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Wyld Chyld Tattoo Opens on Gerritsen Avenue

Wyld Chyld Tattoo, of Merrick Long Island, opened their second location this past weekend at 2606 Gerritsen Avenue.

Their Merrick store is part tattoo parlor, part coffee house. No word yet if the Gerritsen Beach location will be serving up coffee.

Owner Bill DeLuso in January told merrick.patch.com “I actually built it for the non-tattoo people. People who are curious about the tattoo industry, would never walk into a tattoo parlor…because you have no intention of getting one,” DeLuso says. “This gives you an opportunity to come into our world, see all the tattooing going on, talk to the artists.”

The tattoo shop is located at what used to be the short lived M & M Isurance, and if we go way back the former Brooklyn Public Library.

Facebook – Wyld Chyld Tattoo

37 comments to Wyld Chyld Tattoo Opens on Gerritsen Avenue

  • gbchickie

    awesome…i walked by the other day(in my mom clothes with my double stroller…lol) and the guy was super friendly.

  • M

    Great to see new businesses open up along the avenue. Good luck!

  • G

    I think its great!!! I wish them the best of luck!!

  • Malice

    It was the public library when i went to school in 277 also, was a public library when i was in JR high and high school too.. and iam 27.. Either way a welcomed addition. Clean, friendly and polite staff, Far from Vulgar or disrespectful as most people might think. I see it getting alot of local and neighborhood clients since 2/3rds of the population in the neighborhood have peircings/tattoos. Some people complain because its down the street from the school… then again we're on a panicula with one main road in and out so…. EVERYTHINGS down the street from everything… Its alot better off then another bar, and alot more logical then another deli… Rather happy to have them there.

  • Anonymous

    Biker bar, Tatoo parlor – all we need is a strip joint to make it complete. LOL – I kid, as long as the people using these services are civil and the place is clean I'm fine with it. For example – I said 'biker bar' to refer to Amici's but I think the place is actually a bar/resturant and is kept very clean (at least fom the outside). I've always meant to stop by and give it a try. The tattoo place looks clean also, I just wouldn't go in there for fear of walking out with a lifetime print on my skin on impluse. I hope the stores stay clean (in every sense of the word) – and that goes for any place on the Ave.

    Good Luck.

  • Beach resident

    The library was once on the corner of Everett & Gerritsen, where the bagel shop is now. Upstairs was Dr. Baronberg's office. Where the tatoo parlor is now was the library at one time. I believe it was a rather short stay. Sometimes it's nice to go down memory lane & see who remembers what used to be where.

  • Laura

    There are so many empty stores on Avenue U – why did they have to come into the beach, especially across from the school. I see all sorts of people hanging outside now. It figures that the biker bar would now attract this sort of business. GB is a great place for kids so why not have some kid friendly places here. Tattoo/Piercing parlors are fine on Avenue U or some other main street but not in our neighborhood, as it will attract all sorts of people who don't venture down here now. If I didn't have a child in the school, I might be more tolerant but I'm furious about this!

    • anon

      They did not open up a store on Ave. U because chinese people don't get tattoos. White Trash gets tattoos hence the Gerritsen Ave. location.

    • Anon

      Get a grip on yourself!! Its not as if they are going to grab your kids, tie them down and tattoo them. Its a business!! As for Amicis….it obvious you've never been in there. Why oh why do people talk about things without having first-hand experience. Advice for the day: If you haven't seen it with your eyes or heard it with your ears, then your small mind shouldn't make things up that come out of your big mouth.

    • Anonymous

      Heres a thought…. before all the parents of the school children start attacking this bisiness get your own house in order. Stop being the selfish bastards that some of you are by not double and triple parking in front of the school. You selfish people are not the only ones on the road. I would rather have a strip club on the ave. rather than that school.

  • travel2692

    amici's is not a biker bar…just Bobby, the owner is a biker and he runs a lot of different fund raisers…bloodsdrives…and a lot of the bikers participate in these…great bar…local bartenders….darts teams…and available for smaller private parties…..Bobby lives in the beach for anyone who doesnt know….and as a small business owner in the beach I encourage all to visit at one time or another….also have another beach person..Rob Frascati…opening a new store ponthe avenue as well…support your neighbors who are trying to improve the avenue…and bring businesses here! w all support all the local organizations, donate to all fundraisers, work at what we can…so remember us as well…..

    • delancey

      rob frascati?? He's still lives in the beach? havent heard that name for 15 years. is he still staeling cars with that other criminal Bobby Fegener??

  • Malice

    Laura… there was a tattoo parlor down here not that long ago… befor the "biker bar".. Oh and guess what? There wasn't any unwanted draw of attention or population from outside of the beach since MOST of their buisness was from inside Gerritsen.. Not only that but the whole like 2-3 years it was there, there was never a single altercation remotely involving it, the owner, its patrons or buisness dealings….

  • Render

    Good luck to Wyld Chyld.

  • Good Guy

    I have been in their shop on Long Island and they are great people from top to bottom. These people have artist backrounds and tattoo because they enjoy working in that medium. They even have a tattoo themed coffee shop attached to their place in Merrick which I find super cool. They even drew up some designs for me and didnt pressure me to get a tattoo. Once I decide, this is the only place I would ever go. I wish them the best of luck in GB


  • JNS

    Go wyld Chyld ! I am so happy they opened up here ! They are great people !

    Beautiful , clean parlor . I wish you guys all the best .

    And for the people who are complaning it's down the block from a school find something else to complain about if your child wants a tattoo they're gonna get it no matter if its 2 min away or 20 min away !


  • Anonymous

    I know !! Open another bar or Deli Farm so the school age kids have another place to buy their beer or maybe a toy store like the one that was opened on Sheepshead Bay Rd and reported all over the news. It's a legit business with what seems to be very nice people with an established business reputation, why would you trash them before knowing anything

    • gb girll

      Lol I was thinking the same thing would she be happier with another bar like the neighborhood dont have enough. That is the real joke!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should iron out that sign though – little wrinkly now – will likely get worse if not corrected.

  • Elmo33

    Tell ya what.You called that Amigo.

    • um

      dude if your gonna post under multiple names at least use some common sense and spread out your reply’s. not have them a min apart ahole

  • Kelly

    I do not believe that a Tattoo Parlor is a sign of decay in a Neighborhood.I for one like the Low back and Low belly Tattoos on Hot chicks.As well as Belly Button Rings.

  • Giabombo

    So whats the Big Deal ?

  • s

    amazing place, might be going there to get my industrial percing done this weekend!!!! very good place, ask for seven when you go nin

  • s

    amazing place, might be going there to get my industrial percing done this weekend!!!! very good place, ask for seven when you go in

  • rafael angeles aka chino

    just want to know if you are hiring for tattoo artist ???