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Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop.

Via Sheepshead Bites

October 10th marked the four year anniversary of Michael Sandy death at the Plumb Beach rest stop.

Sandy was killed by three young men who tried to rob him and chased him onto the highway, where he was killed by a car. His attackers were convicted of hate crimes. On Friday, a park bench at the rest stop was dedicated to Sandy’s memory.

18 comments to Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop.

  • iscream

    yea a park bench,that will solve everything.

    • vincent

      it was solved years ago by the nypd that arrested the lowlife beachrat scumbags. hope they enjoy the sentence that they got in jail.

      • like that they should be killed i know them bout bout killer girl

      • JP Zenger

        One of the good parts of the prison terms is that they will have the golden opportunity to be turned into girls, sodomy and oral sex. If they are really lucky, they will have have their front teeth punched out so they can perform fellatio more easily, and maybe when they give up their cherries their boy friends will use lubricants, years ago, the lubricant was soap. If they are truly lucky their boyfriends will use condoms, or they will truly get what they deserve, AIDS.

        • Clemenza

          Sounds like you speak from experience, you ignorant moron.

          • Anonymous

            Ironic that that is what Michael Sandy had in mind for them when he was trolling for boys on the internet. And now he is ‘honored’. This should serve as a lesson for men who make dates with unknown men for annonymous sex in parking lots, you never know who you’ll really meet or what they really have in mind.

          • lio

            Your right. Although you need to wonder who comes up with the idea of being a rent boy so you can rob gay men. where they thinking “hey I get paid ether way”
            This wasn’t self defense. It was a planned crime. If they go to jail and spend a few years getting their asses stretched to the size of the lincoln tunnel, so be it. don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

          • Anonymous

            Your right lio. I’m sure they were thinking that he would be an easy mark, a sissy. They planned a robbery and it turned into a murder. They are all in jail and they deserve to be. This is the chance they took when they plotted to rob him. But being robbed is the chance Michael Sandy took when he made a date with a stranger. An annonomous internet date is dangerous for anyone.

  • Render

    I thought this was a very nice ceremony in memory of Mr. Sandy. He was really just a kid and this was so hateful and tragic. Thank you to the NYPD detectives who found the animals who chased him into a car; it is appreciated by decent citizens.

  • vincent

    beachrats will still never learn from this. gb is in its own little racist world.

  • sorry for you all

    Sometimes the comments placed here are totally out of line… I for one am not a hater of anyone who is different from myself in their Religion, Ethnic Origin or Personal Beliefs… To be sure, the death of Michael Sandy should never have happened and for that, my sympathy goes out to his family and friends.. But to paint our whole neighborhood as racist is way over the top…I think we live in a very mixed area of people who can trace Irish, Italian and German roots and I see nothing wrong with that… People have every right to live where they want to, and just because we chose to live where we are comfortable.. Dose not make us racist.. Why do the Chinese chose to live in Chinatown ? Or the Russians in Brighton Beach ? Or the Hasidic Jews in Boro Park ? Unless I am reading the signs wrong. Then we are all racists in this City…So we should have nothing to be ashamed of or to justify our existence in GB….. But no one should pay with their life for being different…

  • alloutblitz

    real nice that they did this im 100 percent in agreeent with this, these pricks wont learn there all scum its a shame how people live that way

  • Robert Paulson

    Hey! I went to Boy Scouts with John Fox! I wonder how he's doing! Oh well..

  • JP Zenger

    I am a Transy. I would like to be notified when the perps go to court. I would like to be in the courtroom.