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Parks Bringing in a Chip-like Material for New Forest


"Chip"-like material to lay the ground work for new forest.

Dragonetti The Parks Department has been busy all week clearing the land across from the library for their new forest. Yesterday, they started to bring in trucks full of woodchips to act as the ground floor for their trees and shrubs.

The planting event is set for Saturday, October 23rd 2010

Our Parks manager is working on getting a plan together to work with other city agency’s to remove any large debris that has formed over the years.



5 Foot high pile of debris.


16 comments to Parks Bringing in a Chip-like Material for New Forest

  • Pete

    Glad to see they are respecting nature. How about respecting the people as well and bring back the overnight B31 night service so that I can get home from the subway station after my night shift. It's a long walk to MP at 3:00 a.m.

    • MTA Cheif Jay Walder

      The TA can't afford it , but I just hired a speech writer for $100,000 per year. By the way. The Wall St. bankers you bailed out are forcasting even bigger bonuses for themselves this year. Also, GM who you also bailed out is spending $250 Million to build a factory in China while pink slipping working people in the United States. Don't expect to read about these subjects in the worker friendly N.Y. Post.

  • Dewrock

    They should get the woodchips from the back of ps 277, lord knows they have at least 4 feet deep of chips.

  • Anonymous

    They should of asked GBCARES for woodchips they have plenty behind ps277

  • beach bum

    oh now it's ok for the chips dan where is your outrage ,my god chips all over the place ,something must be done, dan get on it

    • Anonymous

      Chips for which the NYC Parks Department verifies the safety and source is much different from wood chips dump from God knows where possibly infested with who knows what.

      • beach bum

        you have to be kidding, i would really like someone to produce a lab report concerning the safety and source of the chips.

        • Anonymous

          A public agency which can be held responsible for anything that can go wrong is better than an operation working under the cover of night. If you don't get it, you never will.

  • beach bum

    what does my comment is awaiting moderation mean ? does it mean you are going remove it?

  • Anonymous

    Dan, Just got to throw this out there don't want to open up wood chip debate again but I don't think you really had to mock the Dragonetti Bros. in your above story. At the end of the day they went above and beyond for this community. Granted they did have their benefit to along with it however it is always good to see any improvments being performed in our community.

    Have a great day folks.

    • GerritsenBeach.net


      If I/we all can't have fun with stories or crack jokes on ourselves why even even bother.

      Speaking of…I disagree that they went above and beyond for this community. It turns out they were dumping there illegally only to benefit themselves. I have yet to see any improvements in that area kick in other than an area that cannot be planted with trees. Parks Forestry wanted to plant in that area, but cannot because of what is there. Hence, what is happening above at the library.

      • beach bum

        very interesting , that heavy equipment can move all that concrete and broken trees but it can't push some wood chips so they could plant trees behind the school, not a very good excuse

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