Patriotism Alive and Well


In time for the September 11th Memorials scheduled for Saturday, September 11th 7 pm at Larry Veiling Field the Flag was draped over the Avenue.


6 comments to Patriotism Alive and Well

  • BK

    Everyone should have the American Flag out on 9/11 and everyday. Never forget

    • Anonymous

      It should also be flown at half mast – 9/11 was designated as Patriots Day by, I beleive it was President Busch.

      • Anonymous

        Patriots day is the third Monday in April, a holiday in Maine and Massachusetts commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, which began the American Revolution.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful sight when you ride down the avenue! Very proud of our flag and what it stands for!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never forget!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    And never forget what our soliders are doing for us overseas!!!!!! Honor them!

  • Anonymous

    The flag is not put up by GBCares so I don't know why it is listed here. It is put up by one individual that owns the flag which is great and much appreciated by many people.

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