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Apologies: White Island Meeting Minutes Denied

Mau Mau

GerritsenBeach.net is again issuing an apology to our readers who were expecting to get an update on what is currently going on a with White Island.

Since May, We have been trying to get the meeting minutes from the White Island meetings and any information on White Island from GBCares. We requested this information to accurately describe to the public what is happening with White Island. In the spirit of good faith we tried to contact GBCares over a five month period. After a dozen or more phone calls to the current president, two certified letters, and face to face requests we have been ignored.

You help us obtain these valuable public documents by contacting GBCares at 718-648-3745 or GBCleanup@aol.com and asking them to release them to GerritsenBeach.net

26 comments to Apologies: White Island Meeting Minutes Denied

  • Anonymous

    Come on GBCares – grow up already. There are important environmental and public safety issues involved with this White Island transition and being secretive about what’s going on is not helping your neighbors any. The increase of raccoons and possums may also be due to what is going on here. Will you at least post it on your own website?

    GB.net – I believe these meeting minutes, if distributed to any attendees that are elected officials or any representative of a public agency is subject to FOIA request through those individuals and agencies but its sad if you have to go that route.

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      I should of posted the letter I sent in my post but here is what I sent after phone calls and friendly emails went unanswered.

      These was also sent certified and was signed for.

      Records Access Officer,

      As a member in good standing and under the provisions of the New York Freedom of Information Law, Article 6, I hereby request records or portions thereof pertaining to GBCares meeting minutes of meetings held on April 5th, 2010 & May 3rd 2010. Also any meeting minutes pertaining to "White Island" meetings. If my request appears to be extensive or fails to reasonably describe the records, please contact me in writing or by email at info@gerritsenbeach.net

      If my request is too broad or does not reasonably describe the records, please contact me via email so that I may clarify my request, and when appropriate inform me of the manner in which records are filed, retrieved or generated.

      If it is necessary to modify my request, and an email response is not preferred, please contact me at the following telephone number: (347) 948-6584

      If there are any fees for copying the records requested, please inform me before filling the request.

      As you know, the Freedom of Information Law requires that an agency respond to a request within five business days of receipt of a request. I would appreciate a response as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

      If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing and provide the name, address and email address of the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.

      I should of started the letter with as 1) a member of the community 2) a organization member in good standing (that's right i'm a member) and 3) FOIL ….

  • Anonymous

    Obsviously GBCares does not care about their neighbors

    • JH

      That's a rash, unfair, and uniformed statement. They care – it’s that in their disagreement w/ GerritsenBeach.net they don't realize they're holding back info that is important to their own neighbors. They currently need insurance but I've seen or heard nothing in the way of what's happening to remedy that situation, meanwhile other community groups get the political (taxpayer) dollars and come in to clean up our own home– its sad. GBCares has done a ton of good (any fair history of the neighborhood will prove that) but they made one big mistake in the recent past that was done because they thought their actions were ultimately for GB’s benefit. They blame GB.net for reporting on the dump (in their opinion unfairly) and the outrage that followed – not helped any by the “anonymous” posters on this site that made and continue to make occasional unfair and outrageous accusations against named individuals -anonymously. Just keep this in mind GBcares – among regular readers of this 'enemy' site, there is still much more appreciation and positive sentiment toward GBcares than not – so it can serve your purposes big time.

      I don’t know if there will ever be a resolution here but we need both community services now more than ever. Its time they start to work TOGETHER to get the word out on up-coming clean up efforts; to raise money for community related projects; perhaps most importantly – to become a more influential force w/ our representatives. This squabble only benefits the slicksters and slack asses in our local government who love the fact that nobody in our community can call them on anything (like the traffic being a continual danger and smelly garbage trucks now apparently permanently stationed right outside our perimeter).

      Come on guys – we love you both, shake hands and move on.

  • Steve G.

    The leadership of GBCares should get over their 1st Amendment issues and do what's right for the community. This site, as controversial and flawed as it can sometimes be, is without a doubt the best method this neighborhood has for quickly informing it's residents of the latest news and information that's happening in our own back yards. GBCares should recognize that fact, stop harbouring this negative attitude toward this site, and use it to their advantage to help get their messages across. This would benefit both GBCares and GB.net. But the real winners would be the people of Gerritsen Beach, who would be a more unified, better informed community.

    • Anonymous

      Steve Gambordella?

      • anon

        Probably Steve Gooch, a great guy.

        • Anonymous

          He obviously didn't want his last name published so why put it out there?

          • Steve Galucci

            In no way was I trying to undermine the tremendous positive impact GBCares has on this community. This neighborhood is no doubt a cleaner, better place to live in due to the actions of GBCares. No doubt a better place for all our children to grow up in. I am proud to be a member, and will continue to support them. The point of my misunderstood post was to say both sides should move forward and put this non-productive war of words to rest, which would surely benefit both sides, and more importantly, would enable this community to be better informed on matters that concern everyone living in the Beach. The 1st Amendment comment I made obviously came from a previous article on this site where the GBCares President was quoted as making some inflammatory comments concerning free speech which I strongly disagreed with. But he also said something I can strongly agree with. “If you don’t have the balls to put your name to something, what do you got? You got nothing.” Which just goes to show there’s common ground to be found in any disagreement.

  • back weeds kid

    1st off mui mui island (the real name) I think they are making nesting aeras for brids that lay eggs on the ground .like what they did behind ave u & E38 st. if not please let us know

  • Anonymous

    what first amendament issues could they have ? they really are lost

  • peggy lynch

    secrets mean there is something to hide. check with the building permit dept.

  • anon

    One could make a case that GBCares has done more harm then good.

    • Nick Lakiotes

      Really? How would one make it?

      I know I moved out of GB in 99 and the place was somewhat wrecked. I moved back home in 04 and it was unreal how much more beautiful it had become due to GBC. It was day and night. I'm not defending any actions that the GBC has taken on withholding info from GB.net, or any other situations people seem to have with them. But I would see you having a VERY hard time making that case.

  • anon

    One could say they brought a criminal element to GB. These people would have never come here if not for GBCares. They may have not even heard of GB. They forced criminals with long records to work right next to GB women and children. The mystique and possible fear of them being in GB was over. Has crime gone up in GB in the last 5 years and down almost everywhere else? Do we now have minorities committing crimes in GB? This was unheard of in my long lifetime. I know it is not the entire fault of GBCares, but I would bet my last dollar they contributed to it. GBCares might have meant well, but where was the common sense?

    • Your living in the w

      if you are from the neighborhood, you know that most of the crimes, crack heads and drug dealers are all from the area. not from outside. Maybe things are different these last years, but it has nothing to do with someone performing community service on the Marine Park side of the Avenue because they were caught Pissing in the street or smoking pot which they probably bought from someone within GB. Years ago there were 20 cars a week being dumped back weeds, things are still just as bad and most of GB just doesnt realize what it used to be like. You cant blame a group that cleaned up the area for a few recent issues.

      do you remember the drugs being sold fromt he stores on the avenue? The Stolen Cars every nightback weeds, being driven through the park and into the weeds on a daily and nightly basis. Its a run down neighborhood that has been picked up, had its pants pulled up and ass wiped and now try to blame some recent issues on an organization that made the area nicer.

      Come on, outsiders have been coming in for the Last 50 years and its sad that you still feel this way. Go move if you think it is not nicer, or maybe you have been happy living in the shit hole it once was.

      Do ya think Chris Rock made the area known? Maybe you or one of your kids is who he is talking about or maybe he will plunk down millions and buy all the homes around you…… bet you would like that.

      • anon

        The people "caught pissing in the streets and smoking pot" had long arrest records. Even if they did not have a long arrest record, are these the type of people you want near your kids?

        Of course outsiders have been moving in, but it has been the right outsiders. Do you want another Canarsie?

        Gerritsen Beach was never a shit hole. You should be ashamed of yourself. You must be a Johnny come lately. Probably moved here from Canarsie.

        Who cared about cars back weeds? Who saw them? Nobody I knew.

        Who cares what Chris Rock thinks? His mother could have kept him in Bed Stuy. She knew the real shit hole and you can bet Chris does too. He can't offend his fan base. It is easier to pick on Whitey.

    • Anonymous

      You forgot to mention in your bashing the few dozen dirtbags from the beach that went through the program. GB.net You should FOIL(freedom of information law) the brooklyn DA office (You can foil them because they are a goverment agency) get the names of these criminals that went through the program and post them here so we can see who they are. We do not need to import criminals we have enough of our own living here next door to us.

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