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Pizzeria Del Corso Finito


Neighbors say Pizzeria Del Corso (3003 Avenue U) is closed for good.

Despite rumors to the contrary, all of Del Corso’s neighbors say it’s closed for good citing money issues.

According to the neighbors, the owner of Del Corso was having rather public personal problems coupled with money issues, both issues forced him to close him business When asked about the construction, they said there is flat out nothing happening in there for weeks.

15 comments to Pizzeria Del Corso Finito

  • uhh what?

    Damn. That place had great pizza. I hope his gets his shit together and opens back up either here or somewhere else.

    • 2DVS

      I know a guy who worked there for a week and when came payday, the owner refused to pay up. Poor guy worked 70 hours and got nothing. Now he has to file legal actions to get his money. Unreal!

  • Rumors, eh? I went by what the sign in the window said. And there did appear to be some shuffling around on one of my visits (have checked at least 3 times now).

    Rumors are what you hear from unnamed neighbors that speculate based on crap they've heard from other unnamed neighbors.

    That, of course, is not to say they're not closed. It wouldn't surprise me, but it'd be a shame. Del Corso's made damn good pizza.

  • anon

    It has never been the same since Roma left. Of course the original Roma location near Nostrand was better. Roma was never the same when it moved.

    • Anonymous

      None of Brooklyn has been the same. It all changed! Damn progress. i hate the passage of time.

    • woodsy

      True (ROMA) third generation American born does not want to work 6 days a week 12 to 16 a day .Moved from Nostrand ave location to be by bus stops. Restaurants in bay closed. Sell, build condos take money and run

  • This sucks. Pizzeria del Corso had some of the best Italian food I've had in a long long time. It will be missed.

  • Ardvark

    How will it me missed?????

    When it was there when was it open?

    I think you needed an appointment to get there when it was open.

    Alot more pizzerias around that are better and open when they should be.

    Good riddence.

  • anonymous

    as I said on the Bites page… while this place may have made good food sometimes, but the hours were wacky and the quality inconsistent. I think the people at Bites were having a love affair with Nino, who clearly had some issues both in life and in running a business. Why else would they always stick up for him?

    Shoddy service is shoddy service, no matter where you guy.

    • pittyboy67

      This pizza was way better than any pizza in gerritsen ,or sheepshead he was in the wrong location the people here don't know good pizza at all.That store would do great in a hipper location like Park Slope williamsberg,smith street or Bklyn Heights. He used the best cheese tomatoes fresh basil olive oil. Not like the crap you get in this area.

  • Render

    I would only stop if there was a parking spot available Suffice to say there was NEVER a parking spot available. This was just at a horrible location.

  • G

    Sad bc they had such awesome pizza but the owner definitely had some personal problems. I saw some pretty obvious shady things happening right in front of me one night before they closed up so it’s not surprising it caught up with him – he had great food, just wish he got his act together.

  • Tony Montana

    This guy looked like a Mob Member.