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Breaking: Another Car Flip On Gerritsen and Avenue U


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie

After the pedestrian island was installed at Gerritsen and Avenue U this has been – at least – the second car to flip there this year. The first was in May.

A woman got out shaken up and taken to the hospital. She hit the bell on the island. Witnesses said it was to sharp of a turn.


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie


Photos by: Eddie Velinskie

21 comments to Breaking: Another Car Flip On Gerritsen and Avenue U

  • anon

    You missed the accident this past week on Gerritsen and Avenue W……cyclist hit by a car!!!!

  • Render

    Someone the other day insisted on making the left turn onto Ave U, where there is no left turn allowed. The traffic coming from the opposite side saw this and tried to cut me off to complete their turn when I went around the first car to travel straight on Gerritsen. They nearly hit me and yes, I would have taken a bad tumble probably.

  • gbchickie

    and will anything change? can the island be removed? can the timing of the lights change to be more beneficial to traffic congestion?

  • Anonymous

    That island doesn't discourage cars from trying to make the turn when they shouldn't – it just makes it much more dangerous for everyone when they do. It is very sad that these dangers are popping up everywhere via taxpayer dollars.

  • Anon

    First…I hope the people in the car are okay…thats most important!! Now for the not so nice part….if they were trying to make a left from Gerritsen onto Ave U….the traffic signs are there for a reason. They aren't there to piss you off or inconvenience you…they are there for your safety. Lets face it, the city doesn't make changes like this for no reason….there have to have been many accidents for them to have done this. The powers that be aren't the swiftest minded people when it comes to change (as has been shown over and over again with regards to the channel and bijou fiasco). And if the driver in the accident was making a left from Ave U onto Gerritsen then they were either not paying attention, talking on a cell, texting on a cell, or they shouldn't be driving…the turn is an easy vehicular maneuver. If you can't make that turn without hitting trhe bell, you need to be off the road

    • JH

      "…the turn is an easy vehicular maneuver. If you can’t make that turn without hitting trhe bell, you need to be off the road." All true but the problem drivers are not off the road, they'll race to attempt ill timed turns anyway and end up flipped – potentially causing MORE damage and injury. Personally I think the island creates more problems not less.

  • anonymous

    It is not the island that causes accidents, it is stupid, reckless drivers. We see on this blog many tales of running red lights and stop signs. If a car flips over running a red light will we blame it on the light?

    • LQuinlan

      Does it really matter why? The island is dangerous, the change in the traffic pattern is absurd. We'll always have dangerous, reckless drivers but these changes just make everything worse.

      • Innocent Bystander

        I agree with LQuinlan. This island just makes a bad situation worse. Our society has denigrated to an "all about me" way of life. People go about their business without any consideration for others on the road, in a store or where have you. Just look at the median itself. Did we want it? No. We were ignored and it was put in place. This median will not disappear until someone dies in an accident, regardless if the parties involved were talking on a phone, making an illegal turn or just trying to get from point a to point b.

  • nobody

    Was the driver ticketed for her recklessness? We can only hope.

  • anonymous1

    Looks like she took the turn to close to the island, normally she probably would have just hit the curb but because of the stupid island and cones she flipped… Hope she sues the ass off the city….remember she is not the first and probably not the last to do this…. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS ISLAND????? to help the people crossing I would not stand on the stupid island it is dangerous for pedestrians as well as automobiles.. what a waste of taxpayers money!!!!

  • gbchickie

    i dont know i wasnt there, it doesnt look like the car made the illegal left onto u from gerritsen…it looks to me that it was a left onto gerritsen from marine park side of ave u which i believe is legal

  • Chris

    It also causes more traffic…DOT blows.

    • nobody

      Umm, traffic is caused by too many drivers, not by attempts to prevent them from killing everybody because of their recklessness.

      • Chris

        Yes too many drivers cause traffic, but when you take away one lane, and force all those drivers into 1 lane instead of 2, that causes even more traffic. Its pretty simple math…

        • nobody

          Actually, that's not how traffic works. Traffic is not like water, wherein if you block it, the same volume gets backed up or tries to find other routes. Instead, one must remember that traffic is not an unchangeable force, but is actually the result of many different people's decisions. People who have choices, such as buses, bikes, walking, taking different routes, driving at different times or car-pooling. This is actually rather well documented in the traffic engineering world.

  • LQuinlan

    While we're on the subject…what was the point of having East bound Knapp St. changed to Left Turn Only-Right Turn Only lanes at Gerritsen Ave.? No one follows the lane markings, everyone turns left anyway and cuts off the drivers who actually did what they were supposed to. It should be changed back, it's just a total disaster.

  • GoodHands

    Does anyone know why now buses are making left turns from Gerritsen Ave onto Ave U. The sign posted says no left turns except buses, but I never remember seeing so many buses making that turn. This just slows traffic up and makes things more dangerous for drivers and people trying to cross the streets

  • Anonymous

    Just another waste of our tax dollars.