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Wyld Chyld Tattoo Introduces Themselves. Ask Us Anything!

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Wyld Chyld Tattoo owner Bill DeLuso stopped by the property owners meeting to introduce themselves to the community and to answer any questions the community might have.

They have no problem answering any questions as they understand the perceived stigma associated with opening up a Tattoo shop. Mr. DeLuso, is no stranger to community opposition and has actually been a driving force in helping to help write tattoo and piercing laws in Flordia, Nassuau County and is currently working on New York City.

Wyld Chyld from what they explained and according to something called “The Google” is a high end establishment. They are nationally known, have been featured on TV shows, trade shows as well as having their own tv show currently.

They have already pledged to help out with fund raising locally with the Vollies and Kiddie Beach.

Any questions you have post them here!

23 comments to Wyld Chyld Tattoo Introduces Themselves. Ask Us Anything!

  • gbchickie

    good luck!!!

  • I say welcome to the neighborhood….better a business than an empty store…..

  • Is that nice...

    …I think not. Give em' a chance.

  • bagels

    I'd like to know if these people talk to the young folk and educate them about the affect that visible tattoos have on a person's ability to earn a good living. A tramp stamp is one thing but something that is on the forearm or neck automatically creates a difficult situation for young people who aspire to something beyond a blue collar living.

  • Anonymous

    shhh. it makes it easier for the rest of us to get jobs!

  • Anonymous

    i see he dressed appropriately for the occasion

  • vp

    I stopped in the other day. Very polite staff and clean establishment. All the alarmists need to relax.

  • anonymous1

    ENOUGH….could everyone stop complaining. If it is a legitimate business than who cares, we have how many bars down here, worry about the underage drinking if you have to worry about something… not about the kids getting a drawing on their body!! You should be happy that we don't have bigger problems in our neighborhood… ..(.btw I don't like tatoos they wrinkle when you get old LOL)

  • whatever

    Maybe they can make a Gerritsen Beach map tattoo style for t-shirts and sell them to show their work.

  • Michael Perciballi

    Im a former customer from Wyld Chyld Studyos in merryck on long ysland and i stopped going there after my artist (Mike Nomy) left because he was the only talent there. On a diffrent note, should i even bring up the various pictures of people getting tattooed on uncovered chairs and some of the artists equipment isn't properly covered from cross contamination? Gross! Im also glad they wear shirts to decipher whose making your coffee and who's doing your tattoo, which i wouldn't recommend either of the two.

  • Anonymous

    Mike, isn’t there a picture of you holding a gun and giving the finger out there somewhere?…

  • Joe

    You tube doesn’t count as tv. And putting ads of yourself in magazines when you have no tattoo work in said magazine is pathetic. I wouldn’t worry about underage tattoos. I’d worry about bad tattoos.

  • tj

    so confront him at the next meeting

  • Anonymous

    oh snap – that was unexpected

  • Mike

    In this day and age almost everything good or bad is up on the web. If you google wyld chyld tattoo review you will get tons of hits. ive gone thru three pages so far and have yet to see a single bad word about them. Also if bill deluso has been a florist and a bar owner and is not a tattoo artist that only leads me to believe he's the business man behind the scenes. All he has to do is worry about the right talent and I've witnessed some of there work first hand and in my opinion it is no scratcher haven. Only time will tell how well they will do, we have all seen new biz close up down here. The space they occupy is of a failed biz itself. Obviously they want to do the right thing by the community as they showed up to the GBPOA and introduced themselves. I dont recall half the local shops doing the same. I wish them luck

  • Anonymous

    Michael Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about! You my friend are just plain ignorant!

  • Clemenza

    Local shops don't need to go before the GBPOA and introduce themselves because they don't have to. There is no stigma involved in a local underage teenager getting a roast beef hero from one of the "new shops". However, if Wyld Chyld breaks the law and inks up the kids in this neighborhood, they are gonna have a major problem with this community. That's a fact.

    It is violation of section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law to tattoo minors under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent.

    NYSPL, sect 260.21, Sub 3–2. A person is guilty of unlawfully dealing with a child in the second degree when he marks the body of a child less than eighteen years old with indelible ink or pigments by means of tattooing.

  • Mike

    Seems like you are counting your chickens before they hatch, who said they marked anyone under 18? Look at you all ready with the hatchet, quoting penal law (something I’m sure they are very much aware of). You need photo ID that they make a copy of when getting any work done (CYA), but I know your sitting back waiting for the first kid with a fake id to get some ink and you will be quoting NYSPL like scripture. (Who’s fault will it be then, the kid or the establishment?) Also I didn’t say all business need to go before the home owners, I was implying that a stigma is absolutely tied to tattoo parlors, but in my opinion these guys stepped up to the plate and said hey we know what the general consensus is about tattoo parlors but we want to let you know how we operate and what our intentions are. How many bars did that? Or better yet how many underage kids are served from our pubs and stores on a weekly basis? (Do you know the penal code for serving a minor? 260.20(2)) When something happens then by all means make whatever calls you need, as for now though I suggest you put the hatchet back in its sheath and wait till something happens, you may be ultimately surprised.

  • Clemenza

    Mike, do you even know what the word "IF" means?? And while we're at it, what is your connection to them that you so strongly take your time to defend them? Employee? You must have some personal stake in this. And you ask "..who's fault will it be, the kids or the establishment…" if a kid uses fake ID, and the answer is 100% the establishment, for failing to ensure the ID is valid. Want the penal law for that one? Funny and hypocritical of you to come into this neighborhood telling us to "put the hatchet back in its sheath" while at the same time taking your own hatchet to GB's own established and well respected pubs and stores(with the exception of the Bantry Bar, I'll give ya that one). Tatoos are there for life; many people live with regret over getting stupid tattoos while they were too young to actually understand what they were doin. Stop trying to make Wyld Chyld look good by denigrating the rest of the respected Gerritsen Beach businesses. They are not gonna win over fans with you badmouthing the neighborhood.

  • Mike

    Actually no I don’t have a single personal stake at all in this. I’ve lived in the beach now for serveral years And as far as bashing local businesses goes I am not nor will I be the last to speak out about the problems with our underage youth in the beach and the access to alcohol here, I recall recently we had a problem with kids harassing the lady at the Laundromat and practically forcing her to buy beer for them (that’s how bad it can get). This blog is filled with resident after resident complaining about minors being served. I also did not imply it was every pub or store and spoke of non in specific. But since you want to talk about the Bantry lets also think back to the beloved Jims Marine Inn before it became Champion. I think they stopped carding if you looked more then 13. It’s a fact as it is with all neighborhoods that selling to minors is a chronic problem, and we have our share of it. Do we have business that do that right thing, absolutely, my point was the tattoo parlor seems to be inline with trying to do the right thing, if it proves to not be the case then I would expect nothing less then them having their doors shut. It just appeared from your post that you were damming them before anything has even taken place. I remember everyone up in arms when Amici’s opened, and to my knowledge (please let me know if I am wrong) we haven’t had any major incident as of yet. Would I have loved to see a local resident open a shop? Of course, but I’ve heard them speak and spoke to them personally and I am willing to at least wish them luck and hope they stay true to their word. And lastly I agree with you 100% about the importance of getting a tattoo. I (if you haven’t guessed) had one done when I was 19 that thinking back now (though I don’t regret it) could have used the real estate for a better piece then what was done. Perhaps the law should be changed to reflect the same as drinking and require that someone be 21 to obtain a tattoo. Then again if we can send our kids to fight a war they should be allowed to make there own decisions on what they want on their skin.