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Dunkin Donuts Conversion Complete Now Open


After Dunkin Donuts Changed into Timmy’s Donuts back in November 2009, it closed shortly thereafter, because they didn’t pay their rent.

Now,  less than a month after announcing the change back to DnD, they are open today!

9 comments to Dunkin Donuts Conversion Complete Now Open

  • trainman

    Today while driving past Dunkin' Donuts on Knapp st. around 12 noon I noticed a man decorated as a huge Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup walking around in front of the store.

    Who says there's no jobs out there?

    You're just not looking hard enough :-(

  • Anonymous

    The place looks nice from the outside.

  • Anonymous

    I'm def gonna check it out soon, it really looks nice. Maybe our prayers were answered by the coffee gods!

  • Render

    I was on line with one other person waiting ahead of me. While the DD female swept the floor, the two other DD guys were working on the one customer being taken care of trying to make a smoothie. The other guy on line with me finally said something and the sweeper rushed around to take his order. Meanwhile, it still took the two other guys to make the smoothie. Oh oh.

    • trainman

      I hope the sweeper took some sanitary precautions before waiting on you.

      While working in the food industry years ago, we were required to take health and safety tests every few years to ensure no cross contamination with the food supply.

      I'm always amazed at the lack of precautions people take today while serving food to their customers.

  • nobody

    Yech, more corporate crap. Last thing we need.

  • Frank

    I do hope that they do take sanitary issues serious and could only home that some Americans take advantage of a job opportunity! Since it also is a Baskin Robins I Hope that they can atleast have Hot fudge and do their best to have at least 31 flavors of ice cream not like the last place.

  • Lifer

    was in there yesterday afternoon, still crappy service just like the other place was ran

  • Render

    I went in Sunday (Oct 18) and have to say things looked good. There were people enjoying the tables and my service was quick and courteous. Wow! I guess they hired some good people. Good times at Dunkin'.