everything they get, leave these kids alone, are you kidding me? Why didn't they leave everyone on Halloween and acted like normal human beings instead of rabid apes? He has every right to publish their photos as they are public domain, if you don't want it out there, don't put it on the internet morons.

  • DamnMad

    As a private investigator, I find it funny that these kids facebook pages are here with their full names. I find it even funnier that these kids admit to all they did, all day, terrorizing people in their OWN neighborhood. HUGE sense of pride in where they live. Shaving cream, eggs on buses, hell EYE did that as a kid. No big deal.

    Potatoes? Rocks? Bottles, at people, at kids, causing harm?…not cool.

    The ultimate gratification will be when a few people decide to look up these people's addresses…throw a few potatoes through their parents' windows and cars in the dead of winter, along with a note saying it's all in good fun, don't be upset/

    Maybe then the Trailer Trash will give a damn about what their kids are doing, instead of hanging out at the Tamaqua getting bombed themselves…

  • Commissioner Goodell

    face it gerritsen needs more then the nypd on halloween, we need to call in the national guard for next year

  • A real parent

    Well, when these parents are the victims of some sort of vandalism they'll wish there was a camera around. As for me, I would HOPE someone like Danny caught my kid doing something like this…I would thank him!!! Then, I'd make my kid sorry..!!! Thank you Danny!!!!

  • WOW

    this is honestly bullshit ! the fact that you took screenshots of these kids facebooks is pathetic , & yu should get arrested for stalking them ! get a life & stop stalking other peoples ! i understand the madness but theyre just having fun ! i'm sure you did the same exact thing wen yu were a kid !!! i dont live in GB but i know most of them them very well & you took this all WAY out of proportion !

    • L-o-l.

      Give it a rest you little shit. You're obviously one of the teenage douchebags who know these people, I can tell because of your garbage grammar/spelling and your sad argument. I mean honestly, you're GB trash, all of you kids are. I've lived here for a little over a decade and it just keeps getting worse and worse. You don't want their shit up? Too fucking bad, because it isn't going to end until some miraculous plague sweeps through GB and exterminates you and your white trash families. Throwing bricks and eggs are people= NOT COOL, neither is causing cars to go out of control and almost hit other people. You are a d-d-d-ouche, and so are the other little shits involved in this and their crappy parents. Get out of here.

      • WOW

        first of all , i dont even live in gerritsen beach but yes i am defending my friends asshole . think ur cool talking to lil kids like that ? you dont like the way gerritsen has become ? move the fuck out . & if the kids r GB trash then i guess yu r too . & who the fuck you think yu r , calling their families white trash ?? fucking dickwad . how bout you get the fuck outta here

        • L-o-l.

          You think you're cool as a little kid trying to talk to me like you're above me? If I were trash I would have grown up like my peers did, dysfunctional little turds that love to harass and harm others. Luckily that's not me. You don't have to live in GB to be GB trash. Shut up ya little stanky bitch, go take a drag on a cigarette and make some babies before you turn 17

        • L-o-l.

          PS, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LOL!

      • Dee

        Honestly you need to stop. Cause right now you're cursing out a little girl. How do you look making a big deal about this, completely blowing it out of proportion? I lived in GB my whole life I know majority of those kids. You’re completely exaggerating in your story because half of it never even happened, yes they were a little out of control but you can't say you've never done anything crazy in your life. You’re acting like a child worse then any of them who were involved. No ones dead or in the hospital so let it be and hope for a better Halloween next year. I’m not saying its right because its not but you're wrong as well, putting pictures of these kids on the internet without their or their parents consent. If you want too call anyone Gerritsen Beach trash it should be yourself because I bet you’re no better then anyone.

        • L-o-l.

          Suck my ass bitch, I'm the best. I was in the shit and I know these kids. Everybody thinks they're innocent but they don't know ANYTHING and it's hilarious, and definitely not any different than it is now. I've never thrown a rock or hurled anything hard at someone, or damaged any property, because my parents would have beat my ass. But let's be real for a second, GB is famous for its white trash, it has been for decades and decades.

          GUESS WHAT? IF THEY DIDN'T DO IT, THEY WOULDN'T HAVE PICS UP! HAHA! Little shits, too bad their mothers are probably too lenient or delusional like you are and believe that their kids could do no wrong when they're actually some of the biggest assholes in Brooklyn.


          • Dee

            YOU ARE THE MOST IMMATURE PERSON ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET. JUST SO YOU KNOW YOU'RE CURSING OUT A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL RIGHT NOW. I said nothing offensive to you. I now have something against you. Don't sit there thinking you're all cool cause you can creep and take pictures of people. How about you stop HIDING behind you're computer and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You think its such a problem DO SOMETHING! QUIT YOUR WHINING AND COMPLAINING. By the way, stop cursing out little girls. It's not attractive.

          • L-o-l.

            Oh no, my heart is breaking, some 13 year old dipshit thinks I'm unattractive. Learn to spell. Are you gonna invite me to your baby shower next year? LOL!

          • L-o-l.

            13 year old GB girl? You gonna invite me to your baby shower in 2 years? LOL!

  • Anonymous

    It's fucking halloween, people. I'm sure most of you people acted the same way when you were young… that's just what Halloween is about. Bunch of whiny pussies if you ask me.

    • dvsness

      Actually, no, I didn't act like a moron when I was a kid. It never crossed my mind to hurl rocks at strangers or put others in harm's way. And my grandmother lived through the Great Depression and taught me that it is a sin to waste food, so you would not have found me throwing eggs either.

      I was almost in a wreck because of these kids. If I was hurt or killed, would you pay my bills, raise my son? Or is that 'whiny pussy' behavior too?

  • anonymous1

    I do NOT agree one bit with what went on… but I am wondering if any of the parents that had their kids pictures posted and are under 13 years of age are upset that their kids photos are on this website since parents have a right to control information about there children, and people other than parents do not have legal authority to post photos of children under the age of 13. Sorry but I believe these kids should get in trouble but I am sorry I don't believe posting their photos with access to there names was the best thing. Maybe complaints should have been filed against them at the pct

    • monsterzro

      if they are under 13, they shouldn't have a Facebook, yeah I know, they fudge the age…

      from http://www.facebook.com/policy.php

      No information from children under age 13. If you are under age 13, please do not attempt to register for Facebook or provide any personal information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have any information from a child under age 13, please contact us through this help page.

    • Lars

      So parents have a right to control the information about their children — what about the duty they have to control their children, period? If they had actually engaged in their duty to the community to act as responsible parents, they wouldn't have to exercise the right to control information on the internet about their children. This is just photographic evidence of negligent parenting and a community in a tailspin — the offense should be to the community, not the parents.

  • Anonymous

    KUDOS DANNY! Trash will be trash, never falls far from the tree…

  • Anonymous

    Hello GB,

    WAKE THE F*$K UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop justifying the behavior of your little angels. Kick them as hard as you can in the ass, and let them know how wrong and despicable this really is.

    It is now after the fact and your little pumpkins are still making comments that show they have NOT learned a damn thing from you parents or this whole situation. If it were my child, they would not still be using a computer or the internet.

    Disgusting, trailer trash BS. Gives a real bad name to the whole neighborhood and the decent people that live in it.

    I have to repeat myself again, kick that little F%$# in the ass and let him know what is right from wrong.

    Your kids are cold busted, photos, bragging, etc. Get over it and teach them, it is not ok to cause damage to personal property. You may even want to explain to them that it is your tax dollars that pay for that, but then again it is probably not your money, because you don't work.

  • Anonymous

    Wake up

  • Annon

    You know what, you don't like this website and what it does, TOUGH SHIT!!! Put their faces up, put their Facebooks up,,, Guess what folks, IT'S PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!!! These kids are too stupid to know about Privacy Settings. These are the pictures of a new gang in town, they are called the "NOT MY KIDS" gang. All the children of the delusional parents in Gerritsen Beach. Yes they were our kids, I saw them. Didn't stop to read all the posts above but if your child came home last night soaking wet, they were also involved in a freaking riot last night. They also opened up the car of the Chief of the Vollies and egged his car in the inside! They then got hosed down by the fire trucks. Maybe with any luck, they'll get sick. And the 61st Precienct, I know you read this website too!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is why you are made fun of and called the country club. You don't want to do your job. You actually told somebody calling you that you weren't responding? Are you f'ing kidding me!!! Go to the new Dunkin Donuts on Knapp Street, I'll buy you some donuts. You can also watch all the assholes go through the red lights at that intersection.

    • Vollie

      To clarify..the Vollies did not open the hose on the kids but the area where they were hanging out. The Tot Park and Blacktop benches. as Avail said before "No place to sit or hide ammunition when it is soaking wet"

      • Annon

        too bad, you should have knocked them down with the hose!!

        • Anonymous

          Btw what was the first thing that happened when the vollies rolled up, before they even grabbed the hose. The truck was pelted with eggs. Honestly who eggs a firetruck?. what’s next egg an ambulance taking your sick relative on what may be their last ride?

          • Vollie

            You’re right we were pelted with eggs and I hate to think if someone on the avenue was hurt our ambulance would have been pelted also…that can be washed but it would make the transport and care lot slower

  • Brooklyn gAL

    The pictures are there and I am sure that most of the parents know what their little darlings did to their neighbors and their community.

    The ball is in the parent's court. The parents should round their little angels up, take them to the precinct and then get together and pay for the damages and apologize to their neighbors.

    The little angels should be forced to clean the streets of "thier" neighborhood until next Halloween and their parents should pay the city and the community for their spawn's damage.

    As for the parents coming on this site and defending their spawn – just apologize to your neighbors/community for the behavior and begin responsible parenting. Instead of taking responsiblity – you complain that someone took pictures of your kid committing a crime. WTF?

    As my mother said over and over, "if all the kids jumped off the roof, would you?"

    • Anonymous Counter

      Wonderful, fantastic, and well-written point.

      However, I'm afraid I'll have to point out that it's somewhat unrealistic.

      I'm a teenager, right? But I try to look at things from another person's perspective. If you've spent your entire life raising a child (not very well, apparently [not you, silly goose, but some of the people in this community]) would you want to take them to the precinct, get them arrested (or something, I don't know what happens. Never been in that situation), and then force them to do work? Not only would that waste gas money (my Dad goes off about it all the time… ~_~), it'd also waste time, and effort. The idea would be "oh, just don't get caught". Who's going to stop the kids from covering their faces with masks? Geez.

      Blah, maybe if this was a utopia, such a fantasy could exist in reality.

      "If all the kids jumped off the roof, would you?"

      Why the fuck would I be on the roof in the first place?

      How did I get on the roof?

      Who's on the roof with me?

      Very important questions, dear.

  • UnknownN

    It’s just white trash at it’s finest! Lock them up and sue the damn parents!!! Thx gb.net for having the balls to post this info… The damn animals(local kids) treat this area like a toilet.

  • John

    I understand everyones feelings on halloween. But the question here : how smart is danny for putting these pictures up? he has made countless enemies by doing this and now everyone in gb who he took pictures of well want pay back. I understand bout it being your duty to do it, but you need to be smart bout certain things. Facebook pictures took it to far. Without a doubt there will be more problems now .

    • anonymous

      If the kids didn't act like idiots, Danny would not have taken their picture or put up the facebook profiles. Stop blaming him and put the blame where it belongs, on the kids who committed the crimes.

    • Anonymous


      Get a F%&*%&$%^$ grip damn it.

      Danny did not do anything wrong. Posting on FB is the same as running through the streets with signs that read, " I broke 2 windows on the bus ruck" ….. It is PUBLIC. Same as posting it in the paper.

      What part of that do you idiots not understand.

      Excellent Job Danny..

      Ok, maybe someone wants to make public threats on here and then bitch about it later.

      GROW THE F____K UP

      • b


        The assertion that the author is "stalking" or engaging in some perverse action by viewing and reproducing public Facebook profiles is patently false. Facebook has (quite recently) gone to some extent to educate users on their privacy policies and settings, and the subject has been covered extensively by the media.

        Setting one's wall posts to be visible to friends-only is trivial, and the failure to do so is effectively an overt, contrary action. That is to say, these kids are happily and proudly broadcasting their Facebook posts to the world.

        As others have commented here, the most important takeaway is preservation of information in a digital age. This stuff lasts a long, long time. Even if this post was deleted today, it'll show up in search results for many years to come.

        Colleges Google their applicants, businesses too. I work for a professional organization, and I can assure you the first thing we do after skimming a resume is a web search. If there's any trouble, we don't want you. Simple as that.

        Bottom line is, if these kids want to be more than dropouts with crappy retail jobs, they are going to need to transform their lives in big ways. Good luck!

    • Union

      Hey John, that is a threat and I hope the lazy ass cops do their job and hunt you down.

  • Anonymous

    The parents on here ripping into these kids and thier parents I feel have alot of nerve complaining about thier children what makes you any better then them you are here bad mouthing them calling them thieves drug addicts and that they come from terrible families and you feel that makes you a better parent I dont you are worse then them this started out as a problem with halloween mischief that got outta hand nowe its just a public bashing place. You I thought are saying that parents are suppose to teach children the right way so in your eyes the way to handle problems it to bash a child and thier family where are your kids while your bad mouthing everyone else.

    • Anonymous

      *you have alot of nerve

    • L-o-l.

      WAKE UP, because these GB kids are all the same. And you know the saying, shit rolls downhill. Where do you think they get their amazing douche talent from? Their useless parents, and then it festers as they hang out with their worthless friends! LOL!

  • Great job

    I still can't believe this is what Gerritsen Beach became. They sneak beers and drugs behind the parents back, do things like this behind the parents back, and act repulsive as to pulling down their pants and ruining the human language. I swear, they can't go without cursing for 5 minutes.

    PARENTS: Yes, I feel bad for you. I realize you thought it was just gonna be another year of egging and shaving creaming, but you should never leave the child unsupervised for so many hours on Halloween! You should have at least called. Since the children are minors, I hope you know you will probably pay the price, of embarrassment and money.

    You will be looked down upon in the community until this whole situation clears up. If I was you, I would make those children get the money for the damages themselves and take away all electronics! Lock the windows and keep a camera in that room, these kids are shameful.

    I swear, if they were my kid I would disown them for the time being. This is repulsive.

    • Anonymous

      Its nothing new you never did anything behind your parents back if you say no your lieing its amazing how many people have grown halos..

  • Annon

    Here is a fact guys, whether you like it or not. Danny has the BALLS to post all of this while nobody else would. Too bad there are kids names all over the place and pictures. We need to take care of our neighborhood and that means clean up after our own mess. Right now our own mess is our children. If these kids are getting off on throwing things on to Gerritsen Avenue to cause accidents and break bus windows, what does their future hold? They are getting off on harming people and causing accidents. They think this is funny. It is no longer, you egg me and I egg you, you put shaving cream all over me and I do you. It has graduated to bigger and better things. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL. What comes to my mind is a similar incident in Long Island. It was called MURDER my friends. Kids got off on throwing a turkey on the parkway and killed a women. Another fact is that I see a lot of these kids on the pictures and they are from good families. You know what else should happen, we should take this one step further. If you see somebody on here that you know, you should mention it to their parents. A simple conversation will do. Hey you know what so and so, you kid is posted on Facebook and not in a good way. It is possible that a parent does not know about this. Let them know that you saw it and so did many others. I know the Denver Family for a long time, while they were boys horsing around and probably did many things with eggs and shaving cream, I am almost 100% sure destruction was not in their nature. By nature they are do gooders and are probably very pissed off about their children right now. Good job Danny.

    • trainman

      I agree with you 100% Annon!
      Due to the seriousness of this matter I think this incident should have been exposed in the manner that it was. I would like to go one step further and suggests to Daniel of GB.net to publish this incident again next year a few days before Halloween to remind all the parents of these teenaged children that were involved in this mess this year to keep a watchful eye. Perhaps we can have a moratorium on egg throwing for one year and see what happens.
      We'll see if these parents really control their kids or is it the other way around?

    • ....

      he only has "the balls" to do it because he's a creep who has nothing better to do with his life than to hide in the weeds and take pictures of little kids

  • Anonymous

    This probably would not have gotten so out of hand if the parents of these kids did not try to defend their actions by saying, "hey, we all did it when we were kids"


    Parents that want to put this to bed……

    Have your little angels publicly apologize on FB. Maybe even on this website as well. Show the community that your child is truly sorry for what they did and that they have realized this makes YOU the parents look bad. The whole community look bad and that they would not make the same choice in the future.

    I agree, kids make stupid choices, however, I have not seen one child or parent come forward and say, I AM SORRY FOR MY CHILD'S REDICULOUS BEHAVIOUR AND WE ARE TRULY BETTER PEOPLE THAN WHAT HAS BEEN OBSERVED BY THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY…


    If it were me, and I had no intentions of moving out of the neighborhood, I would prove that we are truly sorry and apologize. OR, you can just continue to be labeled as trash for the duration of your occupancy in GB.

  • youcanrunandtellthat

    Well, Obviously……… We have a PROBLEM in Gerritsen beach !!!

    Their standing on the corner, snatching all your eggs up, tyring to hurt them so you need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband too cause thier egging evarbody out here.

    We got your pictures, yo all left comments on FB… You are so Dumb, you are really dum…. Foreal..

    You dont have to come and confess that you did it, we looking for you, we gun find yoo, um lettin you know na.. so you can run an tell dat.. homeboy !!!!!

  • ur cool

    its over with it doesnt matter ne more they were having fun like u never did that when u were young shit leave the damn subject already it was 2 days ago get on with ur life instead of staying on gb.net everymoment of the day cause u have no life waiting for everylittle comment so u can agree or disagree with it.

  • Anon-.-

    Well These kids Have Messed the Neighborhood up, But it was the Older People that Showed them This.. DOnt Blame it on the kids.. so wat They Grew Up to be like the Adults who did this.. GIVE THE A BREAk..

    And Cursing and Back Talking about these Kids donest make u NOTHING for Making Fun of them because there growing Up to be Just LIke the other adults who Have Done Worse,and Have done THE SAME EXACT thing There just being Followers… GIVE THE A F**KING BREAK>> LAY OFF Its not their Fault and

    Danny Shouldnt Be takin Pictures of these kids.. Ur Lucky Ur not in jail For Stalking These Kids.

  • Anonymous

    The profiles that were copied and pasted are private Facebook profiles. These kids were friends with Danny and he used it to copy and paste the information for everyone to see. That is not right I would not want anyone to copy my private Facebook profile and messages and repost then for their agenda without getting permission from me… Why would you copy and paste a young teens private profile? The only reason why you had access to their profile was because you are friends with them on Facebook. Does anyone else see a problem with this or just me?

    • come on

      They were public not private, I’m sure a lot of kids skated on this because they were marked private (and dan’s friends) and the info could not be posted.

      Everyone is jumping all over the fact that pics were taken and FB status was copied. If Dan was in a car, bush, birds nest or dumpster the fact remains that every single picture and every single Facebook copy was done in a public venue. So please stop with the privacy BS and all the stupid pedophile comments.

      The fact is simply put what takes place in public regardless of how its captured Visible, Stealth or otherwise is perfectly legal. If you have a problem with that then go change the laws and your kids privacy settings.

      I also don’t understand why everyone is so “Surprised” he had pictures of kids doing the same thing last year. Why does it come as a shock now? Perhaps because people fed up with what was taking place started dropping names? What if news 12 was here and video taped the kids throwing eggs (and im sure they would have been pelted themselves) and played it all week for everyone to see. Would you be irate screaming invasion of privacy? If it’s the media a blogger, a facebooker or someone taking pictures and taping them to the street signs it doesn’t matter. What takes place in public if you are 70 or 7 is still public and is subjected to public display.

      Would I be happy if my kids pictures were posted, of course not who needs the embarrassment, but you can be dam sure my kids would suffer and next year my kids would be under a microscope. And I would also like to point out that condemning every kid pictured as doing the same offense is wrong. But when you have kids holding other items (not eggs) or outing themselves on FB then how can you really debate the issue. I’m sure most of them are “good kids” and I would even agree to a bit of the mob mentality, but when you purchase potatoes, boil or freeze eggs then its obvious you set out to do greater harm then the usual egging. Growing up I absolutely went bombing and truth be told a bus was often a target.

      You knew they driver was just going to keep going, but we had drivers hit (not the bus) as well as residents and not even in a manner they could defend themselves in. 2 or 3 eggs thrown at you its something you can handle, a firing squad. Well that’s another issue entirely. I think the info is out, and the kids parents are well aware of what’s taken place by now. Let the parents do what they need to and lets move on. The point has been made that a large number of residents are disappointed at what’s transpired. Now its out and im sure everyone is going to be on their toes come next year. Ripping apart parents especially ones who acknowledge what their kids have done serves no purpose. I cant think of a single parent out here who couldn’t be chastised for something they or their children have done.

      Lets also remember that we have idiots outside of GB posting just to provoke. Please feel free to comment on any grammatical mistakes ive made.

    • parent

      sorry to disagree but I went to some of the profiles and I am not friends with any of them or their parents and I saw their posts/comments. So they weren't initially private, they were public and being such ANYONE can view, copy etc what they had there. Notice I said HAD because a few of them have since made the profiles private. As for Dan taking pictures of them, one of the idiots actually HAD the pictures posted on his wall.
      I applaud Dan for putting it all out there for ALL to see. Many of the comments here say he shouldn't because they are kids. That's all b.s. IMHO because the fact is they went WAY beyond "having fun" they put other people in danger throwing ROCKS/POTATOES/HAMMER(s), at moving vehicles. Fact is that those rocks/potatoes/hammers became projectiles rendering them weapons.
      I'd like to ask all the people who are totally MISSING the point what THEY would have done had THEY been in a moving car WITH children, or walking with their children and someone WAS injured? I seriously doubt you'd be saying their profiles/pix shouldn't be put up on a site, you'd want justice, you'd want to see that they were HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for their actions. And don't say you wouldn't want that. you would and you know it.
      The added insult to the injury is the fact that these punks bragged about it and laughed in the face of authority and common decency.
      There is right and there is wrong and they the punks KNOW the difference they just don't care.
      Back in my day growing up we were taught NOT to do something you didn't want to see on the news or in the paper. Now, it's a status symbol and it's a really sad state we're in because this is the future of our country? We're screwed and if you don't think so then you have some issues as well.

  • Anonymous

    the pictures HAD to be posted, if they werent posted the parents of the kids would just deny,deny,deny and say "oh my kid would never do that"

  • Anon-.-

    no He shouldnt.. Wat if he gets sued… Exactly.. This website will go down.. This is called Stalking.. Pictures of FB, and T hem in a Hidden Place..

  • Dad

    DANNY, I dare you to put my son's picture up there!!! Sittin in ur car taking pictures of 12 year old boys?! Looking on their facebook pages? I'm sure u were doing that long before Halloween & didn't find out who they were that night… Where's the pics of the older group of kids that were bombing?! Oh they don't interest you? PS Cops were all over, u don't recognize undercover? Get a life- pedophile

    • Daddy

      Shut the fuck up asshole !!!!!

      Is that a threat? There you go, teach your kids well. DAD

    • Me

      Yes The Cops were All Over hiding in the Courts So They Didn't Get Bombed with the Eggs and all the other stuff that was Thrown!!! So Don't Make like we are Idiots!! I Know for a Fact They were not gettin involved because they Knew what would happen if they got out of The Car!!!

    • If you going to make threats put you real name otherwise keep you thoughts to your self.

    • L-o-l.

      What, he's a pedophile because he caught your little waste of semen doing what it does best– being a useless piece of shit that isn't fit to share oxygen with me! MAMA SHOULD HAVE SWALLOWED! LOL!

    • Union

      whats "T hem"?If there were undercovers there and they ignored this criminality, then thye should be kicked off the force. Please suplly their names and badge numbers so they can be reproted for failing to do their job

  • It Doesn't Matt

    These kids from what I see have come from…drug-addict parents.

    Retired city workers who get drunk all day while their kids are in school.

    Parents who drink all day while their kids are home.

    Unemployed parents who live in houses they didn't have to buy, due to the fact that trash never leaves Gerritsen Beach.

    Should we really be surprised that the parents had no f*&king clue what was going on with their kids?

    The parents that belong to these kids don't know what's going on regardless…most of them are drunks

    • Shannon Carroll-O&#0

      You have no clue what you are talking about, one of those kids happens to be my little brother and for your information my mother is NOT a drug addit or a drunk, she is hard working mother who supported 3 kids on her own, you need to watch what you say about people when you have no clue who you are talking about…..

      • L-o-l.

        Tell your working mother to wallop that little piece of garbage in his ass so he doesn't do it again, then come back! If your mom is overlooking that bullshit, she's guilty too! LOL!

        • Annon

          Exactly what I said before. Some of these kids are from good families. Now as I see all over the place. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??? THIS SHOULD BE OUR GERRITSEN BEACH MONTRA NOW.

        • Shannon Carroll-O&#0

          Why don't you post your real name, i don't know who you think you are, but your the one who is garbage talking about people you don't even know that way…

          • Anonymous

            my name is bond…..james bond

          • anonymous

            Shannon, this website allows "anonymous" postings. You shouldn't really use your real name anyway, it can get you involved in bullshit he said she said. Don't take these anonymous comments seriously. People are hiding behind computers anonymously and having a pair of balls for the first time in their lives. With that said, don't worry about your brother, but warn him about the cameras all over and to watch his behavior. I am sure your mom is a good mom, but boys will be boys.

      • me

        Right, she raised this little angel ON HER OWN. great job. in afew years she can tell it to a judge

        • anonymous

          Why were you raised by two parents? Doesn't sound like they did such a great job with you, they should teach you more on judging others.

  • Anonymous

    That's Gerritsen Beach for you

  • Mkvol

    So now maybe we know who has been breaking the Bus Shelters on the Ave? Or maybe vandalized the Vollie Mural? Or maybe who is trashing the new park that was built? Danny! why did you open these parents eyes! Shame on you! Now maybe they know who these Vandals are? Or could have been. You just had to prove it with pictures and now not one of them can say"Not my Child!" tsk tsk…………

  • GB SK8R

    you can call it mischief, criminal acts, or just plain Gerritsen beach. But thats just complaining. If you are a parent posting on here, first get a life. Go on facebook and look at what your kids are posting.

  • sorry for you all

    All I have to say is that from the 320+ comments, Dan has certainly hit a raw nerve and gotten ALL of you to pay attention to what has become a neighborhood disgrace…The annual Halloween Wreckathon and Damage Celebration… I congratulate Dan for posting all of the information on the predators who did this…. It takes a lot of courage , in a small neighborhood to have done it. Fun is one thing, attacks on innocent passersby are something else .I congratulate the N.Y.P.D. for NOT showing up so you can all see what a mob/riot mentality ,can do to your neighborhood….My only question to all of you is… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? You can no longer hide your heads in the sand.. While it is all out in the open now do something….

  • GB SK8R

    you can call it mischief, criminal acts, or just plain Gerritsen beach. But that's just complaining. If you are a parent posting on here, first get a life. Go on facebook and look at what your kids are posting.

    • anonymous

      Everyone keeps "demanding" more police presence, so now that they are investigating the parents are shitting in their pants. They are mad that Danny is bringing it way out into the open so now they are trying to point the finger at him to take the heat off their little angels. How are they going to get the fabulous city job with a police record??? Hmmmm.

  • GB Parent

    Way to go Dan :)

    Everyone has their undies in a bunch over this.

    As others have stated before. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT NOW?

    Funny how all the big mouths defending thier precious little criminals has all of sudden become mute.

    This site is getting more attention that it ever has.

    Once again Dan.. Way to go

  • Anonymous


    Thats what they should of done.

  • Anonymous

    They are teens, They want to have fun! You were 17 16 at one time.!

    • Annon

      Asshole, having fun does not equal throwing potatoes, rocks and eggs at innocent bystanders and moving vehicles. This must be the problems witht he kid-asshold for a parent.

  • Anon

    When my kids were younger they were no angels, but if someone came to me with pictures of them defiling public property, or terrorizing people I would have apologized profusely for their behavior and then BEAT THEIR ASSES!! They would have to work around the house to earn the money I would have to pay out for any damages AND they wouldn't see the light of day for weeks!! For all those parents of the children involved…SHAME ON YOU!! Yes it was Halloween, and everyone wanted to have a good time, but put the alcohol down for a few minutes, take a walk up to the avenue and check to see what your kids are up to. If just 1 parent had walked up to the Avenue to check on their little angels this probably would have been nipped in the bud.

    • Anonymous

      Isn't it funny that in all the 400 posts on this site, not one of the little angels have apologized to the people of Gerritsen Beach!

  • Dad

    Daddy/Danny whoever you want to call yourself. You can curse like a truck driver "shut the fuck up" and hit "like" on your own comment, then hide my comment because it's the truth. And no it wasn't a threat it was a promise. Whether it's legal or NOT it's not right to post 12 year olds pics/names/info on this site, it doesn't make it right. My kids are grown and were taught well, so don't make assumptions. Also there were kids from out of the neighborhood in GB that night too, but for some reason innocent kids like Denver, Guissepone, Maverick etc.. are getting the blame for things others had done. Of course it's wrong for what happened but it definitely shouldn't be up to Dan or anyone to pinpoint who the kids were who are responsible. There were 50+ kids there, about 6 of them were doing things that were totally unacceptable. The thing is these innocent kids shouldn't get blamed for their peers mistakes. Adults posting things like STFU should try to get together and get things resolved. How about asking the bars/stores on the ave. for surveillance camera tapes this way you can pinpoint who REALLY did it, instead of posting pics and FB walls (which are only talk no action/proof) of the INNOCENT.

    • GB t partier


    • huh

      Let me get this straight, you don’t want the pictures posted but your ok with surveillance cameras. See something wrong with that statement??? And the kid with the potato, He INNOCENT???????????? or do you need to see that on video to be sure??. I do however agree with you that is foolish to assume all the kids seen are guilty, they are not. Mr Potato Head excluded

      • haha

        the kid with the potato is freddie gavitt, look at the parents… that should explain things and the rest of them are not innocent just cause they're good kids doesn't mean they weren't with their friends doing this. Believe it or not good kids are usually bad kids that don't get caught. Then there are the ones who are genuinely good kids but those are the ones who wouldn't be stupid enough to write all over fb trying to look cool even if they didn't do it.

    • Anonymous

      really, innocent. The kids you mentioned in your post are no angels!!!!

    • edge


  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up yo u noe u did it wen u were little dont get ur panties in a bunch cause u cant have fun no more cause ur a lil fucking bitch b happy u didnt get abused!!!!!!!!!!! and ur a pussy.

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up yo u noe u did it wen u were little dont get ur panties in a bunch cause u cant have fun no more cause ur a lil fucking bitch b happy u didnt get abused!!!!!!!!!!! and ur a pussy. and next year we making the riot patrol come down!

    • GB t partier

      You, little boy don't know what anyone did as a kid cause you weren't here. As for NEXT year, I'll be the first one on the avenue to stop you punks in your tracks, you'll be shitting shaving cream for a month. I won't be alone!

    • Waiting and Laughing

      Dude, go lock yourself in the bathroom for a week. It will help you become adjusted to your new living quarters in a few years. I know you’re probably scratching your head trying to figure out what I mean.

      Let me tell you what you will win, first you make a visit to a wonderful place called Central Booking. From there you get an all expense paid (tax payer paid) trip to a beautiful island called Rikers. While on the island you will spend a majority of your day in the lap of luxury with Oceanside views and an atmosphere few dare dream of.

      Watching your roommate urinate is a main attraction on this island. Of course 3 square meals a day are supplied and dining is held in the Main dining area, complete with metal trays, bolted down chairs and shanks by the dozen. One thing most attendees rage about is the diverse assortment of fellow islanders. You will find most like to travel in clicks (murderers, rapist, racist and to many types of felons to count). Activities available include but are not limited to Beatings, Stabbings, Bludgeoning’s and array of devious activities.

      But most of all the crème de la crème, the absolute icing on the cake is the Night Life. Most activities are held in secret and against your will so we can’t reveal them here. And if you are curious how I came about this info, I picked up one of the brochures one of your buddies dropped.

      Oh and I know your either to smart to get caught or to tough for anyone to bother you right? Yeah you and 100% of the islands population.

      • parent

        BRAVO waiting and laughing!!! Only problem with what you've stated (and I am in TOTAL agreement) is that they do not care.

        Still I'm glad you put it out that way….it's perfect…..

      • Gerritsen Girl

        Hi-larious and don't forget about the daily "Prostate Exams"!

    • Anonymous

      they still don't get it!!! And probably never will.

    • edge


  • Annon

    Yo Anon you sound like you're from the Projects. Why don't you move there with your homies.

    • GB t partier

      they're Wannabes from the projects. They don't know how good they've got it…. pull your pants up punk!

      • Anonymous

        i'm not sure a few buildings surrounded by white residential homes for miles would hardly qualify as the "hood"

  • danny

    all of you parents get a life

  • Old Section

    Mostly everybody who grew up in the beach through out the years did something on Halloween. Being that I live in the beach now since the 70's there was always stuff going on. Our Halloweens consisted of egging and shaving cream each other; it was either the old section going against the old section or it was the old section vs the new section on the weeds side of Gerritsen Ave. We didn't target old people or young children especially mothers with strollers. We did target city bus's but the bus drivers had there own revenge back then by not allowing us on bus to go home from school for the following week; so you learned to either not throw stuff at the bus or if you did make sure you couldn't be scene. We didn't throw stuff at cars passing buy. I will say the older crowd would get rowdy at night and start bombing the Deli's at night because they refused to sell beer and eggs to the kids. But we all knew who those individuals are and where they currently are now.

    To watch the youth leave comments that they are entitled to a day of fun is a complete crock. You want to have fun have an egg war by cherry hill like we did in the past. Leave the parents and kids alone on the avenue. If I was caught by family friends doing what you did I would of been dragged home to my parents where I would have a beating waiting for me. If I was part of a crowd that egged a mother with a baby stroller or egged and old man I would of been found guilty due to guilty by association and i would of been beaten regardless if I threw an egg or not.

    The problem with Gerritsen Beach is nobody wants to take responsibility for there kids and pass the blame. I can tell you right now my parents would of had me up at the 61st PCT with a bucket, soap and rags and had me washing all the RMP's as they returned back from there Tour if I was found in the photo's.

    To the Parents and kids that are on this site bashing Danny your only pissed at him because you been caught. How much easier it is to pass the blame off on somebody else then to face the reality of what you are doing.

    Call him what you want he in one of the few in the Beach that is trying to make this place better. Granted some disapprove of his methods but none the less he is trying; the main question is what are you and your family doing to make GB better for everyone else and that even includes myself.

  • Hey DAD

    DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ???????????





    The parents of these little "Beach rats" should be ashamed of themselves. I was no angel growing up but I never targeted parents, small children or the elderly.

    Even worse I saw a couple of these punks walking around today. Nevermind actually doing any of the previously actions if I was even dumb enough hang around while my other people were doing this, I'd would still be getting a beating. Parents you've failed your children. Instead of attacking people for bringing your attention to your childrens wrong doings, maybe you should redirect some of that anger and beat your kids ass.

  • vic

    what do you expect from the spawn of a bunch of drunk crackheads? and i LOOOOVE how people are saying its illegal to put these kids pictures up. LOL!!! minors or not, a crime was still committed and they are the suspects involved. none of these parents contacted an attorney yet? have any pct's reported any of these incidents any way??? for christmas the families should get the kids a lawyer on retainer. fuckin lowlife white niggers.

  • Anonymous Table

    I remember a few years ago, I threw snowballs at some old guy.

    Got grounded for a month, and only got off because it was my birthday. ~_~

    Oh, right, but I don't count.

  • Anonymous Stool

    I think it's funny how this will all just blow over until next halloween. No one's going to do anything. <_< Everyone may be outraged, but really, who's doing something, right now?

    That's right.


    So! When this all blows over, Anonymous will be sure to wait until next year when the same thing happens again, and point out what he said last year.

    Errr. Now.


  • Anonymous Couch

    I should probably plan out what I'm going to say before I post it, but then I always think of something to say after I post it. D: Sorry.

    Disclaimer – I am in no way saying "oh no one's gonna do anything, just let them have their fun". It's more along the lines of "why are you all sitting here arguing about it instead of actually doing something". Got that out of the way.

    Oh, right, one more thing. Some kids in Gerritsen spend their halloweens holed up in their rooms playing XBox. > ~> And some don't even have a facebook, or don't really use it. <_< Just thought I'd bring that to your attention before you go saying… AGAIN… that ALL teenagers in Gerritsen are white trash, and that ALL of them were there doing that thing. Yeah. You know what I'm talkin' about.

    A bientot.

  • This is very sad….there are however places where this does not happen, simply because it is not tolerated, Halloween is one of the reasons i moved from the beach many years ago, Good luck to all……

  • Anonymous Recliner

    I'm running out of furnature. D:

    But, anyway, I can't help but notice that most of the "highest rated" comments are the ones like…



    At least try to be a little diverse with your comments. We don't need fourty duplicates with fifty thumbs up.

  • Anonymous

    check the local deli's who wont have any egg salad in stock this week and you'll have the sources of ammunition

    • Anonymous Bench

      Right, because I'm sure every single deli in america will stop selling eggs on Halloween so kids won't have anything to throw. Would you rather they throw rocks, or potatoes (not that they arent already, lulz)?

      • Anonymous

        so your telling me no egg salad or potato salad this week?,it's a good thing they don't throw cabbages so i can get some cole slaw!

        • Anonymous Shelf

          Why not just go out and eat pizza, or just get something that doesn't involve eggs or potatoes..? Fast food; Pizza, McDonalds, Chinese food. Anything would work. Or or or or or or, you could eat some pasta.

  • Mom

    So now that Halloween is over lets think about the future. What is this community going to do for these kids to keep them off the streets and to help them understand that this is there community and they need to respect it. Im sure they know what they did was wrong but its in the past. Lets help these kids in the future. Danny you are wrong for allowing it to go this far. You should have put a stop to it sooner. This is why so many people have a problem with your web site. You only show the bad side of the kids. I have never see you at any sporting events cheering on these kids. These are good kids and im sure after all your posting the parents are taking care of it at home.

    • huh

      Perhaps you should show up to some of the sporting events or at least please look around, Danny is always there. Hell most of the pics are posted on the site. The problem is the kids assume in numbers they are untouchable, and honestly what are most of the parents doing. The bus shelters are broken weekly. This is GB somebody always knows who did it. What happens though its always hush hush. There is an old saying it takes a village to raise a child and that is true, what you are witnessing here is the villagers driving home the point and putting on the pressure. Do I have a big issue with eggs and shaving cream, not really. As I kid I did my share of Halloween events, and if the kids were in the fields running commando on themselves id say more power to them, this wouldn’t even be an issue here and we would all be debating over the hero stores prices. The problem is a few disturbed individuals took it to a new level. Now the guilty and not so guilty are being taken to the mat. The kids all say its just fun, one day a year, you did it. You are correct we did. But we did it to each other. One day a year does not grant you permission to destroy and cause bodily harm on people. What’s next shall we all go “wilding” on the anniversary of OJ’s not guilty verdict (hey its only one day). One day a year for egging your friends is fine by me. If you are just looking for a day to do whatever you want without any repercussions then you are sadly mistaken

      • Anonymous Fridge

        Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you (Meh, there should be a way to put things in italics on this site. The you would be in italics. Yeah.) were a kid, and that you knew what kids assumed. Unless, of course, you went up to a kid and went "Hey, do you think you're untouchable in numbers?" and he replied in the positive. But otherwise, please don't talk about things you know nothing about?

        They don't do it because they think they're untouchable, or whatever. They do it because it's fun. Oh, right, and then you can go to your friends and brag about what you did. Bus shelters are broken weekly..? I'm sorry, but are you exaggerating? I take the bus every morning, and my shelter's window is just as good as it was a week ago. Hell, it's been untouched since they made all the new ones. And it's not as if the parents are telling their kids to go out and do this. They do it on their own (why am I saying they..? Bah, maybe I just don't consider myself part of the teenage clique in Gerritsen. Sometimes it's a good thing to have no friends, I suppose… > ~>).

        If we did it on OJ's not guilty verdict, that'd be two days a year.

        And with the egging your friends part, I'd have to point out (in support of your statement) that not a single kid (well, maybe one) has one egg stain or is shaving cream-covered.

        A fridge is considered a piece of furniture. D:<

    • Anon

      I don't believe they (the parents) are taking care of it at home. I saw a crew of them on the Ave today, being as cocky as ever

    • edge

      DANNY YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!

  • t

    I am. Sorry gerritsen beachh=) I'm. Tellin the truth I wass not throwing rocks,potaooess and wen weverybody was cahrgin at the camera guy I said saty back he's next to a baby carrage

  • Mom

    So now that Halloween is over lets think about the future. What is this community going to do for these kids to keep them off the streets and to help them understand that this is there community and they need to respect it.

    • Anonymous

      that should be taught at home, not by the community!

    • Anonymous Bed

      What goes in in the middle of the streets that's so bad you need to keep kids off of it? o ~e Besides getting hits by cars.

      But I know what you're trying to say. Still, what're you gonna do? Make it illegal for kids to go outside?

    • Anonymous

      The community does not have to teach your children how to behave. YOU DO!

  • Anonymous

    first of all no one threw any rocks at the old man, no one threw a hammer, and no one threw bricks all of u pple are fuckin retarded. john zapp wasnt hit in the face with an egg he was hit in the shoulder. its fucked up that you guys put pictures up, you act like you never did anything as a teenager. were coming after you next joel garson and all ur photographers

    • Annon

      Wow, You're an idiot. Joel Garson has nothing to do with the Photographer. Stop making idle threats or I'll look up your IP address, give it to the 61 Internet Police and have you arrested for threatening somebody.


    You wake the fuck up and realize that kids say things to make themselves look "cool". Learn how to read you dumb Fuck. What I wrote was not EVERY kid there was guilty. Some were of course, but nobody should point fingers and shout names out to people who had nothing to do with it. If u had any common sense you would know that kids exaggerate and say they did things that they didn't! They also say they're gonna do things and don't! Psychology 101 asshole! Stop pointing your finger and shut the fuck up til u know the facts. When I see on camera that Maverick, Denver, & guiseppone actually did something, I'll believe it! But until then keep ur finger pointing to yourselves! U don't see an old man or mother getting egged in the photos DO YOU?! If so, did u see any of these 3 throwing it? NO Ok then, if there were such proof 61 would get involved. When u find out names of kids who did it let us know, until then SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH and don't curse at me cause YOU don't even know me… and u won't get it back at you.. Treat others as u want to be treated, didn't your parents teach u that? Also, try searching sheepshead bay & marine park for a couple of the kids who did this… Maybe you'll find someone to blame. GB is the best community in Bklyn so stop hating!
    Just keep your kids out & we'll be fine. Everyone knows everyone in GB we have never and would never harm eachother. If everyone in GB looks at the group pics they wouldn't recognize more than 3/4 of them. U know y? They're NOT from GB!!! Hellllloooooooooooo

    • Anonymous Desk


      I live in Gerritsen Beach, used to play baseball with these kids, my brother is friends with someone of them.

      And I recognize alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of them.


    • Anon

      HAHAHA 3/4 of them? Last time i checked, thats the MAJORITY. And you've made a very good point. Treat others as you want to be treated. Apparently the parents of these kids forgot that lesson!!!

    • Hey Dad

      I think we can tell by the reply from others that you have your head in that swamp and your finger in your ass.
      When you wake up from the hangover, maybe you want to take another look at the pics….. AHOLE

      What a classic pc of trailer trash you have to be.

      Wake the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TO "ME"

    I'm not sure if you read the headline but it says "No Police Response Despite Massive Damaged Caused By Local Teens" I don't know who you are accusing of thinking you are idiots…. But yeah. I guess you're referring to the headline assumption…

  • Anonymous

    You all need to stop fighting with each other and do something about it!! Cursing at each other and the kids…just what is that solving??? ALL of you want something done about this. Sitting on here and causing more uproar. what's this accomplishing? it's not going to solve anything faster. WE ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED, WANT IT CORRECTED AND SOLVED!!! I myself have no children yet, but I completely understand what most of you are saying(by most, I mean the ones that are acting like adults and making valid points, not the ones fighting and cursing at one another). And if this were one of my children, I would be ashamed; but I would quickly handle the situation, you can believe that. Yes, what they did was COMPLETELY wrong, but how is calling them "terrorist, rapist, future drunks and drug addicts" and whatever else was said helping? It’s not helping that everyone is beyond upset. It seems to me that everyone on here is acting like a child right now. Although Danny posted pictures to prove a point to the "not my kid" parents, there were still children that probably didn’t throw the hammer, rocks, potatoes or bricks and just sat there. Should they have sat there and let it happen? Absolutely not! But when you were young, did you leave your group because they were a few were doing something wrong? Did you run home and tell your parents "Hey! Guess what my friends did tonight and I sat there and watched it happen?" No, because you would have gotten you asses beat for it! (Keep in mind, I am in no way saying that the kids who didn't throw the rocks, potatoes, hammer, bricks were innocent because they are still guilty for being there and letting it happen). But to bash families is not cool/okay. You have to give the families a chance to deal with the actions of their kids. We all know that everyone knows everyone down here and most likely, you are talking about your friends children or maybe even someone you are related to!!! So again, why are we all sitting here and fighting/attacking each other about it? We are supposed to be the adults and we are going back to teenage, immature ways with this stuff. Let’s all act like responsible adults and think of solutions please!! That’s why this was started, to have a solution with an outcome. Here is a solution I propose. Next halloween, have your child check in every hour that night. Have them home at a certain time so this does not happen again. Explain to them that what happened this year was WRONG and DANGEROUS. If you as their parent ever find out that it is done again, they will be grounded for months with no facebook, no computer, no cell phone, only going out to go to school. And STICK to it!

    • Anonymous Desk

      Internet hate machine, love.

      It's like… Agh… "If you could do something bad without anybody ever knowing, would you do it?"


      Haha, but anyway, that's why this Anonymous thing is so nifty. Pay a visit to Encyclopedia Dramatica (if you have good virus protection)! It'll do you well. When you can give your true opinion without worrying about anyone finding out who you are (though, part of you secretly WANTS them to find out who you are. Don't ask me why. Everyone just secretly wants it.), who's going to stop you from doing it? No regrets, no drawbacks. In fact, if everyone started to hate Mr.Anonymous -Insert piece of furniture here-, I could just change my name and get a new slate! Or pretend to be someone else by entering the same name and copying their writing style. But mine is so awesome and unique I think I'll stick to it… = w=


      Anyway, Case and point there.

  • Fitz

    Bottom line, im sorry for the parents who stood up on this site and spoke out only to be knocked down by so called adults. Of course you tell your kids "have fun, be good, be careful" but not one parent really knows what's going on unless they're under surveillance. It's not the parents fault. I've lived here all my life in this small tight community and notice that it's gradually getting worse ONLY because kids from other neighborhoods such as Marine Park & Sheepshead Bay are coming to GB to hang out. They don't care about bashing someone with a potato because they don't know them! A kid from GB knows everyone!!!! 90% of these comments on this page are people who are apparently NOT
    from GB!! Comments made such as "your neighborhood", "you beach rats" etc it's unreal. So to get the neighborhood back to being safe on Halloween and every other night the answer is: keep your kids out of Gerritsen Beach and go trick or treating in your own neighborhood!!! The end!!!! Problem Solved. Easy… Cars will stop being broken into, bus stops will stop being broken, we'll be back to the good ol' days. The reason people are so angry and bashing GB on GB's website is because they know their children from out of the neighborhood were involved or in the pictures. HELLO wake up people!!!!

    • Anonymous Desk

      And I suppose that the kids from other neighborhoods dressed up as vampires, and just weren't caught in the photos because vampires don't show up on film. <:D

      No, but really, just because kids from other neighborhoods are coming into our neighborhood doesn't excuse the kids in Gerritsen from doing what they did.

      That's like saying… Uh… Gimme a second to come up with an analogy…

      "The ants from this anthill only bit me because the ants from the other anthill were doing it. It's not these ants fault."

      It sucks, I know, but its the best I could come up with. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Dan needs to realize that the reason he is able to see these Facebook posts is because he is "friends' with all of the kids on Facebook and therefore their private profiles are not private to him. However, him taking pictures of said private pages and making them completely public is not right. The pictures taken at the fields are one thing, they are something anyone could have seen. This isn't the case with the private Facebook pages. Get a life..

  • To Annon

    The comment was meant for the person who called themselves "ME" backtrack if u want to get yourself involved. As for my comment, I didn't threaten anyone. Go ahead give them my IP. Is that a threat that you'll do so? Oh yeah I think it is…. So maybe I should give them yours moron. I think it's past your bedtime. We at the 61 could not care less haha! Did u forget us "beachrats" are mostly firemen and cops?! Funny girl

  • :D

    i can not wait for the day when the top story of gerristen beach.net is when you do a story on how kids threw rocks potatoes eggs and hammers at daniel cavanaghs house …. and while there at it hopefully they break your stupid ass camera.

  • To Annon

    Annon, forgive me…I'm sorry. I saw your comment under mine and assumed u were one of these other angry writers aiming at me when I didn't think I said anything wrong. I said something about the title which I assume Garson deals with. Anyway this site is all over the place with nearly 500 comments it's easy to get distracted. So I do apologize. I see your comment was aimed af "anonymous" who I agree is completely wrong in threatening Garson. I know him as well, i'm sure all of GB does and he doesn't deserved to be threatened, he did nothing wrong, seriously. Seriously AARP pfffff that apology and defense on garsons behalf WAS spoken like a true beachrat.

  • To Annon

    Annon, forgive me…I'm sorry. I saw your comment under mine and assumed u were one of these other angry writers aiming at me when I didn't think I said anything wrong. I said something about the title which I assume Garson deals with. Anyway this site is all over the place with nearly 500 comments it's easy to get distracted. So I do apologize. I see your comment was aimed at "anonymous" who I agree is completely wrong in threatening Garson. I know him as well, i'm sure all of GB does and he doesn't deserved to be threatened, he did nothing wrong, seriously. Seriously AARP pfffff that apology and defense on garsons behalf WAS spoken like a true beachrat.

  • To Annon

    Annon, forgive me…I'm sorry. I saw your comment under mine and assumed u were one of these other angry writers aiming at me when I didn't think I said anything wrong. I said something about the title which I assume Garson deals with. Anyway this site is all over the place with nearly 500 comments it's easy to get distracted. So I do apologize. I see your comment was aimed at "anonymous" who I agree is completely wrong in threatening Garson. I know him as well, i'm sure all of GB does and he doesn't deserved to be threatened, he did nothing wrong, seriously. Seriously AARP pfffff that apology and defense on garsons
    behalf WAS spoken like a true beachrat.

  • Anonymous

    Okay everyone attacking each other is not going to help. These kids should be held responsible for there actions. Parents you should be ashamed these children went way to far and due to they are children you are still responsible for there actions as well. What happen to respecting your community and others. Breaking windows and attacking elders is way out of hand. Forget the public apology it don't mean nothing form these kids they thought there actions were to be proud of. These kids should be sent to juevinille detention, they want to act like criminals lets see how they handle it? Maybe it will wake them up? Or community work make these kids participate in cleaning up the community. If not put locks on these parks that they all hang out at all hours of the night.

    Next question everyone here should start discussing how they are going to make sure this doesn't happen again next year. Why should this community be relying on nypd these are children! Parents need to step in and take control for now on. As earlier stated if a cop in uniform does get attacked and he does shoot it will be considered self defense by law! Now i know for a fact as a parent that is the last thing we want to happen for one of our children, is to be shot. So parents of the community why don't you guys get together and come up with solutions for this problem so it dont happen again. How about curfew? How about throw a halloween party for the whole neighbor hood.. Morning for children? Night for the older kids? Lets prevent this problem so it will never happen again!

  • AARP

    This should be a learning experience for every teenager in GB. In ths high tech world we live in everyone is walking around with a camera in their pocket, there is surveillance everywhere and facebook is not private unless you label it so,

  • anonymous

    So these kids are not from the neighborhood. All GB kids know everyone in the beach. Well if these were outsiders why didn't the GB kids chase them off?

    Many years ago at the GBPOA meetings if something bad happened in GB it was never our kids. The same song is still being sung. It IS our kids. It could be peer pressure but do you know that if your son or daughter is hanging around with someone who commits murder they are charged with the same offence?

    We know there are very nice families with nice kids in the beach but lets remind the not so nice ones that they will eventually have to pay for the "fun" they have in their youth.

  • fuckface

    Next year we just get a group of 100 with paint ball guns and pelt this little bastards!!! WHo's in?

  • chichi

    are we still to believe that it was the yeshiva kids who trashed the baseball dimonds a few months ago after this? blame the police??? how about the kids, or their parents.

    • Anonymous Couch

      Uh, excuse me, don't go trying to blame everything on us now. The parents who run the little league take very good care of the field, and no one sees the kids running around scuffing up the field.

      However, they do see suits playing baseball, which they could undoubtably only be doing if they climbed the fence.

    • Anon Again

      Just need to interject a quick note here. Not saying they did it to the baseball field, but I have been up on the avenue when the yeshiva kids were there by the busloads and have called 311 because they left trash, garbage, and food all over the fields. It was disgusting. And they didn’t care when we approached them about cleaning up after themselves.

  • Goodjob

    This is excellent, ballsy reporting on this blog. An example of exactly what blogging is for. Kudos for not backing down and keeping the photos posted. These kids won't learn it from their parents or the police but from you that yes, there are consequences to one's own choices. Good luck.

  • G from Sheeps

    Look at these .. "sweet" faces on the Facebook.. Liam… baby faced kid with big lips that good for only one thing and one thing only.. and look at Michael.. OMG he thinks that he is a porn star…. lol cant stop but make fun of these idiots. Hey shit heads go clean yellow stains on your mattress first and then wipe that breast milk off your lips before you got fucked up and ended up dead somewhere in the projects.

    On the other note. It looks like GB is not a neighborhood that would stand up unified to anything since 70% of trailer trash that lives there only encourages this kind of behavior.

    In place of people, neighbors in GB after several futile calls to 911.. I would call 10 or 15 other dads, got out of the house caught up with these shit heads riot police style with plastic hang cuffs and bags over their heads throw them in to the car and drive 2 or 3 at the time to somewhere dark and quiet and just dump them there.. explaining along the way that they are pathetic little pieces of nothing! And you will know that you were successfull in your endeavor when you see them pissing their pants and crying for forgiveness and mercy, than take their picture along with their recorded statement and tell them that if they fuck up even while wiping their ass on the home toilet you will publish these pics on Facebook for everyone to see and laugh at. Remember the biggest damage to fucked up teen today is his pussy ass exposure to the rest of his asshole friends

    Iraq Vet

  • Aunt Barb

    We had the same problem in Staten Island, with vandalism on Halloween and illegal fireworks on Independence Day. The police did nothing until they were shamed by the local paper several years in a row.

    This, however, takes the cake. The police in GB should be ashamed of themselves, to allow vandals engaging in dangerous behavior to own the community. The decent law abiding people should own the community, not the criminals.

    • anonymous

      Great Aunt Barb, not only are you taking the blame off the kids and the parents, you managed to bash to police too. Great aunt.

  • BrooklynNative

    To the irresponsible parents who condone this behavior: What the hell is wrong with you? You think it's ok to throw eggs at passing vehicles? And what are you going to say when an egg hits the windshield when an experienced driver is behind the wheel and that driver panics, loses control and gets hurt in an accident? Why don't you teach your children to exercise good judgement instead of encouraging them to break the law. Last I checked, this type of behavior is a violation of disorderly conduct and vandalism laws. You're basically encouraging your kids to break the law when you tell them it's ok to go out and do this every Halloween.

    As for the Facebook screen caps… you clearly don't understand the way the internet works. Their profiles are already in the public domain. Anyone can see them. By creating public profiles, they've outted themselves. Anyone has access to them and can take that information and use it anyway they please.

    No surprise that criminal behavior is being passed on from parents to their children. G Beach never changes. I hope the police examine this evidence and go after the boys who threw eggs and rocks at the bus. They've vandalized public property and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    As for going after orthodox Jews, is anyone really surprised that kids from G Beach did that? There are plenty of openly biggoted people living in G Beach and they're not bashful about. Great example to set for you kids. I'm sure one of them will grow up to be president some day. Thanks for giving us kids who will be such great positive contributors to society.

  • Erin

    Good job. You are doing a public service. I hope these kids are punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is a case of poor parenting.

  • Cee

    GOOD FOR YOU for outing these thugs. Pranks should involve mild things like TP and shaving cream, NOT thrown objects, the potential for harm is too great. What a bunch of little snot-nosed jerks. Wah wah I broke the law and wasted taxpayers money and endangered people and now I'm CAUGHT. Boo effing hoo. Parents, do your job and discipline your animals.

  • j

    if i lived in this (what appears to be) shit town of jersey shore wannabes (there's something to look up to….) i'd fire back with pepper spray and a supersoaker full of fish oil. just sayin.

  • Jail The Hooligans.

    Keep these photos UP. Send them to elected officials, Ray Kelly's office, the mayor, the whole lot of them. When you get a group that large causing problems we're just lucky none of them had a gun – because I bet they would have used it a few passing cars.

    In fact, if this happens next year, dial 911 and report it as a large group firing a gun at people. You will see every cop in brooklyn show up. It is in fact the only time they ever respond to 911 anymore.

    • anonymous

      Calling 911 and reporting a crime that is false, is a crime. You would get in more trouble doing that then getting caught throwing eggs! And if YOU decide to do that I hope your family members are not on the other side of the neighborhood waiting for help.

  • Raise Your Damn Kids

    so these teens are ignorant and irresponsible enough to throw rocks and hammers and 2x4s?

    send the savage little zit-faced bastards to juvie, give them a taste the real world.

    consequences are delicious!


    You guys do know that the real reason why these kids act out is cause of being either sexually oppressed or being sexually abused by their parents. The pathology is pretty much the same 90% of the time. Most likely it's their father's or a male "parental" figure who comes up to them in the middle of the night and open's their mouths and puts his penis into their gaping oral orifices and moves it back and forth. You should feel sorry for these kids not condemn them.

    • elle

      you are clearly retarded and must touch small children yourself to have that kind of idea.

    • Anon

      you shouldn't be allowed near animals, never mind walking freely in public and allowed to interact with humans. You are what people wipe off the soles of their shoes AFTER they're wiped the scum of the earth off of them

  • Rats!!!

    GREAT JOB!!! KEEP THE POST AND PICS UP! If these little rats are brave enough to throw rocks and eggs, then they shouldn't mind letting the world see who they are. They bragged about it on Facebook so….

  • Like Father Like Son

    This probably the most ignorant, juvenile and immature thing I've seen in a while. These kids will probably never go anywhere in life and it will catch up with them in the end. The only reason the parents allowed it is because they're the same way and hate themselves as well. In the end, they will end up hating their lives as well. Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? All you do is watch the into and you'll understand.

    do NOT take these photo's down.

  • Anonymous

    Behaving like the white trash that raised them.

    This is what happens when you teach your children that eggs are for throwing and poptarts are for breakfast.

  • Just my opinion

    Yes kids will bed kids, but their parents MUST be parents. Come on parents. We know that our kids are going to push the envelope, but they should also know that if they do something bad….there will be consequences. Telling your child to watch out for cops. You are defenetly not setting a good example. I know a few of these kids and their parents. Yes some of these children did some terrible things and some of the kids were there.

    I have one thing that bothers me. Many of these parents are still hanging out drinking and partying…to busy to watch their kids. We had our time!!! Its time to hang up your drinking shoes and be a parent. Your job is to now create a honorable, intellegent human being. You should be home when your child comes home at night. You should be making sure that your child is not joining this terrible behaviour.

    The number one lesson that should be teaching our children from this is that….don't do anything that you will regret later. Think about our actions. What if the bus swirved and hit another person. Was it worth it? A life lost for a damn potatoe. Jeez.

    Another lesson guys…when you put something on the internet it will NEVER go away. Your names will be forever remembered in the pc world. So when it is time for a career and college…this will come up. Was it worth it????

  • T

    I'm glad you are calling these punks out and clearly the police should have responded in some way, but I have problems with the line "In a classic hate crime approach the teens also chased two hasidic jewish men throwing rocks at them".

    So the teens are throwing objects at anyone and everyone that walks by, but because they also threw things at 2 Jewish men, all of a sudden it's a hate crime?


  • LOL

    These kids are a bunch of retards plain and simple. When we used to bomb we only got other people with eggs or shaving cream – not innocent people, city buses, cops.These are probably the same retards that start with 1 person and then when the person fights back the whole group attacks. Buncha pu$$ies.

    These little retards need the prison boyfriend they are really looking for.

  • gerritsen beach love

    Line them up and cane them. This pack of losers is headed to jail or worst anyway. Expect to have them in the nabe for the rest of their lives. Garbage like these kids rarely leave home.

  • Anonymous Nightstand

    Oh hey. I went to New Dutch today, and whataya know! Adults I do know, as well as one's I don't, are looking at me like I'm some sort of delinquent or something, even thought I spent my entire Halloween holed in up inside my room. What a surprise… – ~-

    What would stereotyping and profiling based on age be? Chronist?

    You guys are all chronists.

  • anyonomous

    this guy should stop being a petifile and taking pictures of kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • G from Sheeps

      these kids are not sexy at all..

      and besides he was making pictures of the surrounding tree line and bushes .. not kids themselfs..

      aaa… are you on one of those shots by any chance? What is your name and address?

    • edge


  • G from Sheeps

    Yea, these assholes got what they deserved already..new york post already posted about this stating that NYPD is looking in to this. Besides.. just punch in Michael Guiseppone in to google right away you get so many negative links that is not funny.. I can imagine this low life getting a job 5 years from now in McDonald's and being refused because of this. LOL, Roflmao. Fucking serf.

  • Mike

    The DA should arrest the parents.

  • gb teens

    it is over so everyone can stop talking about it did anyone die ? No! so it is over just everyone drop it .

    • One of the only sane

      No. =_= We cant. Can you guys get a decent hobby other than videorecording girlfights, smoking pot and hanging out in front of an ice cream chop until 2am everynight?

      • Anonymouse

        Oh, let me get this right, we (the law abiding citizens of Gerritsen Beach) are supposed to keep quiet and mind our business until one of you cretins finally kills someone? I am so glad that you imparted that information to us.

  • teen

    i will snuff any one that puts a hand on Michael Guiseppone

  • responsibility, resp

    I'm sure all these kids and their parents wish everyone would just drop it so they would be free of any responsibility for their actions.

    All actions have consequences. Next time think for a minute before you do act.

    You are responsible for your own actions and the consequences they produce.

  • Anon

    No ones going to read this ? Yet there are 505 comments.

  • AJ

    I clicked over to this site from the story on gothamist.com and just spent a good chunk of time reading this entire comments thread.

    Good Lord, but there's a lot of ghetto mentality in your neighborhood.

    Are there no men in Gerritsen Beach? Judging from the way your boys behave — in public, no less — one would have to wonder.

    I mean…chasing down a senior citizen with rocks and chunks of brick? Attacking a mother with a baby in a stroller? Throwing a hammer?


    A hammer?

    And because so many of you have chosen to attack the man who owns this blog, one can only conclude that a lot of folks in your little "community" believe that this behavior is totally acceptable.

    But only so long as it's not made public.

    Because, the minutes it's publicized, it's the whistleblower who comes under attack.

    I'll say it again — that's some straight-up ghetto thinking, right there.

    Until today, I only knew Gerritsen Beach as the birthplace of Robert Anton Wilson, one of my favorite writers.

    But now, whenever I hear or read the words "Gerritsen Beach," it will forever be another writer whose name comes to my mind, that of William Goldman.

    Ever heard of him? He wrote a novel called "Lord of the Flies."

    Those of you in GB who have the sense to be horrified about all this might want to read (or re-read) it. Just so you know what to expect as these young savages become further emboldened by the lack of consequences for their actions.

    Sucks being you folks.

  • D from Sheeps

    G from Sheeps makes me LOL

  • the man

    ok . what are we as good people going to do .i say the police is doing not a thing. so do we take it in are hands .no because if we do it will become a bigger problem. so i say let 61 and 63 send cars up n down gerristen beach

    at night form 9am till 4am go up and down the the streets so we can have a safer life but that will not happen so on that note . we need as good people to talk to someone higher up. listen this kids are kids we all did things we all need a second chance but what thay did was wrong so people. but what i am wright is all so for the people who come to the beach and do bad bad stuff witch concern me most so we need to get some police down here. lets pray

    the man . ps there are a lot of good people down here and we love living down here

    • Anonymous

      Yea a police state sounds like the answer. Maybe people should simply control their kids. Not to mention this happen in the middle of the day.

  • elle

    how dare you ever post the pictures of minors up on this site? this is a disgrace. you should be ashamed of yourself. really.

    • Commissioner Goodell

      what are you kidding? THEY WERE IN THE STREET

      • elle

        are YOU kidding?! thats ILLEGAL

        • Are you a lawyer?

          Actually, it is quite legal. The pictures were taken outside braniac.

          Throwing eggs, rocks, hammers, potatoes and stones on the other hand, is illegal.

          Get your facts straight before you speak Johnnie Cochran!

          • A LAW STUDENT

            HEY DOUCHEBAG,


          • kerrin o'neill

            im pretty sure the illegal part is posting the names of minors in connection to "alleged" crimes. First of all there was no trial, so blogger must write "alleged", second of all victims names and names of minors must be protected. Thats why juvinile records are SEALED.

          • Tojo

            uh, want to site the statute for that one? "law student". They were committing crimes and confessed to it on a public forum. I bet you havent been to law school.>>EVER!

  • Commissioner Goodell

    keep up the goodwork dan

  • Local Resident

    Danny, you're the man. Ballsy as hell. I just saw the review of this on CW11 news, I can't believe this got out so far. My hat is off to you for airing out the dirty laundery. GB is a disgusting place sometime, mainly because of this kind of behavior by residents. The woman who appeared on CW11 complaining about her kids "slandered", I thought was first a homeless person being interviewed, you know you waged a war but than again you earned yourself the credit you long deserved. GB can be such a disgusting place, let the whole world know (or as much as can read) with people like this the quality of life and our civil ways are not respected in such area, the parents are just awaful; I can imagine them saying "I'm mad at you, but at least you didn't get caught by cops, makes me proud enough not to punish you that bad.". People will be talking about this for the next year to come, the people of GB did this to themselves, this is only one example; many more will come.

    • Anonymous

      If it is such a bad place move the hell out. This situation is not the norm, it was too far and the parents should give the kids involved a good old fashion ass kicking. But then the so called authorities would get involved. There is no need for this circus or all the outside attention. Every part of this city has problem and more outside intervention is not needed a little parenting can go a long way.

  • P.C.

    Teenhood antics should not excuse property damage, assault/battery, and vandalism. Kids need guidance not allowance for misbehaviors. The community is an extension of a family; everyone's responsible for upholding courtesy and respect.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, these kids SHOULD get in trouble, but by their parents.There is no reason to put up their pictures and facebook names. It shouldn't be acceptable to post someone's information when they are under a certain age.

    • Anon Again

      These under age kids, posted ALL their information on a public forum. The parents just don't give a crap so why would they punish them. Most of these kids were roaming the streets the next day. Punished, right!

  • anonymous1

    I am really thinking that this is getting totally blow out of proportion, no one was hurt, I was up and down the avenue at least 4 times Halloween, one picture shows the kids standing on a corner, I did see that but they were not doing anything. I saw a bus stopped it did have ONE egg dripping off the windshield., no kids were around, no eggs on the sidewalk or street.. I am really upset that this is going on. Maybe people should grow up along with the kids and start worrying about the really important things happening in this neighborhood not eggs or potatoes….such crap!! But I have to say there are a lot of hits on this website

  • A frequent Gerritsen

    Gerritsen beach is one of the worst part of brooklyn. Take it from me. Nobody ever really sees the crappy parts. The kids make the neighborhood trash. Between smoking weed in the backweeds, late night partying, and the unbelievable racism, Gerritsen isnt exactly a haven for me, a black teen. I definetely think you did the right thing man. These kids are all protected by the families good names. Just because their familes are good people doesnt mean that they are above the law.

    Oh and. I know most of those scumbag kids. They're all trailer trash.

    • Anonymous

      If it is so bad why come here? There are plenty of places in BKLYN I don't particularly like so I try to avoid those places unless I have to go there for a specific reason. There is not much here if you don't live here so why bother if you don't like it.

    • Annonymous

      Very ignorant comment! You don't have to come here, why in the world would you go someplace that you talk so poorly of?

    • Matthew Cummins

      I can assure you, if I'm staring, it's because I'm worrying for your safety.

      Though, some of us may have valid reasons for being slightly racist. Such as: Getting beat up in school because you're white, or getting robbed on the train.

      • guest

        Matthew , you hit on the double standard. I can see you have lived in Brooklyn long enough to know that racism is a two way street even though popular opinion and our media conveniently ignores it.

        White violence and so called "hate speech" is racist

        Violence against whites is a crime, "hate speech" against whites is the freedom of speech.

        Take note of the "hate speech" in both statements, it is there because all this PC BS is just that. Actions are what the law should address not thought or speech.

      • guest

        By the way that is called being a realist

      • Annonymous

        In reference to your quote below I think the word you were looking for is realist, not racist.

        "Though, some of us may have valid reasons for being slightly racist. Such as: Getting beat up in school because you’re white, or getting robbed on the train."

  • ....

    since everyone seems to have an opionion on here … im gonna say my peace. its pathetic what some of you people are saying and maybe you should worry about your own family instead of blogging on gerritsenbeach.net about other families. no body is perfect. with that being said im sure every person who has commented on this site has someone in their family who did not think before acting. and unfortunately thats something that kids do. and they learn from they're mistakes. apparently, some of you "parents" dont think before you act either at a grown age since your bashing minors. i understand that the events that occurred on halloween were out of hand, there are other ways to express you thoughts and feeling rather then on an internet site where the kids who did the "bombing" can see. It's not setting a good example for them. No wonder why they act out like this. And as for the man who took the pictures and posted these kids facebooks. shame on you. There are more "adult" ways to handle a situation like that with out causing confrontation for an entire community. But apparently, you were just looking for something you knew would put the limelight on you and your "blog"

  • Brian Daly

    This is a real joke now, Danny are you trying to run for some kind of political office? If you are, im sure there are alot of people ready to dig up alot of dirt on you buddy! The only reason you were never posted up on the web is because there was never such an idiot stupid enough to take your picture!!

    LET THE PARENTS DEAL WITH IT! I also think its funny how you say the cops found a hammer but the WB11 news says the police have no reports of any crimes and made no arrests…..Whats the story? Let it BE

    • Anonymous

      The asshole is trying to get himself famous at the expense of minor's

    • Gerritsen Girl

      No Brian Daly, YOU are the joke, let the parent handle it? I think we've already seen how much power these parents have, these kids were not raised with any respect, expectations of consequences and a great big sense of entitlement. By the way Stupid, the cops didn't report any crimes or find a hammer because THEY NEVER SHOWED UP GENIUS!

      Danny had the balls to speak out, he's not afraid to show his face on TV, unlike the little turds that are trying to hide behind mommy's skirts. You said let it be, are you fucking kidding me, tell me, what will get your attention? You're a jackass and I hope you are also sterile so you can't spread your stupid. Where did the name "Daly" derive from, how often you say something stupid?

      • Anonymous

        Gerritsen Girl, You are ONE BIG ASSHOLE!!! Your posts are always stupid, but now you have really crossed a line. Don't you get it? This website was all but dead. Danny couldn't wait until Holloween to have something to put up that would get the comments rolling in. Do you think there was no egg throwing in other neighborhoods? Why did he not post the damage to Marine Park up in Marine park.net? On Sheepshead bites one of the comments having to do with this story someone says their house got bombed and yet that wasn't put up in that blog. This was all he had to get people commenting. It's being misreported and exaggerated. They weren't bombing woman with baby carriages! I can't believe how many times you have posted about this. You are enjoying it sooo much. Do you know how sick that is? To revel in the pain of other people? And you get meaner and meaner. Brian Daly is the man responsible for all the curb cuts in Gerritsen Beach that allow you to walk the ave with your spawn. He fought hard fo them because he is a young man who has been in a wheelchair for many years and will spend the rest of his life in it. This website isn't annonymous and someday we'll all know who you are, you bitch. I have lived long enough to know that what goes around does indeed come around. Your children are still young. You don't know what the future brings to them or to you. I hope you get what you deserve.

        • Tojo

          "Do you know how sick that is? To revel in the pain of other people?"

          Ahh, but you seem to ignore tha pain that was inflictyed by those monsters on innocent people. Do you know how sick THAT is? It's called psychosis, look it up.

      • Anonymous

        Gerritsen Girl, talk about people being a joke you write nothing but nonsence, let's hope to god you don't spread your seed, these kids i'm sure come from good families and i'm sure their parents are ashamed of what their kids did, but kids are going to do what they want when their parents are not around, you can be the best parent in the world and your kid could make one bad choice and ruin the rest of his or her life, do we really blame the parent for the kids making their own choices no not at all.. just shut up….

      • Anonymous

        Yea I agree you make no sense Gerritsen Girl Brian Daly is speaking the truth and one of the few that is making sense here at least he comes out with name all your cowards hiding behind your alias

      • Anonymous Furniture

        "Where did the name "Daly" derive from, how often you say something stupid?"

        Congratulations, you made one of the most depressed kids in Gerritsen Beach chuckle. You deserve an award. o ^o

    • Anonymous

      Just because WB11 says the police say they had no reports doesn't mean there weren't 911 calls, what it means is they had no criminal complaint reports in the computer at that time. Which in itself is wrong because everyone saw the damage to the bus which would have been reported and eventually made its way to the precinct concerned. And we already knew there were no arrests I'd bet there were no arrests at all in these precincts on Halloween, it was a Sunday dam near half the officers are off on Sundays


    WOW—-WHO GAVE BABY JO-JO THE STITCHES ON THE LEFT SIDE OF HIS HEAD——IT'S A SHAME IT WASAN'T BALANCED OUT ON THE RIGHT SIDE——watch out he is going to get you when you don't expect it—–watch your back

  • AnonymousQ


  • ljd

    you people are ridiculous

  • ljd

    this is why everyone hates white people

    • Gerritsen Girl

      Man, just when I don't think I have heard the dumbest thing there you, ljd, you gave me hope that we will never run out of jack asses, thank you for that, jack ass.

      • Anonymous

        I would not start throwing stones (pun intended) like that, making this about race is a losing proposition for you. These kids were wrong, but a comment like that is in no way backed up by the statistics.

        • Tojo

          One confederate flag flying proudly in the neighborhood is enough of a statistic for me.

          • get real

            so someone has a confederate flag and that makes a whole neighborhood racist ? Go to public schools in East N Y, Harlem & the Bronx and see The red, black & green hanging in the halls. Then listen to the other version of history thats being taught. Then listen to the wonderful politicos they elect like Charles Barron who’s only quallification is being good at racist rants. A black man has a greater chance of surviving a walk through the Beach than whitey will through East N Y anyday.If you beg to differ prove your point & go for a walk down Livonia Ave like I did on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe these events made it onto a Police website and blogg, don’t be a bit surpised if the two precinct commanders aren’t called in on Kelly’s carpet to explain and then out of no where there will be massive enforcement in this neighborhood. Everything from parking to bike riding to trespassing in the park. Get ready I think there is going to be some responce, no one, espically the police, like being showed up

  • susan

    This was uncalled for. DOes this guy Danny have nothing better to do than stick his business where it doesn't belong? If kids were being reckless than it is up to the persons that were on the other end of the reckless behavior to be involved. He deliberately went out looking for things to record. As far as putting kids facebook blogs up on the web….that was low. It's obvious Danny doesn't have kids or probably even a girlfriend for that matter. He needs to get a life. I don't condone what some of the kids have done, but it is not HIS place to make a mockery of our neighborhood. Danny has put down our kids, neighborhood and police dept. for all the world to see. I don't appreciate having to see our neighborhood on the news. Danny could have taken his information to a property owners meeting or asked Golden to have a special meeting to share this information if he felt it was his duty to share. Putting it on the newspaper (internet) and going on TV was just too much. Get a Life Danny!

    Signed a middle aged parent (and NO, neither of my kids were involved so it's not sour grapes)

    • You are clueless!

      "He deliberately went out looking for things to record."

      Ummmmmm, I think that's what reporters do, no?

      • chucklehead


        There's a standard response to people who complain about coverage:

        "If you don't want to see it in print, don't let it happen."

        Especially if you're letting it happen on the street, in broad daylight.

      • Unbelievable IQ

        I honestly cannot believe some of the things I am reading on this site.


        That is why this is most disturbing and people are sooooo pissed and disgusted. NOTHING from the parents……. and then all the other clueless people blaming Danny and everything and anything other than the facts… Your kids went too far and are busted.


        Othere wise this is NOT going away untill someone is held accountable.

        This is not going away.. We will keep posting on this untill we reach over 1000 posts or someone is held responsible.

        Just a reminder for those that need to be told several times

        IT is NOT OK to cause damage to personal property.

        • Anthony

          Just a question, of all the anonymous names you could have chosen: Unbelievable IQ? lol. Unbelievably low? or high? or are your arguments so good or bad that it's hard to believe that you have an average IQ? Or is it an average IQ, and you're simply trying to give more validity to your argument by lying and saying that it is unbelievably high? Either way, the only two logical reasons I can think of that someone would put that as their "Name" is because they either have very poor esteem and their ego is so out of whack that they have to convince the world that they are better to believe it themselves, or they have such an inflated ego that they feel it necessary to brag in such a self-glorifying fashion; in which case I would have to argue that it's a little presumptuous to assume that you are more intelligent than your peers. "Unbelievable IQ" or not, that type of conceited pompousness warrants suspicion of your arguments to be potentially pretentiously dogmatic, and I personally shall give none of your bold impudent remarks any validity.

          • Anonymous

            or maybe you don't put your name so the little bastards cannot retaliate

          • Anon Again


          • Anonymous

            like they did already. they bombed Dan’s house with a pumpkin. see this neighborhood still doesn’t get it. how many people will be at the GBpoA mtg upset about that? None?

          • Amazing.

            Just letting you know that if you thought you "got one" over on ol' anonymous man over there, you're out of your mind.

            The fact that you typed up that many words over a nonsensical choice of name is both hilarious and sad.

          • Anthony

            Sad, but true. It does make sense, does it not? Besides, in my mind it was kind of funny lol. I hate people with inflated ego's, so to mess with them I like to put their ego to the test. And yes, I have to be honest; I was hoping I "got one" lol.

  • Justice seeker

    if you guys want any hope in punishment of the kids, i suggest you send this post over to the local high school administrators, i am sure they will be pleased to see their students doing this and they will take it from there

  • Gerritsen Girl

    You also see one of the bottom feeder's breeder worried about her little darling being on "The Rant", awww poor widdle baby, f-you. You can tell by looking at her that one of her chormosones got lost in the mix, she looks like she just learned to stand up and use tools, CHROMAGNUM LOOKING MOTHER FUCKER!

    I know you probably don't know what one is so here's the definition "Caveperson". See, I'm even being PC about insulting her, how nice am I?

    • Anonymous

      Gerritsen Girl………………….you ROCK!!!!!! LOVE reading your thoughts, keep 'em comin'!!!!

    • Anonymous

      gerritsen girl how many of these kids parents did you blow in the weeds growing up nd are only mad that you swalloed the kids instead of birthing them

      • Anonymous

        Good one! Except from past posts she has said she didn't grow up here, moved in later on. One of those people who moved in and couldn't make any friends, I guess, so now she gets her jollies bashing other people. She has a filthy mouth and must have posted about 50x on this. I can't imagine someone getting off that much on other peoples business, and trouble. What goes around, comes around. She'll get hers. My heart goes out to the families that are being ripped apart like this. They are some of the best people I know and I hope they realize how many of these horrible comments come from outside the beach and from people who have always hated the beach for whatever their personnal reasons are. Probably got their ass kicked here or were rejected here. Losers.

        • Gerritsen Girl

          What difference does it make whether I moved or was born here? I happen to love Gerritsen Beach dumb asses, I am not condemning a whole community, just the bottom feeders and the blood clots with eyes they spewed into our community. I do have a filthy mouth, maybe I need Orbit gum, thoughts? If these low lives are the best people you know, you need to get out more. I'll get mine, nice, and it's "personal reasons" dumb ass unless you're hiring. No one kicked my ass because I mind my business, go to work, pay my taxes and behave myself stupid.

        • Tojo

          "They are some of the best people I know…."

          That says alot about you. You need to get out of that hood and meet some normal people.

      • Gerritsen Girl

        I don't know ask our mother, she was with me dumb ass.

    • my name was changed

      Gerritsen Girl,

      she's worried about her son's name being slandered????

      WTF, how about worrying about the knuckled scraping neanderthal that she has spawned being unleashed in a civilized society!

      even dogs know you don't shit where you eat, right? but then it appears that dogs have more intelligence (and can probably even SPELL) than these hooligans….AND their parents

      keep your comments coming!

      • Anthony

        You know Gerritsen Girl, I've read a lot of pompous, self-righteous, ignorant, bull-shit on this website; but you definitely take the cake. What gives you the right to call a woman a Chromagnum, just because she's concerned for her son's future? For you to even make such a presumptuous remark based on her appearance would indicate that you are not much better than a supercilious Chromagnum yourself. That is the same benighted judgmental mentality that creates blind hate in the world and forms things like racism.

        Name was changed: Her son is not an illiterate "neanderthal." He's actually 12 years old and he's already been published in several books. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to go as far to say that he is one of the most intelligent people I know, and for you to make a judgment on something for it's face-value is ignorant. I know it may be hard for you to believe, but I swear by it. Allow me to repeat myself, He is quite possibly the MOST intelligent person I know.

        • Tojo

          But not intelligent enough to get the hell away from idiots attacking seniors, police and women with carriages. Seriosuly, if you think that is smart, then you are pretty dumb!

        • dammcat

          don’t worry anthony,their parents are teaching them how to ask,do you want fries with that? and ,can i supersize your order>

          • Anthony

            The mother in discussion is also mine; and yet somehow, I’ve managed a 3.9 gpa in college, including several scholarships. Not only do I not and have no intentions to work for McDonalds, but I don’t even eat fast food of that sort. If you had any clue about the people that you’re talking about, maybe you’d understand why; rather than judging people you don’t even know with your “so-called” standards and making your naive, pompous, self-righteous remarks.

          • me

            So her actions in the meeting were completely justified? the community is not a group of people who feel that they can do what ever they want. her actions and antics at the meeting were atrocious. there is a reason the video has been a big hit on the web and it’s not because people agree with renee.

            her son posted on facebook and was busted for it. if anything she should be mad at her son for putting up the information. if anyone has damaged his future it was himself. but hey i’m sure the little genius will be fine with a mother like that

          • Anthony

            If you read my argument carefully, I never said that he was right for doing what he did.

            But who the hell are they to say that she is a “bottom feeder breeder” and a knuckled scraping neanderthal , saying “f-you”, and that “you can tell by looking at her that one of her chromosomes got lost in the mix, she looks like she just learned to stand up and use tools, CHROMAGNUM LOOKING MOTHER FUCKER!” and saying that she’s teaching her kids (me and my brothers) how to say, “do you want fries with that? and ,can i supersize your order?”

            That isn’t arguing a point. It’s insulting someone based on a presumptuous impression.

          • Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


            I got to tell you, I sort of kind of sympathize with you, but to tell you the truth, SHE DID IT TO HERSELF!

            You know, for someone with a 3.9 GPA and multiple scholarships, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING!

            Being the only educated person in your family, you should have explained to your mother how facebook, blogs and video work. Perhaps you could have saved your family some embarrassment.

            Did you think for one second the behavior your mother exhibited helped your brother, you or your family in any way?

            You should have put your education to good use and perhaps told your brother not to put stupid shit on facebook and NOT GO bombing. You should have also explained to your mother that ranting like a drunk whit trash idiot on video is not good for your family!

            While I do feel bad for you, if you really are in college and making something out of yourself, you have only your mom to thank for making your family look like white trash!

          • Anthony

            I’m not the “only” uneducated person in my family. I’m the only adult of 4 brothers, and I assure you that if my brothers are ignorant fools it’s purely out of their age and a lack of wisdom. For their ages however, I can assure you that they are very wise. But wise for their ages or not, at their age social acceptance is priority #1, and practically EVERY kid in the neighborhood either does or wants to throw eggs on Halloween. I can promise you however, that with age they will become even wiser, and not the “ignorant white-trash” that they are stereotyped as.

            Second off, I DID SEE IT COMING. I don’t support my mother in saying all that arrogant bullshit that she did on film, but she does have a few valid points. I’m not saying that it necessarily is, but I believe that it’s unethical that he’s taking pictures of children and posting it online without their or their parents consent. I believe there was a more rational way of going about things, and possibly ruining their futures in my opinion was not the most logical. Often if a child is publicly viewed as a misfit he will lack the initiative to become anything more than.

            That’s what I tried to argue at the meeting. My mother on the other hand, is simply put, an overly emotional arrogant bitch. She isn’t unintelligent so much as she is arrogant. She is not a “neanderthal” that does not understand facebook or the social media though. I know that’s a sad thing to say about my mother, but I don’t intend it as an insult, it’s the truth. Do you honestly think I agree with everything she said? My speech wasn’t played on the news, but I even said that it’s ridiculous to label Danny a pedophile for taking pictures for his website. It’s hard to tell from the angle and distance of the camera, but If you saw my expression clearly, I was even amazed at the tumultuous amount of shit that was coming out of her mouth. I told her from the start, that instead of saying all that crap she said, she should simply have said, “I have reason to believe that my children were not directly involved, although if they were in any way, I deeply apologize.” But you see, that’s how arrogance is. It refuses to listen to reason. I tried to tell her all the things that you’ve told me, and all I got was the same angry response. It was only after she saw herself on T.V. and all the criticism that she realized how much of a fool she was.

          • You are you smarter than a 5th grader?

            That was a very humble and intelligent response. It is a good thing your brothers have you for a role model, my apologies. I am in no way being sarcastic and truly mean that.

            You should have asked your mom to stay home and have represented your family at the meeting, I think the public opinion would have been very different.

          • Anthony

            Am I defending the children? Not at all. But I don’t think it’s necessary to say that they are guilty. That pretty much goes without question. But I don’t believe that everyone should get all self-righteous and point the finger at them like their little vandal pieces of shit; because if those people were their age and in their shoes, I think chances are they’d have done the same thing… despite what they say…

            It’s one thing to say that these kids were wrong and what they did was horrible. It’s another thing to say that they’re piece of shit white trash misfits with no future. They make mistakes just like everyone else, and I can assure you that they will in fact learn their lessons. And not the pompous self-righteous lesson that if you do something bad you’ll be punished, but the wise open-minded lesson that what they did was inconsiderate and unfair to the people they did it to. Children are often extremely inconsiderate and they often do things for the sake of “being cool” and “having fun.” No parent can monitor their teenage children ALL DAY LONG. That’s where the police do their job. They keep the kids in line when the parents aren’t around. On Halloween there WERE NO POLICE to do their job. They were all scared away. Is it really such a shock that something like this could have happened?

          • Sully

            If parents do a good job raising their kids – it wouldn’t take the police to have keep the kids in line if the parents are away. Think about it…

          • Anthony

            Also, about my family being viewed as “White Trash.” To all those people who think my family are white trash: Fuck You. If there is anything I hate it’s the generalized judging of people, whether negatively or even positively. We are neither racists, nor homophobes, nor misogynists, nor bigots of any sort. We believe in equality as well as empathy and compassion for other people. To all the people who call my family white trash: You are being overly-judgmental, labeling my family of which you don’t even know. You are in fact using the same mechanisms of “generalizing” that causes white trash hate like racism, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, and sheer ignorance. Now how does being being a pompous, conceited, self-righteous, supercilious, imperious, overly judgmental, pretentiously dogmatic, hypocritical, self-asserting asshole have anything to do with being white trash? You tell me after you take a long hard look in the mirror.

          • Anonymous

            Anthony, You tell ‘em! And don’t let that crappy Gerritsen Girl schmuck get to you. She is clueless and mean. If people like her are the future of GB, I’m outta here! I am so disgusted by her and all the others ripping you all apart. I have known you since kindergarten and you have grown up to be a fine young man. Your Mom has never been anything but nice and helpful, friendly, salt of the earth. She always has a ready smile and I hope she doesn’t lose that. You’ll all get thru this and be stronger for it.

          • sorry for you all

            Anthony : I for one feel that all of this name calling and pileing on went way to far for all concerned …I heard you speak at the meeting, and in reading what you wrote I realize that you could have made an educated contribution to a volitile situation..Without the back and forth name calling…Sounds to me like you said it all ” They were wrong and my family will deal with it” I hope all this stops soon, for you and your Mother…Next meeting bring some duct tape for Mom..LOl LOL LOl…

  • Anonymous

    a bunch of dumba$$es…

  • Annon

    Danny, Good for you Bro. That is all I can say. Some parents will spend a lot of money only to find what you did was perfectly legal. As parents, they should be more concerned about what their child did and not what you wrote. They don't have to worry, their kids will ruin their own future. You really will have nothing to do with that. Joe D. bro,,,,,you need to be looking in your own back yard!!! Defintely a short fuse. You really shouldn't have even shown your face at that meeting. Once again Danny,,,clap clap clap.

  • wake up !

    this is exactly why I had to install cameras ,parents dont know what their darlings are up to till I show them is that YOUR kid in YOUR car smoking pot in front of my house,the look on their face is allways the same,no clue!stupid kids, cameras are everywhere.big brother is watching !

  • Take care of your ow

    Look this site seems to get the message out, however as this story clearly illustrates the Internet has not boarders. Does a neighborhood that has been and continues to be great place to live really need all this attention and outside intervention? Now I am not saying theses things should not be addressed, because they should by the parents involved. This story should be the wake call for parents, when I was young in the beach I never knew who was keeping tabs on me. At times it seemed like my parents had eyes behind their heads, if I was doing something really stupid believe me they would hear about it and in turn I would too. It all boils down to teaching your kids limits, monitoring them and holding them accountable when they push the envelope.

    On a related note, this site should seriously think about authentication, it would not take much to set up and it could keep the beach's business in the beach while still serving its purpose. Do you really think all the outsiders on this site bashing it and going off on tangents about the beach is helping the situation ? There are a lot of people and organizations down here that work very hard to make it the nice place it is. Do we really need the bad judgment of some to label us all cretins in the eyes of anyone with an Internet connection? At the risk of laboring the point, do we really think those from outside the beach have our best interest in mind? Or are they just ceasing this opportunity to slander a lot of hardworking and decent people ?

    Let the comments begin :-)

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you 100%. If he were actually interested in providing a community service with this blog, he would do that. But I doubt he will. He was chomping at the bit for Halloween to come, posting about it weeks in advance that it was coming. It's been a dead website for months and he was salivating at the chance to stir something up. He is in his glory now that we are being bashed from every corner of this city. He doesn't care as long as his name is appearing on the news and he is getting probably the most hits ever. As usual, news outlets get things wrong. One blog has them throwing eggs at women with baby carriages, that didn't happen. A hammer, that there is also no evidence of has turned into hammers. It's not like egg throwing doesn't happen all over. I'm not saying that these kids didn't take it to the extreme and it needs to be dealt with by their parents, but it makes me sick to see the pleasure that some people take in the bashing. At the end of the day, these are kids 13, 14, 15 years old. Who didn't need to give their kids a few attitude adjustments when they were that age? You can't be everywhere, you can't follow them around and when you become aware of problems or they need adjustment, you give it. Thats what raising kids is all about. There are commentors from outside the beach who are in their glory, "LOL" and "Vincent" are 2 who ALWAYS bash the beach, for whatever their personal reasons are, and they are having a field day with this. Some of the comments were so mean and nasty, I couldn't believe it. One guy said awful things to a 13 year old girl, and WE are the trash? I say if Danny truly is interested in being a service to the community, as he always claims to be, then let him make it private, for the community. FUBU. (for us/by us)

    • Tojo

      But you forget, when those vandals damaged a city bus, it became every NYers business and expenxe. And you know what, i am tired of you inbrecd rednecks there acting like that is your own little kingdom. IT"S NOT! It si a part of NYC, get used to it. I am sorry the cops have had a hands off approach to the criminals who live in that area because after all, how many of those liitle criminals are the children of police?

  • Anonymous

    Enough Already you happy you got your five minutes of fame Daniel at the expense of exploiting minors. Your claims are totally off point and no need to call the kids criminals. Think this way blown up way too much. Kids are kids they are going to make mistakes. Your a coward and should have took this up with the kids parents. I know lot of these kids and they are not the complete hoodlums you people claim they are. Good example for the kids how do we stop this behavior that has been going on for years in Gerritsen Beach. We want the kids to stop hanging on the corner causing mischief. The one way this will happen is encouraging them to get jobs.

    Thanks to you now these kids have false reports out on the web and will haunt them the rest of their lives.

    Thanks a lot asshole!

    • Anonymous

      Where are the "false" reports…all I see is facts and opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Facts from who Daniel he is trying to get famous from his post. All you have is a bunch of kids hanging no concrete evidence. There was no hammer he is full of shit clearly.

  • Brian Daly


    • Craig

      You tell them Brian every comment I put up gets taken down when I am only stating the facts of how much a coward he is and how people need to stop making assumptions cause they just making ass of themselves. The nerve of one guy to say they are mentally challenged. Clay you know who I am referring to man up and say your name

    • Gerritsen Girl

      Ha, that's right Bri, you tell em you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about but you go right on. I do contribute to society, thank you although I do have crumbs on my face but reserve that for when I'm watching tv didn't realize it was soooo obvious, and no my dog doesn't love the stench, he has her own stench thank you very much. Don't have kids just for this purpose and yes there's dirt in my closet, I sometimes forget to wipe my feet, and I also have some outdated clothes I need to get rid of being you care so much. My given name is Gerritsen Girl, what, you think I made that up. If you have all the time to follow people around and take cameras, go ahead Bri, you're a hero cos your standing up for the freaks, wow what a friggin hero! Fuck you.

      • Matthew Cummins

        I think you could've retorted without using such harsh language at the end. I mean, it's like like they're very intellegent. Shouldn't be so hard to outsmart them without cuss words.

        Not that I don't use them too. <:D

        If he does go and take some of the dirt from your closet, he'd just be breaking and entering, so you could arrest him for that. Not sure, not sure, but I heard it was illegal.

        At least you didn't press Caps Lock and think it made a difference. -Cough-


      • Anthony

        *He* has *Her* own stench… lol?

    • Matthew Cummins

      I think Gerritsen Girl makes valid points. First of all, Mr.Daly, it's not as if he's stalking the kids. ~_~ When you're all lined up on Gerritsen, launching eggs and shaving cream at people, why not take a few pictures? And the website is on the public domain. It's not as if he's climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up.

      As for fat people, you're not exactly the one… to be talking… <_< Just saying.

      Though, I'll point out that if I get picked on or otherwise confronted for not using my "Anonymous Furniture" name, it'll only further my point of putting up anonymous names. It's not because people are afraid of being confronted, it's because the people in this neighborhood (children and adults) aren't mature enough to handle a different point of view.

      • Amazing.

        It's hard to take his argument seriously when it is stuck on caps lock.

        I took one look and disregarded it. Learn to argue your point with proper decorum Mr. Daly.

        But maybe that's lost on you because you're "infected" with the same malignant nonsense that's spread through these children.

    • Anthony

      No job, crumbs, stench, whatever… All I really hate about her is her self-glorifying, imperious arguments.

    • Anonymous

      you are one disgusting excuse for a human being. How many times have people had to pick your drunk ass off the street and put you back in your wheelchair

  • chucklehead

    What Danny did is part of a growing trend, according to this article in the Times:


    It's simple: if you're going to act like an antisocial fool in public, somebody is going to record it and put it out there. And, in today's world, "out there" means EVERYwhere.

    And it's forever.

    The problem isn't that everyone now knows how your children behave.

    The problem is that your children behave this way in the first place.

    And every one of you who attacks the messenger bears responsibility for that behavior. They're looking to you to teach them by example, and what you're teaching them is "Do whatever you want, hurt whoever you want, just don't get caught."

  • Anonymous

    gerritsen girl get out from behind the computer and get a job ill bet my life on it that your sitting there right now with food all over the place and your kids running around with shit in there diapers . i can almost guarantee that your where one of the girls down here that had no friends and slept with every guy you could just to feel like someone liked you . i wish we new your name nd soon we will cause i hear there is someone out there working on getting the ip addresses of all the anonymous commenets being posted so get up from your computer wash your dirty ass and your kids, get a job and help make this community betternot help in tearing it apart. we have always been known as a community that stuck together but now because of mr cavanaugh we are becoming a divided community and thats not good for anyone from down here except for gb.net and daniels child pedophile tendicies for following little boys around and takin pictures of them . daniel has never had any friends and dont remeber how his old man has drove down the avenue a million times so drunk he couldnt walk or what his mom or who for that matter she was doing when he left from the bar or his arrests for domestic battery

    • Anonymous

      So apparently he is no angel himself so to attack kids your no man at all

    • anonymous

      "i hear there is someone out there working on getting the ip addresses of all the anonymous commenets being posted" LMFAO!!!!

      • enough is enough

        I would call IAD (INTERNAL AFFAIRS DIVISION) The police are not doing their jobs and now they will invade your privacy by trying to find out your IP ADRESS because you complained about it. I know for a fact that one of the mothers that were blogged about has a relative who is a detective in the 75th precint.I wouldnt put it past her to call him because her sorry ass was exposed.IAD has to be advised of this situation

    • Anon Again

      It’s not Danny who is dividing the community, it’s the disgusting behavior of the kids. The rest of the community is tired of having to deal with this behavior from them and it’s about time the parents of these kids step up to the plate and actually be a parent.

  • Just a thought

    don't shoot the messenger just because you don't like the message. bottom line is if these POS didn't DO anything wrong, then there would be no story here, Dan has done no wrong in his actions. For those who actually think that taking this matter privately to the parents directly would have actually brought about some positive action, I have a bridge to sell you. Fact is, while shaving cream, eggs, t.p, are part of (what these kids are calling tradition, is legal, ASSAULT with what is known as a deadly weapon is NOT (a rock, a brick or a piece of a brick, a potato, a HAMMER all become projectiles and thereby are rendered a weapon). SOME of them took it too far and made it a DANGEROUS situation. OWN it (and the parents need to step back and look at the big picture here), be responsible, take the consequences. They behaved like a mob with a gang mentality and someone could have really been injured. BUT people are intimidated by them for fear of retaliation, and rightfully so, given the actions of these kids and they are NOT, I repeat NOT children, they know right from wrong, they just don't care. And apparently neither do the parents. They need to stop being "all about me" and being incredulous and IN DENIAL about their YOUNG ADULTS. They are ALL well above the age of reason. Send all the punks to boot camp they will learn how NOT to be. They will learn that if one of them screws up ALL of them pay for it. And perhaps the parents should look into parenting skills classes obviously THEY don't get it either….

  • not that serious

    this is insanity…i hate to break the news to the people that dont leave this inbred hole on the earth you people call a "community"….but "bombing" on halloween happens everywhere in brooklynand the tri state…why dont you drive up to mill basinn and check out the toilette paper thats still in the trees..or check out the stores in marine park and sheepshead bay that have shaving cream on them still…they took it a little too far..but they didnt murder anyone or injury anyone for that matter..a young couple was shot halloween night and that didnt make it on channel 11 but this over exagerrated dramtized nonsense does??..to bash the parents is alittle ridiculouss…i think throwing a couple of eggs on halloween is the very least of this "community's" problem..

    • Seriously

      It is not the bombing wonderboy.. It was the response from the kids and the parents. They take NO responsibility for this, its simple. This type of behaviour is normal for scum like them.

    • Anonymous

      It's not the toilet paper, the eggs, the shaving cream.

      It's the rocks. The bricks. The potatoes. A HAMMER?

      My friend's sister was the mother that was trying to shield her baby in the stroller from these assholes.

      Baby suffered a little case of whiplash…when you're a baby, a little thing is a big deal.

      Maybe I don't agree with facebook profiles being posted.

      I DO agree with pictures of the kids responsible being posted.

      Hopefully these kids were handled by their parents. If it was one of THEIR babies in a stroller who got hurt…or THEIR mother or father getting pelted…They'd be screaming bloddy HELL!

      Take responsibility for your kids, and maybe it won't happen at this magnitude again next year.

      • Amazing.

        Who cares if it was the most minor incident on Halloween? Does that make it any less deplorable? What universe are you living in?

        This is assuming it was as minor as you say. All reports show that it was most certainly not. Halloween pranks around my area involve toilet paper and eggs. Potatoes are where the line is drawn. Uncooked potatoes are heavy objects, tantamount to stones. Then you factor in hammers and rocks into the mix? A mother and her baby? If you think this isn't worthy of controversy because you would rather sweep it under the rug rather than discuss a serious attitude problem plaguing teenagers, you're out of your god damn mind and as a result you are no authority on the subject.

        What else would you rather have us talk about in lieu of this? The weather in Gerritsen Beach?

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand danny hads pictures of eggs and potatoes but he keeps claiming there where bricks rocks and hammers . really if these dangerous objects where truly being thrown and he has pictures of everything that went on there where is thor and his might hammer in any of the pictures or is danny just trying to juice up the story like these kids did on there facebooks to up his status as a reporter

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and what about the BS about the 2 Hasids? If that really happened do you really think that nothing would have been done? And how farfetched is it that 2 Hasidic men were walking down Gerritsen Ave in the first place, on Holloween, no less. (not that they aren't welcome here and do come down for the water on holidays, etc. and NO ONE ever bothers them, as they shouldn't) I believe half of this is sensationalistic bullshit worthy of the Enquirer. He was getting no attention on this site, no bus shelters have been broken in months and he needed something. If there was a hammer, why not get a picture of that? Has the older man that was supposedly attacked come forward?

  • not that serious

    half of the people on here's opinions are more ridiculous than the incident itself

  • Anonymous

    gerritsen girls parents are actually first cousins talk about white trash

    • Cousin

      You would know, you are the other cousin ;) wink wink, how are you baby?

    • Gerritsen Girl

      I'd be insulted if I knew what the fuck you were talking about but then I realized you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about and they were siblings dumb ass! Why do you think I have that extra eye on my forehead, keep it coming dummy, I live for your responses, I really do.

      If my parents are brother and sister, am I still white trash, guess I better join in next year, have to get used to wearing my shoes on the wrong feet, haaa…

      • Anonymous Furniture

        I think his post meant something along the lines of "I'm illiterate and learned how to read and write from facebook".

  • anonymous

    I love that the parents always say not my kid .well here it is and i see they will go far in life. so do some thing about your kids before its to late or maybe it is.

  • ohh boo hoo This is

    Yes, you are correct.

    The hard working, tax paying home owners, and the drunken scum living in thier dead parents homes, collecting unemployment and anything else they can reap or steal from the state.

    Low life assholes


    998, 999, 1000

    Someone did this…. Hmmmm, uhh, Cullen, GBonie? Did you say Maverick?


    1001, 1002

  • Anonymous

    It's time to put it to rest! Enough already give it up and for all of you that say Gb is trash, whatever if you live here move, and if you don't we really don't 'care what you think! bye bye go back to your own life's

  • EatMyShit

    You know what is really sad… NOTHING will happen to these inbred trash.

    Everyone asking for removal of pics/FB shots are pissed because their little minions GOT CAUGHT, they say they will deal with it themselves but they are lying pieces of shit.

    If the police did nothing the day this happened what makes you think they'll do anything now….

  • Gerritsen Girl

    The last time I saw something like this I was standing in front of a cage at the zoo, holding popcorn and a balloons and getting ready to dart left and right to get out of the way when they started flinging their own feces.

    They used to just scream, swing on their tire hung from a tree and yank out grass when they got frustrated, who knew Halloween did it as well?

  • Joe G

    who cares/ I think this is a great neighborhood , this is one of the last places in brooklyn that has any true family values. Who gives a shit about kids throwing eggs on halloween. Maby all you bitches should go live in the geto for a while and see what life is really about, than maby you all will have second thoughts about bad mouthing this neighborhood. And to the asshole who has this web site your a jerkoff nothing more

  • Shani

    What these kids did on Halloween is criminal conduct, plain and simple. For anyone to defend the actions of these teenage vandals or to criticize the editor of this blog, is incredibly short-sighted. I doubt you would be so casual if someone would have been seriously injured. But it's apparently just fine to harass Orthodox men or assault an older man with eggs and more dangerous items.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    I would like to thank all of my fans for all of the kind words that you have said, especially Brian, you made my day, really. I am eating a saltine just for the crumbs in your honor Bri, love you man! Oh wait, here comes the photographers to take my picture, gotta get on Facebook holding a potato, egg or hammer, want sympathy, that's how you do it, right?

    • Anonymous Furniture

      Aww, but what about your fans that don't bash you? The one's that you're not mentioning in a sarcastic sense. >: Hm? Don't exclude us, ma'am.

  • It is what it is!

    Halloween is about fun and trick and treating. This was outrageous! Tradition is not about destruction and terrorizing the neighbohood! Congrats Daniel for doing a great job reporting these horrible events. Keep the pictures coming!

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Just to clarify, I love Gerritsen Beach hence my name, I've lived here a long time and love this place, it's safe and you can go out any time night or day, it's beautiful in the summer, close to all my neighbors, which is what disgusts me about this incident, we're better than that.

    We should not defend these acts, it isn't helping these kids at all, it will only get worse, obviously these parents are in over their head but they still need to make these kids accountable for their actions. I don't get insulted by the stupid comments because I am no better and put a few in myself. I like to bait people because they let someone they don't even know anger them, life's too short. We need to come together as a community and we can't shelter and defend what's wrong, I've said my piece, "Can't we all just get along"?

    • anon

      You will never be a true Gerritsen girl. You did not grow up here. I enjoy and agree with most of your posts though. In the eyes of people down here you will never be a Gerritsen girl. For instance, you can never win Gerritsen Beach mother of the year in the Cort Club. That is if you even know what the Cort Club is.

      • Matthew Cummins

        Oh, I'm sorry, I guess that means everyone who didn't live here originally should just pack up and leave, right? Trust me, I'd love to, but unfortunately that's not going to happen until I go to college. Which, not surprisingly, most of the kids in the neighborhood won't be going to.

        Cort Club is stupid. I think I'd prefer the Knights to it, kthx.

        • WHAT ?

          "Which, not surprisingly, most of the kids in the neighborhood won’t be going to." At least half if not more of the people I spend time with from the beach have a BA / BS or an advanced degree. Now, I could be wrong and you may have a better bead on the kids coming up today.

          • Matthew Cummins

            Well, I'm only referring to the kids we see here. If they were that smart, then wouldn't be confessing on facebook to something they know is illegal, would they.

            But, I maye have exaggerated just a little bit. I know other kids who do very well in school too.

          • What ?

            Point well taken, unlike many on this board I am not out to argue for the sake of argument. A valid point is just that and you may be on to something with "If they were that smart, then wouldn’t be confessing on facebook to something they know is illegal, would they."

      • anonymous

        Big deal, who wants to win Gerritsen Beach mohter of the year in the Cort Club? With all the stuff going on here and in the USA thats your best shot? Go read a history book or something.

  • Anonymous

    Don't you think he posted this, to get people to come to this website. I saw no evidence that the kids did everything that was said. How many people have ACTUALLY seen the things being said happening?

    • He has pictures?

      OK, so he has all this stuff and he also video tapes as well. Where are the videos of the crimes. yor right, its a a story from him that he could have embelished and it is sad that most of what he put on here probably was. A hammer was found, ok there is a contruction site in progress where this happened, so mabe one of the contractors droppe dit when working on the new field house. The potato? ok that was worng. The actions that are posted are terrible, but were are the witnesses. Did the 61 year old man go to the police? This is a tabloid site that is just trying to sell itself and remember, he is just a messenger. A messenger with a goal of making money.

      one question. If it is ok to put minors pictures up on this site and copy their info off face book and post it. Why didnt the Channel 11 new story show the faces as well??? They blurred them all out. The question is why would the news do it if it is completley legal or are they jsut being responsible Journalist and not trying to casue issues?

      • Realist State

        Ahhh! Plausible deniabilty. This is so weak. The classic, shoot the messenger!

        Money? Is this a pay web site or blog?

        Read up on public domain, or tell your kids to wear masks the next time they engage in vandalism.

        The other choice is just to "man up". They might like it!

        • Creepy

          Or show some proof rather than a crazy story which most is made up and yes this website is making money. That is why he is rubbing one out as all these posts keep going and giving credibility to his lunacy, he would sell a family member to get attention which I am sure he has looked into.

          No Credibility, jsut a Creepy guy walking the streets hiding behind cars and taking pictures of Children. It would be nice to see all the pictures he has taken over the years. I am sure he has some perverted pics with all his spying and sneaking around.

          Total Creep.

          • Realist State

            I don't know, the pictures he has shown looks like proof enough. That along with the Facebook admissions. And all the eyewitnesses? Sorry, still weak!

            But again, cast dispersions on the messenger…of course you do know that the unsubstantiated "charge" you just made is illegal. Look up slander.

            Man up…you'll feel better

  • Realist State

    Wow, what a bunch of pussies the kids in the Beach turned out to be! Jacking up an old man!! That took balls. Probably when he was your age he would have whooped your asses. But then again you proabaly would run away long before it came to that. What's next for you "warriors", old ladies in wheel chairs? Now there's a challenge.

    Well, as they say, what goes around, comes around. In the not too distant future, you'll have to go out into the world and take responsibilty for your actions. You won't have mommy and daddy to wipe your asses for you. Try being a man now and take responsibilty!!

    To the Parents of these little geniuses: Why not bring your children to volunteer at a veterans home or something. Take those pictures and post those to "show" that you are teaching your child some sort of responsibilty.

    • Matthew Cummins

      I'll repeat this for what definately won't be the last time. Nono, actually, you know what? I'll just lie and say I don't live in the Beach anymore. Since, apparently, just by living in the Beach, I'm a pussy, delinquent, white trash, in-bred (? I'm relatively sure my Mother and Father aren't from the same family), and aren't going to go anywhere in life.

      Though, don't get me wrong. You're hilarious. <_< I'd just appreciate it if you'd stop targeting ALL the kids in the Beach. I could name at least two (not that I will, because that'd be just stupid) excluding myself that weren't even in Gerritsen Beach during Halloween, and at least four others (including myself) who just stayed inside the entire holiday. Because we have no life, obviously! Well, we do. But it's centered around XBox and the computer.

      But what if we go to a veteran's home and start pegging them with rocks?! D: -Le gasp-

      • Realist State

        Good point, and obviously should have only been directed at those barve souls who attacked the buses, the cops and the old man. I though that was a given, but I stand corrected. I'm sure it was not ALL kids in Gerritsen Beach this past Halloween, just as it was not ALL GB kids when I grew up there.

        That being said, I would hope that the perpetrators of the of festivities would attempt to rehabilitate themselves by doing something to give back to the community they profess to love. Perhaps you could initiate something with the help of your parents. You sound like a smart kid, maybe you can make it work.

        PS: Chucking rocks at veterans would probably not be a good idea…they can probably throw them back.

        • Matthew Cummins

          Ha, unfortunately, I don't interact with these kids at all, have no intention of interacting with them, and really don't care–at all–about the wellfare of the neighborhood. If anything, my participation on this site (which, really, is only on this single subject), is directed to better only my own welfare, and the welfare of my friends (not that I have any, but allies, maybe? The kids with no lives like myself, who actually do GOOD in school, and go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween [not that I do]). I'd rather be blamed for something I said.

          Now then, let me give you my pessimistic view of what's going to happen. Since it's getting a rather decent amount of news coverage, the police are–eventually–going to have to step in and confront either Dan, or the children. My bet is the children, since the first amendment lets him write WHATEVER HE WANTS. -Cough- So, the kids get arrested, and then Dan gets assaulted, or there's property damage. Car's tire's slashed. Blah blah blah.

          Then there'll be another topic on this goddamned website about it, and I'll be sitting here, gloating, posting about how I put right 'ere what would happen.

          PS: Oh, but then all the kids would run away, harhar. Maybe to the back weeds or behind their mother's skirts.

        • Matthew Cummins

          And, quite honestly, I'm not very smart, because I'm probably going to get in trouble with my parents for using my real name on here.

          • Realist State

            Or it could be somone else using your name. But you do make some excellent points, so there is some hope!

  • Thank you

    Thank you for showing the public the facts.

    you should get an AWARD for the site ( who ever is publishing it )

  • Realist State

    Note to the Deniers: So the bus was a "victim" of migratory egg laying chickens?

  • Anyone see the psycho parents freak out? Way to go for being mad your own very bad parenting. Kids might be kids sometimes, but seeing them (especially *her*, that crazy bitch mom) freak out like that leaves me completely unsurprised that the entire thing happened at all.

    Here it is for anyone who didn't see it:


    She even yells "I feel he's a pedophile!" WTF?

    • Realist State

      Now wasn't that an embarassment. Again, let's condone bad behaviour.

    • vic

      how coked up was she

    • Realist State

      BTW, what's with the "..if you don't like it here, move…" comment? I think the fact that he identified a problem, and some people want keep their collective heads in the sand, makes him the bad guy? Move and leave us in our ignorance? How American is that? Besides the fact that his family has probably been in the Beach longer than anyone's family that was in the room.

      All should take this passage to heart:

      Luke 6:42 "How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

      • Anonymous Couch


        I'm saving that quote from the bible in my quote's collection, along with…

        "And he (Jesus) asked the man, "What is thy name," and he replied, "My name is Legion, for we are many."

        Oh, and…

        "In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out.. "

      • guest

        If those comments were taken in context one would realize they were aimed at those that were just bashing the beach. They were not in respect to this situation which is an isolated event that should not skew a person's entire perception of the neighborhood. I for one do not have my head in the sand, I know the beach is by far one of the nicest and safest places in Brooklyn. As a realist, I assume you would agree with that. I can appreciate and agree with those that are addressing this incident directly not those just using it as an excuse to bash the beach or those from it that had nothing to do with this.

        • Realist State

          The entire posting is about the lack of police response (read the title of post). I don’t consider that “bashing”. GB is not a “gulag state”, where evrything should be swept under the rug

          Like any discerning adults, provided information, you should draw your own opinions. If your ok with the behaviour of the police response, or the acts of some of the “children”, that’s your opinion, and I’m fine with that.

          But I’m all about responsibility. And adults that make excuses for the kids actions, and police that are not prepared to protect the community, then something is wrong. It’s only a matter of time when somone takes action on their own, and some kid gets hurt or killed for just “throwing an egg”. Be “real”…what if it was your grandfather that got pelted with eggs? How would you feel?

          If the community wants to police itself, fine. Then some adults or parents should have been up there to break up that group. But no, in order to get any action, someone had to “turn the light on”, and suddenly there was this collective gasp (from under the sand). And instead of action, let’s attack the person who turned on the light.

          Yes, it’s been happening for years. It still doesn’t make it right. And if the outside world is now peaking under your skirt, and they don’t like what they see, then fix it!!

    • Anonymous

      her in the video was pretty funny and we wonder why or where the kids get their guidance from. Anyone else notice that it seems that its the mommies who are upset and freaking out over the posting and reporting, anyone seen any of the babies daddies
      GREAT job Dan, now this is keeping the community informed of things that effect us all
      PS – do school bus drivers drive on Sunday evenings

    • Video

      IMHO, video 3 was the best!

    • James

      Wow! In part 2, she actually said she talked to the cyber police! That is a funny video set! These people are out of touch with reality.

      Why did you even sit in for that HOA witch hunt? They have no authority over anything you are doing. That loud guy (Joe DiSimone Sr.) is a riot. Ignorant as hell, but funny. He's like a caricature.

      I can't wait to hear what lawyer told the busdriver lady she has some sort of case.

      • chucklehead

        For the woman who complained in the CW11 news report, and at the meeting, that her son is being “slandered:”

        Dan did not, in any legal sense, “slander” your son. He reported on the events of Halloween, and that some neighborhood kids boasted on Facebook about participating in the incident. All of which is factual, and documented. The principle in First Amendment law is that “the truth is an absolute defense.” In other words, so long as what he said is demonstrably true, he’s not exposed to legal action in any way, shape or form, because he did nothing that can be called illegal. His motivation doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is whether or not his reporting is accurate.

        (I won’t speculate on Dan’s motivations, except to note that the headline of his story decries the complete lack of a police response, not the incident itself.)

        You, on the other hand, most definitely slandered him at the meeting when you called him a pedophile. While I don’t want to advise Dan on his legal options — because I am not an attorney — I think it’s important for you to understand that you have opened yourself up to a lawsuit. The First Amendment does not give you the right to accuse someone, IN PUBLIC, of a heinous crime without offering up a single shred of evidence.

        It seems to me that he has an airtight case against you, should he want to pursue it.

        A very wise man once said: “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

        Food for thought.

    • Anonymous

      sue the bitch

  • travel2692

    enough already folks! it has been beaten to death…hopefully parents will deal with it and other parents will be more attentive….but the vulgarity and personal attacks make all of the people in the neighborhood look very bad……express yourselves in a cohesive manner..leabve the F word out and the insults out…and let this be the end of it. we do not want or need all this adverse publicity…..and in spite of the pictures…it is not the whole neighnorhood…..there are a lot of good and responsible youth in this area…..scouts, K of C Squires….and so on…..

  • Chris from the UK

    Not to be rude but the mouthy mother is the problem here.

    I feel sorry for her kid for having unstable parents – I'm sure he and the author of this fine post share something in their dislike of being on the receiving end of that.

  • h8kids

    Kids are dumb. Behold, the power of the internet!

  • Weeowww

    Clearly piece of shit parents. I can't stand behavior like that or the lack of responsibility taken by the parents for their kids' actions. I would be appalled if my child acted in such a way, but it would never happen in the first place because I would never raise my child in such a way to even think acting like that is okay, and they surely would not be bragging about it on facebook. And for parents to stick up for their kids' actions and attempt to defend them is ridiculous. I 'd do as much snooping around as possible to find these little bastards who caused property damage, acted like a bunch of idiots, and were totally disrespectful to those around them.

  • Lou1

    Savages. I live in the hood in bk and i see this shit all the time.. parents protecting the kids from shit they do and the same shit on and on. I would have loved to hear about how a driver put a bullet in the head of one of these white trash motherfuckers. Fuck em and their naive parents too.

  • AnnaZed

    The little blog that could.

    Don't let those plug-ignorant parents intimidate you.

    You haven't done anything illegal.

    The real question is why did the police ignore this little crime spree?

    Imagine 50 black kids doing this and what the response would be.

    What's up with this town, no the entire world wants to know.

  • Anonymous

    1 – Great job Dan at exposing the carnage done by these vandals! Prank or not, these teens show a severe lack of respect for people and their property.

    2 – Posting photos and names of the criminals commiting crimes is not illegal, though the faces and names of the minors should've been blurred out, while the older vandals are fair game. Still, it's not an illegal act to reveal them, since media agencies do it for ethical reasons, but there is no law stating a need for a release from the parent or guardian, especially in the context of editorials and news articles, which is what the news is.

    3 – The only illegal act seen so far is the slander and libel of Cavanagh's name as people label him a pedophile and stalker for taking photos of teens comitting crimes in the open public. There's a difference between following kids to see what crime they're doing and following kids home from school for no reason.

    4 – Watch parents next year cry if the police to show up and respond with rubber bullets, fire hoses and tear gas, claiming the police "used excessive force!"

    5- The parents should be thanking their lucky stars the teens didn't attack someone with a short fuse and a hidden firearm! The parents should be thankful the officers who did show up didn't call for backup!

    6 – Yeah eggs are harmless, because there's no way an eggshell shard could ever accidentally blind someone or cause a car to suddenly swerve out of control because a driver is suddenly-blinded. Then let's go with the fact that it was more than just shaving cream-filled balloons and eggs being thrown!

    7 – No one cares about traditions for all those so-called parents! So you did it as a child… are you still doing it? Grow up!

    • Realist State

      Excellent points.

      It's also a very weak arguement to say "…we did the same thing when we were their age…".

      When we were kids, I know my folks never condone the wasting of food, much willful vandalism. Along with the fact that I was more afraid of them finding out than the police.

      Put it this way, if I was in the right, my parents were my biggest advocate. If I was in the wrong (as these kids clearly were), God help me!

  • Anonymous

    Good to see so many of those kids wearing baseball caps; it's good practice for their lifetime of working at Macdonalds.

  • yes

    if a few black kids had come in the neighbor hood or even did this by the projects,the very same people,kids and parents would be saying things that can't even be repeated here.this crap is not ok ,it sucks and the kids involved are a bunch of spoiled little brats that show no kindness to the rest of their peers. they are "the cool kids",the popular asswipes we all hated growing up.their parents should be punishing them but instead they are playing the victim. my kid wanted to go to the avenue halloween-guess what

    ? no f'ng way. and i am not pretending to be parent of the year,the fact that they wanted to go upset me because i feel they knew what was going on.

    the kids don't care because the parents don't care.

    can't wait for the losers to flower as adults into adult losers.

    • yes

      P.S. black kids would have been smart enough to hide their faces.

      have you seen the gb net facebook page? the comments made by the kids in the pix? these have to be the dumbest kids ever.

    • Realist State

      You hit that one right on the head. It would have been a whole different story if they were "our kids". Then it wouldn't have been "harmless fun"!

  • Anonymous

    You should consider some kind of legal action against that mad cow bus driving bitch that called you a pedophile. That is hard core slander and you've got it on tape.

  • Anonymous

    You did a fantastic job! Way to stick to your guns, expose the hooligans, the hooligan parents where they learn this low manner, and the Police, who really were the culprits in not diffusing the situation in real time. Folks, this is reality, and first of all, parents childhood conduct does not make what these kids did okay, even if it was eggs and shaving cream (which is was not). It is understandable that this woman is acting in the way she is, but all she will end up doing is taking the fall and exposing herself in many negative ways. She should own up to her ethical failings, as well as her children's ethical failings.

    Danny, you did that community a great service. Sometimes, you have to force change through tough love…However, I think you could have summoned more attention during the meeting by combatting their accusations and slander critically…Their lack of intellect, coupled with videotaping left so many holes that you could have wholeheartedly exposed the true problem…"if you don't like it, move out" "Be quiet?" "What are you doing with those photos?"

    Best of luck and thank you!

  • LTD

    I have to say this has got to be the best bunch of responses I have read in a while! Thanks all! Thanks to the dumbass kids for posting online what they did, so they could get outed! Dan is awesome for calling them all out! Pictures awesome! This really made my friday! Most adults have done things in there past, but didn't have the internet to post their stupidity, these kids did and got caught. Oh, I would not want to be part of this community right now! Have fun parents!! Stupid kids!!! Hahahahahahahahah thanks again! :)

  • Guy in Florida

    Shit parents raise shit kids. Illiterate, no moral compass, no regard for others in society. I weep for the future

  • Brendan Townsend

    A town full of garbage. How can any of you defend your children's actions? Additionally, getting hit with soda is assault. If your kids are fucking brats, deal with them.

  • Old Beach Rat

    I moved from the beach in 1974, I was born there, and I am still proud to say that I came from there. Egging and socks filled with Chalk were common issues on halloween night even then. But I also remember trick or treating from noon till the sun went down, then the teens came out, and we the young hid and ran. No where else I have lived do neighbors know each other so well. Yes, they went overboard it appears, and the parents need to address it, but please leave the beach problems to the beach. What many here complain about, is what I remember as being unique and wonderful.

    • Union

      We would leave the "beach" problems to the "beach" but sadly, those little criminals made it all of our problems when they attacked city property. You live in NYC, not a private community. GB needs to come into the 21st century. Your 19th century ways dont apply anymore.

    • Realist State

      What changed when you were there is that our parents held us accountable for our actions. It no longer seems to be the case for some parents.

  • Bravo! Well done! Kudos!

    Keep blogging about what's going on in your neighborhood and bringing attention to the issues that are being ignored. It's time to take back our cities and hold people accountable for their actions!!!

  • Casey

    Man, the youtube video of the author at some sort of neighbourhood meeting was intense. Makes all the parents look like bullish idiots though. Keep journalism alive!

  • Port Hueneme

    Some of us (about 20) from NMCB4 out of Port Hueneme will be out this way next year, just for this event. I hope you little fucks are ready because were bringing more than eggs.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of a BS threat is this? What are you Seebees going to do? Run over them with a forklift? How about this…You and your 20 buddies resign your commissions and become cops. Let the remainder serve with honor.

    • Tojo

      "Little Fucks"?

      Oh come on man, they're kids. Juvenile delinquents is more appropriate

  • weekend

    Hehehe, good job man :-)

    I read about your blog on the website of a German Newspaper.

    u rock!

    greetings from Germany

  • History Buff

    Well, maybe the British knew what they were dealing with for so many centuries?

    • Proud2bIrish

      I bet you would not post something like that if the people you were talking about were not white. On a related note, the British conquered lands all over the world but they had quote the struggle succeeding with their neighbor. Try to keep the the issues or at the least have the nuggets to post your name.

      • History Buff

        I have thought the same thing about many ethnic groups. You see, as a history buff I cannot give any group a free pass. I was just asking a question. Must I pander to one group because they may have the ability to intimidate me?

        I am glad you are “Proud2bIrish.” Nothing wrong with that. I am just honest enough to understand that in this country of ours, there are people whose children do not throw things on Halloween, and they may be Catholic, or (said in a hushed voice) Protestant. Unfortunately, GB is an ethnic enclave, so the residents should accept that problems there reflect on the ethnicity that otherwise enjoys their enclave. Have a nice thanksgiving.

  • History Buff

    The diversity in GB is astounding. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions. Thank goodness the area transcended the old, prior stereotype of clannishness.

  • Nielsen

    Helloween is not good for us!
    On this day the reformationed Church of Evangelisch-Luterisch go to church.
    Reformationstag, and not a Keltisch-Day.
    This are a fake of US-Teens.

  • Anthony

    I personally don't believe someone should be allowed to show someone's facebook information to the world. The boys who posted that information on facebook did so with the intention that only "friends" could see. Regardless of whether they are guilty or not, I do not believe it ethical that a grown man should be allowed to show the information of a minor that he acquired under a public domain name, only intended for friends to see, to the rest of the world. I understand the legalities of the matter, and I understand that Facebook is a public social network, but it doesn't justify the morality of the situation.

  • Anonymous

    gerritson beach is muff cabbage gabbage

  • […] mit einigen der Teenies an und veröffentlichte deren inkriminierende Status-Updates auf seinem Blog GerritsenBeach.net. Damit scheint er jedoch ein Eigentor geschossen zu haben, denn jetzt ist er im Visier erboster […]

  • John Q Public

    Stoopid parents breed stoopid kids. Surprised?

  • cap

    hi, read our article – linked by the german online magazine "spiegel online" – very nice!

  • Marc (tm)

    All the parents are just concerned, that will face charges.

    As far as I learned, this vandalism has been going on for years and the police ad other athorities seem to have done nothing.

    And now one person steps forward and marks this issue and all the so called "parents" get mas, even accusing him of being a pedophile! (LOL)

    Sounds like a witchhunt! Grow up America!

    Greeting from germany

  • Tom Jones

    pezzi da merda.

  • Union

    Anyone see the page of Michael Guiseppone? Notice how a person named Michelle Knoblauch Guiseppone commented to be careful because there are alot of cops out? Is that his mother? Is she encvouraging criminal behavior? SHouldnt she have her poor kid taken away from her for his own good?

    • James

      Yes, that is his mother. She has commented on this post repeatedly.

    • Teknodruid

      Thats what they consider 'good parenting' on the beach huh?

      Telling them to be careful while doing illegal activities so they don't get caught…. pathetic parenting.

      Instead of wasting time prosecuting him… maybe you should use the money to take parenting classes so your little guido wanna-be kids will grow up to speak correct English not guido speak, and perhaps they'll finally learn to respect the laws not just avoid the cops.

      The loud mouth man yelling at everyone sounded like a friggin dumb ass the whole time.

  • […] mit einigen der Teenies an und veröffentlichte deren inkriminierende Status-Updates auf seinem Blog GerritsenBeach.net. Damit scheint er jedoch ein Eigentor geschossen zu haben, denn jetzt ist er im Visier erboster […]

  • These defective, obviously unparented children are the future losers that this country has to sift through to find some sort of future society. I feel bad for us in the future. Take a look at the poor unfortunate people of Haiti. This country has suffered greatly and the spirit of the people there is still yet to be broken. I think that we can learn a great deal from the stregnth and determination of the Haitian people.

  • Union

    Just curious, will GB finally admit their racist past and present? Still proud of flying the confederate flag over GB?

  • Fran23

    WOW! Came here, like thousands of people, because of Reddit. Michelle Guiseppone, the whole wide world now knows how amazing your parenting skills are.

  • the man

    let's face it what was done was done . i just got a new camera i am going to take pic of danny don't speed don't j walk o by the way i have a new web site we love gerristen beach it will be up in a week or 2 .o ya i don't make money off this like you do danny ps i been living down here for 4 years and things you say are WRONG . and for my web site it is going to be good thing about GERRISTEN beach thank you the man

    • James

      C'mon Joe DiSimone Sr. "Get a real job!"

      "I might have been born today, but not yesterday, ya know what I mean?"


    • Are you retarded??? I wanna see your crack pot site when it's finished?

      you people realize this is all making national new now? You people make folks in the midwest look like geniuses. Having your little white trash punks destroying public and private property, in any sane state, the little bastards would have caught rock salt or even better some buck shot in the ass for the stunts they pulled.

      One can only hope that the little bastards win themselves a darwin award playing in traffic or something later on down the line.


      and the accent on the mother in that video is atrocious do you people even listen to yourselves?

      • anonymous

        aw c'mon, you don't like her Brooklyn accent? It's known round the world as Brooklynese. Not everyone can speak it you know.

    • Anonymous

      You do that stuff around here, you will end up floating in a creek

  • Anonymous

    Shame on these kids and SHAME ON THEIR PARENTS!! Shame on their parents even more for not taking ownership of their kid's bad behavior but instead taking it out on the person in charge of this website.

  • Dave Pawlak

    Time for the victims to retain lawyers and sue the police department and the parents. And if this happens again and the police are unresponsive, time to form a neighborhood posse to mete out painful retribution to the little SOBs.

  • ~evilsugar25

    Excellent reporting! Great job in standing up to these unbelievably ignorant, criminal juvenile delinquents. This is not over. This thread is getting a lot of attention, and these illiterate thugs will not get away with this. It's absolutely disgusting.

  • jessica

    cool kids!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnathan Doe

    It's a good thing you folks live in an anti-individual freedom state. I live in a state that is a shall issue state. My state allows its law-abiding citizens to carry handguns, so long as they pass a background check. Throwing eggs and other non-damaging items at property, so that it doesn't cause any lasting damage, is considered "kids being kids" but the parents here understand that it is still wrong and they would discipline their kids if they found them doing that.

    That being said, throwing anything at a person, especially done by a large group of savages, and you are likely to get a gun pointed right at you. The best outcome would be the sight of the gun would cause you to turn and run, the worse would be getting shot. Throwing rocks or bricks at a person, at least where I live, would be looked upon as aggravated battery and since it can easily cause serious bodily harm or death, a shooter would be justified in using deadly force to protect themselves. If it is an egg, it would depend on a lot of things. In my state, a few years ago, and just recently down south, kids have been killed for throwing eggs. So far, it seems to be that the shooters just lost it, none have tried to argue heat of the moment, thought it was a rock, etc..

    You folks in NYC need to keep a leash on your animals if they are truly this wild. You never know when they might go out of the occupied territory into freedom land (ie: states where citizens can carry guns in public for protection). They could figure that throwing rocks and bricks AT PEOPLE in Wyoming with a friend or relative would be a fun thing to do, but they could easily end up getting shot…and the shooter would likely be justified in protecting themselves.

  • Johnathan Doe

    It's a good thing you folks live in an anti-individual freedom state. I live in a state that is a shall issue state. My state allows its law-abiding citizens to carry handguns, so long as they pass a background check. Throwing eggs and other non-damaging items at property, so that it doesn't cause any lasting damage, is considered "kids being kids" but the parents here understand that it is still wrong and they would discipline their kids if they found them doing that.

    That being said, throwing anything at a person, especially done by a large group of savages, and you are likely to get a gun pointed right at you. The best outcome would be the sight of the gun would cause you to turn and run, the worse would be getting shot. Throwing rocks or bricks at a person, at least where I live, would be looked upon as aggravated battery and since it can easily cause serious bodily harm or death, a shooter would be justified in using deadly force to protect themselves. If it is an egg, it would depend on a lot of things. In my state, a few years ago, and just recently down south, kids have been killed for throwing eggs. So far, it seems to be that the shooters just lost it, none have tried to argue heat of the moment, thought it was a rock, etc..

    You folks in NYC need to keep a leash on your animals if they are truly this wild. You never know when they might go out of the occupied territory into freedom land (ie: states where citizens can carry guns in public for protection). They could figure that throwing rocks and bricks AT PEOPLE in Wyoming with a friend or relative would be a fun thing to do, but they could easily end up getting shot…and the shooter would likely be justified in protecting themselves. Please tell your kids this behavior is wrong, and could end up with them getting hurt.

    • ~evilsugar25

      this place is NOT NYC. i have lived in manhattan my whole life, and this is the first time i've ever heard of this place. NYC is wild, but not like this.

  • you people realize this is all making national new now? You people make folks in the midwest look like geniuses. Having your little white trash punks destroying public and private property, in any sane state, the little bastards would have caught rock salt or even better some buck shot in the ass for the stunts they pulled.

    One can only hope that the little bastards win themselves a darwin award playing in traffic or something later on down the line.


    and the accent on the mother in that video is atrocious do you people even listen to yourselves?

    • cjmick

      I live in the midwest, and I am infinitely more intelligent than the little f*cktards in the photos, and their parents as well. I would not have even entertained the idea of doing that stuff when I was a teenager. My kid would be grounded for a year if he did what these kids did. Please, spare me the “midwesterners are buffoons” stereotype.

  • Annonymous

    Get ready your taxes will be going up again..you will now have to have hurricane insurance because Haiti can't handle anything…so some how this becomes our responsibility??????

  • Annonymous

    I Love this site some people here are so mentally disabled that they should get an award for the most ignorant postings

  • Anonymous

    I've got mad respect for the Danny guy, I see a bunch of ignorant uneducated new yorkers attacking a man for being intelligent enough to see that these people are fucking retarded.

    people accusing a man of being a pedo and saying he's gone too far when their kids are running around like a bunch of brainless chimps destroying other peoples property, shame on them.

  • the man

    ok people of the beach . we love gerristen beach so let's make this place the best place on earth . let's love each other please stop the bullshit good night

  • anonymous

    Shame, shame Renee and Joe D. for proving the outsiders right, GB is white trash.
    You both owe Danny, George, and the good people of GB an apology in public nice and loud with your big mouths and lets get it on tape! I don’t think your son was going to get into that catholic high school anyway, may I suggest Sheepshead?

  • Anonymous

    The whole state of Michigan have seen this and even Reddit. Sorry to the good families of GB who have to deal with parents who can’t even control their children.

  • Michelle Guiseppone

    Dear everyone (including Reddit),

    I am filing a report today with the CYBER POLICE!!!!!!! You done goofed!

    • Anonymous

      OMG, where do you get your material Michelle? The Cyber Police???? REALLY????? HAHAHAHAHA, a police DEPARTMENT may have a cyber UNIT, but the cyber police is make believe much like your mother of the year award….

    • Mudkipz

      “You done goofed!”

      This is just some kid posting. ‘You done goofed’ is an internet meme.

    • Mudkipz

      “You done goofed!”

      This is just some kid posting. ‘You done goofed’ is an internet meme made up by 4chan I think.

  • Michelle Guiseppone

    I am the mother of the year

  • Bob



    I can’t believe that the parents of these little monsters are attacking the blogger for posting photographs of their kids, instead of dealing with their children’s behavior. I especially love the woman whining about “there’s no compassion!” How much compassion should we have for criminals who get caught committinmg their crimes on tape? How much compassion did the kids show their victims? Quit whining about the fact that your kids got caught, and start raising them better. They should be facing criminal prosecution, the public embarrassment of getting published on an obscure blog is pretty mild compared to the charges of assault and vandalism they should be facing. You should all get down on your knees and thank this blogger for the wake up call he provided you.

    Oh, and your kids are ugly and look stupid.



  • PaulaNYC

    MICHAEL GIUESPPE, those bus windows cost over $4,000 EACH to replace. Breaking one of them would be Criminal Mischief, a CLASS D Felony, as any patrol officer or lawyer can tell you (or as you can read for yourself). Thats FIVE YEARS IN PRISON.


    Hope neither you nor your friends (who would all be guilty if they participated in the mischief) aren’t past your 15th birthdays, my man.

    Otherwise, somebody — or a lot of kids — could be going to PRISON. (Of course, right now, I imagine everybody’s down at the precinct, giving it up to save themselves.)

  • PaulaNYC

    Those bus windows cost over $4,000 to replace. So, breaking one would be criminal mischief, a Class D felony in NYS for which the punishment is FIVE YEARS in prison. (Juvenile penalties are less, but at least one year in a juvenile correction facility.)

    Now that the police are involved, I’m sure everyone will be at the local precinct pointing fingers to avoid serving time.


  • Brit


    This story has now gone international. What this author has done is bring these young adults and teenagers to light to not only the local area, state or country but to the world.

    The “kids” are not the only ones on trial here as many commenters’ have forgotten the lack of positive police involvement.

    In regard to the privacy… what privacy? The facebook accounts were captured because they were made available to the public. They are in the public domain. If the “youths” and their parents wanted this to remain private then tough shit. The parents should have more control over the internet as it is a far more scary and dangerous world than the uneducated care to recognise. If the youths did not want their crimes to be spread about and their names shadowed for another 5 years branding them as trouble makers…hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Photographic material of a young adult or teenager is no different than that as being taken of an adult by another adult. It is not paedophilia, it is not illegal but it is infact perfectly legal and public domain. As it has been proven these people do not care who views their face online because otherwise they would have set their own FB profiles to private. I do find it funny how suddenly their parents are taking a sudden vast interest regarding this when they didn’t care before.

    To the parents and “kids” — Tough Shit you anti-social bastards. Think about the repercussions before you act.

    Personally I’d have shot one of the little fuckers if they damaged my property. I do believe in some states that is legal.

  • Realist State

    I find it ironic that the same site that posted pictures of a family’s home that was devastated by fire last winter, and help unite a cummunity both far and near to help them, is now being vilified.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched you’re little “townhall” meeting. What a joke, the loud mouth bus driver and the Guido that made the early exit. Do yourselves a favor, start monitoring your kids! You people sound like a bunch inbred mountain folk! Your children’s actions should be exploited! What do you suggest, sweeping it under the rug. According to your local loud mouth bus driver, and “The Situation” SR. Nobody should see what kind of children you are raising.

    And on another note for loud mouth bus driver lady…. NO! WE DID NOT “ALL” THROW EGGS! Some of us were raised to know better, and if we were caught doing shit like that, our ass would be in a sling! So speak for yourself lady!

  • bill

    This is what happens when cockroaches are allowed to breed unchecked. Sounds like a lovely place to live!

  • I'm Joe DeeSee[watch me]MOAN

    Weez all inbred whaite trash from itahly, mah daoughtah iz mah babees muddah.
    We may be cabbage, but we filled with love. I fillz my daougtah with my luvz everynites

  • Ian

    Short of a global crime across the entire planet or at least spanning every thing these people had ever seen in every place they went to destroy or attempt to murder them at all times that the police did not respond to; which would of course require an entire planet to know their names or at least large cities. I have no idea why the Police or 911 would not have attempted to stop them or arrest them unless there was some 911 involved as well. 911 or the Police are too powerful and important to sit by while something like that happens normally.

  • Anonymous

    There is an old saying: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”…..enough said

  • Anonymous

    This is has been happening in GB for years but this was the worst. I’ve been the victim of egg attacks my self in the past while in car service. What disturbs me more is the lack of police response. The 61 pct really dropped the ball on this one, but I shouldn’t be surprised, they’re a lazy bunch. It’s frightening. Every one should call 311 and make a complaint. It will be referred to Chief Fox. Who ever the CO is at the 61 should be reprimanded for not having a plan in place.

  • BklynGal

    Let’s just call this what it was: “The 2010 GB Halloween Teen Riot” just another in the long line of Halloween behavior that for some unknown reason is allowed to continue year in and year out.

    10 years ago eggs and shaving cream, this year potatoes and rocks lobbed at buses, police cars and people, next year perhaps Property Meeting Ranter Renee can lead a parental line on the Avenue to prevent it from escalating further.

  • Anonymous

    I love how half the people living in that community can’t spell or pronounce it’s name properly.

  • HR

    This is disgusting. What has happened to parenting in this country. When I was growing up, you HOPED your parents didn’t catch you doing anything bad. Now, these uneducated parents don’t even attempt to educate or culture their children. Instead, they attack someone who is bringing the truth to light — the fact that this young generation, fueled by Rap, TV and video games, couldn’t be trusted to tie their shoelaces correctly.

    Cheers to Mr. Cavanaugh for showing how uncivil, uneducated and — worse of all! — apathetic these kids and their parents are. Thank God I don’t live in that sh**hole!

    • Manhattanite

      “When I was growing up, you HOPED your parents didn’t catch you doing anything bad.”

      No kidding, same here!

  • HR

    Look at the faces of those kids, not one bright mind in the bunch. I mean, are any of these kids going to be doing anything else with their lives but living in that same area, working construction or pumping gas? I don’t think so. Some of them look bloated, probably all that steroid fast food their parents feed them.

    Lord have mercy on us!

  • HR

    Pedophilia? You disgusting adult parents have the nerve to falsely accuse this blogger of that? N, my dears, what they SHOULD do is call social services on your uneducated asses.

  • HR

    Hey, you guys are no world famous, congrats! Gerritsen Beach is now officially known worldwide as a shithole where adults have less rationale than their children, and that’s saying a lot, considering the kids are snot-nosed white trash.

  • Manhattanite

    First, WTF are we paying for police for, if they can’t be bothered to show up! This is an outrage! And second, if they won’t show up when you need them, I recommend that everyone start carrying mace, a slingshot, or a blade – we have literally no other choice.

    When I lived in the 34th Precinct near Broadway and Dyckman, the cops would NEVER show up when you needed them; it was a joke! I’m fully convinced, at least in the 34th, that they’re all “on the take,” and probably actually scared of drug dealers who blare music all night every night.

  • me

    What type of drunken idiot names their child “maverick”

    • Bitchita

      Gerritsen Beach white trash idiots name their children “Maverick”.

    • Anthony

      Maverick is a type of bird. Just like people name their children after seasons, or flowers, or virtues… What type of idiot poses that question?

      • me

        A maverick isn’t a bird. It’s a type of cow that hasn’t been branded yet. A mallard is a type of bird. But your point seems to be that his parents wanted their son to have the qualities of either a cow or a duck. Well, that explains everything. they hope their son will either be a brainless fat slob or a quacking moron (by your reasoning).
        oh and if you want to try an be a smart ass with what a maverick is, at least find out what the word means

        • Anthony

          I confused a Maverick with a Macaw, not a Mallard. I’d rather be a smart ass then a pretentiously dogmatic douche bag. Sorry the entire world isn’t full of “exceptionally Intelligent” people such as yourself.

          • lion

            You should but a thesaurus, because you ar eusing words that you don’t understand

          • An Angry Potato!

            I wouldn’t use a word if I didn’t understand it. Unlike most people, I’m not obsessed with “impressing” people. I just prefer my arguments and my insults to be detailed

          • Anthony

            I wouldn’t use a word if I didn’t understand it, but it’s not a matter of “impressing” people. Having an expanded vocabulary serves to better define a statement and get a point across.

          • lion

            What does dogmatic mean? because it doesn’t make ant sense in your post. Also you thought a maverick was a bird

        • Anthony

          By the way, you ever hear the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” You’re ridiculing Maverick & his parents for him having a “stupid” name, yet you’re the moronic cock bag jumping to conclusions because of a name…

          • Bitchita

            Maverick was one of the little angels up on the avenue flinging everything they could get their hands on at innocent people passing by, there is no jumping to any conclusions. Dumb name, dumb funtime activity. Obviously you are the moronic cock bag.

          • Anthony

            Yes… it is jumping to conclusions. Did you actually SEE Maverick throw anything? And how is calling a person dumb because of their name NOT jumping to conclusions? A name has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence.

          • lim

            actually i’m judging maverick by his actions. I’m judging his parents by their drunken behavior that can be witnessed as soon as it gets warm. just watch the parade of coolers going down seba to kiddie beach.
            It’s nice to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the white trash tree

  • Jason

    Well done.

    I support this article.

    It sounds cliched, but society really is becoming increasingly autistic.

    If these kids want to be arseholes, they cannot expect to do so anonymously.

    If the police cannot be involved, I support the community exposing this from every angle. I support every photo.

  • ...

    If I ever have the chance to post a trouble maker’s pic I am sure as shit going to do it. Too bad parents. Raise your kids better

  • Does the 1,000th commenter win a prize?

  • 998, 999, 1000


    You should have dealt with your kids instead of thinking you were going to shoot your mouth off get backed by all your friends and were going to win this battle.
    You should have done everything and anything differently. Instead you are now making international news as the Antoine Dodson of GB.

    Congrats to you and Joey D for douche bag

  • Anonymous

    Shit like this doesn’t go on in Mill Basin its you Gerritsen white trash animals. Everyone asks where the parents are they are probably getting trashed at one of those sleazy bars on the Avenue. Dirt bag neighborhood = dirt bag people very simple.

  • Julian

    I just read the first couple hundred comments of the post, and wanted to respond (I haven’t got enough time for the rest).

    First, many people seem to think that if teens have incorrect grammer/spelling on their facebook pages that’s because they’re incapable of spelling correctly. That is almost never the case. They just don’t care, and write in a slang kind of language they’re used to. (No teacher to correct them on facebook :-P)

    Another thing I notice is many people having a “If you do X to me, well I’ll do X to you and see how you like it.” These people are trying to be reasonable adults. WTF. You think you can teach teens a sense of justice with the “an eye for an eye” approach? Good luck with that.

    Something really frightening is being described in this blogpost, but it’s not the teens. (Ok, when they throw rocks and bricks, that’s too much, but still). It’s the police not showing up. That is a real horrible failure, I’d be upset with that; the teens? – not so much.

    Finally, lots of people seem to be thinking really badly about this “future” generation. But come on, who hasn’t done some kind of shit as a teen? If teens wouldn’t break their limits from time to time, it would be sad. Also, impossible. (No matter the parenting. From personal experience, I’d even say the stricter the parents, the likelier the teens to go really bad on occasion).

    I would start worrying if they started setting cars on fire, or had serious alcohol problems, but throwing eggs/potatoes and creaming cars on halloween? Come on.

  • Anonymous

    I live in the midwest, and I could never imagine something like this happening, the worst we ever did on halloween was tp some trees in somebody’s yard.

    And the kids today don’t run the streets on halloween around here, except for the high schoolers who, usually go to a party and keep to themselves.

    And if something like this did, happen and the cops were called every one of those kids would probably have been beaten or hit with mace by the police, and then when the cops got them to their parents they’d be beaten again.

    It seems the further east/west you get away from the heartland the worse it gets.

    It’s funny though you never see this stuff happening in states, where people are allowed to carry guns, or have a largely conservative population.

    and I’m not blaming liberals for this, because I don’t think the parents in this instance even know how to vote.

    but I think a conservative background does instill a bit more moral fiber into the younger generations.

    • Realist State

      This has got to be the most asinine comment in a sea of ignorant comments.

      First off, to polarize this incident as a “heartland” versus urban east/west coast is not only stupid, but blatantly un-American. And if you don’t think anything like this happens in the midwest, why not look up “school shootings in the United States”, and count up the number incidents that occur in your self-described “heartland”. Maybe then you’ll admit that your kids are no different than these kids. The difference is these were caught before any serious damage or injury occurred.

      Secondly, why drag politics into this? You have no idea what the politics of the parents are (except for your pre-concieved bias that everyone in New York is a liberal). And whether a liberal or conservative makes a better parent is a matter of opinion. Charles Whitman, former Marine, and from a conservative Christian family became the Texas Tower shooter.

      Remember the old saying about people that “…live in glass houses…”!

    • NY proud

      Hey anonymous yokel,
      at least we don’t breed serial killers like you “conservative” midwesterners
      what are you doing on this site anyway? — go back to f**cking your cows!

  • Concerned Citizen

    We support you, Danny! Keep up the good work!

  • Jim Jones

    Are there any men in the neighborhood?! If I were there I would simply organize a “beat the white trash kids” night.

    • Realist State

      Oh yeah, that’ll work….nothing says you’re a real man like beating up a 12 year old! Get a grip…this should not be about vigilantism.

  • […] long the tiny (alleged) thugs were boasting about their crimes in status updates, which the blogger shared with the world. Two days ago, another blogger – this time a woman who works at a major […]

  • […] long the tiny (alleged) thugs were boasting about their crimes in status updates, which the blogger shared with the world. Two days ago, another blogger – this time a woman who works at a major […]

  • Dee

    How sad. I grew up near GB in the 1950’s-60’s. I am ashamed of my people. But since then, I got a Ph.D., own property in 3 states, have travelled extensively in Europe and elsewhere. But my parents were also educated and expected something of me. O well.

  • Nnnnn

    OMG will you give all us kids a break already! We are having fun ONE day out of the WHOLE year. Your gunna tell me you NEVER, not once, did this when you were kids? Like really? also its facebook, you don’t need to write the right way. & maybe our parents could be trick or treating with our siblings, while we are doing this? So chill will youuu.

    • If The Shoe Fits...

      You weren’t having fun with EACH OTHER, you were attacking innocent people in broad daylight, and damaging private and public property. You were having fun at someone else’s expense.

      You’re right, you don’t need to write the right way, because you don’t want to be confused for someone intelligent. People are only responding to the message YOU send. If you write like you’re illiterate, and you act like you have no regard for other people, they are going to respond accordingly.

      And yes, your parents could have been out trick or treating with siblings, but now that they know what kind of things you were doing (or maybe they don’t…maybe you think you got away with it), the fact remains:

      1) You aren’t apologizing to the hundreds of people who don’t appreciate your brand of fun, (Give you a break? If you were photographed damaging property or assaulting someone, you should be made to pay restitution, community service. Your “fun” came at a price to other people.) You think it’s ok. If your parents know what you were doing, and you obviously, still have access to a computer and are using it to cyber-roll your eyes at everyone, then clearly, they haven’t taught you very much.

      2) You’re not reading the hundreds of posts, not EVERYONE damaged property and assaulted people when they were kids, and believe it or not, some people don’t like getting hit with stuff. I’m sure the bus driver who got hit with the egg didn’t appreciate the “fun”.

      Clearly, if Dan had just sent this to parents, nothing would have happened or changed. He sent a message: If you insist on wreaking havoc in public, people will know. Dan also takes photos of all sorts of activities, and has done a lot of good for the community.

      Your attitude is exactly what people are complaining about. If you had said, “Hey, we were having fun and had no idea people would get this upset, I’m sorry to have helped cause the problem, and I’m sorry this made my parents and the community look bad..” there’d be some sympathy for the kids.

      But the fact that you even have computer privileges and and are not mature enough to understand what people are upset about, shows you really just don’t “get it”. Hopefully, you won’t cause your family or community any more embarrassment as you get older.

  • Nikki

    Thats really sad. I live there and its such a nice neighborhood usually. Maybe the parents of these kids need to teach their kids how to have fun without destroying property and hurting people.

  • […] residents are miffed with Cavanagh after he wrote about the mayhem local teens wrought along Gerritsen Avenue on Halloween. His post included photos […]

  • cjmick

    What strikes me, in all contemporary cases that I see online of teenagers acting like asshats, is the fact that they all seem to be functionally illiterate. Is this the new normal? My child is nine and has better writing skills than adults I know. How is it that these kids sound intentionally or unintentionally idiotic?

  • A ....um farkin joeeee DE simone damn it

    Asshole of the year.

    You should be kicked the fuck out of the neighborhood.

  • jj

    Send these lowlifes to Rikers for a day or two

  • Damien From New York

    Show this report on the news about teens attacking people with object. Now I’m pretty sure that attacking another person with any object is Illegal. yes in my teenage years friends and I played around by throwing eggs, sparying shaving cream at eachother. The only difference is we know who was playing the game. We’ed go to a local park and make teams. Not going out and attacking people. Some teens may say they were just having fun but they forget its alway fun untill someone get hurt. If parent don’t act as parents then they shouldn’t get upset when someone else steps in to do something about their children. If they only act as parents 50 % of the time and a friend 50% of the time children will never learn to become adults/parent themselves. They will become those in life that will hurt or kill someone for an acts like spilling their drinks, stepping on their shoes, or just talking to their girl/boy-friend. Parents I ask that you all start acting like Parents 100% of the time. You can be your childrens friend when your children become well-rounded Adults that know the differents between right and wrong. Its never been just as simple as black and white. They need to learn about that big gray area in life before someone takes their lives.

  • Mike

    Those Facebook screen shots are so telling … full of spelling and grammatical errors. These idiots have exciting lives ahead of them, working at the Quickie Mart.

  • Anon

    I do not understand why people keep replying the same comments i believe about 300 of these comments are about how illiterate these children are i think we get it they can not type

  • […] long the tiny (alleged) thugs were boasting about their crimes in status updates, which the blogger shared with the world. Two days ago, another blogger – this time a woman who works at a major […]

  • ~!GET OVER IT!~

    ok…..so its obvious that what the kids did is wrong. But dont you think maybe we are making a bigger deal of what really happened???? kids are just being kids, naughty kids, but still kids. You guys are all complaining and stuff now, but you guys are all going got miss them when they become “to old” for halloween.

  • Anonymous

    WHY on earth are all of you people who some are supposed to be ADULTS still sitting here and bashing/attacking? get off your butts and do something if you all feel so passionate about it… im sorry but this is just getting out of hand now.. over 1,000 posts over half of them bashing? really now.. STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER CHAIR, GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING… really not so hard.. its easier to sit here then do something about what you all say you want to do isnt it? i dont understand this at all your gonna talk the talk then walk the walk and come up with ways to stop this from happening again oh and threatening harm on a teenager makes none of you who did that any better you do realize this?!?!?!

  • Casual Reader

    You know, come to think of it, if I was being attacked in my car, and once attempting to leave by rocks, potatoes, and other projectiles, I would certainly feel like my safety and well-being were being threatened. I would imagine someone owning a firearm, feeling the same, might just feel justified in returning fire upon the kids. It would be a shame if one of them were killed in the process because they didn’t understand the results and implications of their attacks. Justify whatever you like on the part of “minors just trying to have fun,” the tune changes when one ends up dead for legitimate self defense reasons.

  • […] teenagers: http://www.gerritsenbeach.net/2010/11/01/no-police-response-despite-massive-damage-by-local-teens/ # Related Posts:November 7, 2010 — Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07 (0)October 31, 2010 — […]

  • Normal Parent Reaction

    I sat down and asked my dad what he would think if there pictures of me egging people on the avenue?

    My Dad: I would be pissed at you and not mad at whoever posted the pictures.

    Why don’t you all get that reaction?

  • Michelle S.

    The parents are only mad cause their kids got caught. Not because of what they were doing. I really hope all these kids are punished for their actions.

  • Anonymous

    I’m soooo glad that we moved out of GB eight years ago! The neighborhood has changed so much. Years ago it was nice growing up as a child everyone knew everyone, after reading all the posts. I think it’s disgusting what they did. It’s one thing to have fun on halloween but to throw eggs at old people & with children is dead wrong! I know this happened in Oct but I came acrossed this now, I’m sad I did. It breaks my heart to read GB in going down the tubs. I guess it was a great thing why we moved after all! Thank god we did…

    • Anonymous

      OMG! We are all soooooo glad that you moved too! Everyone has been saying it ever since you did! So happy you came ‘acrossed’ this, even though it happened in Oct. and was GREATLY exaggerated, (no old people or small children were REALLY attacked!) Don’t worry your little heart about it, lol, we are not going down the ‘tubs’. But it was a great thing that you moved, thank G-d you did!

    • Kelly

      You are Soooo Right.

  • BklynGal

    If the parents told their children that harassing people and attacking people was wrong, something might change.

    Instead the parents show up at the property meeting and redirect/deflect blame onto the person who runs the site and had evidence of their misdeeds, while minimizing their kids behavior.

    Now there is a thread that a business owner is being systematically harassed by neighborhood kids and that the neighborhood could use some business on the Avenue.

    Who would open up anything on that avenue with the GB parent authorized pack of maruders?

  • Matthew's Bestfriend

    I hate how everyone bombs on GB, like channel 11 news there saying kids from GB are going to be criminals. NO WE WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE CRIMINALS, its one day out the year we kids ACTUALLY have fun . & other people saying
    where is the parents and stuff, That bothers me. Some parents we’re actually checking up on their kids, Renee CUullen was checking up on matthew because i was with him. I understand potatoes and everything else is terrible. Number one, i bet most of you when you were younger threw egss & used shaving cream. Number two, Matthew Cullen is my bestfriend!! i was with him the whole day, he didnt do that stuff. If you saw the meeting video @ St.James, Renee is right. He did lie to act like a big shot which is understandable for being the youngest over 5 other brothers. He’s just trying to act tough & cool. But, he didnt do that stuff, i’m his bestfriend who he was with all day BECAUSE THE NEXT DAY I HAD BACK SURGERY. Danny who takes the pictures shouldn’t have the right to hide in bushes & take picture of us kids. Or go on our facebooks just to repost it. Also i DIDN’T THROW ONE SINGLE EGG. but since he posted other peoples statuses that i “liked” my name is now all over the internet, thanks to Danny. Hope your proud of yourself.

    • Miguel

      Now just curious Matt’s BFF so you consider vandalism as fun??? I don’t think I was ever raised to think that was fun.

  • Matthew's Bestfriend

    Also whoever is calling GB “WHITE TRASH” like are you serious? EVeryone who sees this website or stuff on the news only sees the worst of us. If you really lived in GB & actually knew what we go through you would understand. EVeryone treats eachother like family. Also we do GREAT WONDERFUL THINGS. AT the knights for the pool tornament, we raise money for breast cancer. I actually sit outside selling stuff for 6 hrs just so we can get enough money. we raise over atleast $1,000. I know this because my mom & grandma & grandpa are apart of the knights. Also when are have the Dan Foster 5k run, we raise money. We do sooo many things for charity & everyone single one of you who is saying we’re white trash, think of both sides of the story before you go judging us. We arent perfect but you know what we’re not terrible people. Everyone judges us from 1 single day of the year, but what about the other things we do, huh?

  • Marc

    Thank you for posting these! It takes a lot of courage. These kids need to learn their lesson. Or better yet these horrible parents need to learn their lesson!

  • roger

    I just read the article in the New York Times about this website and the controversy sparked by the Halloween coverage. Daniel, when you have some spare time you may enjoy seeing your exact situation as it was portrayed more than 100 years ago by the playwright Henrik Ibsen. YOU are the Dr. Stockmann character in the play “The Enemy of the People”, the only honest,moral, courageous man in a small town, who exposed an ugly secret of that town and was nearly destroyed for doing so. It’s uncanny (and deeply unsettling!) how your experience replicates that of Dr. Stockmann.

    I especially admire your true bravery in pursuing this in the face of the clear evidence of the recklessly violent nature of these “kids”. (Incidentally, I hated it when, during the O.J. Simpson trial, the media referred to him just as “O.J”– how disgusting to choose a sweet, friendly way to refer to a murderer! Similarly, I despise dismissing this as the act of “kids”. The deeds you describe are the work of truly depraved savages, and any term that downplays that fact should not be used.)

    Anyway, I salute you! If “real reporters” had a tenth of the guts and enterprise you do, maybe newspaper circulation wouldn’t have suffered the steep decline that it has.

  • Shea Holmes

    Looks like the deep dark secret is out about the Beach.I lived in the Beach for “Years”,You say your Family BS only if you drink together. God help someone who has a nice house,Cars and maybe a Boat. On the forth of July you hope your place don’t burn down,your good neighbors are envious and jealous of anyone who might be a little better off than they are,so your car,boat,property are subject to malicious damage by your Good Neighbors or their Kids.Yep a Family Place. Give me a Bleep Break Please.!

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with these kids. They posted it online, they are out in the public to get caught.

  • Peter North

    Now an Ice Ball attack on a Pregnant woman with a one year old.It just gets better and better.Best of all Now everyone in New York Knows about the Scum bags from Gerritsen Beach..You People should hang your heads in Shame

  • Guido

    This is so Typical of the White Getto Known as The Beach…NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO RESPOND. Let’s let that sink in. After possibly dozens or more 911 calls over a two to three hour period NO ONE SHOWED UP…Many of These Kids are Sons of Cops…Get It. One Time I made a Right off Allen Ave on Celeste Ct Half way up the block two kids approx 5 to 6 years old on the sidewalk unsupervised threw small rocks hitting my car.So I stopped asked them where they live they pointed,so I went to the Door and asked the mother whats going on here? This is what I was told