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Halloween Is Coming! Prevent Mischief


2008 - An Arrest is made

Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is usually trouble for any car, bus, city worker or delivery driver, and any store front on Gerritsen Avenue. Gerrtisen Beach is so notoriously hazardous on Halloween that the MTA refuses to allow the B31 bus to continue past Ave U through the line of fire.

The 61st precinct has been actively asked store owners not to sell eggs or shaving cream to anyone under 18 and also for parents to be aware of what their children are doing. They do not want to arrest your kids but will if they have to.
It’s been so fun to post about the trick-or-treaters going door to door. Here are out past posts:

Halloween 2009
Halloween 2008
Halloween 2007

And unfortunately just as years past there was a good deal of mischief to report on as well. Let’s prevent it this year.

2009 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery
2008 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery
2007 Halloween Mischief Photo Gallery


2007 - Coming down the Avenue

Again, We plan on covering Halloween this year.

19 comments to Halloween Is Coming! Prevent Mischief

  • a good neighbor

    if parents take responsibility educating their kids about the do and don't in halloween, then none of this would have happened.

    • Annonymous

      Why can' the property owners association or Gerritsen beach cares put together their own patrol and bring these kids home to their parents. If the parents seem like they don't care then notify the police! Or just let us kick the crap out of them when we catch them, that was how we learned

  • snoreasaurusrex

    How does this seem to be self perpetuating? Because the only way the kids could find this out would be through their parents. Would anyone else know about throwing eggs, shaving cream, or other mischief? Ask your self about that and you'll see I'm right.

  • oh well

    it would be nice if the local merchants didn't sell the eggs & shaving cream to the lovelies for a few a days before but then again some have been asking that they stop selling beer to them but that hasn't stopped

  • Anonymous

    thank goodness it washes off.

  • anon

    It would be great if parents taught their kids not to throw eggs or anything else at passing vehicles. Go out and have a good time but don't cross the line.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    It only takes a few ass holes to ruin a good time, what the hell is wrong with these kids? If the idiots want to throw it at each other and harm no one else, well, they are idiots and that it what bottom feeders do.

    When you harm others and their property with full abandon and no respect, that's something different. Get a hobby and stand upright you dim-witted, slack jaw, waste of sperm. Good job Mom and Dad!

  • Anonymous

    Afraid of mayhem? And eggs? I think we have a bigger problem on our hands:


  • tj

    beachrats will be beachrats

  • Anonymous

    good point

  • sorry for you all

    Dan: I must take issue with your last line…On your comment policy… I personally know of people you have "outed" on this site… One that I know of had their email address exposed by you.. And when you were questioned about it . Your smug ans. was that you thought, the other party must have "guessed it" If one person is that good I want them to pick my Mega Millions numbers….Basically what I am saying is you are FOS and are not to be trusted !!!!! Just another part of your personality disorder ?

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Fact: I have never outed anyone.

      The incident you are talking about was a side effect of a pilot program using a different comment system. The program was immediately suspended when a reader alerted us to someone trying to find out a particular comment was from.

      We have never guaranteed pure anonymity on this site. Site visits and comments are logged for statistical and demographic purposes. You should not put any identifiable information that may reveal your identity. Unfortunately what was discovered with the pilot program was that the system allowed to batch comments made by a single person to claim as your own. Someone used that to see someones email address which was left in a comment.

      Again, do not put any identifiable information in any comment. If for whatever reason we have to comply with a legal request, just be careful what you leave in a comment.

  • sorry for you all

    Dan : O.K. If it was a pilot program, set up by you,as the Webmaster.and it caused harm to someone else then you are responsable… Why not go in and remove the post in question, as requested ,by one of the injured parties ? And settle this disagreement once and for all and not permit personal attacks in the future…

  • GBMom

    Is there going to be a Halloween Fest at the baseball field again this year? That was lovely to attend last year.

  • Mipaedjoma

    I hope the Titanic bounce house will be out in Larry V. Field again this year. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to dance on a latex inflatable reproduction of an ocean disaster which killed over 1500 people situated on a baseball field named after a fireman who died on 9/11! Who cares about respect, honor, and good taste as long as the kids are having fun! Let's get as many photos and videos as possible and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube!

  • ADozen

    I see and hear the yuths are gearring up for a fun filled weekend. Yesterday I saw two of them in one of the stores on the avenue buying 4 dozen eggs and one of them was commenting how cheap they were, no lie. Now did the counter person think they were buying them for their mommies to bake cakes.

    • Anonymous

      why don't you just name the store so we all know what store to stay out of. Maybe that will stop them from sell to other children.