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Whoo Hoo! PS 277 Get’s an A in City Report Card


New York City public school officials on Thursday released city school report cards, the controversial documents that award each school a letter grade, with 25 percent of schools receiving A’s, 35 percent B’s, 35 percent C’s, 4 percent D’s, and 1 percent F’s.

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This school’s overall score for 2009-10 is 58.5
This school did better than 75% of all Elementary schools citywide.

17 comments to Whoo Hoo! PS 277 Get’s an A in City Report Card

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how this scoring works. I'm not saying that 277 isn't a wonderful school, we all know it is, but how does a 58.5 overall score translate to an A ? Shouldn't 100 be an A? And Marine Park scored a D, but it's really a good school. I think it's because they have to factor in all the English Language Learners and Special Ed scores along with the regular kids and it drags down the score. The problem is that people see that D and assume that it's a bad school.

    • LQ where are you???

      Marine Park is NOT a D school. Compare it to other middle schools and you can see it's all politics. The school that was in the paper the other day, with the REALLY illiterate principal, that school is a C???? I worked there and although they have tried everything from a state takeover (SURR) to closing and reopening as a "new" school. Still it's the same kids from the same neighborhood and they are even more illiterate than the principal. I'm sure that it's true to an extent that every kid can learn, but we have to face at some point that some are impossible to teach. But my point is how that school scores a C and Marine Park scored a D??? Marine Park is a great school, with great programs. The award winning bands are wonderful. They are involved with VH1 save the music, go on great trips to play and compete and win. (Disney World & Hershey Park) The teachers there are great. There are clubs and all kinds of activities. The yearly trips for each grade are fabulous, learning and fun. The drama dept. puts on first rate plays every year, and I'm not talking about your average school play, I'm talking about almost professional productions. The academic programs are the same curriculum in all schools and there is plenty of help offered if your kid needs it. And, above all, it is a safe school. You don't have to worry about your kids there, they watch them and if there is an incident, a fight or something, it is handled quickly and completely. It is about as clean as you can get and very well maintained. So why the D?? Well, does everyone remember the Hebrew Charter school trying to get space in there? And the way they all of a sudden backed out, saying if they weren't wanted there they would look elsewhere? If the school scores low for a couple of years in a row the city can take it over and open a charter school. I truly believe that this is the ultimate plan. There is no other reason that they scored a D. More people will see the D and not send thier kids there leaving the door open for the charter school. This is Klein and Bloombergs plan whether you like it or not. Parents, think about this! Marine Park SHOULD be where Gerritsen Beach parents send their kids to middle school. It is a far, far better school now than when I went there or when I'm sure many of you went there. It is every bit as good or even better than Cunningham or Bay Academy. If the people of GB and Marine Park don't take advantage of this school, it will be lost. Louise Q where are you???

      • bagels

        I have to agree with you on this. My sister pulled her son out of a Catholic School and took a leap of faith and placed him in Marine Park. Everyone she had spoken to, from the Parent coordinator to the people in the office, were professional and helpful. He is learning to play the clarient, has after school help for the math that was never taught properly in his former school, and he has teachers who are encouraging and supportive. I asked her if there was anything about the experience that she did not like and she said she couldn't think of anything negative. If the DOE approached her she would gladly give it an A+.

        • LQ where are you???

          Bagels, I'm so happy you wrote that! I remember well running around crazy to Open Houses for schools, trying to keep mine from having to go there 12 years ago, competing for seats out of the district. There just wasn't a really good Middle School in the district. And I was angry that my kids were going to have to travel so far when there should have been a great school for them locally. It is so different now and if I was doing it now I would have no reservations about Marine Park. I hope parents in all the 'feeder' schools ignore that "political D" and give Marine Park a chance.

          • Anonymous

            Too late, GB. It has been announced that there will be a HS moving into Marine Park starting in Sept. Not a continuation of MP to 9-12, but a separate HS to take up ‘unused’ space. (don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone)

  • The Dean

    PS 277 is a great school and couldn't be happier with the school and staff. However if my kids came home from school with a 58.5 on a test out of 100 I'd flip, has the public schools system changed the markings and what is passing?

    58.5 out of 100 is a 58.5%

    9.6 out of 15 is a 64%

    10.5 out of 25 is a 42%

    34.6 out of 60 is a 57.6%

    I know my kids and a few others would be happy to hear that a 42 on a test translates into a B.

    There is something diff wrong with the DOE

  • anonymous

    I don't think the Board of Ed knows how to score schools.

    PS277 is an excellent school. Mrs. Fish and her staff work hard to make sure our children get the best of all that is offered. The kids are not treated as numbers but living, breathing children who have the potential to do great things if given the chance.

    Give them credit for getting the A. It is surely better than something lower.

  • anonymous

    we love p.s 277 school to bad it didn't go up to 6th grade.

    • Anonymous

      yeah just what we need, more tarffic on the avenue before and after school. I thank God they never made 277 go the 8th grade

  • dammcat

    now all mrs. fish has to do is to teach her "staff' how to put all their garbage in garbage pails where it belongs….i'm sick of picking up all the garbage they throw on our streets [coffee containers,doughnut wrappers,etc.].I just hope they are teaching the kids better.

  • anonymous

    I don't think you can blame the school staff for the litter on the avenue. Look at what is left in the park by our moms,dads and kids. I have seen parents dump their coffee/soda cups on the street while waiting to pick up their kids as though this was not the neighborhood they live in.

    We can all help keep the community cleaner by taking our cups, cans and bottles home and recyle.

  • Big Joe

    We moved to Gerritsen Beach because of the reputation 277 had. As a Graduate of Teachers College Columbia University, and a Doctorate Candidate – I must say I have seen more scruples on lotts of used car lotts then in the administration of PS 277. They want you to sign documented – but want nothing they say to be documented. They send out letters that tell you your child will be left back, but refuse to give you their plan as to how the child will be educated. The teachers are great BUT the principle and vice principle have NO credible with a mojority of the parents ( using the math they use to determine they have an A ) Be sure FISH AND KENNEDY ARE NOT THEIR IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD EDUCATED) instead of an education plan they guilt parents at parent teacher meetings. Terrible terrible two

    • Anonymous

      I hope you’re not teaching Language Arts or Writing courses or marking the State ELA Tests, (i.e. is their or there)
      But yes you are right, the adminstration is a joke