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Retaliation is Alive and Well in Gerritsen Beach over Comments

Sometimes I yell at myself.

It has come to our attention that commenters who choose to comment with their real-names on the website are being targeted by local leadership for making comments.

Those being targeted are the ones who expressed concern over White Island. They are essentially being harassed. These people have received phone calls, been emailed, and approached over their comments. Instead of certain leadership answering questions or concerns, they are hostilely approaching people.

It is true that if you speak your mind you need to be prepared for the consequences and i’m not defending what any commenter may or may not have said.

We do however think it is wrong to be targeting any commenter instead of addressing their concerns.

For this reason “Anonymous” commenting is here to stay.

22 comments to Retaliation is Alive and Well in Gerritsen Beach over Comments

  • JP Zenger

    It is a sad state when we can be attacked for our opinions.

    We in America have "Freedom of Speach" I have not dilusions about human nature, just look at the controversy over the two mosks being built, one on Voorhees ave, the other near Ground Zero.

    I use a pen name so I will not be attacked, neither physically or verbally. To ensure free speach, we need police protection, shame on us

    • Bitchita

      Do you have spell check on your computer? Jeez Louise.

    • Why controversy?

      Why controversy? says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      October 27, 2010 at 2:31 pm

      • dam, 1st amendmant

        What's up with this? Who is approving and editing this post?

        • JP Zenger


          I feel like I just left Hi Skool, so many comments on my speling. And I don’t know if this blog has a spell check. Since I deliberately misspelled words, I have discovered there is a spel check. I just was too passionate to use it. I will in the futur.

  • Anonymous

    Its the very reason who and what we vote for is private during elections in America. Otherwise we'd have idiots harrassing people all day long. These guys and their communist tactics should be ashamed.

    • Why controversy?

      It is unfortunate that this blog continues to put up topics that will casue issues.

      Which then allows the 5 people who comment on it all the time to feed into it. Anyone can put what ever name they want. For all anyone knows it is Dan changing his name and posting under several different names. This simply is a trash forum and if there were any real retaliation from the Property Owners or other Organizations, then why would it be posted here.

      The people should call the police and file a restraining order which we all know Dan is familiar with. ( why dont you post that story)

      Who are the people who were retaliated against? Please post the names so the neighborhood can send them flowers and a case of beer to help them sleep.

      Facebook has a registration process, aol, myspace, etc. With the ability for anyone to place whatever name they please, then how do you know who you are talking about? This site could be good for GB if people were not sitting in their underwear, half drunk writing comments when they know they are annonymous. Everyone is held more accountable when they put their name to it as we all should.

      The main issue, this trash will not be exciting and nobody will read it if it did not have a controversy every week.

      One week you have a Dirt Bike kid being named and pictured and trash talked about his entire family

      Next week you have the Sport Organizations going at it.

      Next week you ahve people bashing a loud noisy block party

      Next week you have peple bashing the Bikers drinking coffee

      Now this site it trashing the new stores on the avenue. gbnet may say they are just posting it, but by keeping people annonymous allows people to make up false information and it will stir up the pot more which ultamilty brings more traffic = Cash for Dan.

      Now they have stuff about the new Store for Tattoos and the Hero Store. You are putting these business on the defensive as soon as they open up. Let them try to help the avenue and leave them alone.

      It is unfortunate that everyone who looks on this site is simply pleasing the manic disorder of the owner and helping him make money while doing so.

    • trainman

      Anonymous, I think there is two ways to look at this. It's been my experience that people tend not to be as vicious or attack someone erroneously if they use their real name.

      I think if everyone was required to use their real name on this site you wouldn't see nearly the amount of bickering and pettiness that displayed here time and time again. The tattoo parlor being a good and recent example.

      • Me

        I agree with the above, annonymity is the only way to really know how people feel. Most of us are intelligent and can pick out what annonymous postings are obviously garbage. To be fair, I have never been the subject of any of this blogs stories, and I easily could. I hope I would feel the same about the annonymous comments then. Id like to think I set a good example in the community and most would defend me, and the people that matter would never believe unfounded negative annonymous postings. I hope….

      • Anonymous

        Sure you wouldn't see the amount of bickering and pettiness but you also wouldn't see nearly the participation, and some valid and needed opinions would be missing. The title of this article stresses RETALIATION – there are topics that practically require anonymity, because otherwise there most certainly will be retaliation on the part of buffoons – it’s sad but true. It’s also sad that some people would use that freedom to intentionally harm others anonymously in print but its not the same to have some jerk say something mean in print vs. have some idiot confront you where you live. The publisher developed his website for community public discussion so he’s choosing the route of open participation; I think the people of this community are smart enough to understand valid comments from anonymous malicious BS.

        • trainman

          I guess you're right, anonymous; but it's a sad trade-off. Speaking for myself, I can't recall contributing anything to the site that I would not put my actual name on it and I think you can say the same. Some have been saying lately that GB.net has been deliberately trying to antagonize and create turmoil where none-existent. The jury is still out on that one as far as I'm concern. Anyway, it's his ballpark and we need to play by his rules if we want to get into the game.

  • Anonymous

    There are leaders of GB ? What are we now a cult or a gang

    • Anonymous

      they are just people who take it upon themselves to step to the forefront who nobody respects or listens to anyway so the word "leaders" is thrown around very loosely down here

  • anonymous1

    Before this site I really knew nothing about what went on in this neighborhood, since I mind my own business ,go to work,come home, stay in my house and don't go to the bars on the avenue.

    This site does serve a purpose and that is to keep us informed. I think that ALL comments should be anonymous we should be intelligent enough to weed out the garbage, but I believe that it makes for lively conversation when people can post without fear of retaliation.

  • Jeremy L

    No, people should be prepared for the consequences their elected official are ready to hand out for people speaking their mind. The elected officials better be prepared for the conseqences for thinking their position has made them king over others. It’s the peoples wrath they better start fearing and they better fear it good. The job of the government is to fear the people and work for them.

  • Jeremy L

    Sorry, the first sentence in my last comment should be….

    No, people shouldn’t be prepared for the consequences their elected official are ready to hand out for people speaking their mind.