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October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

The October Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting was all about the PS 277 crossing guards But first it began with a couple of candidates running for office.

First up was Mike DiSanto who is running against Marty Golden:

Then we have Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner

This is where we would usually give you the report on what the 61 reports back to the community. But the 61 has decided that they are disallowing anyone from filming them at meetings they attend. There was a bit of hullabaloo as most did not care either way but the 61 refused.

[Warning: Backstory]
We were originally told a few weeks ago via Sheepsheadbites that the 61 received orders that they cannot answer questions on camera. Which is a fair statement. Officers should not be making statements to a camera as it could be construed that they are making statements for the entire department. This should not be a problem, as we just tape the meeting. Their position was then boiled down to that they do not want to be filmed during a Questions and Answers portion of them speaking at any meeting.

At this GBPOA meeting, they announced they would be taking questions in the back privately because they fear for the safety of the people asking questions. They did not mention that they had orders not to be on camera – but instead saying they wanted to protect people. Now, if John Doe, wants to announce to the world he has a drug dealer next door, that’s on him. He should not announce it to the world especially in Gerritsen Beach where you never know who’s related. It should be discussed privately. This meeting happened to be packed with PS 277 parents who wanted to talk/yell/vent publicly about the crossing guard issue. They could care less about the presence of a camera, they wanted answers.
[End Backstory]

Back to the meeting…

Bottom line the community and parents wants police ENFORCEMENT. There are way to many speeders, double parkers, and drivers making U-Turns during arrival and dismissal times. The community asked the 61 specifically for and a police officer at the school during 7:45 – 8:15 AM every now and then. The 61 was not willing to promise any enforcement and we as a community should not plan on getting anytime soon.

The community and parents that were in the room were angry and desperate to get any answer from the 61 and to get this issue resolved. They started to offer many other different solutions such as giving the guards a stop sign. However, the meeting was told that the guards are not allowed to have those signs because then they would be impeding traffic. Just their presence alone is supposed to slow traffic.

Apparently, the crossing situation has gotten so bad that the guards fear for the lives, and the principal has sent out letters to parents saying not to let your kids cross the intersections. The 61 said “They do not endorse what that kind of talk”.

Even IF the 61 was able to offer enforcement, parents brought up the last time an officer was present at the school. They explained that that officer did absolutely nothing to stop any of the speeding, double parking or U-Turns. When asked why that was – the topic was changed.

At the end of the discussion the 61 had not promised anything either way and it frustrated many people. At one point someone yelled out “Just tell us what we have to do and we will do it”. The 61 replied “give your children to the crossing guard”. Which just made everyone angry. They eventually said to the crowd that it would be difficult to spare the man power and that they might be able to give a little extra presence.

But take it with a grain of salt people because without the video we can’t use their own words against them.

I don’t know if I am more disgusted by: no one speaking up in my defense or that I was literally told after the meeting by an officer “If I say I will get enforcement down here and months down the road we don’t – you have me on tape and my feet are put to the fire.” Wow! Isn’t that the point?!

22 comments to October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

  • Anonymous

    sorry but I have to agree this time with the cops, they are right. How would anyone else like someone or some organization not known to them to come to their hime or job ask questions and be filming it. They are not spokesman or policy makers. Maybe someone with some authority needs to come to these meetings or the principal needs to have a sit down with an authority figure in the police department.

    Be real, no one really wants the police to be doing enforcement by the school in the morning. Last year a highway car was there and people cursed up a storm. If the police are there all the lazy double parkers will be ticketed and then start yelling and screaming

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      Sorry but I have to disagree. They hold public jobs, civil servant jobs, They have no right to ask or demand themselves not to be filmed. We are not walking into their job, they are walking into our community. Every other city agency knows they have no right to ask not to be quoted, taped, filed, etc. No even dares to ask. Why? Because it opens the door for a lawsuit. It's your right under the constitution in a public meeting to film, tape, document, the entire meeting. No other PD command that I have spoken with or attending meetings within does this. I guess we will start letting politicians demand not to be filmed, so when they make promises we can't hold them accountable.

      The community affairs unit, might not speak for the entire department, but they are the voice of the department to the community. If they cannot speak to the community, then what good are they? Then We don't need them at the meetings.

      I am being real, I don't care if people are yelling on the streets and cursing at a highway patrol car. Cars are being clocked at 60mph on Gerritsen Avenue in a 25 MPH zone, and 15 when your in the school zone. Peopel are making crazy u turns, double parking creates hazardous situations. This is unacceptable to me and should be for you. Unfortunately it does not look like we will be getting any enforcement from the only people who can legally provide it.

      We might have to take matters into our own hands.

      • Anonymous

        Why still no mention of when George Broadhead and the GBPOA will get together with the other public officials about White Island as he promised back in May?

        • Anonymous

          Actually no it was not brought up.

          It was a packed meeting for a hot issue. With 3 speakers all who went long. There was no time.

      • Anonymous

        I think you're wrong, go walk into a subway station or hospital or a bus or a PUBLIC school or the welfare or social security buildings and video record people

        The community affairs are just cops, not executives. why are you insisting on calling them on the carpet and hold them responsible they don't make policy or assignments, where is the commanding officer or any executive from the PD. If you're the media with proper credentials then call DCPI and get the right information or contact people

        Lastly the community affairs is not the voice of the PD they are the ears who hear what the community needs or wants delivers the message and then plays messenger with an answer. They are not by no means a voice or a promblem solver on their own. Just imagine if every precinct's community affairs were the voices and could make decisions you think there's chaos now.

        • Render

          This is true, only the commanding officer of the precinct makes policy. When you receive a community affairs officer, they can only relate to the C.O. what the community has asked for. You should ask yourselves why will the commanding officer not attend these meetings.

  • whatever

    Isn't half of Gerritsen Avenue in the 63 so the actual school and half the crosswalk should be in the 63. Try them.

  • Anonymous

    Let's get the police to do enforcement without discretion. Plenty of parents will be ticketed. They are the problem. If they weren't double parking, there wouldn't be a problem. The crossing guards aren't the problem, it's the considerate residents of Gerritsen Beach. Time to point fingers in the other direction.

  • nobody

    Enforcement is great, and there should be a lot more of it.

    But we also need extensive traffic calming — wider sidewalks, speed humps, center medians, narrower streets, bike lanes, more street trees, etc.

    At the same time we need a sustained campaign by the schools, parents, politicians and civic leaders to get kids to bike or walk to school.

  • anon

    How about starting with a more obvious police presence? During the school days at 8:30 and 3. Then we would have a safer crossing for our children. At night between 12 a.m and 3 a.m. Maybe they could ticket the lunatics driving up and down the Avenue at high rates of speed. Their quota's would be met and we could sleep…..

  • anonn2

    How about the people who live in Gerritsen Beach grow up and start obeying the traffic laws?

  • Anonymous

    you mean have them actually stop at the red lights?

  • anonymous

    I strongly believe that cameras at PS 277, Ave W and Allen Ave would pay back the cost of the cameras and installation in record time. Illegal left turns from Allen on to Gerritsen, illegal right turns from the Gerritsen into Ave X at the park. There are dozens of GB residents who do this EVERY DAY because they are too lazy to go around the block. They blow the red lights at the school and Ave W.

    Until a child is killed nothing will be done. These are our neighbors who are doing this. Take thirty seconds longer to get home and save a life. It might just be your own.

  • Annon

    Dear Janet,

    Please stop sending annonymous letter to the various organizations asking for minutes. You mistakenly put your name on one you idiot.


  • Current NYPD former

    hello. officers on duty have no right to tell you not to record (in anyway) in a meeting. They may have been told not to but that does not make it legal or right.

    Their actions have opened the department for a major lawsuit. I would not risk my pension and desk duty forever over this.

    Side note. if you want enforcement remember with enforcement comes summonses and lots of them not just for the school area. If the pct is forced to patrol a new area they need to be on the lookout for new summonses to write in your area.