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Weekend Halloween Events


Four Year Anniversary of Michael Sandy Marked at Plumb Beach Rest Stop.

Via Sheepshead Bites

October 10th marked the four year anniversary of Michael Sandy death at the Plumb Beach rest stop.

Sandy was killed by three young men who tried to rob him and chased him onto the highway, where he was killed by a car. His attackers were convicted of hate crimes. […]

Canton Court Resident Ticketed for “Blocking Crosswalk”

After some clarification by the NYC Sanitation Community Affairs office the resident that was ticketed for “Sidewalk” was actually ticketed for blocking the crosswalk at Canton and Bartlett.

What crosswalk?

Retaliation is Alive and Well in Gerritsen Beach over Comments

It has come to our attention that commenters who choose to comment with their real-names on the website are being targeted by local leadership for making comments.

Those being targeted are the ones who expressed concern over White Island. They are essentially being harassed. These people have¬†received¬†phone calls, been emailed, and approached over […]

Events: Vollies Haunted House






Manhattan Bound Service at Avenue U and Neck Rd Restored

Shiny New Neck Road Station

It’s something you don’t hear often but the MTA has restored service at the manhattan-bound Avenue U and Neck Rd stations. Completing a two year restoration project.

A Forest Grows in Gerritsen Beach

Over the weekend, the Parks Department along with 130 Volunteers planted about 2,000 trees and 500 shrubs across from the library.

The trees planted were organized into research plots to allow scientists to study the ecological effects and benefits of urban trees. In the coming years, researchers will analyze soil nutrients, soil […]

Try the GB Classifieds

Going to every store on Gerritsen Avenue is time consuming and costly! But a FREE ad on our GB classifieds is so much easier and far reaching!

Why FREE? We want to help keep money in the community. What’s better than that!

Promote your company, a yard sale you might have, help wanted ad, […]

Events: Support P.S. 277 Card Party

Where do you think that “A” grade that PS 277 recently recieved came from? It may have a lot to do with the parents and all they do to help the school. Help them now!

Card Party tickets are on sale now for P.S. 277.

You can buy your tickets Mon-Fri 8:30 til […]

Events: GBCares Annual Halloween Festival

Come dressed in a costume and participate in Halloween!

Enjoy a day of spooky fun for the entire family at the GBCares Annual Halloween Festival from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 30, rain date November 6th at Larry Veling Field.

Children of all ages are encouraged to come dressed in […]

Need to Park on Cyrus Avenue? That’s $125 on Craigslist.

Cyrus Avenue is the BUSIEST avenue I dare say in Gerritsen Beach. Apparently it’s so jam packed that parking spaces are going for $125 monthly on Craigslist!

What do you get for $125? “1 car parking spot in fenced in yard located in Gerritsen Beach. 1 Block from water.”

This wouldn’t be a […]

Big Robs Hero’s Opens

Big Rob’s Hero’s opened this past Monday. What does every one think? Send in your pictures!

Wyld Chyld to Expand Next Door

Wyld Child is planning on expanding to Big Al’s Barber Shop sometime around December. They plan on turning the building into a lounge that will show music and comedy shows, as well as sell t shirts and skateboards.

Memorial Halloween Makeover

The Francisco Solivan memorial which was erected after the motorcycle crash back in 2007, just got decorated in time for Halloween. The decorations come complete with ghosts and skeletons which seem mildly inappropriate.

Old Section Resident Gets Sanitation Ticket for Parking on Sidewalk

If read that headline you should be asking yourself the Old Section has sidewalks? Well, no they don’t – at least not really. But a sanitation enforcement agent believes there is enough of a sidewalk to issue a parking violation for “Sidewalk”

According to our tipster the parked car was parked a good […]