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Timmys Donuts to Turn Back into Dunkin Donuts


Timmy’s Donuts Formally Dunkin Donuts is going to be……a Dunkin Donuts!


23 comments to Timmys Donuts to Turn Back into Dunkin Donuts

  • Render

    What was the story behind Timmy, does anybody know? I liked the service after Dunkin/Baskinrobbins left. The former Dunkin had some of the worst service that I've ever seen recorded in the annals of history. They used to be referred to as the Dunkin Donuts from hell. They were the slowest in New York anyway, and there didn't seem to be any supervision that cared. If that guy is coming back, I'll take a pass.

    • annon

      Please whoever owns this franchise, please keep it clean. Being dirty really turns people off. Also, make sure your products are fresh. Nobody likes a stale donut. Also, please make sure you keep up with all the products that "Dunkin Donuts" are advertising. The prior establishment did not do that. Word to the wise, you have a whole school across the street. You can make a lot of money if you keep your place nice. All the locals coming out of Gerritsen Beach will stop there again, if the place is clean. You have your work cut out for you, another Bagel store up the block, another Dunkin Donuts by the movie theater. Good Luck.

    • Anonymous

      that guy sure didn't look like a timmy,anyway,i can't wait for it to open so i can wait 25 minutes for a cup of coffee again

  • gbchickie

    the DD had the WORST service and product ever!!!!!….matter of fact i havent been in a DD with good service in a long long long time…

    i think its a great space for a coffee shop, but not a DD or a DD knockoff…maybe a kitchy 50's style coffee shop with the old counter seating would be better. For me personally i want to put my own milk and fixins in my coffee and always feel like a begger asking for more milk.

    …but i am a huge coffee snob anyway :)

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    • Anonymous

      Forget DD…bring in Tim Horton's. Donuts are much better, coffee is good, and you don't turn grey in the hair waiting for your order…Just leave it to the Canadians eh?

  • Anonymous

    Please for the love of good cup of coffee please hire people that understand english and can speak english. Also make them drink a good strong cup of coffe so that they get their feet movin and not like the turtles that were their before (no offense) but who wants to wait for coffee for 15 minutes and then not understand what you asked for! Good service, nice employees and a clean

    store will do very good. just sayin!!!!

  • anonymous1

    Hope they speak english also!!! I am tired of feeling like a foreigner in my own country The DD before was horrible the donuts were always STALE no matter what time you went in there .

    • ernie blundell

      i loved when i would go in to the old dd at 10-30 am and buy a cup of coffee and two donuts and they had no change of a ten dollar bill get someone who knows how to run a bussines

  • BorisYeltsin

    I agree…the former Dunkin' was horrible. Especially with employees like the old broad that moved slower than molasses and never got my order correct.

  • Anonymous

    I'll never forget the day I was told I'm going to hell and that god doesn't love me because I have a church tattooed on me… That was a real interesting conversation. So lets hire people who speak english, and aren't religious nut jobs that are gonna tell us were forever damned when we just simply want a coffee roll and our hot chocolate before it gets cold.

  • Anonymous

    Can we PLEASE have the pumkin lattes and products in the fall? I went there once to try them and they said theres no such thing… Had to get them on 86th. Morons.

  • anonymous

    The advice here is good and sound but, like anyone who is opening up a DD would ever actually research the neighborhood to see how to better their business…I doubt that will happen.


    "The advice here is good and sound but, like anyone who is opening up a DD would ever actually research the neighborhood to see how to better their business…I doubt that will happen."

    Dunkin Donuts is a franchise. Most of these chains like to be consistent, in that they like to be the same anywhere you go. You may notice this at other chains. As for the people there, I started to get a little annoyed myself because they spoke almost no English. That's the reason I never went back. Unfortunately, I also have to agree about the slow service. Even with no one in the store I had to wait. Like they say, people vote with their feet and I did. I just went to get everything in the city and have it at my desk.

  • nobody

    Too bad. We don't need any more corporate coffee.

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