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Wyld Chyld to Expand Next Door


Wyld Child is planning on expanding to Big Al’s Barber Shop sometime around December. They plan on turning the building into a lounge that will show music and comedy shows, as well as sell t shirts and skateboards.

63 comments to Wyld Chyld to Expand Next Door

  • beach bum

    i hope it works for them, we need new things here

  • Mike

    A music venue in the area? And it's right around the corner? Amazing. Simply amazing.

    • Mike

      Clearly three people are anti music and hate when people think outside the box in our area. Just put another nail place!

  • Dewrock

    expanding already? Wow must be doing well in just a short time, that's great, happy for him.

    Gerritsen store fronts should be turned into apartment rentals.

    Lets face it, Gerritsen will never be the next Ave U for shopping nor do I think that the community wants it. As for clubs or bars. all that does is bring in drunks, drugs, noise & mischief late at night.

    • Anonymous

      They Have Money Obviusly!!! You are Right, that's NOT what the neighborhood needs, specially so close to a School, Library, Homes….sends out the wrong message to the neighborhor, the children, it will turn the neighbor into an undesirable place,all kinds of unwanted/wrong kind of attention & people, it's not the place. We need more positive.

  • gbchickie

    i am very excited…

    can i suggest some very hip mommy and me rock music classes?? or somthing fun for the cool moms? as that is what i still consider myself…lol just an idea :)

  • Joe

    Wow thats great news! So good to see they are doing well..Now lets talk about Big Robs, Just got a roast beef and onions with gravy, AMAZING! One of the best Ive ever had! Hope the best for both of these new stores. Everyone go get tattoos and sandwiches…better yet Tattoos OF sandwiches!

  • anonymous

    Come on people.. Just what GB needs a Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Shop.. That is now going to open up a Lounge and sell Skateboards… Just what Gerritsen Ave needs ? More skateboards, more tongue piercing, nose piercing, nipple rings etc…Tattoos that you look at 15 years from now, and wonder. What the hell was I thinking ? No matter how nice they look when first done , they fade and as you age, they blend together into a colored mess… And you can wear your nipple rings as toe rings as you get older and the hole in your nose will always be there . I really don;t know what some of you are thinking .This place is turning into a freaky neighborhood…When we welcome this kind of buisness to this community….

    • an old guy

      I think Gerritsen Beach needs more complainers, more people that hate change!

      • anonymous

        Change is fine, if it is constructive to the neighborhood.. I have been around long enough to have seen every store on the Ave occupied ,and with real glass windows.. Before roll down gates became fashionable and necessary… I was here when the original "Beach Bar" was open, a real hoople house… Until the KofC took over. That was a positive change… Before Hobans became that nut house "Jims Marine Inn" and eventually closed. That was positive change….I just don;t see a Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Lounge as a positive for the community.. If you consider protecting children, who have to pass by this everyday a complaint. Then so be it…..Change is good if it works for our neighborhood.. It is bad change if it dose not

        • Jul

          what have they done that is negative? You mention the kids – have they been bother the school kids?

          • amazed

            FYI it is ILLEGAL to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent.

            Want to know where I learned that? From wild childs friendly staff

          • Mike

            This should have been the last comment. I think it says it all.

        • trainman

          Anonymous, I think I feel your pain.

          From where I'm sitting the best change for our community is for all us residents to try to feel positive about the community even when that change doesn't particularly suit your fashion.

          I'm certainly not an advocate of tattoos. I consider body art to be a fad that most people would regret getting as they get older. But hey, that's me. I rather see an open store front instead of roll down gates when I drive down the Avenue. Rolled down gates make me depressed and make the community seem less vibrant.

          I'm interested to know what kind of businesses you truly expect to open up here in the Beach? Considering the relatively small population, what kind of business would YOU invest your money in?

          • anonymous

            Trainman, I think a" Mail Boxes Etc." would do well, during the day you have parking and it is an in and out buisness.. A" UPS Store," similar buisness model also in and out..Someone else suggested a "99 cent" Store I think that would work.. even a Chinese take out.The population is small, so a small quick turnaround model would be ideal for the Ave. and not necessaraly depend on exclusively community support…..My fear is, we end up with, as you said fad based buisness which soon move out…I really don't think these people came here to hurt our children or cause us harm…. I am not pointing fingers I just think it be better suited for another area of Brooklyn

          • trainman

            All good choices, anonymous.

            In addition I would like to see a quality produce/supermarket that would give Key Food some competition. How about one of those discount cake/bread outlets. That would also fit in.

            Any other ideas out there?

        • an old guy

          anonymous …

          Tatoos and piercings are, like it or not, where the world has gone. Doo wop music is gone (not forgotten) and replaced by modern pop music. Change happens. Do you still use Brill cream? These people havent hurt anyone, they made a pretty damn nice looking store. Some day one of these kids 50 years from now will be saying "I remeber when Gerritsen Beach had a tatoo parlor". Lets keep the indiginous people in the beach and support our local businesses so they thrive and the so the neighborhood stays good. And it is good! even though we all love to complain about it.

          • anonymous

            Old Guy : I think that some of the world has gone to Tatoos and Piercing and that is ok with me.. I have my own Tattoos from Long Beach Calif. for over 50 years now. I even have a pierced ear And I hope you will get a nice tattoo when you decide to support what you consider a local buisness ,or get a nice nose pierced design.. . If you truely think the world has gone that way.. I personally won't beleive that until I see my Doctor or Banker with pierced eyebrows or lips or better yet a bone through his/her nose… I am not saying these people have hurt anyone. That is not the issue.. The issue is dose it belong here ? I hope that 2 years from now people will say " I remember when Gerrittsen Beach had a Tattoo Palor" Good luck with your tattoo and piercing in support of the local buisness….

      • Anonymous

        Good change,Yeah…. Bad Change, We Don't Need!!!!!

    • JT

      Yeah, pretty soon all of these freaks will start busting up the bus stops and breaking beer bottles in the park!

      • amazed

        And PS…I'm one of these "freaks" and i can assure you i have never busted a beer bottle in a park. Im actually quite the tree hugger…

        also most of us "freaks" are highly paid professionals who have cars and don't have to bust up our bus stations waiting for the bus.

        Like I said; IGNORANT and sad…

        I pity your children.

      • Anonymous

        Uhhhhh hasn't that been a HUGE problem BEFORE them? Moron.

        • Anonymous

          seriously? So two people are saying our bus shelters have never been broken before the "freaks" and tattoo shop? It wasn't a problem WAY before they came to town? This is sick. I'm a "freak" tattooed individual and I never would dream of breaking anything in my community. Oh and I have a BA in psychology? Oh weird! A "freak" with an education! oh lord! But don't tattoos mean I drive a motorcycle and break beer bottles in the park? There's no way it could have been the "thugs" who do nothing but fight and drink around here and cause so many problems…nope! tattooed "freaks." God forbid someone is unique around here. Guess I'll go jump on my motorcycle and commit some hate crimes near the tattoo shop!

          • Anonymous

            I never thought simple sarcasm would be over so many people heads – guess it must be the ink poisoning.

    • amazed

      This thread has some of the most ignorant comments ive ever had the pleasure of reading. If you people really think a tattoo shop is going to lower your property value, you might as well go and move to some hick midwest town sirs and madams.

      Did you xenophobic fools ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe diversifying our crappy almost borderline ghetto town with some positive change and art that maybe your precious kids will grow up a little bit more tolerant, and less judgmental than you?

      Its almost sad how you all sit here and whine about this business, but how about the taxes theyll be paying the town? How about its one less empty store front.

      Dont you get it: NO ONE WANTS TO INVEST HERE! We should be thankful a quality tattoo studio has opened in our town, because ive seen scary tattoo shops, and I think thats the stereotype you fear, understably so.

      But i dare you to go in there, meet the people, see whats going…and then post what you experienced.

      • Clemenza

        Why is it that every person who supports Wyld Chyld and apparently represents them comes on this site and bashes Gerritsen Beach mercilessly?? ("xenophobic fools, …crappy almost borderline ghetto town…") Are you the same guy as "Mike" who posted the same trash? If you guys think coming on here and repeatedly disrespecting the community you wish to serve is actually going to help them, you are dead wrong. Do us all a favor, if you hate this neighborhood so much, do us all a favor and move the f%$k out. If you do that, I can promise you, all of our property values will surely rise.

        • Steve G.

          To amazed– you say, in bold caps no less, "NO ONE WANTS TO INVEST HERE!" ?? Your statement is total BS. Do you live in this neighborhood? And if so, for how long? I've been here all my life, have you noticed the many storefronts on Gerritsen Avenue that stood empty for years have been absolutely busting recently with new businesses?? And even in this economy no less. Just drive up the Avenue and look for yourself. As far as Wyld Chyld, good luck to them, any new business in the neighborhood should be welcomed. But do us all a favor, and do Wyld Chyld a favor, and stop coming on this site to support them while simultaneously slamming Gerritsen Beach with your hateful rhetoric. As the saying goes, with friends like you, they don't need enemies.

        • Mike

          If you are speaking about the other post where I made mention to the selling of minors, then I would have to say I wouldn’t consider that bashing mercilessly. I simply made a point that we have existing business that promote the wrong behavior in our neighborhood and found it interesting that you had already branded a new establishment before any offense had taken place (and again for the record, I am a beach resident with no interest personally or financially with the tattoo parlor). I also never mentioned a single store by name, it was you who out’ed the Bantry and I made mention of the former Jims Marine Inn. Just because someone takes a stand and decides to wish an entity luck before condemning them based on what they offer should not be viewed and someone “bashing” the beach. To turn a blind eye to what actively takes place in our community and suggest that everything is fine and that any shop that does not fit in with what is “acceptable to you” will only hurt our community in the long run. We have some amazing stores here, ones who Support and donate to the community and I never intended to paint all the stores with the same brush. You however took an immediate stand against the Tattoo shop and marked them as problematic. I think if passions were directed towards items we know are a problem for the community then perhaps we can limit the burned cars in the back trails, or the bus shelter destruction and the kids having limited access to viable resources instead of just hanging out. I think a lot of us all want to make GB all it can be, and as is normal a lot of us are afraid of change. But honestly look at where we are now, almost every organization that tries to do better for the community is involved in some sort of feuding either internal or external, and the those not involved come here to argue. What I would like to see is a big community meeting held perhaps at 277 (probably the gym since it’s bigger then the auditorium) and see if we can have everyone leave their pre conceived notions at the door and lets all put in a few power sessions and see what we can do as a “community” (not parts of it) and work towards solving some problems and creating a better environment for all of us.

          Just my two cents

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely Right!!! Bashing the neighborhood Is Wrong!! Tatoo's we don't need!!!

      • anonymous

        I can quickly tell, that you are a Long Island poster by your use of "paying our town " tax statement.. Here we don't pay "town tax" If we did we would have more control over zoneing, and what kind of buisness can open up.. In which case you would only have one place On Sunrise Highway!!!! I really don't think I need someone from Long Island teaching my children or anyone elses, about tolorance and judgement or diversity and if I want them to see art, I will take them to a museum. Certainly not to a tattoo shop. Teaching our children is a parenting job and not the job of some arrogant tattoo artist.. I think ,it is you who don't get it…You seem to think that by occupying a store front on the Ave you are doing us a favor… You are certainly not.. Take your ignorant, arrogant attitude back to "The Island" and pay some other "towns taxes"

      • Anonymous

        That's Nice calling Our neighbor "Ghetto", that's just what we want to hear….tatto it's not really Upscale, or better for a neighborhood, do yout research!!!!! The people that openned the Shop don't even live in the neighbor, they don't care what kinds of people their bring in,it's not in their back Yard!!!!!!!!

  • love this town

    what is the deal with big robs? i dont think i could ever walk away from new dutch the young boys that work their in the day always have smiles and always talk to you and are ready to help needless to say the sandwiches sizes and prices just cant be touched.

    • gbchickie

      old dutch WAS a great deli…now they just mail it in.. im gonna try big robs today…hope its a goodie

    • Miss Anthropy

      Oh yeah, Old Ditch is awesome. I love buying their fresh cat bread with a side order of snobbery from the cashiers. And let's not forget the jacked up prices for Girl Scouts cookies.

      • New Dutch's Dir

        I resent your implication, Miss Anthony! The fresh cat bread is delicious, thank you. And I guess you never tried our special hero, just ask for a Turkey with Taxoplasmosis, it's on sale this week!

  • Laura

    Oh goodness. I thought the tattoo shop was a horrendous idea – esp since there is a tattoo parlor on Knapp St – who needs another one. Well, now a music lounge. GB is really changing quickly and not for the better – its going downhill very fast. I do hope Rob's does well. We need a sandwich shop that's open late nights and one close to the soccer fields Sunday morning (that doesn't have a 12 minute wait like the bagel store). We need new business on the Avenue but what about useful stores like hardware, .99 cent store/card store, minimart, repair shops even a Starbucks would be better than a lounge.

    • Anonymous

      Music lounge and skateboards is not necessarily indicative of anything going downhill – looks better than empty storefronts. Skateboarders are usually smart kids. I'm not big on the Tats though.

    • t

      a starbucks in GB? u think beachrats will pay starbucks prices for a coffee? yea riiiiiiiight!

  • Reality

    I'm sure the people that live on that block with the tatoo shop and especially the house directly next door to it are jumping with joy over this. Their property value must be taking a beating. They are sandwiched between a slice of motorcycle gang and a slice of freakshow. Mmmm, real appetizing. Exactly the spot I want to raise my little children.

    • Anonymous

      Motorcycle gang? Freakshow? Check your calendar, it's 2010.

      • charity

        Oh gee your not being too judgemental are you! Freakshow is just a little harsh don't you think. You probably don't even know any of them personally.

  • tattooed

    I consider the real "freaks" to be the ones with their pants at their ankles pretending to be black gangstas. Just because someone displays their love for art and being unique on their arms doesn't mean their freaks or no good. A lot of you really need to wake up.

    • anonymous

      Lets get this discussion back to its roots I don't think anyone with a tattoo or body art, tribal art is a freak.. These are all personal choices for you as the consumer.. Same for the piercing ,it is your choice That is not what all this is about.. The question is, dose a Tattoo Shop belong across from a school ? I think the people of GB would be bringing up the same argument if it was an Abortion Clinic or an upscale Gentlemans Club with pole dancers, or a Sex Toy Shop The buisness belongs, as do the others on Sunrise Highway or some other non residential area strip mall…. Why is it expanding into a Lounge to show comedy shows and music ? To who ? The next group for piercing and tattooing ? Beware of the wolf, in sheeps clothing mixed in the flock..

    • tattooed

      Okay, desperately trying to be something your not is in! Never be unique!

    • Anonymous

      …I think mainstream people don't think of either group as freaks, they just think of overly tatooed people & jeans wearing below the belt people of two different types of losers. Losers, not freaks. If you don't know enough that your pants are worn above your butt or that your neck, face & hands should not be tatooed then you should wake up. It is no longer a fashion statement but just stupidity.

      This is America, you should be allowed to mark yourself in anyway you want & dress anyway you want. I should also be free to think I DON'T WANT TO HIRE THIS GUY WITH THE NECK TATOO… THERE IS NO WAY DROOPY DRAWERS IS SERVING MY CUSTOMERS!

      This is what most employers will think.

  • anonymous1

    Turn the other store into a place with COMEDY SHOWS???? what is that all about… sounds weird..

  • charity

    Well they are trying to bring all types of people together. Not to mention it wouldn't just be comedy but bands aswell. Just give it a chance…you never know.

  • kenny c.

    went into the shop thinking of getting a tat….very impressive…totally clean and neat…got my tat…a tribal band…done freehand by seven…what work…You couldn't meet a nicer grouo of artists…everybody in the beach should stop by ,and see how really great people run a very hip and upbeat business…wishing you guys much success in your business…thanks for a really pleasant experience……kenny c….[by the way…really loved the wild decor]

  • YourWorst EffinNight

    The only people who are doing damage are all you uncivilized white trash hicks who don't go to school /or have jobs just sitting around making the streets reak of weed, and have all those effin tiny ziplock bags all over the place /then you ride those damn mini quads in the street day in and day out thennn have drunken fights with your girlfriendS/boyfriends in the street at 2am -MEANWHILE: you are saying that people who appreciate art enough and are dedicated enough to have it on their bodies the rest of their lives are bad people?-and the worst part is: all of you who are commenting are -most probably- adults, meanwhile you are acting like you are 10 year olds. Young kids and teens live in this world of categorization,where everyone is labeled to a certain title given by society other known as sterotypes and you think that as you get older people get wiser and the constant grouping and excluding would have stopped but apparently not in Gerritsen Beach! – because of close minded people who in my opinion are the REAL FREAKS OF SOCIETY!- cut.the.crap.

    • anonymous

      I for one am not impressed by your liberal horse do-do…Just re-read your sterotypicial categorzations of people who disagree…. We are uncivilized, white trash, hicks,who don't work/ go to school sit around, reek of weed etc.etc. Thennn have drunken fights at 2am… Go back to "The Island" where no one even walks the streets and you should have stayed….

    • Anonymous

      So, now your " our Worst Effin Nightmare"?

      What a hypocrite, to label and categorize the neighborhood because we DARE to question whether your business has a place here. To many of us "white trash hicks" we prefer our art to be viewed in galleries and museums. But it's good to know now what you really think of the neighborhood, didn't take long to get the truth out of you. lol, have a nice bankrupcy.

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  • Anonymous

    i really can't see how successful they are going to be when everyone that works there is always standing outside and there's never a customer

  • Makes you think...


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