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A Forest Grows in Gerritsen Beach


Over the weekend, the Parks Department along with 130 Volunteers planted about 2,000 trees and 500 shrubs across from the library.

The trees planted were organized into research plots to allow scientists to study the ecological effects and benefits of urban trees. In the coming years, researchers will analyze soil nutrients, soil carbon, and plant diversity and abundance in the research plots to determine how urban forests can be managed to maximize benefits such as regulating air temperatures, filtering pollution, trapping rainwater and storing carbon dioxide. This large-scale, multi-institutional research project is led by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation’s Natural Resources Group; Columbia University’s Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology; The New School’s Tishman Environment and Design Center; and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Study.

The tree planting was part of a larger city wide event planing trees in all five boroughs with approximately 1,500 volunteers planting 20,000 trees in parks and natural areas. Much of the mulch at the planting sites was composed of reused woodchips from trees from the recent storm.

Check out Million Tree NYC




11 comments to A Forest Grows in Gerritsen Beach

  • Pete

    250 Trees planted in Gerritsen beach, how about replacing the 14 that

    were lost in Marine Park in the storm last winter. Out of the million trees that

    will be planted in NYC the Parks should replace the ones that were lost.

  • beach bum

    now the city is bringing all these strangers to the neighborhood they may be doing community service for some major offence like j walking, tossing a butt in the street or some other stupid reason. now some people will go nuts over this , do you really think they give community service to people who commit major crimes. i'm hoping that some will look around and like what they see and move in replacing some of the nuts

    • Anonymous

      first off they dont give people community service for littering, and second you realize that most of these strangers have prior arrests for MAJOR crimes?!?!??

  • anonymous1

    First of all the people planting the trees are volunteers ,,, you can volunteer on the parks dept website there is an application if you are interested… they ARE NOT community service workers… Community service is from the district attorneys office!!! People just don't understand that Community service is a sentence, for a crime someone committed AND these nice people who get community service as a sentence for jumping the turnstile etc Many many have rap sheets a mile long some even have served time for crimes like murder, assault, robbery, burglary etc.. they served their time and now if they get some violation they can get community service just like anyone else can but they are not all the angels you believe they are!!!! I know because I worked where they give community service and met many these nice people

    • anon

      Look at what Anonymous and anonymous1 wrote above. How could GBcares use these people? You could see a sinister look on some of their faces. Would you let workers like this in your yard or house? People did did let them near their children. Very comforting knowing that criminals with long records were right next to our children for hours. It had to be the dumbest idea in the history of GB.

  • vincent

    YES!!! a new place for beachrats to make atv trails! yes!!!

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