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Dumping & Squatters, Oh My! Everything About Lacon Court is Illegal!


Currently EVERYTHING about Lacon Court is illegal and forming a dangerous situation.

Right now there are numerous people living squatting in dry-docked boats and house boats that are on the water.  They are running loud portable generators for the better part of the day and night. They are also not connected to any type of sewage or septic syetem. Instead, They have a port-a-potty that residents say they have witnessed them dumping on nearby ground to empty.

Residents are worried because the property “flat out filled with skel’s” with people walking in and out every day at every hour.

They also took down a large portion of the required construction fencing and dumped a very large amount of milled asphalt on the property where it could fall into the nearby creek.

Dumping all of solid waste on our community is disgusting and is a blatant disregard for the law. Criminal charges must be filed on the property owner(s) and whomever illegally dumped the material.

The Danza property is filled with vehicles, boats, and construction debris. The boats that Jemal was forced to remove now sit in the former danza property.

We have no idea who owns this property now, since Stephen Jemal was successfully sued by his orginal investment companies. He now owes 18.9 Million to his investment companies. We do suspect that SSJ Development still owns the properties.

23 comments to Dumping & Squatters, Oh My! Everything About Lacon Court is Illegal!

  • M

    Why isn't anything being done about this? Who do we call to get some assistance in this matter?

  • anon

    This is why GBNET is needed. It does more good then GBCARES.

    • Anonymous

      Please don't start this stupid arguement – we need everyone's help on this. Our representatives need to know what's going on.

      Hey GBPOA where are you on this?

      • Anonymous

        Let's get NEWS12 on this please.

      • Current PD

        The GBPOA looks to be too busy arguing about a stupid garden and not letting with not letting gbnet attend and post and film about the meetings.

        I didn't see or read anything about the gbpoa standing up for freedom of the press when civil servants wrongly demanded not to be filmed at a public meeting.

        What have the gbpoa or cares done for us lately?!

    • Anonymous

      What is GB.net actually doing? There has been problems with Lacon court for a long time. It has been brought to GBPOA at least 2 years ago. It is still a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Call 311 to report the homeless living on the dry dock boats. we had a promblem last year with guys living in a car on our block, called and a few days later Homeless Outreach was here with the Police and everything was gone. I'll admit a week later the same crew set up a few blocks away but when another call was placed and the cops showed up they were gone for good.

  • Anonymous

    my friend keeps his boat there and is discussed by the way the place is held up. he doesn't under stand why the city or the DEC haven't done anything.

  • Anonymous

    If we don't call 311 about this – these bums will pollute our community, bring down our property value, and endanger our children. These people are obviously not all there mentally. If we don't call for help then we deserve to have the problem.

  • now what

    called 311 on 8/5 was given a complaint #,wow,then trans to DEP 212 860 8253 the lovely lady said that it was not her dept,typical city shit,called back to 311 than got trans to another DEP dept at 718 445 3087-3195,the gentleman was more upset that 311 gave me his # more than anything else but said he would look into it,such bullshit,but park your car the wrong way on a dead end and the city is there.

    • Now Call the Precinc

      They will have to log your call – those people are there illegally.

      Then call news 12 and see what they say.

      Enough people do that and it builds momentum.

  • Still

    Just like we all feared,jemals cronnies have pulled the wool over our eyes,they pillaged our community with their lies and left a MOUNTAIN of crushed boats for us to deal with,I wonder how long it going to be before there set on fire now that no ones in charge over there,from what I have seen it’s just a place to store stolen property.on top of that the dead end seems to a dumping station for all our less then caring home owners,please people leave you garbage at your curb we have garbage men that pick that stuff up, twice a week too.

  • 35 Joval court

    I actually live at 35 Joval court my backyard fence is shared with the boat yard. The boat that’s right by my fence has a homeless man living in it. Does anyone know the address so I can complain to 311

  • Joval court

    Everyone on Joval court has to deal with it

  • Al sharpton

    The boat yard comes to an end

  • Kelly D

    Maybe we should turn some rocks over and see which one Jamal is now under and get him to clean up this place.

  • Old Geezer

    Looks like Jovial ct is not to Jovial about this.

  • Peter North

    All good things must pass, Leon’s , Golden Gate Inn (many hot nights at the Gate) Now this Site BTW What happened to it ?